Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Pink Scarf Project -- (Early Summer Edition)

This little project has a become a testament to the caring spirit of so many wonderful and generous people.  Most of you are perfect strangers and yet we are all connected, like family, in this single heartfelt cause. Your beautiful donations have continued to come, every week, sometimes every day~~

Set against a landscape portrait
 so magnificent 
that only 
Mother Nature could paint it~
Your beautiful gifts of love
were photographed 
at the seashore.

donated by Marrianna Daughtery
"Red Dancer Studio"

 donated by Alicia Hignite

donated by Rhona Norrie

donated by Marrianna Daughtery
"Red Dancer Studio"

donated by Cory Moore
"Pink Dogwood Blossoms" 

donated by Francis Young

donated by Denise Perkins

donated by Beverly Waltman

donated by Sue Greengard

donated by Dawn Kaufman

donated by Michelle Ferullo
"Petite Michelle Louise" 

donated by Gabrielle Gaudet

donated by Elaine Dale
"A Scattering" 

donated by Judy Lagaman

donated by Jackie Degeauvera
"One Creative Cat" 


We are winding down to the last few weeks of this incredible project.  Who would have ever thought that so many people would give so much to support this little cause? Your hearts are deeper and more generous than the depths of the oceans~~
The photos shown here will be added to my
Pink Scarf Project  Pinterest board in just a few days.  Watch for them there, along with all of the other beautiful donations to date.
 Some last minute info~
Your scarves need to be here by September 15 in order for me to photograph them-- I am saving a very special location for those last groupings of scarves-- the Fall edition. 
Your most recent collection of donations (late Summer edition) are traveling with me in just a few days, to another wonderful location -- stay tuned.  More beautiful photos to come in a few weeks.  If you wish to read about the Pink Scarf Project -- you can find the info here.  

Now -- for the rest of the story~
You probably already know this -- but it is a LOT of trouble to take all of these photos!  The staging, editing, even the gathering of supplies ,... takes hours.  (and I love doing it!!) But~~

~So the pink scarves travel with us on our recent trip to Florida -- along with ALL the props that I used in the photos. On the perfect day -- at the perfect appointed time in the late afternoon -- I gather up all the "stuff" and walk up the beach to the perfect location.

~I am carrying a large black garbage bag that contains all of the scarves to be photographed, my beautiful shabby chair, 2 wire baskets, a large bag of seashells, I'm wearing the beach hat, have the beach basket tote on my shoulder, and also have my camera supplies in tow.  If there is such a thing as a "beach gypsy" -- I am surely it!  Just try to imagine that picture if you will~~ LOL!!

~Do you see that beautiful dark cloud in the photo? Isn't it lovely? Did it not just make for the most gorgeous background?  I thought so too. 

~I'm happily just taking all of my photos -- attracting quite a crowd at the beach (I always seem to do to that!!)  All is just going so well - until the first raindrop falls --before I can even say "what the??" -- the downpour begins.  Everyone scatters, no one offers to help me --- I gather up everything as best I can -- ALL THAT STUFF-- and run back up the beach.  Just try to picture that -- now I am a drowned "beach gypsy." 

~I get back to our condo -- dry off -- dry off all of the stuff -- and look out the sliding door towards the beach---the sun is shining. (#!%*&#!!)!!
NOT to be outdone -- I gather everything back up AGAIN and head up the beach AGAIN to finish taking the photos.

~While I am doing all of this, my husband is out and about running errands.(we are going out to dinner afterwards)
He has no idea that I have been caught in the rain.  When I return to the condo - the second time --- he is sitting in the living room with a nice cold drink.
Him --- "Hi Honey, how did it go?  Did you finish taking all of your pictures?  I bet they will be beautiful." 
ME-- "Sure, I'm done.  No problems."  
He has no idea. He will read this post and learn the "rest of the story" just as you are!
The things I do to take a great photo~~!!

ps -- Coming up next~
Some of our favorite summertime recipes--and a little something special for you. My sweet summer giveaway~~  
and one more thing~~ for those of you who follow my "2 Bags Full" community facebook page- you can watch for a sneak peek preview of the long awaited Breast Cancer Awareness nests. I'm spending lots of long days and nights here in the Sacred Yarn room -- these nests - omgosh -- just you wait! (If you want to follow my Facebook page -- the link is at the top of my sidebar:)   


make.share.give said...

