Friday, February 1, 2013

The Pink Scarf Project -- Your Gifts of Heart

The month of February is dedicated to love and caring and all things special.  I felt that this was the perfect time and place to share the wonderful scarves that you have all so generously donated to my Pink Scarf Project.  Your gifts will touch lives in ways that, perhaps, you never thought possible.  I am so very proud (and excited!!) to share these beautiful donations - your gifts of heart~~

From your hearts and hands -- these amazing scarves have been gifted.   They will be shared this coming October with women who are struggling to overcome their own battles with Breast Cancer.  Your gifts will give these ladies a reason to smile -- will help them to know that someone cares.  The love and prayers that you have  sent with these donations will give these courageous women the hope and encouragement that they need ~~


~donated by Karen Case~

~donated by Celestina Marie~

~donated by Vivian Kost~

~donated by Julie Marie~
Julie's dedication-
"stitched in memory of my beautiful sister Jo... 
and filled with love and hope and prayers from me..
and an angel's kiss from her." 

~donated by Jackie Deguevara~
One Creative Cat 

~donated by Marilyn~
Marilyn Creates Daily 
Precious Cottage  

~donated by Freda Butler~

~donated by Suzy Quaife~

~donated by Jill Cooper~
Untie the Ribbons

~donated by Deb Hembree~
Mosiac Magpie

~donated by Jackie Deguevara~
One Creative Cat

~donated by Judy Grant~
CJ Stitching and Blooms
Judy's dedication-
Many years ago a long time dear friend Thea
from south Australia was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Thea is a survivor of 8 years now and  I would like to honor and dedicate
my Pink Scarf to Thea.
"I love you Thea and I feel very blessed to have you as a dear Friend"

~donated by Jackie Deguevara~
One Creative Cat

~donated by Karen Dorcas~
Karen's dedication-
"I dedicate this small offering to the woman it goes to
with love, prayers, and hope for her courage
to face the future filled with so many unanswered questions;
in gratitude for and honor to my oldest daughter
who faced a stage 4 mastectomy,
chemo, radiation,and genetic treatments
at the tender age of 26-
with the same courage, fortitude, and beautiful spirit
needed to fight the battle and win!

~donated by Ladies Knitting Group~
Our Lady of Fatima Church

~donated by Maggie Bryant~
Normandy Life

~donated by Tanya Grieb~
Bead and Needle

~donated by Tanya Grieb~
Bead and Needle

~donated by Tanya Grieb~
Bead and Needle

~donated by Jan Ballagh and her granddaughter Ava~

Ava is 10 years old.
Her Grandmother Jan taught her to knit specially for this project.
These scarves were knitted in memory
 of Ava's Grandmother Janette 
who passed away from Breast Cancer.
This special note written by Ava -
truly moved me to tears. 
"Out of the mouths of babes" --
this is the true essence of the Pink Scarf Project.
(Last summer Ava and one of her friends hosted a lemonade stand
 and donated their profits of $32 to cancer research.)
Big hugs to you Ava!!! xoxo

~donated by Jan Ballagh and Ava~

~donated by Jan Ballagh~


***My friend Kathy from the blog Whispering Pines
is participating in this project by collecting scarfs made by
friends at the hospital where she works.
You will want to visit Kathy's blog and read her touching
story about these scarves.
(you will need tissues!) 

More scarves have just arrived and will be shared in a few weeks on the next post dedicated to My Pink Scarf Project.
We will view these scarves "through the seasons"
as this is a year long project.
I am truly overwhelmed with your generosity.
These beautiful donations have arrived from all over the world --
from Australia - France - Germany- and the United States
From the bottom of my heart --
I thank you all for these precious gifts given from
hearts and hands.

For those of you who visit Pinterest
you will find ALL of the donated scarves on this
newly created
 Pink Scarf Project
Pinterest Board.
The link to the Pinterest Board is Here. 
If you would like more information about my 
Pink Scarf Project
you can find it HERE.

Coming up next -- more knitting projects --
(I've been really, really busy here in the Sacred Yarn Room!! And yes -- I am working day and night on your beautiful nests!)


Robyn said...

The scarves are stunning! What a great collection. Last weekend I spend Saturday scrapping at a fund raiser for my niece's college dance team. There were some lovely ladies there with knitting needles instead of paper! What a delight to see the projects they worked, grow! I won a door prize from a vender with a variety of items displayed, including beautiful hand painted scarves. I told her about your project in hopes she would be able to send something your way. Oh yeah, the prize I won was, wait for it...a PINK Silk scarf! It will be headed your way soon!

