Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Love ~~~

Our precious little Karington Elizabeth (Keri Beth) is just over 3 weeks old.
I just returned from a visit to see her today~~~

She weighs almost 9 pounds now and is a cuddly, snugly, bundle of baby love. She is sleeping with her little guardian angel doll that was given to her by my dear friend Dorthe.

This precious little angel doll traveled all the way from Denmark to watch over our little grand baby and keep her safe in her little crib. Thank you sweet Dorthe for a gift that has touched our hearts. We are trusting this little guardian angel to watch over our little one while she dreams~~~

Little Keri Beth is sound asleep here - resting on my shoulder. I snapped this picture while she was up against my chest. She is in a serious "milk coma"!

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby?

This gb is in heaven with little Keri on my shoulders! Several people have asked me - "what does gb stand for?" gb stands for granny boster - which I do NOT want to be called. Hence - I will be just gb. Little g - little b. gb. Easy for a little one to say - don't you think?

This is it - mostly what she does all day. Sleep and sleep and sleep. She is a very good baby. Her parents say that she sleeps about 3 hours at a time and does not cry except when she is hungry. What a good little girl!

A rare moment - with her eyes open! Doesn't she have the most adorable little face? She is looking at her gb. She loves me~~~

Belch and then hiccups. Then do it again!

Asleep on gb's shoulder again. Don't you love that little mouth?

Just spending time with our little one today - was so wonderful. Her parents live about an hour and a half away - so I can't go everyday - but I wish I could!
This little one is such a blessing in our lives~~~


michelle said...

oh vivki she is just beautiful.thats so funny the gb part,my mom god rest her soul,when i had my first daughter insisted from day one that she was granny.thats who i named my blog after.phobe had her babies,did u see hope and hoki.have a great day god bless michelle

Lady Farmer said...

There is nothing so wonderful as being a 'grandmother', grandma', 'gramma', 'nanna', 'G-Mom','mimi', or 'granny boster'! Gee~they can melt our heart and call us anything they want, we love them so!
Like I always say ~~ "If I'd known it was this much fun, I'd a had them first!" ;~P
Be Blessed!

Gracey said...

How precious! What a darling little baby girl. :D

Lisa said...

What a true gift from God...she is just precious. And you too young to be a grandma, by the way!

Deb said...

Vicki ~ ~ how very precious! She is absolutely beautiful! I know you were in heaven holding her. i wish my grandson could be closer to us; he's almost 17 months, and I haven't seen him walking yet. You are a very blessed gb! (Thanks for the explanation; I had wondered what that meant, too!)

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Oh my what a gorgeous little baby! You must be over the moon! My SIL is expecting her second baby in five weeks... I can hardly wait to cuddle a baby again!!!

Lee Weber said...

She's just gorgeous!! I love the smell of little babies- that milky sweet, yummy smell. Enjoy!

Chris said...

They don't get much cuter than that. Go g.b.

The French Bear said...

She is a doll!! Looks just like her gb!!!!
I know how it feels........soak it all goes so quickly.....I love her little heart shaped mouth, how adorable!!!
That was a lovely gift she received, every girl needs a doll!!!
Margaret B

Lululiz said...

She is so adorable! What a gorgeous little sweetiepie. I am way too old to feel broody, lol, but when I see beautiful photographs like these......... ahem.... nah, I am very happy being a granny to two sweet little girls.

Jules said...

well, of course she loves her gb! And my, what a little cherub - those cheeks - just makes you want to eat her all up (not literally of course!) Looks like you are in heaven and in love - what could be better?

dreamchallenge said...

KB is a blessing from God as are you Ms. Vicki. Those pictures are priceless. Bless you all, Jan

dreamchallenge said...

KB is a blessing from God as are you Ms. Vicki. Those pictures are priceless. Bless you all, Jan

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Vicki! She's such a little beauty! I love her name too!...When I had my first son, my mother didn't want anything to do with a Grammy type name, so she decided on Mammy! hee hee hee! They're 23 and 25 now and still call her "Mammy" or "Mam"! ... You're beautiful, and look much more like the mommy than the "gb" ...that's really cute! xo Paulette

SuZeQ said...

Oh my oh my oh my. I can almost smell the baby powder, which is my favorite smell in the whole world!

This little angel is the most precious ever. Enjoy her!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh I love the babies smell, I can just smell hr form here. She truly is a gerber baby!

Eileen said...

Oh, how sweet!! She is just precious. Absolutely adorable.

Dorthe said...

