Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas Memories

Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas
let your hearts be light~~~

We gathered on Christmas Eve for our family celebration of feast and fun. My sister Denise is always the host for this reunion (she has the biggest house!) I've selected a few photos from our wonderful evening to share with you. Here is your chance to meet my family~~

My attempt to try and catch a Christmas photo with Miss Maddy girl and our little grand daughter Keri Beth. (have you ever tried to take a picture of two tornadoes?) Forty three snaps later and this is as good as it gets!

Our Maddy girl in her new Christmas frock~~

She came running and met me at the door saying, " Oh Aunt "Bicky" - it's Christmas!!"

When Keri Beth learns to say Papaw - this guy is done for!

(she has a little boo-boo on her head - she is learning to roll over - but not when to stop. She crashed into the entertainment center at her house!)

Maddy said, "I want to hold her - I want to hold baby Keri Beth.) Right after we took this picture the baby flopped over on the couch! (the Family Circus has got nothin' on us!)

Keri Beth's Mommy and Daddy. Maddy girl wanted to be in the picture too!

We are all smiles with our baby~~

Off come the Christmas dresses~~ Maddy is sporting her new Rudolph outfit~ Keri Beth is sporting the latest in birthday suit finery!

Check out those bell bottom pants!

Don't you love giving gift cards!! (Poor Rob - last year he got several gift cards that somehow did not get activated! We make a practice of always giving the receipt with gift cards from now on! It's become the family joke~~)

This gb bought little Keri Beth her first Vera Bradley purse! (in case you forgot - gb stands for granny boster (but we aren't going there!) - so it's gb - little g, little b. gb) There will be a test later~~

~~ and I bought Miss Maddy girl her first Vera purse too - and this little kitty cat purse!

Maddy got lots of toys (of course) but her favorite thing - this Thomas the Train picture story book! Go figure~~

Maddy LOVES books and will sit and "read" the stories out loud over and over again! (she is almost 2 years old!)

Cute - huh?

Meet Kenzy - the three year old granddaughter of my sister Belinda.

Belinda and her husband Woody open their gifts~~ (Maddy is still "reading"!)

Kenzy joins in to help~

Kenzy has a new baby brother - Braxton. He is 4 months old. (what a cutie!)

Who has the biggest smile here? (he is the best little baby~~)

