Monday, December 2, 2013

Hakatai colors

Inspired by our recent trip to the southwest earlier this year - the canyons, the desert, the magnificent sunsets---the vibrant colors of the Indian art and tapestries-- introducing my beautiful Hakatai wrap~

Hakatai -- by definition
is a shale rock formation in the Grand Canyon
characterized by vibrant colors
in hues of

Hakatai Blaze
This colorful wrap is my own
knitted impression
of those magnificent colors--
added to the canyon hues
are the various interpretive colors of the Indian art
that is so prevalent in the southwest.

Hakatai Blaze

 and the sunsets~

and the beautiful flowers that bloom
 in the hills of Arizona

Hakatai Desert

the desert~

Hakatai Desert

the red rocks of Sedona 
with the vibrant blue skies above~

Hakatai Desert

the sands, the trees, the colors of nature
brought to life by my yarns
Hakatai River

the winding river,
the life blood of the canyons

Hakatai River

the colors of the sun,
sunsets and sunrise~
 as they reflect
against the deep canyon waters

Hakatai River

the colors ever changing,
like the wind that blows across the wide expanse

Hakatai Canyon

the canyons,
that place of mystery and magic
where the forces of nature are witnessed
so dramatically

Hakatai Canyon

Each knitted wrap is a separate and unique
interpretation of these amazing

Hakatai Canyon

Knitted with over 40 of the softest acrylic yarns,
these wraps are truly exquisite.
Each wrap measures 25 inches wide
and over 100 inches long!
(you can use it as wrap, drape it as a long scarf, or use it as a throw)
Each wrap is unique and different.
As in nature, nothing can be duplicated exactly.

Hakatai Blaze

Hakatai Canyon

Hakatai River

Hakatai Desert

You will find these wraps listed now in my ETSY shop 

I understand in this season of
hustle and bustle
(and spending)
that it can be difficult to justify
a little splurge for yourself~
I'm offering some special incentives to my 
friends and customers that might help
make this a little easier.
You can find all the details in my etsy shop.


ps -- to those of you who wrote to me asking about my knitted suede hat that I was wearing in these photos --- I will have a post coming up soon that is ALL about hats.  Several lovely new designs will be featured in my etsy shop a bit later~
(yes -- I've been busy, busy,busy!)

~~~~~Don't forget~

You are all invited to the party!
You can find out all the info and sign up to attend
Share the invite with all of your blogging friends!


Donna said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Amazingly beautiful.

It was such a joy to meet you....Kathy and I talked all the way home! Simply...Thank you!

Julie Marie said...

Those are just exquisite Vicki... oooh, how they remind me of all the beauty you speak of in the Southwest... I spent every Summer as a little girl visiting my grandparents and great~grandparents in Santa Fe... your gorgeous descriptions are so true to life... and your wraps have captured the magic that is found in the beautiful deserts... and your equally beautiful words add to the enchantment!... xoxo Julie Marie

kathyinozarks said...

Vicki I Love these-just gorgeous!!
Hugs Kathy

marda said...

Beautiful colors, they really do speak of the Southwest.

Shirley said...

Vicki, They are beautiful and remind me of all of the beautiful pictures that you have posted of those wonderful trips. My nephew lives in Arizona and some of the pictures that he has sent his mom of beautiful scenery in the Southwest. Places they have always wanted to visit and could being they were closer. The hands have to stay busy. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Vicki, I love your verbiage as much as the wraps. Totally beautiful and I could envision whereof you spoke.

Karen B. said...

My sweet friend,
your wraps are all so lovely ~ each and every one of them!
Many hugs and much love,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Just beautiful, Vicki.

Mosaic Magpie said...

The words you have written so beautifully brought to life with your knitted scarves. The yarns are lovely and look very that a word? Your suede hat is great too and I am looking forward to seeing more!

Julia said...

Wow, Vicki, you have been busy, busy, busy. Your Hakatai creations are gorgeous and look so warm and cosy.
You have taken inspiration from the trip and immortalized it in these beautiful wraps, you are truly an artist.


Dorthe said...

OH my , YES you have been bussy, dearest Vicki.
And created such beautiful pieces, that each has it`s own kind of glow!
Your poetic words also has there own glow, which makes beautiful pictures in my mind .Wonderful to be filled in both soul, and sight ,-thank you my sweetest friend.
Hugs, Dorthe

A Scattering said...

Gorgeous, darlin', gorgeous!!

Createology said...

You have captured the glorious colors of the Southwest with delicious yarns and your incredible knitting skills. Lovely! December Delights Dear...

LesleyAnn said...

Wow ... love those colors. That would be wonderful to be wrapped in one of those. Soft.

kareninkenai said...

The wraps are absolutely gorgeous, Vicki; truly beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I waivered back/forth, but must wait. Hugs and love from Alaska. Karen

Seawashed said...

Vicki these are absolutely stunning!!!! you have captured the colors of the desert life so well. My parents live half of the year in Arizona...they love the desert. The wild donkeys come down to the river to get a drink all day long. My Mom would love your wraps.

Sue Kosec said...

So very beautiful, Vicki - I cannot even pick a favorite. You certainly go the colors down to a science, that's for sure.

Tammy said...

Oh my! ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY GORGEOUS! Wow! I love the colors and the yarns you used. So very beautiful. Best wishes, Tammy

Mereknits said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Tanya said...

These are STUNNING!!!! Still over the moon with the gift I received - XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO and MORE!!! Tanya

Tanya said...

And, "good on ya'!" - they're ALL gone! YAY!

Sami said...

Beautiful combination of colours, what exquisite wraps.

gigi knits said...

I was one of this very lucky ones to get one of the wraps.. The yarns are sooo soft and colors are absolutely beautiful ..
I'm so happy to have my wrap..

Eugenia Maru said...

Hermosos sombreros! me encantaron.
Y el chal también, preciosos colores.
Allá con tanto frío y acá con tanto calor. No me veo con un sombrero de lana puesto, jajaja.
Cariños Vicky.

Mr Paul said...

Hey girl! Love these beautiful colours. I'm popping in to wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year! We are home for Christmas but hoping to pop over to Naples at some point for some winter sunshine. Have a fabulous time wherever you are for 2014!
Paul x

Lili said...

I love that you weave your impressions of the places you travel into your creations Vicki. These wraps are just incredible. You are so very creative and your travels must serve to nurture your soul and provide you with your amazing energy! xoxo

marie said...

Oh beautiful!!