Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Cowardly Lion picks a winner! (and lots more!)

Have you met the Cowardly Lion? Are you afraid of lions - don't be! This one is really, really sweet! She is wearing her badge of courage here for all to see~~~

This little "Cowardly lion" is all set to pick a winner - someone very lucky is going to spend some wonderful days at the beach!
Her ears keep falling off! We have to push them back up on her head just to take the picture!

Maddy girl loves CAKE. (she just likes to eat the icing.) Every time she sees her Auntie Vicki - she says "cake" and shakes that little head up and down. She still remembers the cake that we had when she picked the winner of my birthday give away. (this kid remembers everything!!!) So - we promised her cake AFTER she picked the winner of this contest. She said "yea!" and threw her hands up in the air!

"Where is your tail little Cowardly Lion?"

Here it is!

"How does the Cowardly Lion go? Grrrrr!"
(I forgot that I was wearing my glasses -
the very latest in the "school marm" look!)

Those ears about to hit the ground again!

Here we go again - she does this EVERY time! (and then we have to pick up all the papers again and put them back in the basket!)


We have to take a little break here and run into the house~~~ and climb a stepladder and look into the kitchen cabinet and take EVERYTHING out and put it all back in and finally after looking for 20 minutes because we know it is there someplace ~ we finally find the edible writing pen so that we can write the winner's name on the CAKE because we promised the Cowardly Lion that she could have cake after she picked a winner!!! WHEW!!!

