Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pink Scarf Project -- the Spring Edition!

I never dreamed your hearts would be so full,
that your scarves would fill my home  
every basket, every box, every space ~~ 

I never dreamed that so many of you would want to give~
Eight months into this amazing project,
and still,
they come.
I'm so very proud to share with you
the latest editions to the
Pink Scarf Project.  
Here they are -- 
the Spring Edition of your
gifts of heart~

donated by Valerie Powery

donated by ZUZU

donated by Beth Edwards

donated by Pamela Lancaster

donated by Kathy Graul

donated by Lili Vansluys

donated by Tanya Greb

donated by Lindsay Ostrom

donated by Sunny Schroeder

donated by Chris Berry

donated by Laura Quaglia

donated by Chris Shoberg

donated by Jennifer Shelby

donated by Astri Bolin

donated by Carol Penoyer
Carol's contributions are in memory of her
beloved daughter in law

donated by Carol Penoyer

donated by Cory Moore

donated by Cory Moore

donated by Cory Moore

donated by Diane Meredith

donated by Jan Ballagh and her granddaughter Ava
If you would like to become involved with
The Pink Scarf Project
you still have time.
The deadline to send a scarf is September 15.
You may click HERE for additional info.
I will be adding all of these photos to my Pink Scarf Project 
Pinterest board within the next few days. 
Want to follow this Board?
Click HERE
To date
the Pink Scarf Project has collected
almost 130 scarves.
These beautiful scarves have arrived from
all over the world!
(US, Canada, France, Australia, Germany,Africa,and South America)
Already I have almost 20 scarves to
photograph for the upcoming summer edition!
I am in awe of the amazing 
generosity of so many~

One of the most wonderful things about blogging
has been my ability to make so many
 new and precious
On our recent trip to Vegas I was able to meet 10 year old
Ava Ballagh and her Grandmother Jan.  Ava wanted to participate in the project so that she could honor her Grandmother who had recently passed away from Breast Cancer. Her Grandma Jan taught her to knit and together both Ava and Jan have contributed greatly to this project. You can see the precious note that sweet Ava wrote to me here in the post for the WINTER edition of the Pink Scarf Project.
(To Ava and Jan -- meeting you was so very special for me. Ava you are a beautiful young lady and I am so proud of your
generous spirit. Let's always be friends!)
Those two beautiful ladies on the end are my friends Tanya and Jackie -- both devoted supporters of this project.
  These talented ladies are friends and fellow bloggers
but this was my first opportunity to meet them. 
We had a wonderful chat over lunch-- they even let my husband tag along! 
(To Jackie and Tanya -- I hope this was only the first of many opportunities for us to meet and have special times together. You guys totally rock! 
I can see some serious good times ahead in our future!!!)

Coming up next ---
grab your hiking boots and some chocolate!  I'm taking you on some incredible adventures -- hiking in and around Flagstaff, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon.  See you soon!

Love and hugs to you all~


Di@Cottage-Wishes said...

So Beautiful and heartfelt love from those lovely people is so sweet! Thank you for sharing with us. Di

SuZeQ said...

My heart melts. YOU are the most wonderful human being I have ever met ... truly. I love you, Vicki!

Unknown said...

Vicki, you are such a special person to have started this project with all the other projects you have going. Not to mention a "growing family" and a busy job, all the travel and all the many many gifts you share. You are truly a special person and I admire all you do.

I admire all the scarves, yarn and lovely things others have donated to this project. That is lovely and so nice. I have a niece going through chemo now, she is cancer free now but these nice things mean so much and you do not realize it until you are there or it has come into your family.

Keep up the good work. You are so blessed.


Hello Vicki, Your Spring Pink Scarfs are all sooooooooooooo very very unique and beautiful. I am sure they will all be grateful accepted by every person who receives one. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos with us. Hugs Judy

Jenny said...

They are beautiful, Vicki. I still have my pink yarn and will make my scarf. I've been working on my new baby's blankets. He will be here in a few weeks. xo Jenny

Unknown said...

this is such a beautiful project and i am so happy that i was able to be a part of it. i don't knit or crochet but i hope my humble contribution will bring joy to a very courageous woman out there. (have fun in the desert!!! ;)

Julie Marie said...

Oh Vicki... I just have to say I love you and all of these precious ladies who donated their beautiful scarves... tears are just running down my face as I type... I am happy too that I was able to be a small part of your project... you are an angel... your photographs of the scarves are so beautiful, as are all of the ladies, and their tender words... I know my sister Jo is smiling down from Heaven at you and sending love and prayers too... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

Jade said...

Wow, this is such a cool project! I'm happy to see all of the support you've received!! Great work here

val said...

oh wow, they all look so beautiful! Thank you again for hosting this event. I have my last box "almost" ready to ship....

Tanya said...

Words can't describe the HAPPY!!! The photos are stunning - and the outpouring of love is phenomenal! I have 5 knitted ones sitting here, and need to get off my butt and mail them out, now that you're home. We had the BEST lunch with you that day, and CERTAINLY hope that wasn't the last. YOU ROCK, VICKI - THANK YOU, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, FOR UNDERTAKING THIS GREAT PROJECT. XOXOXOXOXOXO Tanya

Kim Stevens said...

You are a truly remarkable woman Vicki, in everything you do. You give so much and are such an inspiration and example of what is good in this world!

