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Weight Loss Issues -- (my own perspective)

The issue of weight gain is a deeply sensitive and personal situation for many people, me included. Like many of you, I've gained and lost a ton of weight in my life.  After a while, that starts to get old~

 when looking for weight loss motivational posters, 
I laughed out loud when I found this one --
 this is SO me!!

About 2 years ago, I just happened to mention on one of my blog posts, that I had struggled for many years with my weight and was working hard to keep off the pounds that I had recently lost.  That statement set off what would turn out to be an avalanche of emails from so many of you --- asking how I lost my weight, how I kept it off, asking for my personal weight loss strategies, and in general, asking for support for so many of your own weight issues.

 To many of you, I responded personally-- but as the emails kept coming, I decided that I would post about my weight loss struggles and what was working for me. I promised to do this post -- but then, I lost my nerve, because as I previously said, "this issue of  weight gain is a deeply sensitive and personal issue". Your emails kept coming, so now -- I'm here, (just a tad bit nervous,) but as promised, I will share with you my own perspectives on weight loss, how I made a weight loss plan for myself, how I made it WORK for me, and why it is STILL working for me now -- after almost 8 years.

 Here's my story~
about 10 years ago, I finally got to the point where I was unhappy with my appearance. I was becoming increasingly self conscious about my weight--and, painfully -- someone that I greatly admire, made some callus and unkind remarks to me in reference to my weight.  Even though the statements were true, it hurt.  After some serious reflections, I decided that one way or another, I would do whatever was necessary to lose my excess weight.  

My goal was to lose 60 pounds -- but just saying that out loud was overwhelming. To me -- this was a goal that I felt I was not likely to achieve -- the task seemed daunting.  So -- I made a new goal for myself ----
"My weight next week will be less
than my weight today."
that's it -- that was my goal.
I taped it to the refrigerator door --
my bathroom mirror
and wrote it on the monthly
pages of my day planner. 

 (all motivational photos courtesy of Pinterest)

Like you, I have watched my friends try every fad diet out there.  Watched them all lose weight on the diets and them watch them gain it all back -- because, seriously, you can not live your life on liquid diets, buying manufactured boxed diet dinners, eating only meat and proteins, cutting out all fats and carbs,---- and the list goes on and on.  I had decided that if I was going to do this -- I was going to do this in such a way that I could live my life and incorporate weight loss into my everyday activities.  For me -- that was Weight Watchers. Their motto is "it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle"-- and for me, that was the only way to do this and make it work. 

So --- I did my own version of Weight Watchers and in about 8 months, I lost that 60 pounds.  Honestly, it was easy, really it was.  I kept the weight off for about 2 years, then---- I began to get complacent.  I stopped keeping track of my foods, stopped my regular exercise routine,and --- gained back almost 30 pounds.  

For the next year, or so-- I just buried my head under the sand and ignored my weight.  But even though I thought I was trying to watch the things I ate -- I still saw myself adding on a few more pounds gradually. And then, again, I hit the wall -- I thought, I cannot keep doing this.  I have to lose this weight AGAIN -- and this time I have to keep it off.  The task seemed daunting -- but I knew what to do -- so once again, I went back to my own version of the WW program, restarted my exercise routine, and the weight came off -- more slowly this time -- but it came off.  I've now realized that the older I get, the harder it is to lose weight, and to keep it off.  So--- I'm not doing this again.  This time, I have kept my weight off for 8 years, and I am not ever going off the program.  "It's not a diet -- it's a lifestyle."

 So-- this is how I live my life now.  I will share with you the things that I do that work for me and have helped me to lose weight and to keep it off -- but first -- (and I have to do this!)-- my disclaimer~

I am not selling a weight loss plan.
I am not advertising a weight loss plan.
I can not guarantee your success using these tips.
I am merely having a chat with you, my friends,
in which I am answering the questions that 
you have asked me.
I am offering to you my own ideas
about weight loss,
and the strategies that work
 for me.

 I think most everyone is familiar with the Weight Watchers system and their use of points in relation to food choices.  At the time I first started my "lifestyle change" over 10 years ago -- I was using the original WW as my guide.  (Since then there is a new WW -- but I don't use that info.  I saw no need to relearn a system that was already working for me.)

