Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finally - those "Shorebird Nests" are here!

Where do little shorebirds nest-
Where do they go to sleep and rest?
Where do they lay their fragile eggs-
Where do they rest their little legs?
(me) (pitiful, I know!)

" Designer Nests" - it was bound to happen!

A home for little shorebirds~ the colors of sand and surf~ misty foam bubbles that ride along the waves~ scattered shells that lie along the beach~ a little birdy fishing net that holds a little fish~~~


And because she is a "prissy" little shorebird - she has embellished her nest with colorful bits of sea glass - (from the beautiful beaches of Bermuda).


And nestled within - so safe and warm -
three adorable little handmade speckled shorebird eggs

and hiding among the fibers of the nest~~

one very shy, but "oh so sweet" little shorebird ~~

handmade especially for these little nests~~~

These creations have been both a labor of love and a labor with each nest taking up to 8 hours to create. Each nest is uniquely embellished with petite seashells, little "pearls", swarovski crystals (ohh ahh), beautiful vintage beads and ribbons, vintage estate jewelry, sea glass bits from this beach in Bermuda, (each nest will have a few pieces of blue sea glass) and to build the nest, three layers of the most beautiful and exquisite yarns that I have ever owned. Each birdy fishing net will contain a little glass fish and a very special seahorse (vintage occupied Japan).

Finishing off each nest - (just inside) and guarding those little eggs ~ is a beautiful "crystal" starfish.

You can find these nests in my newly created ETSY shop - Le Nid. Have I been busy or what? (I hope you will visit me there!) There is also a link to my shop on the sidebar.

While the nests are all "generally" alike - each is actually unique in that they were created one at a time - one day at a time - by me. No two are totally and exactly alike.

There are only 20 nests in this "Limited Edition Shorebird Series". The first and last nests of this series - numbers ONE and TWENTY - are especially unique. These two nests are embellished with the most rare and coveted blue sea glass bits found on that wonderful Bermuda beach. They also contain my most favorite vintage jewelry pieces (seashore themed of course) - and for these two little nests only - a little sea turtle hanging on to that little birdy fishing net.

These Shorebird nests are slightly larger than the regular "green" nests that I usually make. These nests are each about 5 and one half inches wide and about 3 3/4 inches tall.

This Shorebird Nest Series will NEVER be repeated. I will not be taking orders for these nests - so when they are gone - they are gone. The next Shorebird Series will debut in summer 2012 and will be entirely different - (those plans are already in the works! - really - they are!!).


Each nest wears a little seashell tag (isn't it cute?) that is dated, numbered as to the location in the series, and is signed by me.


The first and last nest in this series (numbers ONE and TWENTY) are very special indeed. Priced slightly higher than their companions, the ENTIRE proceeds from the sale of these nests will be donated to CHARITY.

Benefiting from this donation is the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, located on the gulf coast of Florida. This sanctuary is the largest shorebird hospital in the United States and receives over 8000 admissions yearly. The staff at this hospital and sanctuary provided the primary source of treatment and rehabilitation to shorebirds injured in the recent disastrous oil spill on the gulf coast. They are excited to be the recipient of the proceeds from the sale of the "first and last" series Shorebird nests. This donation will go a long way in providing care for injured shorebirds and for their rehabilitation as well.

A few years ago, the Gardener and I were walking along "our" beach in Satellite Beach, Florida. We came upon an injured gannet bird. She had a large fishing hook deeply embedded into her wing and she was tangled in a fishing net to the point that she could scarcely move. Seeing that beautiful bird in that painful and pitiful situation absolutely broke my heart. She was terrified - I could see it in her eyes.

We wrapped the bird in a towel and I gently held her while the Gardener cut the hook free from her wing. We cut the netting away and them placed the bird into a cat carrier that I had borrowed by knocking on a strangers door and saying, "excuse me - but do you have a big cage or a cat carrier?" We then took her to the local animal shelter not far from the beach.

