Thursday, May 31, 2012

Because you ask~~ my new Shabby Chic nest

So many of you have asked for a shabby chic nest - in shades of white, with lace, and lace, and more lace~~

 and soft white feathers~~

and vintage ribbons~~

 just a touch of beige~~

I've been collecting ribbons and lace now for several months.  Searching through every shabby box at the flea markets and antique stores~~


As with all my nests -- these little creations contain over 200 beautiful white and beige yarns.
 Gorgeous yarns.
(you should see my white yarn stash !)
  (With just a tiny bit of a green petticoat peeking out from underneath.) 

I'm sharing some precious lace and linen fragments from my Mother's collections in these exquisite nests.
  In my heart, I believe that they are worthy of belonging here, nestled between the yarns. 
 I know my Mother would approve~

   And sweetly tucked deep inside - 2 little beige stoneware eggs,
 sculpted with love
can do. 
(Michelle --can I just say right here in front of everyone that I love you?) 
Thank you for sculpting these precious little eggs.

These nests are NOT part of my designer series -- 
 I will make these nests once a year, in the fall when I make the Woodland nests.
  If you would like to have one of these little creations,
 you are welcome to email me for the info
 and be placed on the waiting list.
 Production will start in late November
 and continue
 through the winter months.  

Thank you for sharing your thoughts
 regarding the "building" of this nest. 
 I read every email that you send, I take notes, I think,
 -- a lot -- 
(sometimes too much!)   My sketch book is working overtime right now!  
I have tried so very hard to embrace your desires and to create a nest that you will love~~

 Introducing my "next BIG thing"~~
The Shabby Chic nest.


A little update!  I am totally overwhelmed with the response to this nest - thank you for loving it so much!  My email box is going crazy with all of your private emails -- please be patient - I will answer every one of them today or tomorrow.  

Someone just ask me if they could send a bit of treasured lace from their Mother's wedding dress for me to weave into this nest.  Another just emailed to ask if they could send a remnant from a treasured handkerchief --- are you kidding me --- YES!  I will be honored to weave a treasured bit of ribbon, lace,or fabric into these little nests. Even bits of a treasured necklace or jewelry. It would be my greatest pleasure to make this a nest that could also serve as a home from a treasured heirloom.  (Why didn't I think of that!!!)  

I was also ask if there would be an extra charge for adding the little treasures -- are you kidding me --- NO!  It would be the most wonderful gift that I could give to you~~ 


Mosaic Magpie said...

Your newest BIG thing is wonderful. I am wondering if the yarn shop owners smile when they see you coming? So many different fibers and all the fun you must have had collecting the laces!
I think it is perfect you will be creating them during the winter months, soft whites just like the snow on the ground.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Absolutely beautiful, Vicki. All lovers of shabby chic are gonna be head over heels for your newest nest. Best wishes to you, Tammy

Silke Powers said...

Gooooorgeous!! As I am typing I am looking at the two nests I have from you - and just LOVE them!! And this one is no different - simply stunning!! Hope you are doing well!! Love, Silke

Shell said...

They are Gorgeous Vicki!

I'm on the hunt for laces too,,,,,will be looking at Farm Chicks this weekend!

Have fun Creating!

Big Hugs and Love,

Julie Marie said...

Oooh Vicki... I am totally smitten with your shabby chic nests!... please put me on the list!... I can hardly wait... you are so creative and the sissie nests will love another sissie!... xoxo Julie Marie

Jenny said...

It looks like a bridal nest...for a cute bird couple. Just gorgeous, Vicki! xo Jenny

PoetessWug said...

It's very very pretty!...I'm a big fan of lace too!

Kim Stevens said...

Oh, oh, oh ohohohhhh my!! This is just heavenly and soft and gorgeous and the thought that you would share lace that was your mother's made my eyes just a bit cloudy!!! I {heart} this nest to pieces! xo


Hello Vicki, I am new to your lovely blog. ALL your nest are truly creative, elegant, and most beautiful. Your new shabby Chic one is very stunning. Your nest are true piece or artwork. Hugs Judy

The Feathered Nest said...