We take time out for Maddy Girl to help Keri Beth with her first giveaway drawing~~

~~~ and the winner of the Vera Bradley purse is sweet, sweet Erin from The Painted Garden. You must go meet Erin and her studio assistant Bentley (the dog) - Erin paints fabulous pictures using inspirations from her beautiful home. I love my visits to Erin's blog - she is immensely talented and her blog is a place of pure delight. I know she will welcome your visit and you will LOVE meeting her and Bentley! Congratulations dear Erin!

now - back to Christmas~~ the Gardener got a fancy underwater camera from me. (feeling pretty smug about that purchase, I am!)

but what he loved the MOST - was the bright orange "life preserver" strap for the camera! Hilarious!
(I need to clarify - the Gardener and I don't buy Christmas gifts for each other (we consider our travels as our gifts to each other) - BUT his BIRTHDAY is on the 28th. So I gave it to him early~~

Maddy girl helped her Auntie "Bicky" open my Christmas gifts.

She is all about the unwrapping - that's for sure!

Looks like a Vera Bradley box!

A new ornament to add to my collection. (I have 3 so far - so not sure if that counts as a collection or not!)

Denise - my youngest sister. There are three of us and there is not a year between any of us (yeah - you do the math!~~)

Denise is Miss Maddy girls' "Meme."
Wonder who bought this purse with lots of bling and seashells for their sister?
Maddy's pretty Mommy. Treva (we call her TJ) is a nurse just like her Aunt Vicki - we are so proud of her!

Maddy's sweet Daddy - holding the favorite book that our friend Mary gave to both Maddy and Keri Beth.

THE family portrait - me (the oldest), Belinda (the middle sister) (in the back) and Denise (the youngest sister) in the front with me.

and THE other family portrait ~~
Happy Holidays from the Gardener and me to all of you. Thank you for being here for me throughout this past year. Your sweet comments have brought tears to my eyes and also made me smile and laugh. Your friendships mean the world to me. Corny as it may sound - I love you all~~


elvira pajarola said...

WONDERFUL Christmas Memories....
wonderful family and wonderful little baby girls.....

HAVE a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR, carissima Vicky

un abbraccione forte your tuscan friend

Tolentreasures said...

Love all the pics of your family and those babies (they are all babies under five to me) are so precious! My DH's birthday is the 28th also. Present wrapped and ready!


Sandies' Patch said...

Oh bless you all!
What a lovely family Christmas celebrational gathering!
I have enjoyed it too!
Vera Bradley must be like Kath Kidston is over on this side of the 'pond', as I've never heard of her until I read your blog LOL!
I was working all day Christmas day and yesterday morning's early shift, I was shattered when I got home, had 2 hours on the bed with the kitties purring away and went to bed again at 9.15pm!
Any ways, I wish you and yours a very happy, healthy, prosperous New Year 2011!

Sandie xx

Juju said...

The celebration looks wonderful! What a joy to have all the little ones around you at Christmas! No better gift in the world than their smiling faces and laughter!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. When small children are involved, it certainly makes it merry and bright. When my kids were little, we always got together with friends for gift giving and gingerbread house making, but as everyone gets older, things seem to change. Such is life! :) Your younger sister looks like Reba McIntyre. Thanks for sharing your family festivities. Best wishes to all, Tammy

SuZeQ said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh, Merry Christmas, my friend. And no - it's not corny at all to say "I love you" because I love you, too! It was wonderful to meet your family ... wish I could have been there, too, because it looks like y'all had a very merry time. LOVE those bell-bottom pjs so much that I think I want them. One more thing: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GARDENER!

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Vicki,

Oh my goodness - I am so excited about winning your giveaway - I love Vera Bradley - her colors are wonderful and her purses are fabulous.
Thank you for sharing your lovely Christmas memories of your beautiful family. Love the photo of the "first" Vera Bradley purse - just adorable.
Wishing you and your family a Joyous and Happy New Year.
P.S. I visited your Facebook page - I am just learning how to use Facebook and did not see a way to sign up as a Friend - I checked like.

gigi knits said...

Happy Holiday!! Christmas is the best time to make family memories.. Spending time with family is the best..

Unknown said...

"Corny?" nahhhhhh! We love you back! thank you for sharing those gorgeous family pictures. so many sweet and happy faces. you are blessed mon amie. Happiness, love and health in the new year!

Jann said...

What adorable children! I haven't visited your blog in awhile and am trying to play "catch up" this morning. We have a granddaughter named "Kenzie"--I saw a Kenzy on your photos--never have met another child with the same name! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

Jody Hammer said...

I love these pictures!!! So fun to meet the family. Your youngest sister should get a job as a Reba look-a-like!!! Wow!

You have a beautiful family. You can see how much you love each other. I would love to give all those kids a big squeeze...they are all so cute!