The original WW system assigns points to foods using a calculation based on fat, fiber, and calories.  While I can't  argue with the success of a proven system, I knew that for me to calculate all that out for everything I ate --- from now on --- just was NOT going to work for me. My life is so busy sometimes, adding to that having to calculate out everything I ate -- well, I just knew I would not keep up the practice of that. So--, I made a new plan for myself.  My own version of the successful program.  Something easy- something I knew that I could do without too much effort~

 THIS is the basis of my entire weight loss strategy ----- 50 calories equals 1 point.  That's it -- that's all I do - every day -- every meal - everything I eat-- for the last 8 years. It works perfectly - it makes me happy --

How many points do you need?
you can go here to calculate your suggested points target
my weight is maintained using an allowance of  24 points per day.
on work days-- I allow myself about 26 points per day.
(I get up at 4 am, leave the house about 5:30 am, and get home about 8 pm-- 
that's a long day, so I allow myself a little extra
on those days.

 Some tips that have worked well for me~

1.  even though WW allows you to earn extra points for activity- I DO NOT take those points.  Meaning I do not eat those points-- except on special -- I mean really special occasions.  Sometimes I take those points when I go out to dinner -- but only, when its special celebration-- not for every meal I eat in a restaurant.On almost all occasions, I factor my restaurant meal into my daily point allowances.

2. Exercise is important to me -- I go to Curves almost every day that I am not at work.  For me -- this is one of the key points to my weight control.  After I lost weight the first time -- I stopped going to Curves -- of course, I gained my weight back -- now, Curves is part of my daily routine. It works best for me to get up in the morning, drink a diet pepsi, go do my Curves workout -- then come home and fix a protein shake.  I do NOT eat in the mornings before I go for my workout. I come home hungry and fix my protein shake.

3.  Everyday a protein shake is part of my daily intake -- I count it for 5 points.  There are a variety of good protein powders on the market -- I use Visalus.  It is heart healthy, has a great taste -- I mix it with fruit juice and a variety of fruits , along with about  2 cups of crushed ice .  It makes a huge glass and takes me about 2 hours to drink it all.  (Although there are a lot of recipes for Visalus shakes using additives like pudding, peanut butter, ... I don't go there.  I keep it simple and use this as a way to get lots of fresh fruit into my diet. Choose any protein powder you wish, but make sure that is low in sugars and carbs. I would suggest not spending more than 4 or 5 points daily on your shake.

4.  Although WW says that most fresh vegetables are considered free -- I assign all cooked vegetables a 1 point total except for raw vegetables.  Personally, I eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables - every day -- so this is easy for me and helps me to stretch out my point totals every day. Fresh fruits -- according to the "Vicki version" are assigned  2 points per cup.  

~~ I am not really a meat and potatoes person.  While I don't consider myself a true vegetarian, the fact is that I mostly do eat vegetables.  I love a good steak now and then, crave a good hamburger, love fish-- but that is not the norm for me.  If you are someone who has to have meat and potatoes every day -- you will need to eat a lot of free food choices (fresh vegetables) to help stretch your points for the day.  *** btw -- when I eat a hamburger at home -- I eat it on my 35 calorie bread  and not on a bun.  That saves a lot of points since most buns are between 3-4 points just for the bun.

5. Two days a week -- I try -- REALLY HARD -- to not eat any carbohydrates after 4 pm.  On days that I do this -- I make wise and calculated choices regarding my food intake.  It takes a bit of planning -- but after you do it for a while -- you will find it isn't really that hard to do.   

6.  Fast food --- simply put -- I don't go there.  Seriously, with the exception of travel times, and only then, if there is NO other choice -- I don't do fast food.  It's. Been. Years.  I don't even miss it now.

7.  Diet soda --- I drink a can of Diet Pepsi every morning when my feet hit the floor -- but that's it.  One can a day. 

8. Things I do not eat any more --- 
boxed cereal~ I love it, but even the best choices are still a lot of points for a bowl the size I need to fill me up. If I crave it -- I make allowances for about 15 points, use skim milk -- and go for it. But -- I probably don't buy more than 2-3 boxes of cereal a year.  

