Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our National Park Adventures - Bryce Canyon National Park

A place where ancient songs whisper
      and strange hoodoo's cast spells~~~

 Hoodoo - a serious geological term meaning," we don't know what else to call them", and refers to bizarre shapes eroded from stone.

  The second stop on our tour of National Parks was Bryce Canyon.  Unlike any other place on this earth, this park is characterized by amazing topography and the awe impressing sights of those mystical hoodoos.

  Excerpts from my travel journal~ "I find myself looking out at this amazing canyon with lands the color of jumbled terra cotta pots.  Plateaus layered in creams, yellows, cinnamon, and maroon ~" 

"Threatening thunderstorms in the distance kept us from hiking today- so we drove the loop around the park stopping at all the observation points. The sky was beautiful and  magnified the gorgeous scenery- making for a perfect picture taking day! I think Bryce is one of those places where the sights are best seen as you look down into the valley - so we really were not disadvantaged by not hiking. ( after yesterday- my legs could use the rest!!)"

Our friend Bob is a geologist.  His amazing insight into the development of the canyons and formations was the perfect compliment to the amazing scenery that we were all a part of.  Traveling with Bob is like being on a National Geographic discovery adventure~~ 

Want to know how I got out here?  Very carefully - very slowly - (crawled on my hands and knees!)

An 18 mile scenic drive winds along the rim of Bryce Canyon. There are 13 amazing viewpoints in which to gaze at the giant bowl of hoodoos and view the canyon's most famous formations. Come along with us as we drive the "canyon loop"~~

My friend Jan is such a good sport.  I'm awarding her the "waits patiently while others hike" award!

From my journal~ "Most of the time, we can't see the ground beneath our feet.  But here - on this Colorado plateau - bare rock dominates. Most of the canyons out west were formed by the massive powers of the Colorado River - but here at Bryce - it was a consistent series of freeze/thaw cycles that formed these intricate shapes.  Millions of years ago - think about that - I can hardly imagine~~"

 With names like Sunrise, Sunset and Inspiration Point - it is easy to see why the viewpoints along the canyon capture the intriguing shapes in the best light of the day.


 From my journal, "our pictures can not begin to capture the magnitude of these views~~"

Bet you didn't know I liked to climb on stuff!!

This thunderstorm lingered the entire afternoon - always a threat in the distance.  You can see why we chose NOT to hike today! 
We spent the entire day driving the observation points.  Some of the viewpoints had the opportunity for short hikes - (1/2 mile or so).  The viewpoints we visited are:
  1. Bryce Point
  2. Paria View
  3. Swamp Canyon
  4. Fairview Point
  5. Natural Bridge
  6. Agua Canyon
  7. Ponderosa Canyon
  8. Black Birch Canyon
  9. Rainbow Point
  10. Yovimpa Point
  11. Sunrise Point
  12. Sunset Point
  13. Inspiration Point
Total distance hiked today - 3 miles (kind of wimpy compared to yesterday!) 

A few photos from our travels away from Bryce - heading to our next destination Capital Reef National Park~~

Well - if you are still hanging with me on this journey -  my next post will share photos from my favorite hike in the ENTIRE trip.  Our day spent in Capitol Reef National Park was unbelievable~~

A little update - after the photos of  Capitol Reef - I'll be sharing with you all a little fall give away.  (Your reward for suffering through all the National Park pictures!)

And - just in case you didn't know that all this "nesting" is  serious business here~~ yesterday I spent the entire afternoon doing the yarn photo shoot for the 2012 Harvest nest!!   You will be seeing those pictures next summer - just before the debut of the nest.  
We are having a glorious fall here - I hope you are all enjoying the last hurrah of summer~~


fromsophiesview said...

This countryside is just amazing and beautiful...someday we will go there. Thanks so seeing you 2 'lovebugs' grinning all the time. Cheers!

yaya said...

Wow, this is wonderful! I think your pics truly captured the beauty and awe of that place. I often wonder what the first explorers or Native Americans that spied these canyons must have thought..they didn't have the camera shots to show anyone..just journal entries and stories. Who would believe such beauty exists all over this country. We are a blessed people. Thanks for sharing!