So pretty!

Eileen said...

Simply gorgeous photos and what a wonderful, inspiring project. I'm so sorry you got rained on, though!

Createology said...

Vicki I am so thankful that you are a Beach Gypsy and go the extra effort to showcase and document all the lovely and loving scarves that have been donated to such a worthy cause. You my dear are an Angel on earth!!!
Blessings and continued knitting your gorgeous yarn nests...

Terry said...

Too funny! I am so sorry you got caught in the rain. I'm sad no one offered to help you. The pictures did come out beautiful though. Your dedication paid off.

I will have my scarf in the mail by Friday. I promise.


sjmcdowell said...

Hello my dear Vicki...What an adventure you and the beautiful pink scarfs have had on the beach. I know that the care and love and dedication you always put into everything you do, will be loved and cherished by the dear recipients who receive them.
Love you and God Bless you...Mine will be coming probably later in the year. So much going on with moving at the moment!! XOXO

Julie Marie said...

Oh Vicki... you are such an angel... for so many reasons... taking on this project, carrying everything with you, setting it all up, photographing it all, carrying it all back home with you... not once complaining, even to your hubby... even being drenched by the rain... you are such a beautiful gift to all of us... and so are the lovely scarves all of the ladies made and donated... see... everyone turned that dark cloud into sunshine as hope and love abounds... your photos are beyond fantastic... so gorgeous, just like you... much love... xoxo Julie Marie

Dogwood said...

Photos are so so beautiful. You did a perfect job with the staging and all. Wish I was there to help...I could have helped you lug stuff back and forth! I definitely have one more scarf in the works and will get it to you early Sept. Hugs, Cory

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Vicki, your photos are certainly beautiful! It is a big job getting such perfect shots and I certainly can identify with the sun coming out After the shoot! Twyla

Tanya said...

You amaze me - you and every one of your loving donors! I have a pile sitting here that I need to get to you - I can't believe how fast this summer has flown by, already! XOXO

Taci simmons said...

Wow that was a lot of work, but it was all worth it. Your pictures are wonderful...very professional and beautiful.

The Faerie Factory said...

Such gorgeous images, worth getting caught in the rain for ~ Sarah x

kathyinozarks said...

you are just so special Vicki-hugs

Beedeebabee said...

You ARE one trooper of a beach gypsy, Vicki, and a very determined one at that!! :) Your pictures are just BEAUTIFUL! I can only imagine the time it took to get such lovely photos... and the scarves are all gorgeous! So many giving ladies...such a wonderful project! - Your heart is truly golden my friend! xoxo

SuZeQ said...

Beach Gypsy ... that was my LOL for the day. I can just picture it all. The photographs are absolutely beautiful, as always. Oh, and such beautiful scarves from so many generous souls. All y'all ROCK.

Julia said...

Vicki, you are one beautiful special lady to go through all this trouble to give us gorgeous pictures. Thanks... You ooze creativity....

I'm not on Facebook so I'll have to wait to read your blog.

I hope that your dinner was wonderful even though you got drenched before going out.
Pink Hugs,


Mosaic Magpie said...

What beautiful gifts from the heart these scarves are. I have to laugh thinking of you scurrying around gathering your belongings in the rain....and to think those in your audience did not bother to help! Good for you, for persevering and getting all the photos taken.

fromsophiesview said...

World of PINK is overflowing with JOY!!!!

Time for a drink and put your feet up!


Tiffany said...