9. Pizza -- yes I do!  But - lets face it -- its a lot of points.  So I plan ahead for it ---meaning I try to eat free choices most of the day -- and then I just go for it when the time comes.  But -- I probably only do this about once every 2-3 months.  On pizza days -- I try to get in some extra activity - like mowing the lawn in addition to my Curves work out.

10.  Exercise -- if you can't go to a work out program like Curves, then get out and walk.  Start small and work up to increasing your walks every week. As you lose weight you will feel better and will have more mobility and more energy.

11. Chocolate -- of course!! -- every single day.  I buy the packages with small portions and count every piece as 1 point.  Even though the package may say that the calories are 35 or 40 -- I count every piece as 1 point.  And -- I eat 1 or 2 every day. Right now I am hooked on Heath bar miniatures. 

12.  Write it down -- everything you eat -- I mean everything!  I start counting my points from the time I get up and keep track all day long.  When I am at work, I keep a little paper in my pocket, when I'm home - I have a notepad on the kitchen counter, when I travel, I use the note pad on my phone.  This is probably one of the most important things that makes this "lifestyle" successful for me.  If you don't write your foods down, you will NOT be successful -- trust me on this.

13.  Eat what you want.  Really.  But -- take responsibility for what you eat.  Write it down.  Always.  If you want a candy bar - or apple pie - or birthday cake -- then make allowances for it and eat things that are free or low in calories the rest of the day.   Keep a running total of your points throughout the day.  If you know you want something that is high in points at the end of the day --- (say you are going out to dinner) --- allow your self 18 points (or whatever you think) - write it down on your total first thing in the morning -- then, just build the rest of your day around that.

14. Just say NO-- learn to say no when you have already eaten your points allotment.  For example --- in the late evening, my husband might ask if I want to go out to dinner that evening. If I have already eaten myself beyond my points needed for going out to dinner -- I tell him NO.  He supports my healthy lifestyle and understands. If we are going out to dinner -- I need to know in advance so that I can plan for it. 

15.  Become more aware of what is available to you.  The grocery stores are full of new and healthy grocery items.  Notice the magazine advertisements. Ask questions about what your health conscious friends are eating. Visit websites that promote healthy food choices and healthy recipes.  Be willing to change!  You can find some of my healthy eating recipe ideas on my Pinterest Board here    

    I can not stress to  you how important that exercise is to a well rounded and healthy lifestyle.
(walk, run, garden, mow grass,...)
If  your health issues prevent you from doing any 
exercise, then you will need to adjust your points
Remember --
I do not use my exercise points
except for very special
What's in my fridge right now?
fresh cauliflower
laughing cow cheese wedges
(I  eat these with my cauliflower) 
baby carrots
fresh strawberries
mango chunks
(I eat blueberries every day in my protein shakes - 
I'm convinced that they have magical antioxidant powers)

100 calorie yogurts
fresh cooked green beans
fresh cut corn 
light salad dressings
baby yellow tomatoes
orange juice with extra pulp
(for my protein shakes)

100 calorie ice cream sandwiches
(my treat on days I mow the grass)

What's in my pantry right now?
35 calorie wheat bread
wheat saltine crackers
(I don't eat white bread or regular crackers anymore -
I gave them up when I started my "lifestyle" change)
multigrain or wheat is a healthier choice

100 calorie snacks - chips and cookies
(I know that prepackaged 100 calorie snacks are more expensive - 
you can save money buy packing them up yourself
 if you wish)

( you can get a lot of bang for your points with baby pretzels)

skinny pop popcorn
( love the stuff) 

Assorted cereal and yogurt bars 
(try to buy ones that are less than 120 calories each)

Assorted flavors of instant oatmeal and cream of wheat


peanut butter
(I eat one half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  every morning before I leave the house 
to go to work) 

pickled beets 
(they are free!)
I could eat half a jar in one setting!
You need to have healthy choices ready and available to you--
keep your fridge and pantry stocked!

My motivations~
When I started my "life style changes" the second time -- I knew it would be harder -- and it was.  As we get older, it really is harder to lose weight.  SO --- I bought myself a beautiful (rather expensive skirt) two sizes smaller than my current size.  At the time I bought it, I could not even get it up over my hips.  I hung it in my bedroom where I could see it every day -- it took me 2 months to be able to wear that beautiful skirt -- 3 months after that, it was actually too big. Did I waste my money? I don't think so.

