Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quitter's Rock (and a give away for my Followers!)

Just about 30 minutes from Lake Louise is the spectacular wilderness area known as the Bow Valley. Named for the gently winding Bow River that flows through the center of the National Park - this incredible scenic area is hard to describe in just a few words~~


the entry to Banff National Park




Just below Banff is a magnificent region of lakes. A scenic driving loop allows you to visit all of the beautiful lakes- each of them within just a short distance of a few miles.

"~~we have driven the afternoon visiting one beautiful lake after another. Mountain goats freely roamed the hills and along the roads - we had to stop to allow them to cross the highway. The speed limit here is whatever speed the goats are walking~~"



"~~along the hillside we saw wild horses. We have seen almost every animal that I had hoped to see on this adventure - mountain goats, elk, deer, an eagle, wild horses, - if we see a bear I think we can say we have crossed all the animals off of our list!"

"~~the reflections of the mountains in beautiful Two Jack lake are amazing. The water is crystal clear and the snow topped peaks and clouds are shining like mirrors. I have never seen anything so magnificent~~"






Hang with me to the end of this post! There is going to be a give away later!!


"~~Johnson Lake is one of the smallest lakes in the valley. The setting is so serene - just looking over the treetops to see those snow covered mountains was incredible~~"

"~~Lake Minnewanka was still frozen. The largest of the lakes that we visited - it was so unexpected to see this lake still covered in ice when just around the corner the other lakes were splendid in their reflections of the towering mountains."




"~~while we were driving around- we happened upon an abandoned mining town that dated back to the turn of the century. We had a wonderful time walking around the historic setting - nestled in the valley below those mountains. The Gardener was quite excited to see the engine that ran the mining cars~ we walked all over that little valley, no surprise that we took about a hundred more pictures~ is there anyplace here that is NOT a Kodak moment?"





"~~after our morning hike we drove the scenic parkway down to the valley. We stopped all along the way to take photos of the mountains and valley shrouded in fog. We had to stop twice for elk along the road and on one of our stops we were able to see an eagle perched atop a pine tree - keeping watch over the valley below~~"

"~~we saw deer everywhere we looked. They could care less that we had stopped the car and got out to take photos . Clearly these deer are not afraid of people, they just stared at us~~"


(made this hat too!)

Keep going - you are almost there!

"~~in the afternoon we decided to hike the trail to Johnston Canyon. The Gardener was taking photos of mountain tops and I was keeping watch for BEARS!! He said, "so if we see a bear, I don't have to run fast - I just have to run faster than you - right?" I had a BEAR plan in place, just in case - if I saw a bear, I was going to throw him my bag of cheetos and the last bite of candy (that I would not let the Gardener eat - just in case we needed it for a bear escape) and then take off running. I am sure that this would give us plenty of time to make an escape - and I WOULD run faster than the Gardener!"

"~~ and then there was the hike to Castle Mountain Lookout. We maybe should have read the trail description a little more closely - especially the part that said steady elevation gain of 1500 feet in 2.6 miles - which translates to - straight up the mountain!!

"~~so up we went - and up - and up - and up - and up~~ almost 2 and a half hours of up and up~~I just kept thinking, any minute now it is going to level off~~"



"~~every time we passed a hiker going DOWN the trail I would give my best smile and ask "how far is it to the top?" The reply was always the same - "oh about 20 more minutes". We'd hike a little farther and meet another down ward hiker - same question - same answer "about 20 minutes or so". So up we would go - met another hiker going down the trail - I said," let me guess - 20 minutes to the top, right?" They just smiled and shook their head, yes, 20 minutes more~~"

" ~~and then we found this wonderful rock. The Gardener said it was the perfect place for our picnic. We had been saving our cranberry scones and orange marmelade for our treat when we reached the top of the trail. So we stopped even though it was only about 20 more minutes to the top! "

"~~I had worked up a sweat on the hike up and had stripped down to just my cami top - but when we stopped for our lunch, I almost froze and had to pull out all of my clothes in my back pack to try to get warm. I put on my down vest and 2 sweaters! The air at the top of that mountain was thin and cold!" ***Special note - the hiker who took this photo for us as he was going back down the mountain - assured us that it was just about 20 minutes to the top from here! ***

"~~so we found ourselves on that perfect little rock - we named it Picnic rock and we crawled up there and ate our scones and marmelade. We sat there on the side of that mountain and looked out over that magnificent valley below - we watched a train go by ( from here it looked like just a tiny little line across the valley) - we could see the Bow river as it wound back and forth, and the rapids - surrounding us all around were those snow covered mountains. I just don't have the words to describe that view as we sat there on that mountain side - hundreds of feet above the treetops~~ after we ate our scones, I told the Gardener that I had another name for our rock- "I want to call it Quitter's Rock", I said.~~"

the view from Quitter's Rock


(can you see the train down there? click on the photo to see it better!)