Belated Merry Christmas to you and your family! I am sending much love your way!!!!!

ria said...

ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ!!! Φίλη μου εύχομαι σε σένα και την οικογένεια σου , υγεία...και ευτυχία!!!!! Σου στέλνω την αγάπη μου απο την Ελλάδα!!

Patty C. said...

Happy Holidays
Your photos are lovely !!

Finding Joy said...

What wonderful family photos. I just love this little girls all dressed up and looking gorgeous. Glad to see you all had a great Christmas.

Blessings for the year to come.


Drawn to The Sea said...

43 snaps... digital's a marvelous thing! Looks like a very happy holiday indeed :-)

Holiday cheer to ya'll!

Dorthe said...

Oh you had a wonderfull christmas dear Vicki- such great photoes of all of you, and the two girls so cute, looking-in their hollyday dresses.
I`m back home after some wonderfull dayes,too-spend with my daughter and her family--so misses little Mathilde....
Sending you love ,too-and hugs.

yaya said...

Those little girls are adorable and those dresses are too! I also love the bow! Great pics and it looks like it was a fun Christmas. Have a wonderful New Year!

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Vicki,

Congratulatons to Erin in winning the Vera Bradley bag!!!!

Oh Vicki the little girls are adorable and I love Maddy girls cool bell bottom outfit too!

Blessings to you and your family for a wonderful New Year!!

Best wishes to Gardener on his birthday tomorrow!!

Love and Hugs always,


Esme said...

Vicki, what a wonderful Christmas celebration. My husband and I quite enjoyed viewing this dear friend.

fromsophiesview said...

Pumpkin grins from ear to ear...that's what Xmas is all needed one more pumpkin grin maker in the midst and that would be ...little ol' ME..I would have had so much fun there.....Cheers!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

You had a blast!!! How great to have the entire family together!

And thanks so much Vicki for participating in the Coastal Blog Posts 2010 linkup and placing the button!!!! That photo shoot you did on the beach with your beautiful bags is just great!

The French Bear said...

Beautiful photos!!! You are so pretty, what charming little girls, so cute in their Christmas dresses!!! Love the bell bottom pj's too!!! So nice to see such happiness on everyone's faces...looks like it was a fun time and so many great memories were created!!!
Margaret B

Anonymous said...

Hello Vicki, It truly looks as though your Christmas was a blissful one! May the coming New Year bring you fathomless good tidings. May the coming months fill your heart with untold happiness and may each day shine luminously bright! Hugs, P. :))

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Happy celebrating on December 31th, sweet Vicki. Enjoy your gorgeous family. And all my best wishes for a wonderful 2011, I am looking forward to a whole new year popping by your lovely little corner in the world! xxxx

Rustique Gal said...

Thanks so much for inviting us to your party. You all looked so pretty in your party fare-those babies are adorable, and of course Miss Maddy...I love the raindeer suit!
Have a happy new year!

Bonjade said...

Such lovely memories.......
How wonderful those little cute!
Wishing you all the best in 2011 togehter with your family.
Love and health.

The French Bear said...

Beautiful girls, all of you! I just love to see your photos, everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, yes the Grandfather is a cross stitch from my cousin, she is so talented with the stitching.
I will gladly send you my butter tart recipe.....!!
Margaret B

Sharon Lovejoy said...

I loved sharing this time with you and your dear family. Your poor little girl with her cut head. Let us hope that is the worst thing she ever suffers.

Papaw seemed so happy to have his little girl on his lap.

Sending love, love,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

knitalatte said...

Vicki, I adore the photograph of you and your sisters. You all looks so pretty and happy in that shot. What a wonderful year I have had following your blog. It has been a joy to get to know a bit about you and your family. Thanks for all the inspiration from your amazing knit creations. Happy New Year, wishing you much love in 2011. Looking forward to popping by your blog in the coming year.

myriamkreativ said...

Hi my dear Vicki,
wonderful Christmas memories. You are blessed with a big very nice family, lucky you. Seems as if you had a wonderful time alltogether.
We enjoyed our Christmas time as well and the little ones are sad that it went so fast.... like all the real good tings in life *giggle*. I wish you a wonderful Silvester evening and a healthy and joyful year 2011. Im happy that you are part of my life-train. Love & kisses Myriam

Lili said...

Oh Vicki I still can't get over those tiny little Vera Bradley bags for Keri Beth and Maddy! I so enjoyed 'meeting' your family during Christmas and listening to your music on here is so perfect for this post. You are the just the sweetest and I love you right back dear Vicki! xoxo ~Lili

susan jenkins said...

What lovely Christmas memories to share! Your wonderful beautiful family all together, blessings abound!
Have an especially happy New Year !!
xo Susan

Beedeebabee said...

I so enjoyed getting to know your beautiful family, Vicki. Thanks so much for sharing all your lovely photos and special moments...Love your sister's blinged out seashell purse...gosh that's just gorgeous! Maddy Girl and all the little ones are just sooo adorable...Love you too, sweet friend! xo Paulette :)