Every time I lost 10 pounds  -- I went through my closet and tried on my clothes -- everything --- EVERYTHING that was too big -- I gave away.  Even the stuff I hated to give away -- I gave away!
I'm not going to keep clothes in my closet that are too big so that I will have something to wear when I gain weight.  Instead -- I will continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that I will not need those bigger clothes. 

  this is one of my favorite quotes
relating to weight loss.
this quote is pictured on the sidebar of my blog.
You can now find this post 
to use as your weight loss reference
anytime you wish by clicking on this photo
on my sidebar. 

 Remember that you are doing this 
for YOU. 
Be proud of every accomplishment --
every pound you lose is a gain
in the right direction. 
Don't set yourself up to fail. 
Remember this simple goal~

"My weight next week 
will be less than my weight today."

I hope you understand that creating this post was a little uncomfortable for me. Kind of like taking your clothes off in a room full of strangers.  I have shared this info because so many of you have written to me asking for my personal strategies pertaining to weight loss.
I hope this helps.
I hope this motivates you to want
to do this 
for yourself. 
If you have questions -- and you probably do --
please email me
I will answer every single email
if there are lots of questions, 
I will address them all in a special post
that is dedicated to your specific



Jeanne said...

Great topic to share Vicki!

Jenny said...

Thank you, Vicki, I will choose my hard. You've shown me the way. I also want to lose 50-60 lbs. Your point system may work for me. WW didn't because it was too time consuming. I'm grateful that you took the time to write all this down. xo Jenny

Una said...

Great post. I found the Spark People website a few years ago and registered. The members are very friendly and supportive. It has to be a permanent lifestyle change, as you say.

gracie said...

Thank you for sharing your story. I can only say that it has made me want to try your approach....I certainly will return to this post for motivation.

Gilly Tee said...

Fantastic post Vicki. I'm doing weightwatchers at the moment. I like you, put weightback on after my first loss but am losing it again now. I suffer from depression and found when I gain weight, even a few lbs, my mood drops and health suffers. Some weeks I have lost very little but at least it's a loss. I have taken up cycling and am loving it and get to see the wonderful countryside around us.
I've written down a couple of the quotes to keep me going although I only have 7lbs to go. Thanks again

Farmhouse prims said...

Vicki, thank you so much for your inspiring post! I am so proud of you. I have always worried about my weight, I walk at least 3 to 4 times a week, but the weight keeps going up. Years ago I did WW and lost 20 pounds. I would really love to loose 30 or 40 pounds, but have tried not to set my goal tooo high, I would be proud to loose 20. I am going to take your advice and just do one pound at a time and I think the 50 cal. being one point will help me. I appreciate this post so much, I know it will help me get motivated. And I know that writing everything down that you eat also is a big help. Hugs, Lecia

RedSetter said...

What a wonderful and brave post Vicki. It is good to read genuine "diet" advice that simply has no angle other than here's how it is. Thank you so much.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

This was GREAT Vicki!

Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone to share your story and tips with us. You are an inspiration.


Sue Kosec said...

You are my idol!

Missie of Traditional Primitives said...

Wonderful! I really needed that! Congratulations to you! I too lost weight and it has come back. I have a rare allergy syndrome where I was not able to eat fruits and veggies for over 13 years. I became addicted to carbs. Tried allergy shots for 6 years, an extra year to try to help, but when the shots were done, my twice a week salad was no longer possible as the Oral Allergy Syndrome came back! My daughter has been desensitized from her severe milk allergy and we were amazed. A true miracle. I asked her doctor if she had any help for OAS and indeed, she did have help for me! I am able to eat much for healthy food now, but of course, it is still a struggle. Two years into allergy shots, I am still having problems, but it is much better. She assures me I will be "cured". I look forward to loosing my weight again. It is a daily issue with me and choices are the most important thing! I CAN have more amounts of healthy foods now, but I am CHOOSING the wrong things out of habit. Your post will help me so much! Thank you!