"~~stopping just 2o minutes (!!!) short of the top, we decided to head back down the mountain! We are such slackers!!~~"


"~~midway down the mountain we met another group of hikers heading UP the trail. "How much further?", they said. I just smiled really sweet and said - " oh, about 20 more minutes, give or take a little~~"


Thanks for hanging with me for Part 4 of our adventure in the Canadian Rockies - here is your reward~~

Somehow, over the last few weeks I reached a milestone that I never even imagined was possible in regards to my blog - 500 followers. I remember telling the Gardener, that I had set a little goal for myself and that someday I just hoped to reach maybe 50-100 followers - just enough so that I am blogging to someone out there - (not just my 2 sisters and my best friend Mary!)


I am so very grateful to have you all to be here with me - a part of my blogging family. If I could - I would want to thank you each personally. Your comments, your emails, your always being there - you truly mean the world to me.


So - to celebrate this milestone - a little give away for my very special followers - this Vera Bradley Weekender travel bag in the beautiful Poppy Fields design. Your comment is your entry - and if you wish - you can enter up to 3 times. Maddy girl will draw the winner on July 29 - I'll ask her to wear her "way cute" strawberry floppy hat that her Auntie Vickie just bought for her! Anyone who follows my blog is welcome to enter - this contest is my THANKS to you. Regardless of where you live - I will ship it to your home. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being here for me~~

I will be back soon with the last photo essay of our Canadian Rockies adventure. We will all travel to the top of the world - a trip on the Banff gondola - for some views that will be absolutely incredible. BUT first - a little break from all this travel~~


My next post will be about the Charity fundraiser that was recently held to benefit our local Ronald McDonald House. Some amazingly talented folks gave of their time and talents to help me with this most worthwhile cause - my next post will introduce you to my friends and highlight their beautiful creations that were donated to the silent auction~~



Helen Campbell said...

Your Canadian adventure has been a delight to follow, and your photography amazing! I think it was very wise to stop just "20 minutes" from the top.
Congratulations on reaching 500 followers! And thank you for hosting a give-away!

michelle said...

wow what an adventure vicky you and the gardener had!just fabulous!im gonna try my luck at another one of your beautiful Veras!thank you so much sweetie!big hugs michelle

Melissa said...

What absolutely gorgeous photos! Congrats on 500 followers and thanks for the chance to win! :) said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful vacation with us. I've enjoyed traveling along.

Patty C. said...

The photos are gorgeous - Thank you for the view !!!!

500 followers - That is a wonderful accomplishment - I can see why you have so many - Just after seeing all of those beautiful birds nests

I would love to be included in your Giveaway - The bag is lovely & poppies are one of my favorites !!!!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Vicki - all I can say is wow! Absolutely glorious and magnificent images. A breathtaking adventure indeed. We love to hike so would have been right there with you going up and up and up. How funny that it continued to be 20 minutes more to the top. We are leaving on the 29th for our own adventure -- 10 days in Nepal! I should have lots to share when we return. Have a fabulous Friday. Best wishes, Tammy

Gracey said...

Oh how I LOVE Vera Bradley! I would so love to win this! Like...there are no words to describe how much I'd love to win this! :D Congrats on 500 followers :)

Gracey said...

That picture of the deer is so beautiful :)

Gracey said...

It is absolutely beautiful there. From your pictures it looks like there isn't anyone for miles. It's so lovely. :)

just me said...

your pictures are so gorgeous, Canada is such beautiful country and so clean. Fun to see you on our side of the world :) Don't they have hot springs up there also? Big woohoo on all your followers:)

dat Bea said...

Wuh, this is amazing!
Georgeous photos, and all this just 20 min from the top lol.

Thanks for sharing.
And of course I would like Maddy girl pull my name out of the hat...

Can´t wait to see the other pics!

Have a good time

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Vicki, my husband and I have so enjoyed your wonderful and breathtaking photos of all the wonderful places you have been to and, to think it is Summer is mind boggling with frozen lakes.
You are reaching a few summits at the moment one of which is 500 followers and that is no surprise to me. I shall keep following if it is this much fun and thanks for sharing this part of your life with us - I'm staying tuned!!!
Hugs to you,

PoetessWug said...

