Saturday, October 12, 2013

Introducing the Breast Cancer Awareness Nest

Pink is more than just the color 
        of feminine beauty and grace~

It is the symbol for 
bravery, courage, endurance, strength, 

In honor of everyone
who has ever been touched by Breast Cancer
in their lives~

whether it be a personal battle 
or watching those we love
struggle to survive~

Introducing my latest Limited Edition designer
Breast Cancer Awareness nest

this nest features the color
in a variety of textures and hues~
reminding us that Breast Cancer affects each of us
in ways that are both
deeply personal and unique.

In the making for almost a year,
this newest Designer nest
has truly been a labor of love.
This beautiful nest
is a collaborative effort of an amazing
group of talented artists
(all of whom have generous hearts)

Beginning here~
For the first time ever,
one of my nests features a removable brooch.
This beautiful felt brooch 
was designed specifically for this project 
by Paulette Racanelli.

Embroidered and beaded
by Paulette's patient and talented hands,
this brooch is easily removed from the nest
and can be worn 
as you desire. 

Each nest is adorned with a
"bouquet" of flowers and leaves
in a variety of

Crochet flowers
(seen on the right side of the bouquet)
were made by my dear friend
Janet Yost

Jan turned a basket of yarn
that once belonged to my Mother
into these precious creations.
They are so very special
to me.

The most exquisite embroidered
felt leaves
embellish each nest.
My friend Deb Hembree
(Mosaic Magpie)
created each little felt leaf 
with love and added her special touch
of embroidery and beading.
Each leaf is a unique
of beads and stitches.
Deb has been involved with
every Designer nest
that I have ever made.
She is the most generous of souls.

These precious little pottery leaves
were handmade by my 
amazingly talented friend
Julie Whitmore
(Julie Whitmore Pottery) 
Julie's handmade pottery pieces
are exquisite --
these little leaves are such
a beautiful addition to the nests.
as in nature
no two leaves are alike,
each is a totally unique

This beautiful little handmade
and painted bird 
was created specifically for this nest
by Kylie Parry
(Kylie Parry Studios)
The little bird bears the
word "HOPE"
for all of us to see -- 
a remembrance of the HOPE
that we all have that a cure will be found
for this disease in our lifetime. 
(Kylie worked so very hard to finish
these little birds in time --  just before she gave birth 
to a beautiful little baby boy!)

Each nest is encircled with a 
hand painted silk chiffon scarf
created especially for this project by
Brenda Sipe Donahue. 
Brenda took my dream idea
of a miniature "Pink Scarf"
and brought it to life beautifully
in these tiny little creations.
Each little scarf is uniquely painted -
no two are alike.
They each have the Breast Cancer Awareness
logo painted on the end of the scarf.
They are simply stunning.

These beautiful paper beads
 were created by
Carrie Petrocelli 
Carrie created these gorgeous beads from
Breast Cancer Awareness 
that I had saved from my assortment of
knitting magazines 
throughout the
these little beads are absolutely gorgeous~
glittery, shimmery,

You know, 
I can not create these nests on my own.
These projects have become
 much to large for my
busy little hands.
In addition to the amazingly talented
artists who contribute their own 
special creations~
are the wonderful talents 
of my best friend Mary.
She is my dearest friend,
my strongest supporter,
and the greatest listener
when it comes to my "nesting" ideas.
She devotes so much time and talent to these
special charitable ventures.
She never says no.
(I love her for that!)
She is
always ready and willing to help
 in anyway possible
to make my "nesting"
dreams come

Mary's special contributions
to these nests are her
stunning beaded
Using an assortment of paper beads,
 swarovski crystals, 
and vintage beads
she creates magic  

Mary also added beading embellishments
to the little crochet flowers 
 created by my friend 

Every embellishment on these nests
was created by hand -
with love,
by so many talented artists
for this
very special project.

My assortment of yarns
for these nests was one of the most
exquisite that I have ever used. 
Pink yarns in such a beautiful
arrangement of textures.
The art of combining them all together
in this nest
was truly a labor of love for me.

Tucked inside-
beautiful treasures!
three little handmade eggs
created by 
Petite Michelle Louise.
My nests are not complete
until Michelle's
precious little creations
are tenderly nestled
deep inside the 

The charitable proceeds from these nests
will be donated to the
Susan G. Komen foundation.

If you are on the waiting list for these exquisite nests~
you will find them listed in my ETSY shop 
ready for your purchase now. 
The link to my ETSY shop is
You will find the nests listed in sections
according to your last name.  
Just click on the section according to the first letter 
of your last name.

Tucked inside each box
when your nest is mailed to  you~
will be the latest in Breast Cancer Awareness
provided to you by the
Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Also tucked in side the box when it arrives
is a little gift from me~
A wearable version of the little scarf 
that encircles the nest.