GORGEOUS!!!!!! I love these so much sweetie...just beautiful!! I hope you are doing wonderful, hugs and love, Dawn

Joyful said...

So very beautiful!

Tanya said...

Perfection squared (since I couldn't find the elevated 2 on my keyboard...I know, computer challenged). Beautiful idea, Vicki - Happy Thursday - Tanya

Lululiz said...

Words fail me, this is just out of this world gorgeous. xxx

Art From The heart said...

Wow ! Vicki the Shabby Chic nest is just gorgeous,beautiful and awesome!
What a wonderful idea and having people send you special bits to add. You will be ever soooooo busy.
Lov & Hugs ( a happy nest owner)

Unknown said...

oh vicki...where do i begin? these nests exude such beauty...such peace....serenely gorgeous!! i'm at a loss for words here....and to think, lil' ol "me"...a part of it all! it is MY honor and pleasure to sculpt my petite eggs for your heavenly nest. is I who want to say "I love you"...for allowing me to share in this labor of love of yours. i just ADORE the idea that you will be weaving precious lace,fabric, and beloved tokens from loved ones into custom nests for your admiring friends. how SPECIAL!! you mon amie...are an angel on earth! blessings....;)

DaCraftyLady said...

Beautiful I so love shabby chic yarn designs...this nest is pretty pretty pretty... ~Debb

Createology said...

Your shabby chic nest is beautiful. Adding treasured bits of heirloom items for the recipients is wonderful of you. Keeping track will add a lot of time and effort on your part. Your nests are indeed heirloom treasures all in themselves. Blissful Dear...

Retired Knitter said...

Just when I think I have seen the best of your work, you raise the bar. These nests are so beyond words ... amazing really.

A just a little note here to say how grateful I am to have been the winner of your last contest. The beautiful nest arrived today, and I have pictures and will be blogging about it tomorrow. The pictures don't do the nest justice. Thank you!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Vicki, this is more beautiful because you put your heart and soul into it - and some of your Mother's love. What could be better. You touch my heart with this creation..

Neesie said...

I am speechless ~ really Vicki, which for me is unbelievable ;O
They are truly magical. I think I love this new design the best.

How special for people to be able to have their treasures woven into such an exquisite delicate piece of unique art.
The eggs just complete the whole nest beautifully.
Have a wonderful weekend :D

SuZeQ said...

OMG ... my dear friend, you are AMAZING. I just cannot comprehend how you do it all. I believe in my heart that this one is my all-time favorite. And the idea of people requesting bits and bobs from their heirloom pieces is just wonderful. I have an idea ... how about brides using one of your nests as their bouquets?!? Now there's a concept ...

Dorthe said...

OH dearest Vicki, that is the most very beautiful nest you have created again ,stunningly wonderful,with all those yummy yarns and laces,so soft and cosy, and the sweetest place for the amazing eggs from your friend.
I LOVE you nests and this one surely also very much.
Hugs and love,Dorthe

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Vicki - understandable how your inbox is going crazy; it's BEAUTIFUL! So soft, gentle, peaceful, serene...your best work yet, don't you think?
Vicki, have you thought about giving classes?

marda said...

If I ever thought you couldn't out do yourself with another nest, you can still "get" me!!! This is just perfection. I've been collecting old, some actually antique, most just vintage.. some only as old as I am!!! (We won't go there!) This is just to die for...I've done my summer decorating with old crocheted white/ecru doilies wherever I can put one (without objections from Hubby)and embroidery. Needless to say this would be a perfect addition. I guess I'll need to sign up for this unless you've already got to many to make.

Esme said...


Hello this is without a doubt my favourite nest yet-it is gorgeous-I love the cream and white color. While I adore the one you made for me-I have to say this is stunning-I think we all have a little shabby chic in us. There is a sewing store in Paris that has the best lace and ribbons-I will send you photos from it next time I am there-I can only imagine what you can make-your inbox is going crazy-I am shocked-you could retire on this one alone.

You have some great creativity.

Mr Paul said...

You are such a clever stick.

I can see why evryone wants one of your beautiful nests.