And the winner is DEB from the blog Mountain Musings. Congratulations dear Deb - Maddy girl wants to share her cake with you! Email me privately for your details! We will expect to see some serious vacation photos on your blog when you return. Details! Details!! We want to see it all! (where you eat - where you shop - the beach - if we can't be there - we want to live it through you!) Please join me in saying congrats to Deb on her win! (I know, I know, it is no fun to lose - but there will be more chances - I promise!)
~~~For those of you who played to win - entered every single day without fail - I can only say that I love you and I read EVERY SINGLE comment. I so regret that only one can win - but do not fear. If I remain so blessed - (and the storms do not blow the condo into the ocean!) we will do this again in the near future.

Here she goes - into the icing. The "DEB" part is about to go away!

A kiss for Auntie Vicki!

The Cowardly Lion strikes a pose.

"The End"
How about a little bit of baby love? Want to see some new photos of our sweet little grandbaby? Kerri Beth is about 4 months old in these photos. (She is almost 6 months old now - so I am a little slow about posting these!) Will definitely try to do better!



This photo makes me laugh!! She is just learning to laugh out loud and smiles all the time. Admit it - she is adorable!


Don't you just love these little hands and feet!



Do they love her or what!

We can hardly stand to be away from our sweet grandchildren. For those of you who live away from your grandbabies - you understand, I know. Our precious little Mason lives in Atlanta - 8 hours away. This little grand baby is a little closer - an hour and a half away - but even that is still too far.
How about a little craft project for Halloween? This blog post has it all doesn't it! A Cowardly Lion - a beautiful grandbaby - and now a "way cool" little craft project that you are going to LOVE!!!
And you thought yarn was only for knittng or crochet! NOT!! Look what my friend Mary made with her yarn stash! She took a wooden stool - and wrapped it with yarns and then decorated it with a Halloween theme. Is this not the cutest thing ever! (and so easy - even I can do it - I think!)

Here is what you need for supplies - yarn, spray tacky glue, and a variety of embellishments. I know after you see this that you are all headed out to your closest Hobby Lobby!



Seriously - you are going to make this aren't you! I am headed to the beach in a few weeks and I have my stool ready to go - while I am there I am going to craft one using a beach themed decor! Shouldn't have to go far to find some embellishments - just out to the beach! (that's the kind of friend I am - I have to copy all the cute stuff that Mary makes!)



If you make this - your friends are going to think you are "super cool and crafty!" (and they will all want one!)

Well, no Halloween crafting for me! You just know what I am working on! Isn't there a requirement that you have to be near the water if you are working on "shorebird" nests?
Just trying to enjoy the last days of summer here. The leaves are falling like crazy and it just seems like summer is going to end soon. (sigh -so sad!) So--- let's give a welcome to Fall with a new giveaway! Something so perfectly "autumn". Join me on October 1 for a "Harvest" surprise~~~



Mosaic Magpie said...

Well at least it was a Deb!
I was so hopeful when I saw that!
Deb have a great time and take lots of pictures.

Createology said...

Maddy girl is just the cutest Cowardly Lion I have ever seen. Such a doll. And the new baby is super sweet and adorable.
Congratulations to Deb.
That Halloween Stool is the coolest ever!!!
Your knitted nests are over the moon fabulous.
Happy creating...

Deb said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Oh my, will I ever be able to sleep tonight??? This is amazing!!! Kiss sweet Maddy girl for me! And thank you to everyone else for your well wishes!!! I'll be sure and take plenty of pics!!

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Sweet Vicki!!

Ahhh Maddy Girl is adorable as the Cowardly precious!!!

Love the Halloween Stool...How COOL is that!!!! Ummm I have a boring stool maybe I should make
mine into a WOW stool too!

Congratulations to "Deb"...She is one Lucky lady!!! I can't wait to see her pictures when she gets back!!

Love and Hugs,


Unknown said...

Great post, thanks for sharing! XOXO Marilou

PoetessWug said...

Just wanted to say Congratulations to my namesake, Deb!!! "Have a good time!"...Also, YES! Little Maddy Girl is adorable!!! :-)

Drawn to The Sea said...

Congratulations to Deb! And a hug for you, Vicki, such a generous gift.

Adorable Miss Maddy's badge obviously works... she looks very self assured. All that fun & cake too ;-)

Vicki, your family is so precious... every sweet face, every true smile, every beautiful pair of eyes. And a baby on rose petals... could anything be more perfect? Whoever took those photos did a stunning job of capturing Kerri Beth's personality.

Happy, peaceful day.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are adorable, fun and loving. Hands and feet are my very favorite. Bless you.
Now for Mary, if you tell me she made all those little flowers I can not imagine how many hours that took????? So cute. Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. Cong. to Deb. Jan

Dorthe said...

Congratulations, to Deb- she is going to have a fantastic holliday spent in this beautifull place of yours, Vicki.
And MY do I love , Maddy in her lion dress, I`m sure my Mathilde, would be sooo happy to dress up ,in something like this,--well maybe ,after christmas, I can do a little "copy" of this stunning outfit, :)
Vicki , the "new" little one, is super cute, and sweet- such little wonders, they are...
Dear Vicki I`m anciusly waiting to see your new nest creations- I`m sure they are GORGEUS .