Julie Marie said...

Oh Vicki... I am so overcome by emotion... thank you for sharing my little scarf I stitched in memory of my beautiful sister Jo who lost her battle to breast cancer after a most courageous fight to the end... my love and prayers go out to all who, like me, have lost a loved one to this terrible disease... and my love, hopes and prayers go out to all who are currently battling breast cancer... my sweet sister never gave up fighting... I hope these ladies do not give up either... I know my sister is watching over all of them and sending them some of her own courage and strength... and to the survivors... love and prayers and kisses to you all... I wish I could just hug every one of you!... and to you dear Vicki... you are an angel here on earth... thank you so much for your Pink Scarf Project... as you know, it was a difficult one for me... but I am so happy to say "I did it"!... I love you, xoxo Julie Marie

Tanya said...

Ohhhhhhhhh - I knew you'd get a wonderful response for your call for scarves, but this is absolutely overwhelming...each and every one is so beautiful, and I know each one of those packages you are receiving is filled not only with a beautiful scarf, but SO much love! Thank you for spearheading this - XOXO Tanya

Kim Stevens said...

They are all so beautiful visually, but more so in the spirit in which they are given...that note from little Ava, has really tugged at my heart this morning. You are such a kind soul, and you inspire me! xo

Julie Marie said...

Oh Vicki, I also wanted to say how beautiful ALL of the scarves are and the ladies who made them... precious little Ava touched my heart so... what a blessing she is to all of us... and I love that she raised money herself to donate to the cancer society... okay... more tears now... but these are happy ones... xoxo Julie Marie

kathyinozarks said...

they are all so beautiful what a wonderful project

Quinn said...

Oh my word. One "ooh!" after another, and honestly, I am now in tears. Bless you, Vicki, and everyone whose love and caring is woven into the stitches of these truly beautiful offerings. An inspiration!

Patrice said...

Such a beautiful project! Congratulations to all of the wonderful folks who made these lovely items. Others will smile because these ladies cared. :)

Cache-Mire said...

Vicki, they are all so very lovely! Just like you for taking the time to do something so wonderful:-) Thanks for sharing.


Two Elephants said...

Hi Vicki!

These are all such beautiful scarves! We love all the shades of pink!

Sylvia and Vilma

Acorn to Oak said...

What a wonderful project. All the scarves are so pretty and your photos of them are beautiful! You mentioned that this is a year long project. Does that mean it's not too late to join in? I'd love to participate if it's not too late.

Karen B. said...

Dear sweet Vicki,

you bring out the best in all of us! Thank you. All the scarves are all so beautiful.

Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Mosaic Magpie said...

Such a beautiful post, full of love and stitchin'. Many hands and many prayers are making up those scarves. Such a worthwhile project!

Michelle said...

How beautifully you photographed each precious contribution!

Shane Pollard said...

Dear Vicki
What an inspiration you are to all women who come in contact with you.

There is so much love and hope on this page - each and every scarf has been knitted, crocheted and weaved into a message of love and support. They are all beautiful.

When the weather cools off in New Zealand my needles will be clicking too!

Please pop over to me blog where I have written you a letter of grateful thanks!

Shane ♥

Tammy said...

The scarves are gorgeous on their own but your photography is amazing. Each little stitch and donation is an offering of prayer for those who are fighting cancer. Thanks for all that you do to give back. Blessings, Tammy

yaya said...

The scarves are beautiful Vicki! I have 28 total so far and I will post stories and pics this weekend. I had to post my winners from your blog party..thanks for doing that too! These scarves and the stories are so touching and so full of love. I can't wait to go with Donna to give the ones we collect to the lovely ladies in October. I really wish there would be nobody to give them too..that would mean a cure for this disease had been found and no more tears, only joy. I hope one day that will be reality. Until then, warmth and love wrapped in a pink scarf will have to do. Thanks again Vicki!

Carole said...