Ohhhhh! How beautiful!!! And your photos were so great! I felt like I was 20 minutes from the top with you!! :-)) My anniversary is around the same time as your drawing for this gorgeous bag, so I'm definitely putting my comment here! :-) Have a good day!

myriamkreativ said...

Hi my dear Vicki,
thank you so much for sharing this wonderful photos. Some really look like "out of the world". It must have been a special pleasure to travel around there. Im sure you enjoyed it very much. Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs & kisses Myriam

Mosaic Magpie said...

Great photos and I am seeing less of you all the time! You visit the most beautiful places, thanks for taking us along. Yes you only have to out run someone else when it comes to bears!!!

Lesley said...

I've really been enjoying your pics of Canada. Congratulations on reaching a magnificent 500 followers And thank you for the giveaway. Blessings

Lesley said...

I've really been enjoying your pics of Canada. Congratulations on reaching a magnificent 500 followers And thank you for the giveaway. Blessings

Anonymous said...

Glorious shots as usual. No need to include me in the draw.

SuZeQ said...

Strawberry Floppy Hat is a must, indeed. I cannot wait to see your little angel wearing that hat.

I absolutely LOVE reading all about your vacations and seeing all of the magnificant sights. Your photos are beautiful, Vicki!

Oh - and by the way: you two are no quitters!!!

Super duper cool giveaway - thanks for the opportunity.

http://thankfullga447 said...

I am so happy that I signed up to your blog, your photos are beautiful and you can feel how fortunate you are to be able to do this.

Retired Knitter said...

You are living my dream vacation. My husband and I used to love those kinds of trips. Of course, now his eyes are failing and we will never again share that kind of adventure. It is one of the sad things of my life. Sharing your trip brings back such wonderful memories for me of past walking/hiking adventures. We didn't discover the joys of that kind of vacation until we were in our 50's but I treasure the few that we did take.

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.

Mom has had 2 hospitalizations since we talked last April. We are more tired to the house than ever now-a-days. Sorry to have missed you at Sheep and Wool. I sense we have a whole lot in common. Hoping for next year.

Retired Knitter

Vintage Sandy said...

Vicki... I have so enjoyed following you and The Gardener on your travels the pictures are beyond beautiful I feel I'm right there with you thanks for sharing them with us can't wait for the rest.
Your giveaway is so generous what a wonderful & talented lady you are!!

Gabriela said...

Dear Vicky,

we have to thank you! For allowing us to travel with you to so many beautiful places, which we may never see on our own....
Your blog is a true favorite, for all of its content, and for teh evidence of a life well lived!
Thank you and the Gardener too!

Joyful said...

Your fantastic photos of Lake Louise brought back wonderful memories of my own trip there. Though I did not hike the mountain like you intrepid pair I did so much enjoy the awesome beauty of this place. It makes me want to go back ;-) Congrats on reaching 500 followers!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures, I'm vacationing through my computer! Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful travel bag, poppies for me couldn't be more appropriate, I love them.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm vacationing also when I look at your beautiful pictures! The bag could not be more apppropriate, because I love poppies.

Erica said...

BEAUTIFUL photos! You are two lucky people who get to travel and see so much. We were in Wyoming in late May last year - your weather looks about the same as we had.

Shirley said...

Hi Vicki, We are so enjoying your wonderful trip. Even my hubby has looked at your beautiful pictures of your Canadian adventure. It is something we can only dream about with his health. It is so wonderful for you to share this with us. I am already looking forward to more. I would love to entry your giveaway. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

Wendy Taylor said...

Vicki - I ADORE following you and the Gardeners amazing adventures! I love living vicariously through you :-) Thanks for the amazing pictures and descriptions!
Tucson, Arizona

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

I have been enjoying your Canadian trip. Your photos are fabulous. I am afraid I would have stopped the first 20 minutes from the top.

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

I would love to be included in your give away. The poppy bag is gorgeous

Lululiz said...

Words fail me when I look at the photographs of that incredible scenery. Breathtakingly beautiful, I would never want to leave.

Lululiz said...

Darn, I got so caught up with the photographs, I forgot to congratulate you on your 500+ followers, what a milestone! So, CONGRATULATIONS!

nanny said...

I remember so many of these places from our trip. The one of you in the hat you made is where we spotted an eagles nest....a first for me. And oh the gondola ride was so breathtaking.
I'm Vickie also....just spelled differently. and now a follower...

sjmcdowell said...