Handpainted by Brenda Sipe Donahue,
this beautiful
 one of a kind scarf,
is my very special gift to each of you 
who purchased one of these
Breast Cancer Awareness

Your nests will arrive
in the most beautiful
My friend Sue Kosec
has created 
the lovely hand stamped
tissue paper
and glittery,shimmery bird tags.
perfect compliments
for the nest
that is packaged inside.

These little tags will be
treasured keepsake items as well.

I want you all to know that I have never been
 as emotionally attached to a project as I have this one.
Your letters and emails have touched my heart
and often brought me to tears.  
Reading the stories of your own personal
connections to Breast Cancer~
your loved ones,
your dear friends,
your neighbors,
your own personal battle with the disease-
Hundreds of emails
and all of your stories speak of the
love and support that you received
or have given to those
who have been affected by this disease.
So many of you requested these 
special nests.
My heart broke to have to tell you
that they were already reserved. 
My stance has always been that I do not repeat 
a design. 
But -- this is different.
I hope someday
to create another
 Breast Cancer Awareness nest~
a new design~
for this heartfelt cause.
I promise.

Some updates~
watch for the finale of the
Pink Scarf Project
to be posted early November!
(I've been taking photos for the last several days!
So many scarves have arrived here at the last moment -
the finale will be posted in 2 parts!)
Your scarves were photographed
in the most incredibly
(You just wait!)
Your latest scarf donations
(alreaady photographed and shown here on my blog)
have now been added my 
the "Pink Scarf Project"
Pinterest Board.
I will announce the winners of the
Breast Cancer Awareness
inspirational mini album
and the very special
Breast Cancer Awareness wrap
that I designed for this project.
These will be given away
in the Finale post
 for the
Pink Scarf Project.
(if you would like a Breast Cancer Awareness
 wrap of your very own,
you can find one listed just now
in my etsy shop) 

Thank you for allowing me to create this special nest
in honor of everyone who has ever been touched 
by this miserable and life changing 
You have shared your stories 
and I know what this nest means to you
and those you love.
I am humbled that I
could create something
that would touch your hearts
so much

I will be back soon with all the info that you need to know about this~


SuZeQ said...

... and you have brought me to tears as well.

YOU are a genius and have brought such beautiful awareness to a not-so-beautiful disease.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a life changer!!!

Karen B. said...

My dearest Vicki,
what can I say but ... breath taking! You are an angel that brings so much to others and I am so happy to call you my friend.
God bless you for everything you do in this world!
Many, many hugs from the bottom of my heart ...
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Di@Cottage-Wishes said...

These are so beautiful! What an amazing project and collaboration. Di


Hello Vicki, Again another most Exquisite Pink Nest.. All the embellishment are awesome.. and enhances the Pink Nest to a truly special Art Piece.. Love it. Hugs Judy

Quinn said...

Really staggering amount of labor and love from all concerned! Whew! I will have to come back again (and again) to look at each photo again...amazing creations, beautifully photographed. Kudos to all!!

Mereknits said...

Vicki these nests are truly amazing, you and your lovely artist friends have created amazing pieces of sculpture, you are an inspiration.

E.liza"BETH" said...

those are amazing. some very talented ladies indeed. i love the colors. so cheerful. ( :

happy weekend.

http://thankfullga447 said...

Amazing, what an accomplishment and journey so far. I love your room and I will be going into my room shortly. I do quilts for the poor and this year it has bloomed, I work with a memory care facility now and I have help for the first time instead of me doing it myself. God Bless you!

A Scattering said...

My order has been placed, yippee!!!
Reading this post made me cry all over again. I've purchased mine in remembrance of my cousin Sonia who passed away 3 years ago. After I peek at it and enjoy it's beauty I will send the nest to Sonia's sister, Deborah and I will ask her to enjoy it and hold it in trust for her great niece, Sonia's granddaughter Laura. Laura is 10 and will love the nest when it is passed along to her.

Vicki and talented friends, this is such a beautiful way to remember and honour women we love or have loved and a wonderful way to raise money. Cheers, girls!

Maggie said...

Dearest Vicki,
The Pink nest is absolutely stunning, you and you talented friends have truly surpassed yourselves this time. I cannot wait to go to your etsy shop and claim the nest that you created for our friend, Jan. I know that she will love it as much as I already love the two nests in my collection.
On behalf of all of us who benefit from your amazing spirit, thank you.
Love you, Maggie

Kerry said...

Vicki, this post moved me to tears. Your nests are exquisite, items of such beauty. They truly reflect the beauty of every corageous women, ever affected by this horrible disease.
Much Love

DeeDee said...