Julie Marie said...

Dear Vicki... thank you for sharing your "lifestyle" with us... you are so pretty, and always look like the epitome of good health... we eat very similar to the way to you, lots of fruits and fresh veggies, yum!... and I do eat chocolate every day too!... one of my very favorite books is "French Women Don't Get Fat" by Mireille Guiliano... the French never ever use the word diet!... I am half~French and I don't use that word either... the key is moderation, and still eating the things you love... it sounds very similar to how you eat as well... and exercise!... I have not missed a day of walking in over 30 years!... so proud o f you for taking a stand, keeping your weight off... and living your life in a healthy manner... now, just tell me how you get your hair so pretty up on your head and I will be happy!... love you!... xoxoxo Julie Marie

Fundy Blue said...

Thank you for sharing in this helpful post, Vicki! It is chock full of wonderful suggestions.

I have struggled too with my weight. I am a stress eater, and teaching led to eating lots of bad things! I packed on at least a pound every year. It was a gradual creep of weight that depressed me.

Diets don't work for me. Nor does denying myself certain foods. So I try to eat what I want in moderation and exercise daily.

Since I've retired I've managed to work off 15 pounds. It is so much harder when you are older! I've found it helpful to be gentle, forgiving, and kind to myself. I tell myself I'm beautiful just as I am every morning I look in the mirror.

My trainer keeps telling me to remember how long it took to pile on the pounds and to forget the scale. I'm focusing on strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance.

I've been eliminating unnecessary things one at a time ~ like sugar in my coffee. I've cut out wine unless we are celebrating or out on our Friday Night Date Night.And I have one or two squares of dark Dove chocolate almost every day. I cut each one up into four pieces and savor each one. When my husband and I go out to a restaurant we almost always skip the bread, share the entree, and forgo dessert. But occasionally we indulge because denial sends me into an eating frenzy!

A person is so much more than his or her weight. But it is important to maintain a healthy weight. I'll be returning to this post for inspiration, Vicki. I admire your courage in sharing your personal struggles and accomplishments. I have another 15 pounds to go, and I'll get there, slowly and permanently. Take care!

Sea Angels said...

You are amazing, and I really wish you didn't have this battle. I wish no one had to feel like this not me not anyone. I struggle with loosing just a few pounds and find as I get older it gets so much harder.
You are fabulous for taking the time to help, for doing this blog post and just being you xxx
You are my inspiration Vicki not just today but always.xx
Hugs Lynn xxxx

Tanya said...

ALWAYS an inspiration, my friend. This is GREAT!!! XOXOXOXOXO

Julia said...

Hi Vicki, this is a great motivational Weight loss post.

I have struggled with my weight after having 4 kids for years and you're right , it gets more difficult to loose weight as we grow older. Just not fair but that's how it is...

I 'm 5'2" and I'm now 67 and I slowly lost 35 lbs. by simply not eating prepackaged food .

Upon investigating I found out that there is soy or soy by-products in most prepared foods including vegetable shortening of all thing, even canned beans. It left me with a narrower choice of food but nothing I can't replicate with soy free alternatives.

Now I eat more fresh healthy home made preparations, like my mom used to make, fruits and vegetables.

I do a lot of label reading on everything I buy. I no longer buy soft or hard margarine and I eat butter instead. I cut down on sugar consumption but I still eat sweets once in a while as long as I know what's in the ingredients... I never count calories anymore either...

Eating out can be problematic so I pick and choose what is simple and I even bring my own bread where they will allow me otherwise I don't go to their restaurants...

I use a smaller plate and never go back for seconds.

My bloods tests revealed that I was at a healthy mid point on every test, both the good and bad cholesterol were also in the mid range and there were no more signs of my diabetes.

I park the car so I need to walk when I go down town. I don't do any special exercises but I walk a lot caring for my calves and gardening and cutting grass. This is the plan that

I realize this is the plan for me of my own personal discovery and it's been working for me as I have a different lifestyle than most.

Have a healthy and fun summer.

Fat Dormouse said...

