Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Winter nesting is almost over--(the demise of my Sacred Yarn Room) and a SURPRISE for you!

This has been an incredibly busy winter
                          for my nimble little fingers....

 while the snowflakes
were flying around outside
and the bitter winds were blowing...

snug and warm
inside my craft room,
I was busy creating my own little

almost 60 
of these little "Woodland" nests
 have traveled to their new homes
all over the
some of them even traveled
to Africa~
 in between 
working full time, our cruise travels,
and my busy, busy life...

I managed to pull off one of my most intense
winter nesting sessions
to date~

but --
not without consequences--
"Sacred Yarn Room"
is in shambles,
there is hardly a path 
and I cannot find anything....
(it has never been this bad!!)
in a few weeks,
my plan is to totally blow this room up---
and start all over~
trust me.. 
it's the only option left!
But --
there is some good news to come
from all this madness--
a little surprise
for you all....
as if by magic,
a few extra "Woodland" nests
were created
as a little Spring surprise 
for some of you--
for the first time ever
you may purchase one of my nests
without having to wait upwards of a year
for your turn.
Five little nests
are now listed in my ETSY shop
for your purchase.
 this is my Welcome to Spring
(next year's waiting list is forming now-
you mail email me if you wish to be
added to the list

A few little notes from me--
The "Grow your Blog" party is still going strong --- over 300 people are visiting that party post every day-- and then branching out to visit those of you who are part of the party---(that's over 9000 visits a month --- your blogs will continue to grow!!)
I'm still trying to visit your blogs as well -- it is a very slow process for me..... like you, I am meeting some lovely folks in my blog visiting.  I would like to introduce you to a wonderful travel blog that I have fallen in love with--A Bit About Britain. 
Mike hosts an incredible travelogue that takes you to interesting places in Great Britain.  He shares photos, history, and his own thoughts on the many places that he has traveled in and around Britain.  If you are at all interested in British history or travel, you will love meeting Mike and his wonderful blog. We have future plans to do some traveling there -- so for me, it is especially interesting.

While we were on our own travels, a cruise to the Caribbean--
I read some great books that I wanted to share with you.  A few months ago I told you about my reading book one of the Century Trilogy written by Ken Follett.  While on this cruise, I read the second book in the series ---"Winter of the World".  
 I truly am loving this series -- the only issue for me is that these are huge books (!!) -- and I am a bit of a slow reader -- so this was the only book that I was able to read for the entire 3 week trip.  Interestingly enough... I saw at least 8 or 9 other folks on our cruise ship reading this same book.  (They actually had the book version, I was reading the kindle version).  
I love to listen to audiobooks when we are on cruises -- I listen while I knit.  The Amber Keeper was my audiobook choice for this trip and I loved every single minute of this book.  I've always been somewhat fascinated with early Russian history and this book was just a wonderful "read" for me.

One last note about nesting--- the Shabby Chic nests are in process now.  So instead of stringing spring colored yarns all over this room--- there are bits of lace and white yarns everywhere, (on top of the mess of spring colored yarns!!) (oh it's bad, it's so bad in this room!!)  I will share photos of those nests after they are completed... 

This vintage bridal headband
was one of my most treasured purchases
from the flea market last year...
some of the beaded embellishments
are being used in the design of this year's
Shabby Chic nests~
they are

And lastly --- I am working on the next installment of the "Traveling Gaspese" photo journal --- I am taking you to beautiful
 Isle d'Orleans next...and after that,... we are heading due EAST for the most incredible scenery ever as we truly begin our trek around the Gaspe Penninsula.  I hope you will join me for this "once in a lifetime" trip...


Julia said...

Vicki your nests are beautiful and you're making so many. Your creativity has no bounds.
I can understand how your yarn room is getting spread all over the place. I'm the same when I hook wool rugs.

I love that blog about Britain, with amazing places to visit.

Looking forward to reading about your next instalment of your trip.
Have a great week.

Lululiz said...

Oh my goodness, those nests are sooo beautiful! I would love to be a fly on the wall when you create these amazing nests, it would be so lovely to actually see you make them. You must be working flat almost 24/7 to produce so many. Don't you ever get nest fatigue, lol?
I adore the two nests I have, one here in France and one in England. Oh dear, I can't remember whether I am on the waiting list for the next one... am I? and if not, why not, lolol.
Sending you lots of hugs from France,
love, Liz xxx

Seawashed said...

Oh Vicki they are equisite. I do not know how you do it all. You are like wonder woman! Especially since you also got sick too! I remember. I hope you and your Gardener will be enjoying planting and cultivating soon. It feels like Summer already here and our garden is well on its way. Happy Spring xo

Mosaic Magpie said...

I want to come over when you blow up the Sacred Yarn Room! Move it all out, sort through it, organize it but it back and all will be right with the world.
The nests are beautiful as always. Nimble fingers is right....I bet you can knit in your sleep!

kathyinozarks said...

Your nests are always so lovely and amazing and congrats on selling all you have created-I am in the process of reorganizing and cleaning my little craft room too-I have way too many things of interest in this small room of mine-so I am trying to destash-organize and clean-I am just about half way around the room now-I posted a blog on what I have been up to -and it looks so much better now than the photos.
still caos but I can find the caos now lol
I look forward to going with you as you share your trip

Amy at love made my home said...