Dear Vicki,

What a fantastic time you and the Gardener are having!!! Both of you look so happy and healthy!!! So glad the bears were somewhere else and not near you!!
I got a kick out of oh just 20 minutes to the top....ha ha ha I bet that was the longest 20 minutes the both of you ever experianced!
Well maybe this time I may be a winner of your fantastic Vera Bradley bag....I would need it when I go back to New Jersey again to see my family!!

Congratulations on "500" followers!!

Love and hugs dear friend,


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

So much fun! But I am all tuckered out after that climb. I need oh, about twenty minutes to catch my breath :>)
Big horned sheep! I am jealous!
Trip of a lifetime, Vicki.

Sandies' Patch said...

So, was that the only Black Bear you saw???

I got so cold just looking at the pictures but so, so, beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend.

Sandie xx

valee said...

valee Hi vick,what an adventure your so blessed to be able to share it with the gardener you are a great couple hope this finds you and yours well and happy, and i must say the bag would make me happy....hugs Val

valee said...

Hi vicki, What a mind blowing adventure you and the gardener have been on and the photos are fantastic, love your smiles they make me Happy . I must say the bag would make me happy too...hugs Val

La said...

I love the pictures that show the mountains's reflection in the lake. I am a long time follower.

La said...

I love Vera Bradley and have been longing for a weekender. Thank you for being so generous. Congrats on hitting 500 followers.

La said...

Be sure to stop over to my blog on Tuesday. I am celebrating my first blogiversary with a giveaway.

Have a great weekend!

Kristen said...

That looks like an AMAZING trip! (And a super-cute bag as well!)

Suztats said...

Your fantastic pics brought back fond memories of our trip to Lake Louise to visit our son and have a nice vacation. We went up to the glaciers and had a wonderful wintry walkabout in September in fog and snow. Wonderful!

Deb said...

Hi Vicki ~ I think you've succeeded in putting the idea of a trip to the Canadian Rockies in my mind to plan for a future special anniversary trip. All the scenes are just so pretty and where are all the people!? It looks like you and the Gardener had the place to yourselves. How very nice and relaxing....well, except for all the hiking!!! And..thinking about running from bears! I'd absolutely love to win the Vera!

Createology said...

...Oh about 20 minutes more to the top...
Great story and the photos are spectacular. Your trip was breathtaking and thank you for sharing.
I feel like I was a castaway on your travels as I have enjoyed your trip so much.
Fabulous give and thank you for including me.
Happy Summer to you...

Mystica said...

Coming from the tropics your journey was a photographic delight. Thanks for the pictures. Congratulations on the followers and thanks for the giveaway.

Sea Witch said...

It was so worth reading your post and admiring the lovely photos. I'm no quitter either and I would read "just another 20 minutes" if necessary to get to the giveway prize. Wow. I can fill that lovely bag with lots of knitting and spinning fiber on my own trips. Pic me Pic me. Sea Witch

SuZeQ said...

Congratulations on your 500 Followers. By now, you've probably gained a few more and I am not surprised. Your blog is delightful, as are your vacations. Lucky you!

knitalatte said...

Following you has been such a great experience and I love each and every one of your posts. I look forward to hearing what you and the Gardner are up to next.
Congrats on reaching the 500+ marker. The Canadian Rockies pictures are breath-taking. Hiking up to the top (whatever top) of the mountain is always rewarding. I'm glad you got to eat the scones with marmalade and not the bears!

Lori said...

500 followers awesome! It was a pleasure serving you two on your visit to the Canadian Rockies...much love from the Mountain Bistro in Bragg Creek...wish I could send you more saskatoon pie! LOL

SuZeQ said...

I've decided today is a good day to run away. Not sure why - just have the urge. Therefore ... I need an overnight bag.

Have a GREAT day!

Sheri said...

Every day when I take a break and "Blog" I check out your site to see the wonderful explorations that you and the Gardener take. I am once again newly married to a wonderful explorer and he too finds your trips wonderful, expecially the pictures! Thank you for sharing and I am hooked on your blog! Thank you, Sheri from St. Louis, MO

Sheri said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful explorations to us out her in cyber land! Everyday I take a break and look to see what lovely pictures you have shared with us! I am recently married again and my husband looks forward to experiencing your travels and the pictures too! Please continue and I am glad I am one of the followers.
Thanks again,
Sheri from St. Louis, MO

audrey said...