That is so awesome and such a wonderful idea to do for those women.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you!!! That was most certainly determination girlfriend! The sacrifices you make for us do not go un-noticed!!! We love you for all the beauty and inspiration that you and your magnificent creative muse bring to us via your lovely photos. Truly an artist suffering for her art! And a darn good trooper :D We love you my dear friend :D
Beth P

gigi knits said...

What beautiful scarfs..you are putting so much love into this project.Thank You .xoxo

Unknown said...

The pictures are beautiful! I love to see the generosity of people, it always encourages me. And all your work to not only manage the project, but to make it look beautiful - awesome. Thank you :) Karen

DeeDee said...

Mine were sent out this week.. hope they arrive soon... yo pictures of them are just beautiful.. such a great project... thanks for letting me join... hugs..

MT Blog said...

Wow! That cloud really is dramatic in the background! And the pictures are lovely. What a scenario!

Tanna said...

Gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous!! Each and every one! And, I love yours with the soft green leaves... life goes on. Hope goes on. wonderful project, Vicki!!! blessings ~ tanna

lynn cockrell said...

What beautiful creations! The photos are positively gorgeous and show each scarf so wonderfully. The opening shot, with the ocean as a backdrop, is outstanding!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- You poor girl~ Well, you outwitted Mother Nature and got some GORGEOUS photos! GORGEOUS!!!! Vicki- I think you are the cutest story-telling Beach Gypsy I know- xo Diana

Marlynne said...

You take fantastic pictures! Looking forward to the newest nests!

marda said...

Your pictures are just as beautiful as all the wonderful scarves that have been sent to you.
I'm SO disappointed that NO one helped you when the rain started falling. That makes me truly sad.
You must have made quite the picture yourself with all the things you carried to make these photos. Beautiful job.

The Old Parsonage said...

What a beautiful heartfelt project!!

The photos of all the LOVE are gorgeous!!

Enjoy your weekend sweet friend!


Quinn said...

I don't understand why no one in your "audience" pitched in to help you gather all your stuff! Glad you managed to take all these beautiful photos in the end, anyway!
I'm in the decrease rows on my contribution, and am watching my ball of hand-dyed yarn with some trepidation, as it shrinks and shrinks...fingers crossed I don't have to pull out half the knitting and begin decreasing earlier! Knitting drama ;)

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

just breathtaking setting, I can smell the sea air
a magical post

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

You take wonderful photas what kind of camera
You are soo creative. The scarfs are are only as pretty as your photos. Lost your blog so happy I found it again Laura

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

You take wonderful photas what kind of camera
You are soo creative. The scarfs are are only as pretty as your photos. Lost your blog so happy I found it again Laura

Danette Bartelmay said...

Oh My! Such gorgeous PINKNESS!!!
And ~ I promise ~ my scarf will be there on time :)))

Neesie said...

What dedication Vicki,
The results are so perfect and I agree the backdrop was fantastic...not sure about the drenching though but the results are wonderful.
It's heartwarming to see so many people plus yourself have such open kind hearts.
Thank you for the inspiration xoxo

Suzan said...

Vickie!! YOU are the most amazing and positive individual. The world is blessed to have you in it and making a difference for others! God bless you Vickie!

Astri said...

The photos were worth it Vicki - they are lovely.

Just about anybody with a blog will understand the staging of the photos...the extent you went to is definitely straight from the heart. The scarves will surely send lots of loving energy to the community. You are a good soul!

FredaB said...

Vickie the way you stage your photos is magazine worthy. They are always beautiful and we all appreciate all you do.

I have 6 more to pack up and send you. Hopefully in the next week or two.


Jeanne said...

Your photos are gorgeous, and well worth that effort that you took. An effort of love, it is evident!

Chris said...

The Pink Scarf photos are beautiful! I wish I had stumbled across your blog earlier, but better late than never! I have Pinned you and posted your badge on FB. Now I am going to get myself in gear and get at least one scarf done and in the mail. My sister is an 11 year breast cancer survivor and she is also VERY excited about your project. We will both have our needles flying for the next few weeks! Thank You!