Your nests are so beautiful!!! I already know Mike's blog, it is great isn't it! xx

Jan Thomason said...

As usual, your Woodland nest does not disappoint. Your gift of knitting and your gift of giving makes your nests so special to me, V.
I have put the "stuff" in the mail to you as of this morning that you asked for - it was hard. You'll probably end up calling me!

I love your Woodland nest - it is exquisite! I LOVE YOU, jt

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You are amazing Vicki - I don't know how you can accomplish so much! Your nests are incredible. I can understand your studio becoming rather unsettled because that's the way I create too. Good luck at the clean out!

Sea Angels said...

Lovely Vicki
your nests and your wonderful travels always give me so much pleasure to see and to read about.
Hugs Lynn xxx

Sandies' Patch said...

As always, such beauty in your crafted nests!
As for bombing the yarn room, you may yet get distracted with a new theme once you start to re-organise it!
You deserve you breaks, have fun! xxx


Oh, my goodness, where to begin! I ADORE your nests - they are the sweetest things EVER with all that lovely yarn, ribbon (I'm a sucker for ribbon!) and little pretties all 'round. Thank you SO MUCH for the book shares! I listen to audio books (only British novels read by Irish or British readers) free on Librivox.org, and have not "read" a novel in ages! Just fininshed watching the Ken Follets "Pillars of the Earth" and loved it. Will run right out now and get these other series you mention. I just know I'm going to drown in admiration when I get to visiting that British travel blog. One day I will get there and will surely never want to leave! Finally, I'm continually amazed by the beauty you captured while on your trip to the Gaspese Peninsula. Thank you so much for sharing all of this wonderfulness with us!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I've been following your blog for some time now (via RSS)and have been enjoying your travel posts and certainly your nesting posts. Your art room looks like an interesting museum where I could spend days exploring.

But, what really blew me away, and made me comment here, are the french beaded flowers you plan to use in your nests. I have been making french beaded flowers on and off for nearly 40 years (how's that for a passion?)and can't wait to see how you incorporate them into your gorgeous nests!

Sue Kosec said...

Every single time I see this wedding headpiece, I swoon. I cannot wait to see the magic you create using the bits and pieces.

Bettcha your sacred yarn room isn't as bad as you say it is ...

When you blow up that room, give me advance warning and I can do the same clear over here in Texas. Between the two of us, we'll shake the world!

Happy knitting.

Karen B. said...

Wow Vicki,
you sure have been very busy these past months and your nests are as always stunning. I love your treasure, the vintage/antique bridal headpiece ~ it is a dream!
Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Dorthe said...

My dear Vicki,
your nests are so very beautiful.
All the wonderful yarns you find to make these nests something very special, adn all the other sweet adds, like the leaves , pearls, and ribbons.
And then SOOO many, oh Vicki, you are amazing, in doing all you do... all this -all the fruit you preserve, taking care of known and unknown friends over the world,-you are such a special woman, whom I`m happy be befriended with !

Cache-Mire said...

But doesn't the messy room give you a good sense of accomplishment? The nests are beautiful! I love mine! And thank you for the audio book recommendation. I love to multi-task too :-)
Hugs, Terri

Tanna said...

You do such amazing work, Vicki. Thank you for reminding me about Ken Follett! =) Oh, my goodness... there are shutters in your last post that I am smitten with! Look forward to hearing more about your recent travels. blessings ~ tanna

Suztats said...

Such beautiful nests, Vicki! i am amazed at all you do. Thanks for sharing.

Tammy said...

amazingly beautiful so happy to have found you here and to have been a part of the grow your blog party!! I even had my give away and totally enjoyed sending away my art!! Your amazing!!

Jen said...

Your nests are so pretty and how do you manage your time you are so busy. I enjoy your travel photos you share and look forward to the next post on you journey. I love your wool stash.

Quinn said...

Just a quick comment to say I also follow Bit of Britain now, and am adding to my list of places to visit if I ever, ever make it there!
Good luck with your...erm, "renovation project"? :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh my...so much wonderfullness! Follett's books...did start, didn't finish; they were, at that time of life, too brutal for me. I found myself weeping at the terrors inflected upon people, especially women. for many decades, I've been a Follett fan and this trilogy has been the highlight of his writing career, I think.
Mike's blog is fabulous! I've followed him since 2014 or, maybe 2013, GYBP; love his blog and photography!
Beautiful, beautiful nests; visited your etsy shop but they've flown the coop so, please put me on your list for next year.
love, hugs and prayers, Sandra

Janice Phelps Williams said...

Vicki, I love the Woodland Nest you made. It sits now on our dining room table, between two candles, a glass bird resting near the tiny eggs, waiting for spring in northern Michigan!

I also loved Fall of Giants and Winter of the World and have book three purchased (in print) and am looking forward to reading it soon. I decided to get the print versions as these are books I will re-read, I'm sure. They are so captivating!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I know I say it all the time, but I truly don't know how you do it all and manage to stay sane. Creating beautiful items with your hands. Traveling. Working. You are definitely like the Energizer Bunny. There are days when I am just a lump on a log -- like today. :) Blessings, Tammy