Monday, November 1, 2010

Autumn Prose (and Maddy picks another winner!)

Glorious and bittersweet is the month of October ~ the colors, the crispness in the air~ the surprise of warm days that pull you outside to enjoy the scenery and the scents. (mybabyjohn)

~the changing colors, the scent of wood burning in the fireplaces to keep folks warm on chilly nights. It's the time of pumpkins, and spices, hot drinks and reflection. (Flower Lady)

~the light and soft tones of nature, together with the strong reds and yellows from falling leaves, is gorgeous, and makes me feel so good. (Dorthe)

Fall means the temperatures are finally cooling. The sky turns a wonderful shade of blue. We can get out and walk, watching as the neighborhood decorations come out. (Snap)

Autumn!! ~my favorite season because of cooler temperatures, bursts of forest color, hot apple cider, and the smell of cinnamon in the air. (Poetess Wug)

What to say about Autumne~~ the smell of apple cider and cinnamon, fires in the hearth, apple pie, wool sweaters, leaves falling~~always takes my breath away. (Michelle Petite Louise)

The sun is warm, the air is crisp, the trees change color and harmony ~~ the squirrels get squirrelier every day! (Daph)

~~the color of the sky is such a clear blue in the fall ~ a different color than any other time of the year~~ (Mosiac Magpie)

~~ those misty autumn mornings ~ going out collecting acorns, chestnuts, and seed heads from the woods to create autumn displays. (LuluLiz)

What I like about October is the aroma, the falling leaves, the temperature, the falling chestnuts and acorns, ~ the wind, the first time you light your fire, the preparing of your garden to sleep, ~~ (Jacoba)

One of my most favorite things is the peaceful feeling it brings to me. I feel very close to God walking amongst the fallen Autumn leaves, watching an eagle soar that has migrated here for the upcoming winter. (Julie Marie)

~~red maple leaves, pumpkin pie, and time with family around the Thanksgiving table. (Kristen)

the rich colors of fall~~a brisk walk in the woods on a chilly day and the anticipation of a cozy wood fire waiting at home! (Fearless Nester)

Autumn is a cozy time of year~~ we all start snugging down for the winter. Warm cider, cold noses and fingers at football games, pumpkin pie, and falling leaves. (Canngil)

~~crisp mornings and warm gentle afternoons ~ pumpkins in fields of browning vines ~ visiting the cider mill and taking pictures of the changing leaves. (Her Art Nest)

These poetic words of prose are not mine - but yours. Comments from readers and followers of my blog, left in response to this Harvest Nest giveaway ~~ have touched me so, leaving a lasting impression of your hearts and souls. Every comment, every word , every thought - a picturesque description of your love for this season of change. I could not just leave them be - (just leaving them to sit there in the comment section of my blog) - and so I am sharing them with you all!

What do I love best about Autumn? The magic of the leaves changing colors ~ the hunt for the best view of the colors and the aha moment when the sun is behind a tree and lights up all the colors. It's magic! (Fuzzy Slippers)

Fall does have a way of holding our hearts at bay when we say goodbye to summer's sweet melodic songs.

~~I have only just begun to appreciate Autumn's splendor. I now reveal in the peaceful calm the days hold. Once the air was permeated with the sounds of bird, if one listens intently, you can hear the leaves trickling from the branches before quietly making their swaying decent to the ground. There is an ethereal hush to Mother Nature right now, before the cold and dark sets in~~ (Paula)

~the crisp mornings, the first frost, the first snowflake, the first hint of woodsmoke in the air. As a photographer, I find fall light is a gift. (A Scattering)
And the winner of the Harvest Nest giveaway - (as picked by Miss Maddy girl) - is Elaine Dale. Elaine's beautiful photography blog, A Scattering, is a visual paradise. Her love of the beauty of her Newfoundland homeland and the Canadian countryside where she now calls home is evident in her stunning photography. Please visit Elaine and all the wonderful bloggers that have been referenced in this tribute to Autumn.
~~ (these nests are certainly well traveled! the last nest contest winner was from Russia - and this little nest will travel to Canada! The last shorebird nest will soon be traveling to Australia! This Mama Knitter wants to go along with them!)
Those Harvest Nests will be next year's Limited Edition nest series and will be available mid-September. Please continue to leave your comments here regarding your love for Autumn and the bounty of the Harvest. When the nests debut next fall - once again - I will use your comments and your poetic prose in the posting, (linking to your own blogs - of course!) Thank you for sharing your thoughts so beautifully.
For me - Autumn is a time to slow down. A time to watch carefully as the outside world comes alive with color and beauty. A time of thanks - a remembrance of blessings and those we hold dear in our lives. I am grateful for each and every one of you~~


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Elaine Dale (that lucky duck). The photos of Maddy are delightful.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Congrats to the winner.

That was really sweet putting all of our autumn thoughts in your post.


Unknown said...

Au revoir sweet nest! Bonne Chance in Canada~ Lucky, lucky girl! :) sigh...

Dorthe said...

Congratulations to the happy winner :)

Dearest Vicki,
I`m so happy and proud, to have been invited into this beautifull post of yours,-with my little words of autumn,-thankyou, sweetie.
Your dear Maddy, is a sweetheart, and looking so pretty in her dress, among all the fantastic green/white/orange -gr├Žskar-(danish).
Your lovely idea, of posting some autumn thoughts, are so sweet,- love it Vicki.