The folks at the shelter told us that the gannet bird was migratory and that she should have already returned to her home in Nova Scotia. She had obviously been wounded for several days. We checked on her over the next few weeks and after several weeks of rehabilitation - she was released to return to her home in the Northern Atlantic. I have never forgotten this experience and have wanted to do something special to help little shorebirds ever since. When the oil spill tragedy occurred earlier this summer - I know that we all felt the anguish of this situation and looked for opportunities to help. This is my contribution to helping~~~



What's up nest for the Designer Series nests? Next fall - that Harvest Nest will make it's debut as a Limited Edition Series. And then next Christmas - a stunningly dressed and elegant nest perfectly suited for the holiday - also a Limited Edition Series. Each of my designer series nests will always be linked to a deserving charity. There is so much need - everywhere - (if we can) - we need to give~~~


And in the late spring - Shhh! - (be really quiet - don't wake the baby) - think a little nest in pinks and then another little nest in blues. (Not a limited edition) - these little nests will live in my shop and you can visit them there!

But those green nests (you know the ones!) - the only way to get one of those is to email me and get on the waiting list. The next "nesting" season begins in January! (That may be the only nesting season next year - because as you can see - it is going to be a very BUSY year!)


There is no way that I could do this all by myself~~~ (are you kidding!!!)

These stunning little shorebird eggs were created (one at a time - each one rolled and then hand painted!) by my friend Michelle. These nests would be nothing without the addition of such precious eggs. You can find Michelle at her ETSY shop here. Those of you in need of some beautiful eggs for your little nest decorations will most certainly want to check out the creations that Michelle has in her shop! You can also find Michelle at her fabulous blog. Dearest Michelle - I cannot thank you enough for your tireless "egg rolling" - your creative spirit and willingness to help me has made all the difference~~

Seriously - you are going to go gaga over these eggs!

Presentation is EVERYTHING!! and my friend Sue Kosec is a mind reader! Have you ever had a friend who just always seemed to know what you needed - even when you didn't? I just send Sue an email and say "I need~~~" and she instinctively creates the most perfect wrappings for my nests. She is a "tissue paper" wizard! Sue stamps my tissue papers that I use to wrap the nests - (really - you think I have time to do that?). She also created these adorable cards (bearing a special message from me) that will accompany each little nest. You can find Sue here at her email - Sue does not have a blog - but she should because she makes the most beautiful cards you have ever seen! If you need a special card - she's your girl!

These precious little tags were created just for me by my friend Jackie. Another talented creative person who can take my "I need~~" and turn it into the most perfect accessory. Jackie has an ETSY shop full of lovely gift tags - and if you don't find what you need - she will make it for you! Thank you dear Jackie - You have always been so wonderful to help me! (that's Sue's tissue paper creation peeking out from underneath those precious tags!)
And those precious little shorebirds - those sweet little birds peeking out from between the fibers - those were specially created for me by Stephanie at Meltin' Mud Studio. She makes the most beautiful ceramic buttons in so many shapes and designs. Dearest Stephanie - your little birds are so precious and they are the fitting comliment to these little nests! Thank you, thank you!!

The photos of these Shorebird nests were taken at the beautiful home of my cousin Mona. Her home is a "shorebird" delight - every room is filled with magnificent shells and "beach themed" decor. Playing for an entire morning in her home while taking these photos was sheer and absolute joy! My dear friend Mary was the photo prop assistant - we moved furniture, moved table decorations, moved lamps, totally turned Mona's bedroom upside down, ransacked the closets~~ there was no room in the house that was left unscathed - all this just to take photos of these NESTS! (Mona is the one that looks like a movie star - the other one, you know, is me!)

And then - when we were done taking pictures - Mona fed us a wonderful lunch on this beautiful table! (I really should have taken photos of the fabulous meal that she prepared - but I am not kidding - we were starved and I totally forgot to take the pictures. That is hard work destroying someone's house to take photos of NESTS!!)

My son Rob has deemed himself "Manager of Nest Operations" - and his advice has been invaluable. (I did not send that boy to private collage to earn a business degree for nothing!) Thanks babe - see how well your Mama listens to you!

And lastly, my heartfelt thanks to my dear friend, Mary, who tirelessly listens to my "nest" conversations and is always, always, supportive and encouraging. How can I ever thank you my treasured friend? I cannot even speak it - you have done so much to encourage me.

If someone would have ever told me that I would begin a "career" out of knitting birdnests ~~ well you know what I mean. For me~ this is proof of what can happen when you give life to your passions~~~


Thank you, thank you, ~~



mary said...

What an honor to leave the first comment on this amazing post. The nests are beyond gorgeous! (trust me fellow bloggers - they are even prettier in person!)
I'll always remember our great day at Mona's shooting the nests. What a great time we had. Those days are few and far between and such fun. You are a most talented artist and I love you!
BRAVO my friend!