Vicki, dear sweet, she is adorable, and so very sweet, just to fall in love with, I know you are!
So wonderfull seeing my angel there with this littel dear, I just hope there will be an angel around her for ever, to guide, and guard her.

You will here from me when I`m home again, sweetie.
Huhs, Dorthe

Jenn said...

KeriBeth is adorable. Sorry i've been so quiet, but I've been soaking in what little dependence Erik is leaving me(26" & 20lbs @ 5 months already). He's bound and determined to stand and scoots all over the place already:). they grow so fast.

Hugs, Jenn

Lili said...

Oh I'm all relaxed and sleepy after that sweet post. You look so happy and content with her and very very young to be a *grandma*. She is precious! ~Lili

Barbara Jean said...

Great pictures!!
How fun.

barbara jean

Finding Joy said...

What adorable eyes - this baby is SO beautiful - such a precious little bundle. Lots of grandma hugs.


myriamkreativ said...

Hi my dear friend,
gb sound pretty good to me, and I`m sure she loves you. Such an adorable little face. She really is a very pretty baby and I think everybody is very proud of her. Enjoy evry little moment you can spent with her - time is so precious....
Thank you for your nice comments about my layouts - yes scrapbooking is my great passion - i Love to work with papers and collect bits and pieces lol. And you are right only one artistic passion per person hihi otherwise you never catch up with it. I wish you a wonderful weekend and hope the weather is better than here.... we haven`t had sun since 14 daxs.... Im thinking about buidling an ark lol.
Hugs to you

Mosaic Magpie said...

I would imagine that precious litte one could call you about anything and you will melt. Vicki she is just beautiful and her skin, oh her skin just glows.

elvira pajarola said...

Soooooooooooooooo adorable.......!!!!
Tender little girl.......!!!

cara are perfectly right...there is nothing more adorable than a little sweet baby...holding in our arms...!
I feel so very lucky to have had this incredible sensations; holding my cute little boys in my arms.....!

WONDERFUL Baby photography!!!!!!
oh......You look just soooooo happy toooooo!!!!!
Have a sunny weekend!!!!
ciao ciao elvira

Shell said...

Oh my sweet friend! What a delight she is! I am SO happy for you! And I've been waiting for photo updates! She is SO beautiful!

It's weird,,,,,,,this blog/internet thing, but I held my breath and prayed as you stated you were on the way to her arrival/birth. Of course I don't know your family but I just feel a "gifted" part of this little ones birth,,,,,,as I waited after your post for her arrival!

Again, thank you for sharing her birth, her entry into this world. I feel blessed to be a minute part of it!

Oh,,,,, Vicki dear, give her a hug and a gentle squeeze for me next time you see her!

And,,,,again, I admire your interaction with the other little ones that need YOU so,,,,,and I pray for their health, their growth and strengh.....

Hugs and "love you to pieces~" SO glad to be a little part of your world!



knitalatte said...

Oh my she is beautiful. I bet she smells wonderful too, nothing like nuzzling into the neck of a sleeping bundle of joy. gb, hmm, I like it. I'm sure you'll be visiting as much as you can as she must be irresistible.

Bumpkin Hill said...

what a precious delight she is, you must be SO proud xxx

mairedodd said...

she is precious - and i do love baby mouths... glad you held her while she slept - it is mesmerizing that feeling of one little chest rising and falling against your own...

Sandi said...

Oh Vicki, how blessed you are! She is so beautiful and precious!!
Our oldest son lives 2 hours away and our daughter 3 hours, so I know what you mean. It is hard, but at least they don't live clear on the other side of the country. Enjoy your beautiful little granddaughter!!
PS I think I should have just stayed in bed today!! LOL

Sandi said...

Oh goodness Vicki! I had a long comment typed up and for some reason blogger blew it away!!

Your granddaughter is just beautiful and I know you love her to pieces! Two of my children live hours away also so I know what you mean. Always wonderful when we do get to see them.
PS I agree...I should have stayed in bed today!! LOL

Jody Hammer said...

What a beautiful gift she is!!! Sooooo sweet!!! Now I need to hold a baby!!! ;-)

mary said...

Love, love, LOVE her! She is gorgeous and one minute I think she looks like her day while the next I think she looks like her mom! They are both great looking so does it really matter???
Rock while you can.

Erica said...

She is beautiful!!!! And now the spoiling begins :)

Lori said...

Such a beautiful baby!! Oh you just want to cuddle away with these little darlings!! Lori