What a fabulous nest made with love with an awesome set of artists.. you all rock this world with love.. I am so glad I got to be part of this lovely project.. you have blessed so many.. with all your beautiful hearts..

DeeDee said...

I tried to post a comment but I lost it.. you and your team of artists have created such a beautiful gift to the world.. I am so glad I got to be a part of this journey... you have blessed so many... and my two friends Sue and Deb... are gifts in my life too..

Seawashed said...

That us an incredible nest!!!!! So many detAils and surprises nested within the nest! I love the paper beads. I remember doing that kind of art in school. So unique. I will send you photos of my donation today. Bless you for this amazing project of LOVE. Xxo

Lululiz said...

My goodness, those nests are beautiful! So many wonderful embellishments made by so many incredible people. How I wish I had made the list for one of these nests. You and your friends are truly amazing people.

gigi knits said...

This is the most beautiful nest... Your post touched my heart in so many ways.. Miss my sweet Fonda so so much she lose her fight to breast cancer way to young . One of your nests will be going to my Granddaughter Megan .She works so hard to raise awareness & money for breast cancer in Honor of her Mom who she loved so much. I know our family is only one of thousands who have faced the same sad ending after watching a loved one put up the BIGGEST fight to live only to lose ...
There are no words to thank you for what you are doing to help other women who face this everyday.

Unknown said...

Just beautiful Vicki! I'm down for a couple of your nest, 3 to be exact but I'm not sure when mine are due to come around, with my broken ankle I have gotten behind on my blogs and wondered if I had missed any. I know it must be a lot for you to keep tack of but I need all the help I can get for awhile, when mine come around could you possibly let me know? I may have missed one already for all I know.
Thank you so very much sweetie, things are going to be difficult for me for awhile.
Hugs and love Marilou

Sue said...

Vicki you are your friends have made something so exquisite and so special with all the love invested in these nests. I am sure that the recipients will be absolutely thrilled.

Jim said...

Incredible work and spirit put intro these Vicki.
I am honoured to have gotten to know you.

Anonymous said...

Speechless! Dearest Vicki, the talent that you have brought together is mind boggling and ever so inspired! These are truly gorgeous and their significance makes them more so!
Hugs sweet blogging sister,
Beth P

Createology said...

Vicki you and your generous team of contributors have created a very beautiful series of nests with love and hope for all. Bless you dear soul...

Unknown said...

chere vicki....i am always so very humbled when you "reveal" your latest nests to the world. to be a part of it some small way such an honor for me. how blessed am i that all those years ago, you stumbled upon my shop and asked for a "sample" of my eggs. little did i know then that you would take me along on this beautiful ride of yours and allow me to share in the joy & "hope" that you bring to EVERYONE you touch. I am blessed beyond measure for knowing you. "merci" mon amie! ;)

Marlynne said...

How Stunningly Beautiful! And the story of all the special little additions was so interesting and heartwarming! Bless You!

JShelby said...

oh Vicki, I'm sure fairies dream of nests like that! So very beautiful!

LisaS said...

Wonderful project! They are beautiful. I am so impressed!!!

Shirley said...

Vicki, Your nest are amazing and beautiful. All of your friends and you do a wonderful job putting this together. We all have hopes that they will find a cure for those suffering. I will be missing for a few days. Eye surgery on Monday. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

marda said...

Vicki, your oh so beautiful nest brought tears to my eyes. Your wonderful post telling us who all the artists were and what they contributed to this perfect nest was so heartwarming. Your work on this nest alone should grant you a place in heaven. Bless you all.

Finding Joy said...

Just gorgeous :)))))) have a wonderful week ahead.


Mr Paul said...

Vicki, This is an incredible and very special project. Such a tremendous amount of love that you have poured into it. You are quite simply amazing. Paul

Mosaic Magpie said...

You have taken bits of love, created by many and brought it all together to form a masterpiece. Each element added to the next, built upon in so many have such a good eye for seeing it all come together in such a stunning way. Your gift of the added wearable scarf, is such a great reminder of this project and a conversation starter too. I have worn mine and received so many compliments on it.
Your friendship means a great deal to me and I love your generous
giving heart. I believe, we are here to help one another, to be a support and uplift those in need. You my dear, are a shinning example of that.

kathyinozarks said...

Vicki all I can say is Wow, so Stunning, so Gorgeous
thank you for all you do and for inspiring me to be better-hugs

The Painted Garden said...

Dear Vicki,
I am so touched and moved to tears by your exquisite pink nest and thoughtfulness and labors of love from everyone involved in the creation. As a breast cancer survivor I am deeply moved that you have used your gift of creation to bring awareness to this horrible disease in such a beautiful way.
God Bless you and everyone involved.