Thank you for "baring your soul" - not an easy topic to talk about. I have lost weight on a version of the 5:2 way of eating. Very easy: on 2 days a week you eat 500 calories. On the rest of the week you eat what you want, but within moderation. I have, over two years, lost 14 kilos...Still got 8 or so to go, but I know it will come off. But I do know I need to do more exercise.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, Vicki. I had lost 60 pounds by eating vegetarian and had kept it off for three years and then had a doctor tell me I needed to eat meat. I ate meat and now I've gained 80 pounds! I must get myself back to a manageable level and I can't seem to get with the veggie program again. I'm going to try your points system and get back on that treadmill. Thanks again, Denise

Karen H said...

Thank you for your very sensible advice. My experience has been very similar to yours. My last weight loss journey started with a question from an acquaintance I had not seen in some time. She asked me "what have you done to yourself". I knew I had been deluding myself about my size and I needed to get it under control.

I eat all the fresh fruit and veg that I want. I don't drink pop (soda) or alcohol. I shop around the outside edges of the store where the food is fresh and not processed. When eating carbs I exercise portion control.

I got rid of ALL of my stretchy clothes.

I don't deny myself a treat every now and then but most of the time I practice saying "no".

I don't have junk food in the house. If it isn't here I can't eat it.

I like your simplified point system. It makes sense and I think it helps you focus on what is going in your mouth.

Thanks for a wonderful post that I am sure will inspire many to make healthy decisions.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Congratulations! and even more since you were able to post your story. I'm saying goodbye to french fries in your honor and a start to changes I need to make. I am not overweight, but now that I have passed 60 it seems to be heading south fast ~lol~

Terry said...

Thank you, Vicki!!!!

I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager. I too found success with Weight Watchers.

I love to eat! I love food! I love wine! I don't love exercising. I really wish knitting burned more calories than it does. I really wish I was taller than 5'2"! :)

I agree with you 100% that exercise and keeping a food log/journal is really important. And when I don't walk, when I don't keep track of what I am eating and hold myself accountable, I gain weight.

However, with all that being said, I am very grateful for the abundant amount of food and drink available to me. Having to watch my weight means that I am very blessed. I have never had to worry about where my next meal was coming from. Both of my refrigerators and my pantry and filled with wonderful food. And that is a blessing. :)

Thanks Vicki for stepping out of your comfort zone and writing this post. Once again you are a blessing to so many.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Vicki, you deserve a lot of *attagals*!. Losing weight is difficult but it can be done; we each have to find the method that works for us. Since Dave died, I've lost 25 pounds and am still losing. I weigh myself every day and if I'm edging up, instead of down, I adjust calories accordingly. I've found when I increase my protein intake, I lose weight faster and keep it off longer. My cold cereal of choice is Grape Nuts with 9 grams of protein in each serving.
Thanks for this post; you've encouraged and educated many. said...

Thanx for the info. I am wanting to loose the last 10 and can't seem to do it.
D.G. L

LesleyAnn said...

Wonderful post Vicki! You're truly an inspiration. I just joined Weight Watchers (while it's 50% off!). It's so easy to keep up with via smartphone apps. It's so simple. The only one who can mess this up is me. :-) Thank you for the motivation of your words and experiences. It all makes perfect sense.

Wishing you a wonderful summer.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

This post should be printed and placed on the front of all our refrigerators! I 'did' the Weight Watchers program for awhile and lost weight, but when I quit going (thinking I could handle it myself) of course the pounds crept back on. Your approach is SO much better!

A Scattering said...

Vicki, reading this post was very timely for me. Thank you. I really need to sit down, choose my hard and do some planning. Love you!!!

Cindy Gay said...

Good job on the protein shakes, berries, vegetables, moving!

Marlynne said...

Excellent advice Vicki! I am a life time member of TOPS. But it still takes commitment to watching it daily! Exercise is important! Mine is walking and right now with the hot weather I am sloughing off! But I'm keeping it in mind and will get back at it! Marlynne Snare Folk Artist

Deb said...

Hi Vicki! Congratulations on keeping with it for 8 years! I am very proud of you! I've been on WW (the original version) since November 2013 and have lost 70 lbs. I have 70 more to go, so I'm halfway there!

Everything you wrote is exactly what I do..keeping track of the points on everything from early morning til bedtime.It definitely works!