WOW, Vicki!!! Stunning photos. How blessed you are to be able to go to these places and see all the beauty out there. And how lucky are we that you take so many photos and post them so we feel like we've been there too!! ♥
I look forward to future posts!
You are so generous. I sure would welcome that pretty travel bag into my home!!! Congratulations on 500 followers, Vicki!!! Your blog is beautiful, interesting, and fun!! Cheers to you and 500 more!!
♥ audrey

yaya said...

So beautiful..this would be a trip my hubby would love because it looks cool and he hates the heat! That's why he loved Alaska...but seeing your pics makes me feel like I was hiking with you. Frankly, I would have turned back after the first 20min!

Sarah Lulu said...

Oh that fantastic scenery is so exactly what I want to see. A trip to Canada and Alaska is on my list!!
I want to see Lake Louise.
Oh and I'm in Australia ...too far to post anything ..but I just wanted to say ...thank you for the gorgeous photos which meant a lot to me down here!

Lois Evensen said...

Wow, more fabulous images! Thank you so much for sharing your travels with us.

Big hugs,

Susan said...

I am a new follower ( got here for the first of the Canadian Ricky pix)and my husband also is our gardiner (he raises day lillies). We are so looking forward to traveling, hopefully in 2012 - retirement time - and have put the CR on our MUST SEE list. Thanks so much for the incredible inspiration!

Deb said...

Hi Vicki ~ Since you said we could post 3 comments, I'm back again saying that I would love to carry a Vera on my next trip!

Guess what? Recently I met an almost 90-year old lady whose name was Vera! When she told me her name, I immediately thought of your Vera bags!!! I didn't tell her this though as she didn't look like she would know what I was talking about! LOL!

Deb said...

Hi Vicki ~ I had to stay home from church this morning so I'm here visiting your lovely blog instead. The pictures are definitely a view of God's handiwork and majesty. Thanks for showing us another part of the world that we may never see. It's all beautiful!

Gwen Newland said...

Love the pics! Congrats Vicki on reaching 500 followers, I hope you get 500 more!

Dorthe said...

Oh dear Vicki, every time I see photoes from your wonderful trips, I have to glip with my eyes, to fully understand, there can be something that beautiful, in that big land of yours- and this post is the same... fantastic beautiful experiences, sweet- and your condition must be great--taking that long walk- up,up- the hill.
I ofcourse would love to win that gorgeus bag- and congratulate you with your 500- that is wonderful,Vicki.
Big hugs-Dorthe

Caprice said...

You, my dear, missed your calling! You should have been a writer! I love looking at your beautiful pictures and am amazed at all the places you go and all the things you do! I could never climb a mountain! Congrats on your achievement! I would have been here all along anyway!

sekindall said...


What a wonderful trip! The pictures are incredibly beautful. Congratulations on reaching your goal and such an amazing milestone. Thanyou for acting as a cyber guide to the beautiful country of the Canadian Rockies. Sharon

audrey said...

Well, because you are the sweet generous lady that you are, this is my 2nd chance comment. I love poppies! That travel bag would look great on my arm.
♥♥♥ audrey

Jenny said...

Hi, Vicki! I wandered over to your blog from The Feathered Nest .

I didn't know you were having a give away! Congrats on your 500+ followers! I hope I win the Vera bag; that would be exciting!

I love, LOVE your mountain top photos, and the "20 minutes" part made me laugh. I look forward to reading your past posts!

Jenny at The Modest Peacock

Jenny said...

Thanks for returning the visit! I hope you'll come back again later- I usually post much more cheerful entries. :) I have been showing off the photos of your beautiful nests to everyone I know! SO PRETTY! I want a beach one sooo bad! One of these days I'll shoot you an email and beg to purchase one. :)
Have a great week and weekend!

gigi knits said...

What a gorgeous place to visit.Congrats on 500 followers its us followers who should be thanking you. Yours is a special blog & always love visiting you!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Thank you for taking us on your travels; Lake Louise and Banff are two places I've always wanted to visit, now I have. Sort of. -grin-
Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity to win.
Now. Go have more fun!

Sue said...

You have had anamazing journey and such breathtakingly beautiful scenery. I really want to go too! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

Vicki, what an adventure! I swooned when I came upon the photo of the wild horses!! OH, I would have never left that place!! I would have set camp right there and never left!!!! I also loved the photo with the beautiful rams! Oh, to have seen them in person would have been breathtaking.

A hardy congratulations to you on gathering 500 followers! You have taken us all on some fabulous tours and getaways and allowed us into your gifted life. I am so very fortunate to have met you! :)) Wishing you and the Gardner a very Happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Thank you for hosting yet another fabulous giveaway! Perhaps, if I am lucky, this Vera bag will send me off on my very own travel adventure extraordinaire!

francis said...