Shirley said...

Hi Vicki, The scenery was so beautiful. The colors are really something and I am loving my adventure with you. We have been to Colorado and we did take the clog up to the top of Pike's Peak. I swore I wouldn't do it because I do not like heights. Call me a sissy, but I am looking forward to your next adventure. I know Colorado is pretty to fly over with the fall colors showing. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

hohla said...

Фантастика!!! Очень красивые горы!!!

Tami said...

My dear sweet friend you and your honey are so precious....I so enjoy looking at all your travels.

Blessings and Hugs,

Joyful said...

Absolutely fantastic scenery. I enjoyed the tour. How great that you got to share it all with some friends. :-)

Acorn to Oak said...

Sounds like you had a very full and wonderful summer and visited a lot of awesome places! Bryce is pretty amazing! We went there a couple of years ago. I'd like to go back in the winter. The pictures I've seen of it with snow are so gorgeous! I had some fun with my knitting while I was there...I sat out on one of those rocks you have to crawl onto, next to some hoodoos, and hubby took a picture. I called it "extreme knitting". I have another where I'm knitting on the edge of the canyon and called it, "knitting on the edge". Fun! :-) Can't wait to see the next part of your trip.

PoetessWug said...

Just beautiful Vicki!!! One day I would love to see it in person. My husband, while looking at the photos with me, said: "You can almost feel the breeze!" :-)

Lululiz said...

You crazy woman, lol! I almost had a heart attack just seeing you sitting there on those crumbly rocks over a void how deep? You know the photo I mean, lol, No. 9. You can probably tell I don't have a very good head for heights, lol.
The photos are breathtakingly beautiful, as always, I am very happy you took so many.

Vintage Sandy said...

Your pictures are just breathtaking thank you for sharing your wonderful trips with all of us one day I hope to be the one sharing until then I'll enjoy yours looking forward to next one's!!

michelle said...

Oh so breathtaking sweetie!Thanks for taking us along!Enjoy your weekend!big hugs michelle

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Vicki, I think you captured the beauty of Bryce National Park perfectly. And if it looks that good in pictures, I can only imagine what it was like to be there up close and personal. Absolutely magnificent. Have a great weekend. Tammy

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

The sights are breathtaking. I loved my visit through there about 10 years ago. I don't want to say we took, but rather borrowed, a few small rocks that are now in my gardens. My favorite picture you took of the landscape is of the dead tree, with its roots exposed. Magnificent.

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Inspirational photos! I can only imagine what the true view must have felt like. I need to travel.
Thank-you for sharing.

Deb said...

Great, great photos, Vicki! After seeing more of them I'm encouraged to start on my Grand Canyon scrapbook. Loved the pic of you on the ledge. The scenery behind you--out of this world!

A Scattering said...

What a blessing to have Jan's patience, Bob's expertise, the handsome Gardener to pose with AND that scenery!! The photos you both took are amazing. The views are astonishing.

Sherri said...

Vicki, your photos are just amazing!! I have been to Bryce Canyon and it is just gorgeous! You really captured it essence in your pictures!!

Lili said...

I want to know which one of you came up with the term "hoodoos"! Very fitting and funny too. Must be a geologist term. You make me want to see them in person. Incredible! But I would need a stiff drink to climb out there like you did far above them. xoxo ~Lili

Finding Joy said...

They are just amazing - there was one picture in particular with an old dead tree at the front that I just loved. The colours were beautiful - I wonder if they change colour depending on the time of day.

Lisa said...

What an amazing travel log. I'm writing this while snuggled in my trailer this chilly morning. We're camping at a state park near our home. Your pics are amazing, I can't wait to see them on my large monitor at home. When are you going to write a book? Your a natural. I even have a title, 'knitting my way around the world'!! While we've been to many parks, Bryce isn't one of them. You can bet it's on my to see list now. We've done grand canyon & sadona a few times, CO. & last year 18 days around CA. Camped yosemite, sequoia & others. Our country has some breath taking spots.
PS have you visited Boston? We are going Thursday & have never been. Looking for some tips.