Bon jubilee!


suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Dear Sweet Vicki This nest is just heaven sent! OMG! If only I were a little bird I could nestle in there and be the happiest bird of all!
This shabby nest is so incredibly beautiful with all the most wonderous shabby threads and laces you have gathered and somehow twined into such beauty.
As I have said before you are such a master at this creativity!
I would so love to see your 200 white threads stacked in your divine space of creativity.
So happy also to read that your dear Gardener has fulfilled one of his samskaras as did my Jeff. Wow! So happy for him!
Send very big hugs to you girlfriend!
Suzy x

Unknown said...

Oh, Vicki- I am SO hooked on your blog!!!

Tanna said...

Oh, Vicki, your newest nest is amazing and I love that people will be sending their family treasures to be woven in to create an heirloom!! Awesome! I can tell I would go crazy in your white yarn room!! LOL! blessings ~ tanna

Carole said...

Woo hoo put me on the waiting list girl. Ever since I saw Michelle's I've wanted to ask you to make me one too.


Holly said...

Hello Vicki!

Thank you for the delightful and encouraging comment you left on my blog. It meant a lot to me.

I did not realize who you were until I followed the link back to you blog!
I added a couple follower options as you suggested. Thank you for that!

I look forward to your upcoming post.

Holly Marie

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Lovely! And the stone eggs are the perfect finish

Anonymous said...

adorably sweet. so cute.


The Painted Garden said...

Hi Vicki,

On goodness - you created such a lovely nest using all of your special bits and pieces -and how spcial that you will create them for others. The little eggs add the perfect touch. Your talent and creativity is endless.

Have a lovely day.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Stopping over after seeing Karen Valentine's nest. These are works of art; can't decide which type I like best.
So many bloggers collect bird related items and your nests are so adorable.

Jenny said...

Great idea, Vicki. You are so clever and thoughtful, to. Put me on your list, please. I have 90 followers as of this week. I will talk about it on my blog and want your button when it arrives. xo Jenny
p.s. Don't forget I'm on your list for a fall nest. I"ll be back in Texas in October.

Bohemian said...

Your Nests are indeed Stunning!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

myriamkreativ said...

Hi Vicki,
... the wonderful place is - where could it else be - in my beloved Puebla Lucia in Fuengirola, Spain. Sometimes I really do ask myself why I dont live there just the whole year *lol*. Your nest is gorgeous... like they all are. M sweet little green one is resting beside my PC on the window shelf and I think of you every day!
Your idea is wonderful and I definitely will participate. I love to find other blogs - doesn`t matter where... because it is giving so much inspiration to me.
I hope everybody is well off at your home. Here in Germany the summer isn`t yet starting. It is raining a lot and not really hot. But anyway where are popping in the pool every day as long as ii is about 20 ° C *lol*. Love you too.... Myriam

knitalatte said...

Oh my, your shabby chic nests, are so well, Chic!
Your creations get better and better. I can see why you are booked solid with orders, just amazing work...

Marrianna said...

Vicki - I'm just loving your shabby chic nests. Please let me know how much they cost and then I'll know if I want to be added to your waiting list.

I found you via Karen Valentine's WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE party of 2011 and am so pleased to see your yarn sanctuary this year. No, I'm not part of the 2012 blog party but Karen is designing my new blog. I'll make an announcement on my current Typepad blog and then close it down for the new blogger blog.

Love your photos of the grandbabies and all your knitting projects. Keep up the great work.

Marrianna in Flagstaff, AZ, USA, where is raining - part of our summer monsoon season.

Niki said...

Please put me on the list for a shabby chic nest!! I can't wait! They are beautiful! Niki

Lili said...

Oh Vicki I believe these are the dreamiest nests of them all! I absolutely adore shabby chic...Rachel Ashwell eat your heart out...goodness these are SO VERY GORGEOUS!!! I mean no disrespect to Rachel, but I think this is something she would have wished she had created! xoxo ~Lili

janice said...

stunning creations. i just discovered your blog and I can't leave! wouuld you ever consider a tutorial or book on your nests? Perhaps it's in here somewhere and I have yet to discover it. Down the rabbit hole I go...Thank you for sharing your creativity.