I did WW back in 1999-2000 and lost 110 lbs. Well, i gained that back over the years along with 30 more!

So this is my attempt to lose this weight once and for all so I won't have to lose it again! So far, so good!

Thanks for your post. I really feel a kinship with you now. Oh, one thing I do is use 2 tsps of coconut oil on my English muffin for breakfast every morning...1 point per tsp. Plus i sprinkle on chia seeds. Muffin = 2 pts. Coconut oil = 2 pts. Then I add sliced tomato. What a great breakie! :)

Julie said...

A very lovely and honest post, so helpful to lots of us. xxx

Dorthe said...

Oh dear Vicki,
As alwayes you are the best friend, to anyone asking you for help,-I for sure know that myself, and seing this long and helpful post for people, fighting to loose some weight, I can again tell the world, that you are such a special woman. As you know I just struggled to get on weight again, and am now almost beack to where I was before sickness. So no wish from me to loose any gram :-) But I admire your spirit, and all you does every day to not gain, again. You are a strong and wonderful woman. I love you Vicki.

ohio farm girl said...

Perfect timing...I lost my weight and used ww but when my parents passed away..of course the llbs. came today was my target to begin again....thanks for the inspiration! Dianntha

Unknown said...

Oh Vicki - you have no idea what you just did for me today. I'm sitting here at work trying not to cry. I too am on my second go round - to try to get my blood sugar under control. I know I HAVE to but it's so hard. And you just gave me many things that will make it easier. I really love you girlfriend!

Suztats said...

Great post Vicki! I hope it helps to motivate others to have the same success.
I have been overweight since puberty--rubinesque you might say, and I have dieted all my life. WW puts weight on me, even if I follow it strictly, and exercise. The only way I was able to lose weight was on a dietician-supervised 1,000 calorie a day diet, walking 4 miles/day, playing raquetball 4 times/week, as well as playing tennis, and attending exercise class. Over 18 months I did lose 15 (yep, just 15! lbs) and decided that making separate meals for myself every day (as well as cooking for the family) and going without was not the way I wanted to live my life.
I have always cooked from scratch, grow my own veggies, and seldom eat out, and do not consume packaged foods.
With health issues that compromise my activity level, and having Hashimoto's, plus being on medication that does put on weight, I am still too big for my height.
I am now losing some weight, although it is by making a few drastic changes:-over a year ago I gave up coffee (it's a special treat now) wheat, and milk, as well as my one-or-two/week sodas. For the last 9 months I have not consumed sugar on a regular basis (special holiday treats only and limited amounts and pure stevia in my tea, if desired)
I haven't yet lost a large amount of weight, but I'm finding that these changes have helped me to feel much better, and be energized enough to be more active than I was. I feel this is a plan I can follow. Plus, I do have less pain and problems with my autoimmune conditions, which is a huge bonus.
Thanks so much for sharing your weight struggles with us. Keep going healthy and strong!

Winona said...

Great motivational narrative. Keep it up. I got my dream weight 2 years ago. Lost 33 lbs in 2 years. It was not hard, it was fun. And it is also fun to keep it off.
Cheers and all the Best to you!

Bohemian said...

I Thank You for your excellent heartfelt Post to assist the rest of us in accomplishing the Goal that you have not only Attained, but Maintained, which I have personally found to be a different kind of Hard. Choosing my Hard today, Thank You again for all the easy to incorporate tips.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Lee said...

Congrats on your success Vicki and weight loss isnt easy so your dedication is an inspiration. I have a great metabolism so that helps me out a lot.

Little Wandering Wren said...

Here you go again Vicki doing more for the Blogging Community than you will ever know (I met you through GYB2014)
Thank you, thank you for this great post. I have lost 30lbs in the last year and I agree with everything you say.
I have a group of friends who meet each Monday to support and encourage each other in our weightloss journey, it is a lot easier with a support group around you.
Here is my recent blog post on our group:
I am forwarding your post to all in our 25++ group
Have a great week.
Wren x

Anirudh said...

Excellent article Vicki. Looking forward to your future posts. :)

yaya said...

Such good advice! Your willingness to share about a subject that is sensitive to many is admirable. Congrats on living a healthy lifestyle for so many years! You're an inspiration to me! I'll let you know how I do!