Suztats said...

What a special and beautiful compilation of love, generous hearts, and creativity woven together!
Your nests are so amazing! Thank you for showing us all how to give, and share, and birth Hope.

LesleyAnn said...

It probably sounds silly but I actually got emotional reading about and looking at this beautiful artistry and its symbolism. Just stunning. I can't imagine having something so beautiful in my possession. God bless you all for your talents and your gracious hearts.

darlene said...

Seriously, it brought me to tears!! They are so beautiful, obviously put together with love and caring... I am simply speechless!

Susan said...

There are many days when I think the world is an ugly mess. Then there is this. Such love, such sweet goodness and warmth radiating out in ever widening circles.

Beedeebabee said...

Oh my goodness, Vicki, these nests are so, sooo beautiful!!! Your knitted nest is so gorgeous, all by itself it's just stunning...and all the wonderful additions from your sweet friends add to it so perfectly! I'm just amazed by your endless energy, and the kindness of your heart. Thank you and all who helped out in anyway with this very, very special project. God bless you. You are an angel and I love you to bits!!! xoxoxo Paulette

Susan said...

Beautiful! What an amazing and generous project!

SummersStudio said...

Breath taking, awe inspiring, you touch my heart with the nests in a way I can not possibly put into words. Mere words just will not do. But more than the nests, it is your generosity and caring that move me most. There are those of us who have had breast cancer that sometimes refer to October as the pink washing month. But with these nests and the scarves you put the heart and soul back into raising or keeping our awareness on the need for taking care of the tatas. Into the research we need to conquer this all too often killer disease. I have tears of joy. Thank you.

Unknown said...

This is deeply moving and I am so glad I learned of it through LeAnn. The love, detail, strength, patience, endurance and HOPE that each participant imbued into this project is awe-inspiring.
Thank you.

maggiegracecreates said...

As a survivor myself, I completely understand the emotion of this project.

Love each tiny detail and the way you unfold the entire story is just lovely.

Have a wonderful day.

Lorraine said...

This may be your best nest yet! I say yet as I know there will be more to come. Your "pink" nest carries such meaning. Contributions from friends and other talented artists are exquisite and follow the theme beautifully including the packaging! What can I say - divine! Am loving the scarves in the previous post too!

Ingrid said...

I am a survivor too Vicky and I love your beautiful project....amazing work with lots of feelings in it......


Joy said...

Hello Vicki - I've popped over from Paulette's place and am absolutely blown away by the beauty created by you and your wonderful friends for such a well deserving cause. You are beautiful people with such heaven-gifted talents and I pray blessings on each and every one of you!
Joy x

hula-la said...

Dear Vicki,
This is absolutely stunning! A beautiful collaboration indeed! Nicely done! Aloha

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Dear Vicki, All I can say is Wow! What a gorgeous creation! So many talented ladies using their own gifts to create such unique and wonderful embellishments for your beautiful nests. Such a labor of love indeed! Your design and the thought put into each detail is magnificent. God bless you all! Tammy

Carola Bartz said...

Vicki, these nests are extraordinary! So so beautiful, and truly a real labor of love. Those little bird tags are adorable!!! Everything in this post is such eye candy!

Eugenia Maru said...

Realmente hermoso tu nuevo nido, muy femenino y tierno.

Silke Powers said...

Oh, Vicki, these are just gorgeous!! I love how you make your nesting a community effort. It is especially poignant with the inspiration behind these nests. Truly amazing and gorgeous!! Love, Silke

Lorraine said...

An incredible collaboration Vicki! The power of pink.....

Kim Stevens said...

Oh my word Vicki, I say this every time I know, but you really (and your friends) have out done yourself. This is just exquisite and detailed and so beautiful. Blessings to you!

knitalatte said...

Oh so pretty! Love the pink nests you've been working on. Your attention to detail is exquisite Vicki...and your friends and collaborators did an excellent job. Bravo on such an amazing and heartfelt project.

Dorthe said...

My sweet and so dear Vicki,
This is truly a labor of your love, -your love for everyone needing help ,-comfort and love for some reason or another- you are an angel here on earth, and one with the most beautiful heart and understanding for persons in need , you are marvelous!!
Your beautiful nests ,so delicate and precious ,with the beautiful elements from your dear friends and art sisters, will be so very treasured ,and your loving help, coming from this collection of nests will help sisters in need!
You are such an amazing lady,-beautiful inside and out Vicki dear.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Sherri said...

Vicki, what a beautiful post! You made me cry!! HUGS to you!!

Lisbeths Verden said...

I would love to participate in your Grow Your Blog.My blog is about knitting and my life.