Happy sunday, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Deb. I am sure she will enjoy her vacation.
What an adorable baby. So sweet. At least this one is a little closer for you.
Loving the halloween stool. I have no patience for making things but I have great appreciation for those who do.
Most definitely will check in on Oct 1 (my birthday) to see what you are up to.

myriamkreativ said...

Hi Vicki,
isn`t your little grandchild the sweetest baby in the world. She really is adorable. You`re so blessed.... and the Halloween decoration of your friend is very cute and funny - would love to do one but too much work in every way at this time of the year *sigh*.
And congratulastions to Deb - I am sure she will love it there and returns with wonderful pics which take us through the upcoming autumn. I wish you a wonderful week Hugs Myriam

Lili said...

You and Maddy girl always have so much fun together! That's so funny that she says "cake" when she sees you! What an adorable little girl. That pose of Kerri Beth on the rose petals is just so beautiful! And gosh you sure did pack a whole lot of fun into this post. That Deb sure is a lucky gal. Congrats to her for winning this most amazing and generous give away! Hugs to you dear Vicki! ~Lili

SuZeQ said...


I absolutely love that little cowardly lion. Is she a little sweetie or what? And that little KB needs to be smooched on all over! I bet you miss her to pieces!

That stool is to die for. Your friend is most creative. I think I need to take a shot at doing one of those! Thanks for the inspiration and thanks for sharing with us!

Finding Joy said...

What the cutesy little girl there ever was, that outfit is so sweet. I love the way Maddy loves icing, so do I - some icing is SO good. I'm sure you ended up with a sticky kiss!

The baby, Kerrie Beth is growing up fast, as babies do. She is such a pretty baby.

michelle said...


Sabine said...

Dear Vicki,
sweet lion, even sweeter baby...
And thanks for your sweet comments :-)

Sabine said...

Dear Vicki,
sweet lion, even sweeter baby...
And thanks for your sweet comments :-)

susan jenkins said...

Precious beautiful grandchildren!! i just saw mine this weekend several hours away, how i miss them all! Great pictures and love the green pumpkin head!!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Oh, she is such a sweet pea!
I LOVE your purple gorgeous work!!!
Thank you for entering my giveaway, I threw the VIcki-notes in the big bowl, fingers crossed for you.
Have a happy Monday! xxx

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Vicki! Oh Deb ever a lucky girl!!! A big Congratulations to her, and wishes for a fantastic time.... Vicki, this was such a fantastic giveaway!...Maddy girl just couldn't be anymore precious, and your little grandbaby is a little doll! You are so blessed to have such precious little ones in your life. :) ... I'm in love with that gorgeous Halloween stool. Such an imagination Mary has!...I can't wait to see your new shorebird nests. I know they'll be just wonderful! xo Paulette

Pioneer Beauty said...

I didn't enter the contest myself..but saw that My dear friend Deb won the Giveaway...on her Blog..I also wanted to come over and wish her a BIG CONGRATULATONS!!!!

What a Wonderful Blessing to Gift a Special Person With..

Have A Great Day
and Blessings to you and your Precious Family..

Jody Hammer said...

Congrats Deb!!! You are a very lucky person to get to come here to Florida. Maddy is so cute as the cowardly lion!! Love it! Keri is adorable, I'd just love to "chew" on those cheeks ;-) The halloween stool is pure genius!!! I want to make one, but I have no hobby lobby nearby. I'll have to look at Michaels.... By the way, I like the glasses! You look great in them. See you soon!!!

Sandi said...

Hi Vicki,
Kerri Beth is just a little doll! I am sure you are finding how fast she is growing. My oldest granddaughter is 11 now! I just can't believe it. ( I was a young
Love your little cowardly lion too!!

Sea Angels said...

`Dear Vicki your posts always leave me gasping for breath.....your girls are so cute top to tail and your crafts always innovative and delicious real eye candy..
Be well my lovely friend xxx
Hugs Lynn xxx

knitalatte said...

Hi VIcki,
Lots of good sharing in this post. Congrats to Deb!
I'm sure she will love her stay at your beach.
Maddie girl in her Lion costume is just too cute.
Love her smile. The photos of your family are wonderful. You must be so proud.
Looks like you've been one busy lady with all the nest building and a Halloween stool? Amazing! I haven't decorated yet, as it is still really hot here in So Cal as summer is a hangin on. Makes for nice Friday nite football over at the High School.

Sharlotte said...

What a precious "Cowardly Lion" you have helping. I LOVE her little outfit. And your new little one, gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing and dropping by to visit!

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

You win the prize for the longest post with the most content!
Where do I get one of those cowardly lions?
Maddy is priceless!

Congrats. Deb...Your in for a treat!
I KNOW...we just returned from there...sheer HEAVEN!
You'll love Vicki and the Gardeners place...prepare to not want to come home!
Just warning you...
Vicki...The colors and textures in your Autumn/fall nest is off the charts!
Such amazing detail...
You rock at NESTING girlfriend.
Have the best weekend,
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Donnie said...

I think everything on your blog was great. I really associate autumn with the mums and then Halloween. Maddy in the cowardly Lion costume was darling. Don't even get me started on the stool. too cute.

Robin Sanchez said...

I love the cool crisp air of fall. It means the holidays are near.

YOur nests are to die for. I have never seen anything like this before and LOVE to win one!!

What a cute little lion and grandbaby.