Sara said...

Great post! It's definitely a theme that interests most women. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

What a fabulous post! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.
I've lost 25 pounds and kept it off for nearly 2 years, and I'm ready to lose another 15 or so. This is just the motivation I needed. Again, thank-you.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Sorry to be so long in reading and commenting. I knew this post would be good and did not want to read it when I was rushed with puppy duty or doodie.
I love the quote you have on your side bar...choose your hard. It motivates me when I see it. I have lost and gained so much weight over the years and I must say that nothing feels as good as being on the thinner side of life. We live and die by the number on the scale and when that number begins going up we stay off the scale. It is all a game if I don't look I won't weigh more. The joke is that never happens, I always weigh more when I have stayed away from the scale. Drinking lots of water seems to help and it is good for your skin as well. Your post is full of great motivation and I thank you for the time it took to write. I now need to go have a good look in fridge and toss a few things. Better in the trash than on my hips.

Astri said...

Thank you Vicki. This is just what I needed to get back int he swing of things after a month in Norway and all my favorite childhood foods that I associate with love. ;-) Now it becomes a necessity, more than ever, as I need to heal my back.

Good encouragement!

Maggie said...

You, are my hero. Love ya!

Eugenia Maru said...

Gracias por tus consejos Vicki.
Yo siempre fui muy delgada, incluso en mis embarazos.
Pero ahora tengo 50 años y he llegado a los 57 indeseables kilos.
Por mi estatura deberia pesar 53 kilos. no son tantos los que tengo que perder (no se cuantas libras son), pero cuestan bastante de bajar. Como tu dices, se bajan y se recuperan. Yo no como carne, ni papas ni pan blanco ni azucar. Tomo batidos de fruta y verduras, como muchas verduras crudas y verdes, fruta, mi vicio es la leche con platano y a veces me tiento con chocolate y algun pastel.
Pero creo que no voy tan mal.
Espero bajar un poco y mantenerme.
Eres una persona muy constante y eso es de orgullecerse.
Un abrazo desde Chile

Eugenia Maru said...

Gracias por tus consejos Vicki.
Yo siempre fui muy delgada, incluso en mis embarazos.
Pero ahora tengo 50 años y he llegado a los 57 indeseables kilos.
Por mi estatura deberia pesar 53 kilos. no son tantos los que tengo que perder (no se cuantas libras son), pero cuestan bastante de bajar. Como tu dices, se bajan y se recuperan. Yo no como carne, ni papas ni pan blanco ni azucar. Tomo batidos de fruta y verduras, como muchas verduras crudas y verdes, fruta, mi vicio es la leche con platano y a veces me tiento con chocolate y algun pastel.
Pero creo que no voy tan mal.
Espero bajar un poco y mantenerme.
Eres una persona muy constante y eso es de orgullecerse.
Un abrazo desde Chile

Wildflowerhouse said...

Thanks Vicki! This reminded me of what I need to do now.I was in WW and lost a lot. Then I fell back on old ways. I shall now start again and this time make it a life style.

Betty said...

Just catching up on your blog - what fabulous helpful ideas for anyone wanting a healthier diet and lifestyle (whether overweight or not) I am going to take some of your ideas and give them a go. Thanks.


Vicki this is one post I will be returning to again and again! If only I had your discipline - I need to lose 60 lbs - and to think you did that in such a short amount of time. It seems like such a HUGE mountain to climb, and I'd rather be gardening or making my pottery, so even walking gets pushed to the "back burner". You are truly an inspiration and I'm very grateful for yet another generous share from you on your Blog!

Unknown said...

Oh Vicki, how truly real you are1! xoxo Jen

Createology said...

Thank you very much for sharing your WW success in your healthy lifestyle. I am a true believer in the power of personal choice and of using WW as my healthy guidelines. I follow my own needs and guidelines and for the most part it works really well. I am chunky but healthy and happy. As I age my body is different in shape than when I was young and thinner. Blessings Dear...

superhumanradio said...

Thats an awesome story. You are truly an inspiration.Thank you for sharing your success weight loss.Keep it going.Keep fit and healthy!

Kim said...

Great post! Thank you!