Beautiful, beautiful scarves dear Vicki, what an awesome project and how wonderful the response. Amazing women giving and sharing. Since I work with hospice, your project touches my heart deeply and I am grateful to know you and for all you do my friend, my kindred spirit! Hugs... Carole xox


Hello Vicki,

All the scarfs are soooooo very very lovely and all in their beautiful shades of Pink... I am sure they will be loved by who ever received them. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos of the Pink scarfs with us all. Hugs Judy

Lili said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful scarves and inspiring dedications. It is so moving to see the shear love that is pouring in for this project. Looking forward to getting mine on the way to you too. Your photography is just breathtaking Vicki! xoxo

Thistle Cove Farm said...

The scarves are breathtaking! I've finished knitting my shawlett scarf and must block it before mailing.

Julia said...

The scarves are all so lovely and your photography is making them look even nicer.

knitalatte said...

Sweet! I write with teary eyes...The scarves are all so unique and lovely. Thank you for sharing the pink hitchhiker I made up for this project in your post. I feel so honored! I love how you photographed each one in the collection. I've started following the Pinterest board to keep up with all the donations...Amazing!
Hugs to you dear Vicki...

marda said...

Vicki you must be thrilled with the response you've gotten. The scarves are all beautiful and your photography so wonderfully highlights each one. What in inspiration you are to put this project together. Blessings.

kareninkenai said...

Vicki - so absolutely amazing; such love and beauty. You have worked harder than anyone I know - many many of God's choicest blessing to all who participate, receive, and especially to you and your "helpers" for making this happen. This cause is so near and dear to my heart. Hugs and love. Karen

Carola Bartz said...

Such beautiful scarves - I am really impressed. This is so inspiring. And it reminds me that I promised you to send my scarf - it's nothing special, I'm a very basic knitter. But if it can give a little support and comfort to a woman who battles cancer it is so worth it.

suziqu's thread works said...

My Dear friend Vicki,
I am overcome and amazed (though I shouldn't be really!!!) at the amount of love, dedication and effort you have poured into this Pink Scarf Project. I am so proud to be part of such an act of kindness knowing personally just a little of the pain these admirable women experience in dealing with this situation and it warms my heart just a little in knowing that I have contributed in some very small way to your awesome and selfless project.
Sending much love and much appreciation for just being you!
Love you dear Vicki,

Lululiz said...

I am just stunned by the incredible response you had to the Pink Scarf project. They are truly beautiful. I am working on my second one. I want to make three, and when they are all done, I'll mail them to you. You are an amazing woman and I so wish I could give you a huge hug in person.

Unknown said...

Such beautiful and lovely scarves!! So many different textures....I am impressed and inspired.

Such a worthy cause too.

DreamChallenge said...

These are all so beautiful. I tell everyone about this project. It is exciting to see each new gift made with love. Thxs Vicki
LU Jan

Linda Hahn said...

What beautiful scarves!
What a beautiful project!
What beautiful women who knitted the scarves that are going to such beautiful people who have been touched by cancer!

Annesphamily said...

You are an energetic and awesome person! Thanks for all the sharing! This scarf collection is unbelievably beautiful! I saw some of the posts from your Grow Your Blog party. What a terrific time you all had! Have a greta weekend! Thank you!

Esme said...

Vicki, Your generosity is overwhelming. I completely missed this post. I am out to get you a scarf. The note from Ava was quiet touching. All the ladies that have participated have made some lovely scarves that are sure to bring a smile to a women's face.

Finding Joy said...

Your pink scarf collection is amazing and so beautifully presented, the stories are so touching:))

Blessings for the coming week.

Marlynne said...

A beautiful and and touching presentation! Thank You. Yes I'm looking forward to more nests! Marlynne from &

Marrianna said...

The pink scarves are fantastic. I'm just getting ready to make a pink scarf for your project. I love the variety of scarves from the ruffles to the hugely difficult patterns. I'm hoping to learn a new pattern stitch since I usually only do knits and purls. I want to push myself for this wonderful opportunity to give to a woman challenged with breast cancer. Thank you for organizing this project.

Marrianna in Flagstaff, AZ, USA

Countrylovers said...

Meine liebe Vicki,
was hast du schon für wundervolle Schals erhalten. Eine Idee wird geboren und wie ein einzelner Schneekristall der zu Boden fällt und nur den richtigen Anstoß bekommt, wächst er zu einem großen, mächtigen Schneeball heran. Ein unscheinbarer Samenkorn wird in den Boden gebracht und daraus treibt eine schöne, große Pflanze. Wir alle sind Teile dieses Schneeballs, Teile dieser Pflanze. Solange es solche Menschen gibt, ist die Welt noch nicht verloren. Unser großer deutscher Dichter Goethe sagte einmal flapsig:"Es gibt nichts Gutes, außer man tut es!"Recht hat er und ich freue mich ein Teil dieses großen Ganzes zu sein. Mein "Schneekristall" wird am Ende der Woche fertig sein, es sieht viel versprechend aus und ich freue mich darauf, einem Menschen irgendwo, fern von hier, damit ein Stück Mut, Hoffnung und Zuversicht zu schenken, einfach so, von Mensch zu Mensch.

