Sunday, March 21, 2010

Knitted Storybook Blanket

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a garden where a magical flower tree grew~~~

Every time a new flower bloomed it would play a little melody, filling the air with songs and beautiful music.

Even the little birds joined in so that the little girl could listen to a beautiful chorus.

The woodland creatures all came to listen and the little bunnies sat so very, very still beneath the tree - they were listening to the beautiful songs.

Whenever the little girl would leave the garden, she carried with her a little song in her heart. This always made her very happy and she knew that she was loved. The End.

Finally, I am able to show you the little Storybook Blanket that I made for "Little Baby No Name." I knitted on this blanket for 3 months - it seemed to take forever to finish knitting this project. The knitting was not hard, but the entire blanket was knitted in rib stitch (K1P1) and that takes twice as long to knit as regular stockinette! I seemed to be going nowhere - fast!

The blanket is comprised of 5 panels, sewn together after they are knitted. Each panel consists of 6 blocks that are knitted into the panel. (This is a big blanket!) The yarns that I used were a combination of several variegated cotton sock yarns (Yes - sock yarns!) mixed with a solid color cotton yarn. There were 5 solid colors that were mixed and matched. I also used an acrylic carrier thread that I mixed with the sock yarns and cotton yarns - so that actually I used 3 strands at one time all through the blanket. I mixed and matched the variety of combinations constantly to give this blanket a marled effect.

After the blanket was sewn together, I began to create the story. Honestly, I did not have a definite plan - it just began to evolve as I was working on this~~~

The little flowers are made from vintage fabric yo-yos that I purchased at the flea market. Using these little creations, that some little lady had painstakingly made by hand, (such tiny little stitches!) was such a joy for me. On top of each yo-yo flower, I attached a pink ribbon rose.

The leaves are crochet from two different colors of green cotton. (I purchased the leaves and little animal adornments for the blanket.) The butterflies, the dragonfly, and the little turtle (gotta have a turtle!) are also crochet.

The bunnies and birds are little felt appliques. When I sewed everything to the blanket, I gently padded each and every leaf, bird, animal, and flower with a tiny bit of scrap yarn - just enough to give it a little extra definition.

The vine is made of a variegated ribbon yarn. When I started unrolling the ribbon yarn so that I could lay it on the blanket, within minutes it seemed to get into a HUGE wad! That took me about 2 hours to untangle! (How does this happen!!!)

The yo-yos were also already attached somewhat together, and I had to gently (very gently!) take them apart from their blocks so that I could use them. (Oh yea, this was time consuming also!)

Maddy girl, LOVED the blanket! She made the cutest little oohs and ahhs when I showed it to her. She had to touch all the little flowers and birds - it was priceless.

The vine was created at random, just however the yarn wanted to lay. After I sewed the vine on, I also tied little tiny strips of the ribbon yarn to the vine at intervals - so that it would look like it had more leaves. I just left these little bits to dangle however they fell.

This was not a lap project! I had to lay it all out on a table in the Sacred Yarn Room and stand the entire time that I sewed everything on the blanket.

The little doll was knitted also (!!!) and I made her little pouch from a baby sweater that I found at the flea market (for a quarter!). I felted the sweater and then cut the side of the sweater to use as the pouch. I love that I left the little buttons, and the neck edging on the sweater when I attached it to the blanket. There are some little lambs on the bottom of the sweater edge - my favorite part!

Total sewing on time - about 18 hours! Three very long nights!

(and lots of Motrin---). My fingers had little permanent indentions in them from all the sewing. I hate thimbles - but maybe I should have rethought that one!

The little story just came into my mind as I was sewing the decorations on the blanket. I wrote the story on a little note and pinned it to the blanket when it was displayed at the baby shower.

"Little Baby No Name" will hear lots of stories from her gb - but I am hoping that this will be her favorite.


BeautifulDees said...

Oh my what a beautiful work of art.I am in awe. I love it.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Lovely Lovely work of art and heart! Just precious and so very beautiful! You are amazing! Hope your fingers heal quickly ~ thanks for sharing this masterpiece and setting it to such poetic words.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous. So much detail! Fantastic! Many blessings, Tammy

Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

Wow you bring knitting to a whole new level. This is just gorgeous and may have inspired me to get my knitting needles out again! Kim

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Vicki!~!!Your amazing!
That little blanket with all that work is exceptional!!!!

Yes I recieved your tote and wrap...and you'll love this...
My girlfriend saw it and left for Florida for two weeks this morning...
she loved it so much I let her take it on vacation!!!!
Remember the Traveling Pants movie...
I have a feeling this will be the traveling tote and wrap!!!
Thank you again...
At least your tote and wrap are in the sunshine!!!!
Once again! Lol!

xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Snugglebug Blessings said...

How precious is your labor of love. It is shown in every stitch. The blanket itself is a work of art but when you added the details of the vine and animals, it is the icing on the cake. How sweet is your story too! Baby no name will one day so very much appreciate the kindness and tender love you have given her. What beautiful memories. God bless, Cathy

paru's_circle said...

truly a lovely.. storybook.. blanket..

Donatella said...

wow!! what beautiful work.. very talented you are!happy monday!!

Jody Hammer said...

When do you sleep?????? Everything you have made is just beautiful!!! I love my mom dearly, so please, don't think I don't, but, why weren't you my mom!!?? I mean that as a complement, I wouldn't actually trade my mom for all the money in the world!!!! I hope that when I have grandchildren, I will be able to crochet them wonderful gifts as well. What an inspiration you are!!! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful things!!!

The French Bear said...

Love it! What a beautiful and lovely treasure to keep for years and years. She will cherish it for sure!!!
All the hard work you put into it, I am in awe!!!
Margaret B

LemonyRenee' said...

This is truly a work of art. Methinks little Maddie has her own plans for this blanket!

Jenn said...

Absolutely lovely!

knitalatte said...

I'm rendered speechless. I just keep staring at the photos and thinking 'all that work', Wow. I can feel the love oozing out of every stitch, knitted and sewn alike. I can just imagine how it was the hit of the shower. I love the birdies and ribbon embellishments.
A story to be read over and again. Bravo...

myriamkreativ said...

Dear friend,
this will definitely be her favoured one. She will love it from the first time she realizes it. You really are the wizard of knitting. I never saw a piece so beautifully made - one can really see all the love you enclosed. When I saw your post it was me sitting in front of the PC making aaah and ohhh and how beautiful.... chapeau youv done a masterpiece. The tree is magical... you have to tell her lots of stories. I wish you a wonderful warm spring day. Hugs Myriam

Lisa said...

Oh thank you so SO much for leaving a comment so I could find your blog. I have never learned to knit. It is on my list of things I want to do, but so far have not found the right teacher. Maybe you travel?? LOL Your sweet patchwork knitted blanket/masterpiece is WoNdErFuL! I've never seen anything like it. You make simply amazing art Vicki, & the baby without a name will cherish it forever. Lisa
PS The tree/centerpiece your friend made took my breath away!

Lisa said...

Oh boy, am I glad I found your blog! You do beautiful work! I just started to knit and I noticed the ribbon yarn you have in this looks like to one I used to make this clutch:
Please come visit my blog!