Marina Satt said...

Wonderfull post!!! ))

Julie Marie said...

Hello Vicki.... oooh, I am in love with each and every one! I am so happy I was able to purchase one of the limited edition nests, that will help support the beautiful shorebirds... everything is just stunning and I can see how much time and love you put into each one... I love the sea and shorebirds too, actually I love all of Nature, and this will look so beautiful in my home... (I just my sissie nests don't get too jealous!)... xoxo Julie Marie

Jules said...

beautiful gorgeousness! What a busy little nester you have been! xx

Silke Powers said...

Yeah!!! Amazing, amazing nests, dear Vicki!! You've done and I've just checked and you've sold a number of them already!!! Each one of them is so special and carries such treasures! I just love them!!! And you! Silke

PoetessWug said...

WOW! You've really been busy!! I love the look of the nests. I even hearted one in your etsy shop. {Congratulations on starting it by the way!} Also, thanks for introducing me to the other friends with etsy shops and blogs! :-)

Dorthe said...

How wonderfull a post Vicki,-I am touched that you with the two special number 1 and 20 nests, are suporting, such sad accidents , happening all over the world.That is beautifull, ---and so are your knitted nests, too- beautifully embellished with the most sweet and gorgeus bits and pieces.
I`m so exiteted having bought one of this shorebird nests, and looks forward holding,-and experiencing it ,sweetie . It will be one of my very special blogland buyes, to treasure and love.--and It will live happily here with it`s brother, from last year.

Dear friend, you have made some wonderfull treasures,-and I`m sure they will soon have left their home,all.
Hugs and kisses,

Jan Yost said...

Totally beautifully written. Your talents abound. God Bless you and those you touch.
LU, Jan

Sherri said...

Vicki, you are a true artist!!

Createology said...

These truly are exquisitely beautiful and one of a kind artistic endeavors. The time and labor of love you invest into each and every one is awe-inspiring. Breathless...

Sheila said...

Just beautiful!

Unknown said...

what can i say? i'm speechless! These are breathtaking...magnifiqe! To have some small part in their beauty warms my heart! Can't wait to hold one in my own hands my friend!

gigi knits said...

Like I have said before every time I visit your blog its like I'm visiting a very dear friend.. The pictures are so peaceful & beautiful.I'm so so grateful to be one of the lucky ones to have one of these Shorebird nests,

sjmcdowell said...

Dear Vicki,

I want to say that it is an honor and privilege to be able to purchase one of your beautiful Shorebird Nests. Your beautiful spirit is interwoven in each of your nests with love and a compassionate heart for a wonderful charity.

Thank you Vicki from the bottom of my heart.

Love and Blessings to you and to those who helped you to bring your dream to fruition.


Mosaic Magpie said...

Oh Vicki,
These are absolutly fabulous. The story of shorebird you rescued is heart touching. I am sure you always look to see if that same bird is on the beach with you now. We rescued a hummingbird caught in the siding of our house once. It had broken the tip of his beak and I watched him come to the feeder all summer. He seemed to watch me as I watched him. These designer nests have so much detail to them, it is hard to take it all in you have to keep looking at them. It is great you are donating proceeds from the first and last one to a charity so close to your heart. Good Job Vicki all around.

Lilang said...

Your works is beautiful!

Finding Joy said...

I still marvel at your skill, these, as always, just beautiful. Eight hours of dedication and anyone who has one, I know these nests will be much loved. Missed your bloggy stories, visited each day, but no news.

Great to hear from you, dear friend.


Jody Hammer said...


Sea Witch said...

Shorebird nests...the perfect next for a Sea Witch. I always love looking at your work and agree presentation is everything. Sea Witch

Unknown said...

Oh those are just beautiful - so unique! My green nest is still one of my most favorite things in my studio. You are such a creative lovely person!

Caprice said...

You amaze me every day! You are so very creative, keep it up, I can't wait to see what comes next! They are beautiful!

Carol @ A Bird in Hand said...

They are just gorgeous! You can see the love and time put into each. Just beautiful!!

Carol @ A Bird in Hand said...

They are gorgeous! You can see the time and love put into each. Truly lovely...

Gabriela said...


Lili said...