Alles Liebe Babsi

Tanna said...

Vicki, you and these ladies have done an awesome thing!!! Beautiful scarves, each and every one! With wonderful love in every stitch. Amazing! blessings ~ tanna

Anonymous said...

Most of us know someone with or who has had breast cancer. This is such a wonderful project with so many beautiful scarves!!!

Eugenia Maru said...

Hola! qué hermosura de bufandas. Aquí estamos con 30 grados C°, así que no apetece usarlas, pero para el invierno me las pondría todas juntas, jajaja. Soy muy friolenta.

Maggie said...

Such an amazing collection of pink scarves, I am thrilled to be included in this latest batch.
I can see I'm not the only one to have discovered Sashay yarn.
You have photographed each and everyone so beautifully, your eye for detail and amazing sense of style takes my breath away.
Thank you darling girl for creating this wonderful project which is bringing as much joy to the knitters as it will do to the courageous women we have made them for.

Fundy Blue said...

What a lovely post! The scarves and sentiments are beautiful, and so are your artistic photos. :)

A Magical Whimsy said...

These scarves are all so very lovely. I have one scarf finished and I am working on another one to send in at the same time.
This has been such an inspirational project to be a participant in.
Teresa in California

A Magical Whimsy said...

Thank you sweet Vicki for stopping by my blog. I do love the vintages laces too...they are divine! Oh! My! That story about Ava and her grandma who passed away from breast cancer was so moving and so special for Ava to crochet a scarf!...and for Ava and her friends to donate money from their lemonade stand was so sweet and generous! What sweet souls children are! Bless those sweet children.
I do have your address already for when I mail you the scarves. The winter cold 'bug' hit me right after the holidays so I am slow to finish the second one. But it is a joy to contribute to such a project.
Teresa in California

Maureen said...

Vicki, I am so honoured to know you... a person who constantly thinks of others. What a wonderful project; congratulations on such a soaring success!

Celestina Marie said...

Dear Vicki,
Each and every scarf is just wonderful and everyone gave from the heart to make this project special.
Thank you for your inspiring ways that give this special event the wings to carry on and spread the love.
You have been a blessing to us all. And big hugs to each and everyone that have created a scarf or in the process.
Blessings always,
Celestina Marie

gigi knits said...

Dear Vicki.. What gorgeous scarfs..and there could not be a better way to show Women with Breast Cancer that everyone is praying for them.. This is so special for me knitting scarfs in Loving Memory of my sweet Fonda she is missed every day .Again thank you so much for doing this for these special Ladies.

Diane said...

All I can say is WOW~WOW and WOW!!! These are just beautiful and what a wonderful project!!! I surely wish I knew how to knit/ands or crochet...something I might have to give some thought to, in taking a class when the weather inproves...thanks for sharing these beautiful "pieces of art"...and a HUGE thank you to the women and children that have made them...I don't think any of us haven't been touched by this terrible disease at some point, I know I have!!

Jann said...

Thank you for this--what beautiful scarves-I just read your original post for the scarf project and, as I love to knit but only know how to make scarves, this is right up my alley! I will get busy making a scarf to donate . . .

Dorthe said...

Amazin, beautiful, warmhearted women, whom all made such lovely gifts of love and care.
The scarves are all just wonderful, and I admire everyone whom made your beautiful project a fantastic succes.
Sending you love my dear Vicki.


The scarves are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I have finished one and working on my second one...hoping to get them out to you early next month Ms Vicki!!!
such a joy to see all the beautifully created so happy i am able to participate in your prroject too.
Renee in Brazil


The scarves are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I have finished one and working on my second one...hoping to get them out to you early next month Ms Vicki!!!
such a joy to see all the beautifully created so happy i am able to participate in your prroject too.
Renee in Brazil

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

How wonderful! Thank you for organizing such a beautiful project.


restaurant point of sale said...

Wow I love the collection of scarves. They look really gorgeous and unique.