SuZeQ said...

I'm not sure what is a more glorious sight - your traveling family or the magnificant sights! These photographs are superb. I don't think a National Geographic photographer could do a better job. I need to know where you get your guts and stamina? Hiking all those miles AND crawling on your hands and knees way out there on those rocks. Yikkes! I would love to know what the roofing materials are on the shack in the second-to-last picture. Isn't it just amazing? Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us. You sure can rock a camera!

Dorthe said...

Dear Vicki-
Sitting here on my little flat island ,it is almost impossibly to even imagine a landchape that fantastic- and breathtakingly beautiful.
You, also, must have hold your breath sometimes, watching all that beauty- and it must have been like being in a dream of a kind!
But I can see it have been a wonderful tour- you alwayes looking so happy and sweet- and I can see it looks like you took some chances out there!!!- was you never afraid, sweetie? balancing there on top of "the world" ?
Thankyou for your most dear comments- I treasure your visits so very much Vicki.
Love and hugs- and happy sunday afternoon and evening.

Mila said...

OMG Vicki...all is sooo gorgeous!!
I visited Gran Canyon some years ago and these amazing photos make me remind at that time...
Wonderful, wonderful scenary!!!
Mila :)

P.S.Thank you for your sweet note on my blog :)

Tanna said...

a.m.a.z.i.n.g. vistas!! Beautifully photographed. So nice to *meet* you, Vicki. You live an adventursome life and I look forward to tagging along. Can't wait to see the yarn shoot! ;) blessings ~ tanna

Jenny said...

Vicki, I can't stand it...they're all amazingly gorgeous! I know you loved every minute of it even the hiking. No, I didn't know you liked to climb. For some reason I have lost you on my blogger lists that I follow or had dropped off yours. I'm back. xo Jenny

Maggie said...

Hi Vicki
Just spent a few mouthwatering minutes soaking up all that glorious scenery, what an amazing trip you're on.
And yes I stayed right to the end, then went back again!
Lovely to meet you.
I'm following along for the rest of the trip and beyond.

Seawashed said...

Your adventures at Bryce Canyon are stunning! STUNNING!!!! and you are the beautiful flower in the middle of the terra cotta cliffs! Seriously you are so so pretty, always. I love how tan you are it makes you look so healthy. I think I would get dizzy just looking out at the vast canyon. I am afraid of heights and remember when I visited the Grand Canyon at age 12 it overwelmed me. I enjoy it more by looking at photos like your gorgeous ones. Thank you so much for always sharing your adventures with us. You encourage me always to get my bum outdoors! Today I walked 1 hr then swam laps in gentle rain. It was so peaceful to see the grey rain clouds drifting by and the pool(at our gym) to be so empty. It's always so crowded.

PS Thank you also for including my HOPE sign in your treasury on the sidebar. YOu are so sweet. ox

Bonjade said...

How georgeous this all is....
Those beautiful colours.....from the stones.....the blue air....
Just a fairy tail.
Oh and you that high place...I can imagine that you crawled back ;0)
Fine new week my dear

myriamkreativ said...

Hi my dear Vicki,
thank you for sharing this wonderful pics. And thank you for your wishes!
And *shriek* you are almost as tannend as the mountains - unbelievable! I hope you enjoy every minute....
Hugs&kisses Myriam

Tanya said...

Hi, Vicki...your newest follower here - thanks for stopping by the blog the other day (I've had "issues" leaving comments)...I'm afraid mine isn't half of what this beautiful journal is! Just finished your photos of Bryce, and heading back for more. Have a wonderful Tuesday - you've made my morning with these wonderful sights! Tanya

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I would love to visit again - I was quite little the last time!
Wishing you a lovely week,

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Okay...about your crawling on your hands and knees...why on earth didn't you leave the bag with the photographer? Why on earth didn't you take off those slippy slidey shoes? My problem isn't with you crawling on hands and's with *safety* issues! Be safer, Vicki, be safer! Please.
The photos are fabulous and love the ones showing what a great time y'all are having.