Oh Vicki this entire post was breathtaking! So much detail and passion went into every aspect of your amazing Shorebird Nests and I'm so happy you will be using Etsy to sell them. I love that your son has become Manager of Nest Operations too! :) Congratulations for everything you have accomplished so far in this new endeavor and you can tell you definitely put your heart and soul into these treasured and exquisite works of art! xoxo ~Lili


Awesome! The nests are totally amazing and so beautiful!

SuZeQ said...

Ohhhhhhhhh, you sweet soul. Thank you so much for giving me a shout-out in this post. For that, I appreciate you. It seems so strange to see my tissue paper and cards on a blog ... gee, maybe I should get myself a blog so that I can see my things more often. Thanks for the push. Soon ...

These nests are absolutely breathtaking and your best work ever. Be proud!!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I'm just amazed by your nests!!! Love the gift tags too!

Pat said...

Vicki, This post is your most wonderful yet...just gorgeous...and you've done an amazing job with your nests. Good luck with your new venture and I bet all your special editions will be 'sellouts!" You are a special person......pat

Everything Coastal said...

Wow. Am simply amazed at these beautiful creations. Will be sharing!


Tami said...

Vicki the shorebird nests are absolutely gorgeous,what a great artist you are!!

Thanks for all your prayers and support it is greatly appreciated. I am home now and getting back into the swing of things. I found a spot for my nest but have yet to take a picture. When I do I will posts it.

Hugs and Love!!

susan jenkins said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!Just absolutely lovely!!
xx Susan

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How wonderful they all are! I saved your new Etsy shop in my favorites! I'm wishing you the best! Enjoy your week! ♥

knitalatte said...

Seriously, you are one busy lady. I am awe struck at the beauty of your shorebird nests. All the colorful yarns mixed with sparkles and specialty treasures make them all a one of a kind gift indeed. So glad you had a minute to stop by my blog and leave a comment. Your words of encouragement and praise always leave me with a smile.

Beedeebabee said...

Vikki, these nests are so beautiful! Each is such a treasure. I love all the goodies you incorporate into them...such eye candy!...I loved your story about the gannet. I'm an animal lover, and I would have done the very same thing. I've rescued many critters over the years, sparrows, squirrels, a mocking bird, and a Canadian Goose, quickly come to mind. How generous of you to donate two of these gorgeous nests to help animals. You are such a special, talented lady! Best wishes for much success in your new Etsy shop! xo Paulette

myriamkreativ said...

Hi my dear Vicki,
yeeeah, I am so glad that my PC is back at work - unbelievable how I lived without it lol. Your shorebirdnests are breathtaking - each one is a treasure. One can see how much love and care you put in each one. I wear my twinscarf today (because it was awfully cold this morning) and thought of you laying in the sun (aaarrrghhh). I wish you wonderful days to spent there and take a bit of surf and sun in your heart back home. I am busy working on christmas presents (it`s going in a rush now lol...)
Love Myriam

Jacoba said...

Hi Vicki,

Very inviting and cheery post!
Your birds nests really amaze me. They also encourage me, because like you I have my own creative room with a zillion things I would like to do something with. After having followed a florists training it became worse: I saw potential in everything on my path.
You are lucky to live in Florida and have the ocean nearby. The gifts from the sea are endless.
It is wonderful that your creativity has all come out through knitting! The nests must be great fun to make.
You have certainly drawn me back to my knitting needles.
Happy day!

Sheila said...

I stumbled on your blog through Sandie's Patch and just had to leave a comment and say that your little nests bought tears to my eyes. They are just so breathtakingly beautiful.
Thank you so much for sharing them in Blogland.

elvira pajarola said...

Oh, DELIGHTFUL and incredibly BEAUTIFUL and sooo unique are each and every single of your gorgeous fairy-tale nests!!!!!!!

To look and relook at all the details I had to take a long time; what an original and talented artist you are; I admire your patience you must have to create your marvels...!!!

I love to be creative too; it is wonderful!!!!

I was very touched by the story of the hurt seabird you saved; I love your immediate rescue-action; all my greatest compliments; for your fantastic Idea to help with the donation activity also....MAGNIFICIENT!!!!!

What a special person you are!!!!

have a very sunny and happy weekend, cara Vicky!
ciao ciao elvira

Carole said...

Hi Vicki,
I came by the other day but Blogger wasn't letting me leave a commment.
Your work is truly a work of art. Parting with them must be very hard. The way you embellish each one is so unique and beautiful!

gigi knits said...