JShelby said...

what a beautiful photo shoot! So many delicious scarfs!

E.liza"BETH" said...

super cool & great. so thankful that so many ladies helped out. love it!!

please do keep us informed if you decide to do something again similar to this soon ... i would love to help out. have a good weekend. ( :

gigi knits said...

The scarfs are amazing!! it is so sad that so many hearts have to ache from losing a loved one to cancer.Words from granddaughter Megan " please donate to or work in honor of your loved one so that another family doesn't have to go though this heart ache". xoxo

Fiona said...

Lots of lovely pink scarves.

Dorthe said...

Dearest Vicki,
your project have become a major and so beautiful event- so many fantastic people have created ,and send beautiful pieces your way,-and you my dear have made it all come true- you can be so proud of yourself Vicki.
Wish you a lovely rest of May, sweet friend!
Love and hugs,Dorthe

Fundy Blue said...

Vicki ~ You are an artist when it comes to displaying and photographing all these beautiful scarves! Just gorgeous! And the love and work that went into making these beautiful scarves is so evident! I've got September 15 in my calendar!!! Take care!

Cache-Mire said...

These are just lovely! Thank you, Vicki, for doing this projct and for sharing it with us.


Astri said...

This must be the most love I've ever seen assembled all in one place. Vicki, what you are doing is so special. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it.

Your photos are gorgeous!

Astrids dragon said...

Oh, I wish I could crochet! I can sort of knit, but nothing as lovely as what others have made. I know they all look gorgeous, but your pictures make them look even more beautiful. What a wonderful thing to do for others.

Lili said...

You did an amazing job displaying and photographing all of these beautiful scarves Vicki! You put so much love and beauty into everything you do. And did you just say "chocolate"? My ears sure did perk up! xoxo

knitalatte said...

Wow, the scarves just get prettier and prettier.
Love how you've photographed them. I imagine they are even more amazing in person. How fun for you to style the scarves for this post. I loved looking at all the pictures and imagine the lovely ladies who will receive them. Vicki, you are so awesome for putting together this amazing project.

Createology said...

Wow! So many scarves yet so many still needed. Each one very beautiful and made with love and kindness. Vicki how wonderful that you got to meet fellow bloggers. Your work is amazing and really brings out the best in others. Bless you dear lady...

gin said...

lovely scarves. and such lovely bloggers who are so generous of their talent. I "know" a few of those lovely bloggers who donated.

Dogwood said...

Beautiful photos of the pink scarves. You have done a fabulous job of displaying them.
I am so proud to be a part of this project.
More scarves being knit for you.
Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

Dogwood said...

Beautiful photos of the pink scarves. You have done a fabulous job of displaying them.
I am so proud to be a part of this project.
More scarves being knit for you.
Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

kathyinozarks said...

they are all so beautiful

Suztats said...

Wow! So many beautiful scarves! Thank you for posting them all and for undertaking this project. I'm sure the recipients will feel the love and blessings in every stitch.

Unknown said...

The scarves are gorgeous - I have to make one or two now. I received some beautiful pink fabric the other day that will be perfect. Thank you for doing this.

Rustique Gal said...

Vicki, Just catching up on your last few posts. Your nests are getting more and more fabulous. I am so excited by the way you are using your blog for such great works to help other people. This is very inspiring! Also I look forward to (armchair) traveling with you again!

Mr Paul said...

Hey gurl! My, you have all been so busy, what a super talented collection of ladies and a what a wonderful project Vicki.
Happiest of weekends to you.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

So many beautiful scarves! I'm so glad that you have received so many for such a wonderful cause. God bless, Tammy

Maggie said...

Even more beautiful scarves donated to your wonderful project, I am so happy to have been a part of this story as it evolves.
You & I both know how great it is to meet a blogging friend in the real world, I'm thrilled that you met these amazing ladies in Vegas and they too have experienced the beauty of your generous heart

fromsophiesview said...

Stunning array of soft subtle shades of pink, so very nice to see. What a lot of sweat and tears have gone into these creations. Great ideas for another maybe!

Tomorrow May 20, Sophie and I are acknowledging my Mom on her 92nd birthday! Her favourite colour was PINK. Drop by for some vintage pics of yesteryear!

We had so much fun!

Ron with assisstance from Sophie

yaya said...

Vicki, your photos are so beautiful! I have over 30 scarves here now...I just received one from Arizona last week! I will get a post out soon with pics. This is such a great project! How nice that you could meet some of the blog scarf senders! Such sweet and touching stories. Have a wonderful week!

Mosaic Magpie said...

What a stunning group of scarves. So many scarves from such loving stitchers. I enjoyed reading the notes/card/tags that were attached to some of the scarves. We each know why we chose to create a scarf, but when you see so many others participating it really warms your heart. Such a fantastic project you thought of girlie!


Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Oh Vicki!
Such an outpouring of love...
Beautiful scarves...beautiful women.
Thank You for seeing this through and for being just the woman God intended...LOVE.

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Oh Vicki!
Such an outpouring of love...
Beautiful scarves...beautiful women.
Thank You for seeing this through and for being just the woman God intended...LOVE.

Eugenia Maru said...

Qué linda tu obra Vicki, tanta generosidad me hace pensar de que todavía queda mucha gente buena en este mundo.
Te felicito por tu buen corazón y tus iniciativas.
Un beso