Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our St. Martin Escape

Our vacation to the beautiful beaches of St. Martin was magnificent! So wonderful that we have already made plans to return! This slideshow moves quickly and takes about 20 minutes to view - a perfect thing to do when you have that first cup of coffee in the mornings! (Be sure to turn the music to the playlist off first - so that you can enjoy the slideshow music.) WARNING - these pictures will make you want to be there!
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Mary Anne said...

Vicki, we absolutely loved your St. Martin picture presentation. Although it has only been a few weeks since we left St. Martin, we're ready to go back after viewing your photos. You are so artistic and have an eye for photography. Great job! Mary Anne and Les

Calypso In The Country said...

Vicki, I may have convinced you to try out Anguilla but now you have me going back to St. Martin! I watched your whole smilebox video (while my kids were playing their new Wii game!) and I loved it! Your pictures were beautiful. I have never been out to that little island off of Orient Beach! - And what sculptural pieces of driftwood there! It would be nice to decorate with some of those! Loved the palm leaf baskets and the pedicure pictures were priceless! St. Martin is a magical place! If you go to Anguilla just be prepared that there won't be those beautiful mountains you are used to in St. Martin. We had spent a few days on St. Martin before the Anguilla trip I posted about and I must say at first I was disappointed with the landscape of Anguilla since it is pretty flat. But after seeing those amazing beaches and experiencing the incredible peacefulness, I quickly fell in love with Anguilla and it will always be one of my favorite destinations along with St. Martin. As soon as I get my act together, I will write a post about all of our St. Martin experiences. Best wishes for the new year! - Shelley