My Shorebird nest came today.. SO SO happy with I have one. It is gorgeous ,can tell it was made with much love & tender care. Can't say enough about .
LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Oh Vicki,
I don't even know where to begin. What a beautiful post! As the lucky Mother of one of your nests, I can attest they are even lovelier in person. Your newest collection is super! And most of all the story behind the Shorebird nests touches my heart. You are such a nurturing person. Of course anyone who cares for the tiniest of babies would be that way. I can tell by holding your nests that so much love goes into each one. And I love hearing about the team you have assembled to help make your dreams come true. Good work friend! Lisa

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

OMG, your nest are just gorgeous.... and you are a very talented lady. I think it's wonderful of you to donate to this great cause!!! I love your blog and found it via Julie Marie at Idyllhours! Blessings~~~ Daphne

brandi said...

~you weave a magical life into each of these little nests...truly heartfelt you can feel as you express your l♥ve for creating and the reasons why...i am simply in awe at the moment...beautiful nest...none like no other! and the blue sea glass...lucky you to find those bits...we have only found insy winsy little bits of blue nad red! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Mosaic Magpie said...

Just came by to say Hi! and check on you.

Susan said...

Lovely post, lovely pictures,lovely nests! You are amazing. Susan

Unknown said...

i have my computer half back getting there your jewelled birds match the ones on my drawer handles and I loe your autumn nest I love the fall of leves and we dont have enough of that here in Aus so I have 7 maples in pots and in the ground to give me the color I desire. thnaks so much for sharing your beautiful photos

Anonymous said...

Wow...there is just so much to love in this post..the beautiful nests, the luscious photos of them...your sweet inspiring words..what a delight it all is! Your knitted nests are spectacular...I can't wait to see the new Fall line...:)

Anonymous said...

Hello Vicki,

What can I say but that your nests are a treat for the eyes as well as the soul. They are divine sculptures! I love the soft, romantic feel of the shore nests. For those who live next to the ocean, they are so perfect!!! I am looking forward to my green nests!! I love the woodsy, lush, voluptuous, and mossy feel they have to them. As if they have just been found from the forest's floor after a spring rain. ~ You have so been blessed with a talent, my fellow bird lover friend! Coming here to just "look" at the images you post if food for thy spirit and soul!

A beautiful day to you! ~ Next time you stop by ... please join up as a follower ... I would love to have you!

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Hello my sweetest shorebird nester, rescuer,kind hearted friend.
a wonderful post.
each nest is more beautiful then the previous.
Such a labor of love, your talent is amazing.
You must draw so much inspiration from the ocean side.

An admirable charity...
You have a good and kind heart.

Hugs and love to you and that precious gardener of yours.
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

sealaura said...

wow these are just gorgeous. I have never seen anything like this before. also thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I really appreciate them.

Nancy said...

I don't always post when I come to read your blog, but Vicki you are such a Inspiration!! I was very ill in Sept & Oct so umtil this evening I had missed the whole debut of the Gorgeous "Shorebird Nest". As a Crocheter and a Crafter I know how much work and thought goes into each individual piece. I am better now and we have made it down to our Fla home for the Winter, we are beach walkers too!! I just truly had such a beautiful evening catching up on your blog. Thank~you so very much for sharing your wonderful journey!!
Huggs, Nancy

myriamkreativ said...

My dear Vicki,
good girl - you finisehd all the shorebirds nest! What a bunch of work. I hope you will enjoy your time visiting your adorable grandchildren. Im sure you will be back witch an bunch of stories *lol*. We are all busy working here to finish all the chirstmas presis and I have a lot of orders for pre-made christmas books and other presents (my scraproom looks like after a hurricane) and there are only 45 days left *uuuargh*. But during the holidays we will enjoy the time during our "new old house" just doing nothing +giggle*. What are your planning? Will you be on your own the gardener and you? Ord will the house be bursting with family (even better...)? Enjoy your week and come back save and soon from your trips. Hugs and love Myriam

She Uses Her Words said...

I have just discovered your art through Dorthe's blog. The Shorebird nests are so beautiful. I looked on your Etsy shop and it looks like they're gone. I wish I would have found you sooner!
I'm a displaced Redondo Beach, CA girl who married a farmer in eastern WA. Those nests really struck a cord with me to say the least!
I love your work and have become a follower. God Bless! Karen