I love to take a chance all the way from Holland . Please join me I have a SURPRISE-give-away on my blog ... five days to go ....
Because I have 100 followers and I am one year blogging .....
Happy weekend for you

Caprice said...

Well, congrats on the new venture! I told you, you should have been a writer! You know that travel bag would be perfect for me to go back and forth to Florida with!

Jenny said...

I just read this post to my husband and he enjoyed the '20 minutes' part too. :) I told him he should take me to the Canadian Rockies. He said "But you'll spend money there." "How can I spend money?" I said, "It's in the middle of nature!" He thought for a minute and finally said... "I bet you could find a way." LOL :)

audrey said...

Ok, I'm not going to pass up this chance. Here is my 3rd and final chance comment.
I LOVE THIS VERA B. BAG! I want to fill it up and take it on a trip. (:
By the way, Vicki, you are going to be one busy lady ~ traveling, writing travel articles, making nests, and all the other things you do on a daily basis. You must have a lot of energy, my friend. That is great!!! From the smile on your face in all the photos, I would say you are glowing with happiness.
♥ audrey

Marilyn said...

Vicky, Thank you for your great words about our wonderful country, Canada. We just came back from a visit to The Rockies and it was awesome. I have a lot of the same photos, only with a little less snow.

Marilyn said...

Now that you have seen The Rockies and enjoyed it so much, you may wish to consider a visit to the east coast of Canada if you have not been there. I would especially encourage you to visit Newfoundland where the people, the scenery and the culture are like no where else!
Thank you for hosting a give-away.

Linda H said...

So glad you enjoyed some of our Canadian beauty!! Next you'll have to come to Canada's EAST coast!! Congrats on reaching 500 followers! And Thanks for holding such a great giveaway!

Klik said...

Thanks for chance :)
An active link is on left side bar here

She Uses Her Words said...

What an amazing trip! I wouldn't ever want to leave! So beautiful! And congratulations on reaching 500 followers! And I love the giveaway.
Take Care, Karen

Lili said...

This was so much fun to read Vicki! And I love that you can be stripped down to a cami surrounded by frozen lakes and snow capped mountains. That is quite a climb and I love your new name for that spot! The 20 minute game sounds like such a fun devilish thing to join in on the way down the trail! xoxo ~Lili

Sharon Huffman said...

I just found your blog and am now stalker #525 (hey that has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?) What a fun place this will be to read all about your continued adventures!

Sharon Huffman said...

I love how you're able to make it up that far, then stay cheerful as you start back down before reaching the top!

Sharon Huffman said...

It looks like you two were having a blast! Thanks so much for sharing your joy and the beautiful scenery!

Shelley said...

Congrats on 500 followers!

seashell210 at gmail dot com

Shelley said...

Love your photos..looks like it was a fun trip!

seashell210 at gmail dot com

Shelley said...

Love Vera Bradley...thanks for the chance to win! :)

seashell210 at gmail dot com

~CC Catherine said...

Vicki, I'm going to Canada for my FIRST time on 7/27 to see a dear blogger and 4 others that are making the flight to her place for a week filled with BLOGGING junkets! :) Your pics are super...and so is the Give Away. I've become a follower, so I'll be back more often to visit again! I want to check out your Etsy Shop now. :)

Laura S Reading said...

I started this visit with the 2011 WBC post but your storytelling and beautiful photos and wonderfully creative nests have drawn me in.
Where is that follow button?

Kay S said...

Gorgeous photos! I've always wanted to go to Banff! Thanks for the mini-trip through your gorgeous photos! Congrats on 500 followers! That is quite an accomplishment!

A Scattering said...

Wonderful post of course Vicki - it's no wonder that you're now a budding travel columnist. Love the simplicity of the shot of the suitcases and that gorgeous Vera Bradley bag.

Too funny - the word verification I got was misamed. Did I?! What med?!

Have a great day. Elaine

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Vicki,
Can you believe I'm just now catching up with you...where has the summer gone. I see you have been one very busy girl. What a wonderful trip, with all the beauty around you. Your photo's are amazing! I love to see vacation photo's.
Please drop my name into the hat, maybe Maddy-Girl will pick my name..
Have a sweet day and now I must go back and look at your photo's again,
Big hugs, Elizabeth

jamiewhitewyatt said...

Congrats on your followers! Would love to travel with your giveaway bag! Good luck everyone!