Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The "Alicia Nest"....A "Breast Cancer Awareness Nest" Like No Other

A promise made...
As most of you already know,
we lost our beautiful daughter in law, Alicia
to the ravages of breast cancer.

During her brave and courageous battle,
I promised her that I would create a special
Breast Cancer Awareness nest
in her honor....

little did I know then,
that I would actually be creating this nest in
her memory...

the creation of this nest
has been an emotional investment
like no other nest has ever required...
there can be no doubt...
this IS the MOST BEAUTIFUL nest
that I have EVER made.
Because there can never be another
Breast Cancer Awareness nest
to match the beauty of the
"Alicia nest"...
I will be retiring this series

 The "Alicia Nest"
will be my FINAL nest in this series...
there will not be any more 
Breast Cancer Awareness 
This nest is special
like no other nest I have ever made...
there are so many unique and beautiful features
 in this nest.

The creation of these nests is all consuming,
and I absolutely could not do this alone..
I am thankful to have talented friends
who have volunteered their time and talents
to bring beautiful embellishments
to these nests...
and as always...
my very best friend Mary,
helps me to build these nests.
It is a monumental task for both of us. 
Each nest is created with
vintage millinery flowers, fabrics and ribbon,
beaded embellishments,
vintage sugar fruit pieces,
and a tiny flowerpot...
with an "itty bitty" nest tucked inside.
A sampling of some of the treasures
that make this nest
so very special...
Beautiful and tiny crochet flowers,
hand beaded...
in shades of pink and white
were created by my talented friend
They are absolutely exquisite, 
and they are so perfect for this beautiful nest.
(You can find Teresa on her Instagram page
by clicking the link on her name above.)
Beautiful and delicate...
each nest is adorned with tiny satin sweet peas,
handmade by my friend
These delicate treasures are so exquisite...
they are another very special embellishment
that makes this nest
 so very special.
You can find Karen at her blog,"Todolwen"
by clicking the link on her name above.
As long as I have been making nests,
my friend Sue Kosec
has been creating beautiful
wrappings and tie on bird embellishments
for their packaging.

Presentation is everything...
and Sue has always created beautiful
packaging accents for my nests...
You can find Sue at her blog
Those who have been patiently waiting for this past year 
on the"Reserved nest" waiting list...
have now already received
 their nests. 
I have just listed 8 nests in my ETSY shop
that are available 
to anyone.
(You can get to my shop by clicking on the link above.)
Charitable proceeds from the sale of this nest
will be donated to a local Breast Cancer charity
that was so very kind to Alicia.
tucked into each little nest...
is a tiny little gift.
Wrapped in tissue and tied 
with a pretty pink string...
a little gift 
💝from me to you...
A note from me...💖
I hope that you all are staying safe and well in this crazy and most difficult time.  
Since we have been unable to travel...(most ironic, since I am now newly retired!)...
I have found that I have time to devote to my crafts and hobbies. We have mostly been staying here at home.... doing little figure 8's around the house and yard. Thankful for the summer and the ability to enjoy my flowers and outside activities... like my chickens. 
I hope to have some knitted items available to share here and in my etsy shop this winter. 
I'm sure you have noticed that I'm not here at my blog often. In fact... when I came here to do this blog post... I found that the entire set up had changed and I had a horrible time figuring out how to even do this post!  Guys.... this is too stressful!
I am VERY active on Instagram... (it's So easy!!)...you can find me there almost every day at my page "2 Bags Full". I would love for you to follow me there...