Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Pink Scarf Project - the Covered Bridge Edition

My beautiful state of Kentucky is home to 13 historic covered bridges- all of them dating back to the turn of the century. In the past few days, I've traveled over 500 miles with your pink scarves in tow. Come along with me on a tour of these historic icons. Feel their spirit~ listen to their stories as they welcome you and your beautiful gifts of heart and hand to the finale of this incredible charitable project~

Built 1855, this bridge is a rare Wheeler truss covered bridge. Original footings and frame intact, 155 feet long. The bridge was never painted. It stands today as the longest single-span covered bridge in the world that is open to public traffic. The bridge is located eight miles South, of South Shore following Rt. 7, spanning Tygart Creek. The bridge was built by brothers, BF and Parmaly Bennett to accommodate customers located on the West side of the Creek to reach their Mill. The Mill ground grain and sawed timber. Some of the timber was used to make basic furniture, tables, chairs, cupboards, etc. The early settlers arrived with few possessions. Prior to building their Mill, the Bennetts operated the Globe furnace, nearby. The stones from the furnace were used as the foundation to support the bridge. It has been reported that the bridge was the oldest, longest, single span covered bridge in the world". It was recently restored at a cost of over one million dollars.

donated by Mary Harrison

donated by Sandra Wejroch

donated by Quinn 

donated by Silke Powers

donated by Louise Barbour

The Oldtown Covered Bridge crosses the Little Sandy River in rural Greenup County, Kentucky. The 194-foot Burr Truss was constructed in 1880 near the community of Oldtown for a sum of $4,000.  The bridge  has a center stone support with two unequal spans. The bridge has withstood the floods of 1913 and 1937.  In 1972 and 1973, the bridge was restored by the region's Green Thumb Program and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. 

donated by Sandra Stephens

donated by Sherri

donated by Cheryl Van de Casteele

donated by ImGirl

donated by Tanna Stanley

donated by Katy Lunsford

donated by Carol Penoyer

Keepin' it real~

I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have friends who love me and support me~~ friends who are willing to drive on back roads and WAY up "hollers" to help me make my dreams come true in photographing your beautiful scarf donations. This is my friend Maria-- she's the best helper a girl could ever ask for.  After our 2 days of driving ALL OVER five counties to photograph the scarves - she sent me a little text that said, "thanks for spending the best 2 days of this beautiful autumn with me." My response to that~ "thank you dear Maria for loving me enough to believe that this could really happen. That we could take beautiful photos and travel all over every back road there is to find these places and bring them to life. I will remember this special time together for all of my life.,"

we started early on our first day of travels~
the fog was still heavy when we arrived
at the first bridge

and - it was COLD!

Maria's new job -
"Prop Manager"

she puts em up-
and takes em down~

and all I do is "lay around"

Over 150 scarves 
were donated in the final few weeks of this project
by 53 contributors.
My friend Maria assisted me
on 2 LONG days (and more than a few wrong turns!)
of photographing scarves.
Another dear friend,
 joined me on the last day of the great
"lets see how many times we can get lost today"
These beautiful photos will be
divided into 3 posts
so that I can share pictures of the bridges
along with the scarves.
(and so you won't hate me for making such a REALLY long post!) 

Stay tuned -
the adventure continues~



Karen B. said...

My sweet Vicki,
I wish I could have been there with you! The scarves are all so beautiful and your photos are amazing! You are an inspiration to me more than you know.
Love you dear friend!
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Julia said...

Wow Vicki, I'm at a lost for words. You are truly an amazing dedicated Pink Scarf Project Master Extra-ordinaire. So many scarves and the many miles of roads traveled all over the counties and up mountains and near the ocean to photograph the pink scarves. I can't even imagine the many hours that you have dedicated to this worthy cause in one way or another and you do it all with flair...

Thanks for caring and sharing your dream come true.

DreamChallenge said...

The goodness in your heart shines through these beautiful pictures. Bless you...Jan

DreamChallenge said...

These beautiful pictures shows the live in your heart for others. Bless you...jan

Turnips 2 Tangerines said...

Absolutely Beautiful~ Simply Stunning~ Gorgeous~
Award Winning~ Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

Tanya said...

INCREDIBLE!!! It has left me SPEECHLESS at such an outpouring of love, AND your own love and amount of work you and "My Maria" have poured into this entire project! I am SO glad I got to see photos of you two actually "in action". You are my hero, Vicki...My Maria is running a close second! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Tanya

Seawashed said...

Just gorgeous! Covered bridges are so romantic. You girls are cute!

Mosaic Magpie said...

Beautiful...each and every one.

thewovenspoke said...


Jeanne said...

Vicki these are beyond beautiful! and your photographs and participation in this wonderful project are beyond great. By the way, my daughter and I are both loving our awesome scarves that you knit! Hugs from texas

http://thankfullga447 said...

What a great adventure and the photos are so beautiful as the scarves also.
Beautiful time of the year and I love the bridges. Kudos.

maggiegracecreates said...

The photographs are beautiful ----
the ladies who made and donated are beautiful. The prop ladies are beautiful. and the lady who organized this is amazingly beautiful.

Have a wonderful week

Unknown said...

I am at a loss for words at your endurance and work to make this project such a special one. Still waiting to see my scarf photographed but well worth the wait. Blessings to you and all your friends.

Shirley said...