Wishing you a wonderfull and thoughtfull autumn, dear.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Sherri said...

Congratulations Elaine! Enjoy your love nest!

PoetessWug said...

Congrats to Elaine!! It will have a good home...and will probably be photographed there too! :-)...And thank you so much, Vicki, for quoting me in this blog post alongside such wonderful bloggers and expressionists! I think it's the first time I was ever quoted like that. I like it!! ^_^ ...and by the way, Good Job Maddie Girl!!

Unknown said...

Elaine is a lucky woman! I have one of your spring nests and will absolutely be ordering one of your autumn ones next year. Autumn is my very favorite time of year. Crisp cool weather, beautiful trees, and you feel like you're just starting to cozy up for the winter.

Createology said...

Congratulations to Elaine.
Vicki your nests are exquisite and I look forward to your next series. Happy creating...

Deb said...

Congratulations to Elaine...she will enjoy receiving something special made by you, Vicki! And, of course, that Little Maddy is adorable in her autumn-y outfit and bonnet.

And how very special to include those autumn thoughts...they all were so poetic and beautiful. At first I had no idea they were words of your commenters! That was a perfect idea!

Nancy said...

Congratulations Elaine, you are truly blessed!!
This is such a beautiful post, I am so glad I got a chance to read it, and Maddy is just so adorable!! Enjoy this beautiful Autumn week!!
Huggs, Nancy

Jody Hammer said...

Congratulations, Elaine. You have won a thing of beauty!!!

Patty C. said...

Congrats to the winner
Beautiful photos !!!!!

Wildflowerhouse said...

Beautiful post as are your nests. Congrats to Elaine.

SuZeQ said...

Maddy. Maddy. Maddy. You are the jewel of Autumn. Congratulations, Elaine ... you're gonna love it!

Beedeebabee said...

Yay for Elaine...she's one very lucky girl! Beautiful post, and that little Maddy girl just steals my heart whenever I see her! xo Paulette

Silke Powers said...

Oh, congratulations to Elaine! She will LOVE your nest!! I know I love mine... Oh, and did you put me in the mood for autumn! Especially today, a most wonderful blustery day! I made a cup of tea and am visiting with my blog friends. Life is good!! Love, Silke

Linda M. said...

Beautiful pictures of your sweet little girl. Lovely autumn post.

Carole said...

Oh Vicki you've made me fall in love with Autumn even more with these images and words. I often think that my comments are better then my posts. This was such a great idea. There are some great writers in blogland for sure!

Subbota said...

I love autumn! Congratulations to the winner and hello from Russia from my beautiful nest to it's brother (sister?))) :))) Thanks for the link to wonderful pictures, I'm enjoying them!

Esme said...

Maddy is the sweetest little girl ever. Those pumpkins are almost larger than she is.

So your nests are really traveling nests.

xo E.

myriamkreativ said...

Congratulations to the happy winner!

My dear Vicki,
according to Miss Maddys dress the autumn doens`t seem to be to cold there at your side of the world *lol*. But I have to admit also here in Germany this year it is very warm and nice for november with about 15-19 degrees. Not to bad! I hope you enjoyed your travelling and that you now start to enjoy autumn. Hugs and love Myriam

Toyin O. said...

Congrats to Elaine. Happy Autumn.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Oh, all your pictures are as cheery and sweet as can be, Vicki. Happy hugs for a wonderful weekend! xxxx

Finding Joy said...

The cutest little girl around! Those are such wonderful photos. Maddy's outfit is so perfect for autumn.

Congratulations to the winner, I love the journey to find out the winner.

knitalatte said...

Oh my, Maddy is growing so quickly. Such a sweet little girl. Her outfit is perfect for your photo shoot/drawing.
I love all the fall colors. Congrats to Elaine...She will love her nest. Thanks for stopping by and Vicki, I always enjoy reading your comments. So sweet and encouraging. Keep on knitting=Joy, joy, joy...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Elaine! She will most defiantly cherish her autumn nest!

Vicki, what an incredible post! I savored my morning cup of tea while reading these colorful and soulful lines. The images glowed among each verse ... the combination is mouthwatering! I know this must have taken quite a log time to put together ... and it shows ... thank you!!!!

Wishing you a glorious day ... may you find much peace within your heart and contentment in your soul.

Bumpkin Hill said...

awww those have got to be the cutest photos of Maddy :) Catherine xx

Becky Shander said...

What a great idea to share the comments - I enjoyed reading them very much, thank you. And the photos of Maddy are so precious and I love how her cute outfit compliments the gorgeous surroundings.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, to say hi as well as for the sweet comments - I'm glad to have connected.

Drawn to The Sea said...

I bet Elaine is elated! Maddy's dear little face is so precious... pink & yellow are definitely her colors :-)

Happy day to you!

Lili said...

Wow those were the most beautiful quotes to go with all those sweet Maddy pictures. What a perfect post this made. Until you told us, I was thinking these were famous literary quotes! Beautiful! Congrats to the lucky winner of your gorgeous nest Vicki! xoxo ~Lili