Friday, September 25, 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness Knitted Wrap -- in my ETSY shop now

There's one in every group...
in your neighborhood, in your church group, your book club, 
         your knitting circle.... 
              they work in your favorite clothing stores, 
                          they teach your children at school...
 they are your work peers,
            your neighbors,
                     your best friends,....
                               your family~

   they are amazing women,
strong, determined, beautiful...

 they are 
Breast Cancer survivors...

is the month
that is designated to raise
awareness for
Breast Cancer..

in  my own
 small, but special way,
this is my attempt to help raise
 awareness about this
terrible disease...

 National statistics~
1 out of every 8 women will
develop breast cancer
over the course of their lifetime..

Breast Cancer 
is the most common cancer
among women...

 there are more than
2.8 million breast cancer
survivors in the
United States...

while most of us
are well aware of the implications
of breast cancer,...
there are still those who
do not take the simple steps
to practice a monthly early detection
self exam..

early detection
can be the key to surviving
breast cancer...

you can find information
about breast health
and the importance of self examination

introducing my
Breast Cancer Awareness
knitted wrap...
(the latest in my Blooms collection series..) 

 the charitable proceeds
from the sale of this knitted wrap
will be donated to the
Susan G. Komen 

like many of you...
breast cancer has touched my 
life as well...

it has affected many that I love,
 my friends,
and my family...

my beautiful
daughter in law 
is a breast cancer survivor..
as a family, 
we know first hand
the fear that those two words
can bring to our lives...

 our precious
were ages 1 and 3
when their Mother was diagnosed
with breast cancer...

now, 2 years later...
she is strong, and healthy
and alive...
she is an amazing woman,
she is my hero..

 perhaps you or someone you love
would like to spread
the awareness
by wearing this beautiful

you can find my
Breast Cancer Awareness
knitted wrap


Introducing my "Beach Walk" knitted wrap -- in my ETSY shop now

Walks along the shore...
Music made by the waves as they crash against the sand....

 your heart is light,
your thoughts are quiet...

 the latest in my
"Seraphina" collection...
introducing my beautiful
"Beach Walk"
knitted wrap...

 hundreds of tiny shells--
(maybe hundreds of hundreds)
glisten in the sun...

 ~ but your eyes 
are drawn to one.. 
or two.. 
or three...

handmade flowers
adorn both ends of this exquisite wrap~
each single flower accented
with tiny shells,
and a combination of
 glass, crystal, and
seed beads...

my own combination 
of special yarns...
the colors of
sand, and shells, and beach stones

  making this wrap even more special
are the added accents of a
truly lovely vintage
"Parisian" scarf...

knitted in my own
"mistake" stitch...
(yes, there is a story there...)

 delightfully soft,
and the most perfect weight
to wrap around your shoulders
when the breezes are cool...

just like that one special shell
that glistens in the sun
and captures your

 ~there is only 
this one
special beach wrap...

it has been months in the

a one of a kind design...

 the most perfect accessory
for your every beach vacation..
a comforting touch
for those times when you
are "dreaming" of a
walk on the 
you can find my
"Beach Walk"
knitted wrap in my ETSY shop

decided to "photobomb"
the photo shoot...

Just keeping it real...

 I finished this wrap, 
literally... the night before
 my friend Marsha and I took off
 for our annual girl trip 
to Michigan...

 I couldn't wait to photograph
this gorgeous wrap
in an actual beach setting...

 these photos were taken
in South Haven,
on the beautiful shores of
Lake Michigan...

 this wrap traveled with me
on my own beach vacations
and cruise vacations
for almost a year...
knitting all the while on the

 a lovely patterned stitch...
I "accidentally" created this stitch
when I was working on another project...

this stitch is used
exclusively in all of my
"Seraphina" collection
knitted wraps...
to read the story of how
my "Seraphina" collection was
created --
visit here


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Avila's Knitted Autumn Dress

Autumn's beautiful vivid colors were the inspiration for
      this latest little knitted dress...

this little Autumn dress
was created for Avila,
our precious 3 year old
who lives in Atlanta...

 you know how sometimes
you have this visual idea of a project 
in your mind....

 for me..
this colorful dress was alive
in my thoughts~

and then it came to 
life in my sketchbook...
 bringing this little dress
to life on my knitting needles
was a pure delight...
 the little leaves are made
from a lightweight burlap
type fabric...
most people think that paisley
is an "old fashioned" design...
but I have always loved
 the beaded accents 
were designed to give the leaves
a "paisley" effect...
(or at least that's what I tried to do!)
of course...
a little Autumn bird on a nest~ 

I'm so proud to say
that I used stash yarn 
for this little dress!!!
(of course, if I live to be 140, 
and use only stash yarn from now on...
well,lets just say that there will still be yarn left over!)

Pattern details--
Lion Brand Cotton Ease
(they don't even make this yarn anymore!)
(I hate that too.. because I loved knitting
with this yarn!)
I used the same pattern for this little dress
as I did for THIS dress..
(I made a few changes in the pattern 
to allow for a larger size) 

Happy Autumn to you all!

we've been burning the candle at both ends here at our house...
some travels, household chores, making jam (I love to make jam!), babysitting for our grandbabes,... and the list goes on and on.  In addition, I've been knitting up a storm -- more beautiful wraps coming your way soon!
If you've left a comment here on my last couple of posts, --- I promise you that I am coming to visit. I have saved every comment so that I could reply back or visit your blogs --- things will slow down soon and I will be by to say Hello and share the "bloggy" love... xoxoxoxoxo