Good Morning Vicki, What an adventure you have taken us on with all the beautiful pink scarves. The scenery is breath taking and I feel as though I am riding along with the two of you. I don't know how you picked your locations, but I do know that I have enjoyed every trip you have taken me on with your blog. You and your helpers are amazing and I admire you so very much. Your gardeners beautiful flowers this summer and the trips the two of you have taken. Awesome the way you share. I know the receivers of the pink scarves will be so happy. A big thank you for all of your work. Someday maybe they will come up with a magic cure for that nasty word. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Dorthe said...

Dearest Vicki,
I just love those old bridges, and alwayes have,-even I have only seen them in American moovies!!
And then I love your photoes, they are amazing, just like you!!!
So fun also to see you work here, and capture the beauty of all the scarfs from wonderful people around the world!!
Love ,from Dorthe

yaya said...

Beautiful showcase for the equally beautiful scarves! Our newspaper ran an article about the pink scarves on Sat. See you soon!

Unknown said...

Oh I love the pictures, of both the scarves - a true testament of pure love, and of the covered bridges. If only they could talk, and tell of the things they've seen and heard. How many first kisses were in those bridges? How many proposals were made? Of course, my mind goes to romance, they are romantic! Eagerly looking forward to more of the same :) Karen

SuZeQ said...

Let me think. What's more beautiful? The photographs? The scarves? You?

Riddle solved - YOU!!!

Carol said...

Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with you!!! The photos are gorgeous and the scarves are absolutley beautiful. Love seeing all of the "work" photos too. It's "ALMOST" like being there with you ♥

Karen Valentine said...

That was wonderful! What a beautiful part of the country you live in!!! And what a fabulous idea to photograph all those beautiful scarves in such lovely settings. All that hard work paid off in your lovely photos.

The ladies who donated did a beautiful job and I can't wait to see the next installment!!

I sooo wanted to send a scarf too. I know it's a TERRIBLE excuse but time just got a way from me!!

Thank goodness there are so many wonderfully generous and talented ladies that picked up the slack!!



Hello Vicki, Another collection of very beautiful and Pink scrafs.. Of course it is always great to see them displayed in the most lovely places.. I am sure all the very pretty scarfs will be gratefully accepted by those in need of a bit of pink love. Hugs Judy

JShelby said...

I love seeing all the scarfs roll in! We have lots of covered bridges near our new home (2 months!) in my home province of New Brunswick, I love exploring them! You really caught the mist rising off the river perfectly, so lovely!

Bernadett said...

Wonderful scarves and photos.:)

Hugs dear Vicki.:)

Esme said...

Those bridges are lovely. THis project is amazing. It looks like you and your friend had such a fun time finding the bridges and doing the photo shoot. You are truly amazing.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

If you could've heard me reading this posting...
"Wow, oh WOW, oh Jeff, look at that, oh wow, why don't we visit these. Oh WOWOWOW, look at all the gorgeous pink scarves. Look at Vicki lying in the road."

You get the drift, right? I am so proud of you.

You know that I love Kentucky so much. I think I could live there EXCEPT for the lack of ocean. But there is so much to love. The people are wonderful. Patsy Lee Anderson, Yuki Hara Cooper, Deborah at October Press, Susan Daole, the herb much to love, including YOU.


fromsophiesview said...

Don't you just love covered bridges! There is one in the next province New Brunswick which is a rarity. We haven't seen it yet because it just far enough away to make the trip more than 2 days. Someday we will make the adventure, in the meantime I'll enough every moment looking at you pictures.
Thanks as always for sharing your kindness around the world, Vicki!

Jim said...

I was such a privilege to be part of this project, Vicki. These photos are indicative of the love, energy and professionalism that was put into this.
All the best.

Donna said...

Your photos are just phenomenol and the scarves, amazing! How neat to meet your friend and enjoy the days together. You have a mission and it is played out with such I admire you!!

Anonymous said...

what a great post and all those lovely creations in pink! The bridges are fab too... made me think I should pop out and about here in New Hampshire which is dripping with old covered bridges. Of course I won't have the accompanying pink beauties but they are still pretty nice to look at :D
Keep up the great work my sweet friend!

Suzan said...

You are so wonderful and awesome to do this special project!! And blessed to be having so much fun while helping others!! The scarves are beautiful!! You know-- this would be fun to do state by state!! I know you have said - but please remind me - do you sell the scarves and donate the money? or give the scarves away to those with cancer? Either way is WIN - WIN!!
Your are so wonderfully Awesome!! God Bless you!!

Carola Bartz said...

It looks like really hard work, but the outcome is fantastic. Wonderful photos in such a beautiful setting!

Createology said...

Another successful photo shoot and labor of love. Beautiful scarves gifted by such generous caring souls. Blessings to all...

Sherri said...

Vicki, I enjoyed creating my scarf for the Pink Project so much! Thank you so much for hosting this! Love you!!

Marie Anne said...

I don't have a personal blog yet, but I love how you linked with all the passionate crafters and bloggers around the world. I love to see how people let their creativity flow. It makes me think that I would like to blog in the future, more like a collection of things accomplished and plans for now.

bj said...

Hi, Vicki...I am still enjoying seeing all this pink love. :)
I sent my scarf but not sure if it was received. I just hope one of these pretty scarves is mine because I so wanted to be a part of all of it....
You have gone thru so much, spreading this Pink Love...and you are loved and appreciated.
xo bj