Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Letters from Africa" -- A Charitable Opportunity and A Giveaway!

"You have not truly lived
       until you have done something for someone 
                     who can never repay you~"
                               John Bunyon 

The hustle and bustle of my "way too busy" days
 did not include 
a charity project at this time in my life--
but God had other plans~

  Across the miles,
across the waters,
across the winds that blow from 
far away places~
a letter came.

"Dear Vicki,
I have found your name and contact from your blog "2 Bags Full." My name is Josephine from Kampala Uganda.  I am a social worker working with children who are vulnerable and disadvantaged between the ages of 6-18 years.  The children are victims of physical and sexual abuse, children of young mothers and are living or affected with HIV and AIDS."


"Vicki, I have seen that you have really traveled the world and your love of knitting; I hope that one day you come to Uganda and get to see this other side of the world. This may not be your field but I want to draw your attention to it. The children do knitting as a therapy and income generation to enable facilitation of their welfare and education."

"Our good work needs feasibility, the world needs to know us so that they can know what we do-- but with limited exposure we are not able. I am kindly asking that you become my friend to enable share experiences, ideas and thoughts together.
Hoping to hear from you,"

Thank you for your email-- I am intrigued by your work with the children. I took some time this morning to look at the website for your agency and to read about the programs and support that you provide.

Perhaps I might could help--
I have some questions--
What type of items do the children knit?
Are these items sold to raise funds to support your agency?
Where do you get your yarns and knitting supplies?
Let's start with answers to these questions and then go from there--

I have great respect for anyone who devotes their career to trying to make
life better for children-- and I can appreciate the many obstacles that you must overcome.
In my private life-- I also do volunteer work for the court system as an advocate for abused and neglected children- I have been a children's advocate for about 12 years now-- it has truly changed my life.

I look forward to hearing from you--


"Dear Vicki,

Thank you so much for appreciating my modest contribution towards addressing the plight of the vulnerable and disadvantaged children. You have greatly inspired me and my work.

I answer the questions:
The children knit scarfs, sweaters, table cloths, table mats and
door mats - are made out of sisal but they also make paper bead jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, and ear rings and do weave baskets.

Yes, the items are sold to support the work of the agency because we do not have any out side funding. Yet we are supposed to provide an education to the children, medical care, feeding, upkeep and welfare to house and keep those that are under going counseling and psycho social support. The child young mothers must have an alternative to formal education in form of vocational skills training has to be given at the same time taking care of their little ones. Its a lot of work that goes around in rehabilitating these children.

We buy yarns from the Indian shops in town and we also use threads for most of our items.

Vicki, I do not complain at all for as long as I am serving to see that children that are not as fortunate are redeemed emotionally, physically and psychologically economically.

Cases of children in the court system isn't safe and private for children here as in many instances a defiler will walk free because a child was not able enough to look into his face and say he was the one and the discrimination and the stigma it brings is unbearable for the child. Without these homes a child will be pushed away by family because she/he reported someone most times a relative who abused. When we avail ourselves children feel safe and secure because protection, care and love is given that has been missing.

Looking forward to hear from you."



I'm not sure what would be the best way for me to help-- I'd really love to send supplies for the crafts-- I am including a link to a company that might be able to ship the goods to you.

Yes, I can pick up the goods if they are sent as long as I can pay all the dues related to the goods. For sure everything is welcome inclusive the yarns. Like I said earlier, our organization looks after children and any help be it supplies, yarns, will help a great deal in rejuvenating the children's lives. I have attached the lists of all items that you can purchase and could help the children both at home and at school. I have looked at the link and I think its just perfect.

 I am enclosing a list of supplies that the children need for school and also a list of items that they can use for their crafts.  We have been selling locally in the Juakali markets once every week -- we follow the market wherever it is put."
1.       School Bags
12. Rubbers or erasers
2.       Books
13. scissors
3.       Crayons
14. Glue stickers
4.       Pens, pencils
15. Pencil sharpeners
5.       Colored pencils
16. Drawing or art books
6.       Calculators
17. Note Books
7.       Mathematical sets
18. Pencil cases
8.       Rulers
19. Stickers
9.       Reading books  ( 6-12)
20. Art books
10.   Novels
21. art pencils
11.   staplers
22. Self Help books

Other Items:
1.       Clothes
2.       Dolls
3.       shoes
4.       Vaseline
5.       Panties
6.       Roll on
7.       Rain coats
8.       Bras
9.       Soap
10.   Play and fun Items for children
11.   Tooth paste
12.   Sandals
13.   Tooth Brushes
14.   Shoe polish
15.   Stockings
 sanitary pads

Items Needed for Craft:
Materials - lace, buttons, threads
craft embellishments
Tapestry Book patterns
Embroidery rings
Plain materials
Beads ( different colors)
embroidery floss
cross stitch books
Do It Yourself art books

I do have a few questions-- my readers will probably want to know--
1. Do you receive any funds from international support agencies?
2. If not-- why?

I've written to the cargo company and am in the process of working out the details for the transport of goods to you. Nick and Joseph have been most kind to me and will assist me in getting the supplies to you.  I'll get back to you the minute I have all the details finalized-


"Dear Vicki,
Thank you very much for the email.

I am happy that you are making all possible effort to find support for our children's project. To answer your question about outside support for our children--

Well, our children's project has never received funding from any organization as such, however, we have been receiving small donations from individuals within and proceeds from sales of crafts. So far the modest support we have received for the children's support has only been able to partially provide for tuition and scholastic needs. However, at the moment the children's project is in dire need of funding to cater for children school requirements and Adolescent reproductive health issues among others.

CHILD has received conditional money (USD 900) for its water and sanitation project from Friendly Water for the World which has enabled us produce BioSand water filters that will be distributed to schools and some households. So far 27 filters have been produced and these are projected to impact close to 1500 persons especially children below five years that are hugely affected by waterborne diseases.
Also --  I wrote to the cargo people and they have replied.  I don't have to pay tax when I receive the things here in Kampala. I think we can go ahead with all the plans."



 The Organizational website for CHILD 
can be found here

I didn't write last night because I stayed up late or actually morning! I went for an overnight prayer which starts at 8pm - 6am. Actually I am seeing your email that says say a prayer indeed I am praying for all this to happen. Do you also have over night prayers? I am a believer and a social worker! I am already very excited about the project! I have dedicated it to the Lord and I am saying a prayer everyday."
When I read that you had started working on the photos for the blog, I was over joyed.  But I am also equally anxious as I think deeply about the reception that it will receive.  This is so very important for the children and for their needs.  I am happy to hear that your knitted wrap is finished.  I trust that it is very beautiful!"

 "Dear Vicki-
The biggest challenge remains having all children taken and sponsored at school. Children that do not have an opportunity yet get frustrated and develop behavioral problems which if not dealt with cause harm; children throw tantrums or even escape from the center. Also in the intervention package; when we receive the children we carryout Family tracing, do family reintegration and reunification on top of all other programs. In cases where children have no family a foster family is identified and a child is placed. But we are mandated to stay with the children until when we find a family for them. When placed in families, we continue to support them as those very families are poverty stricken. Actually in our research it shows that family empowerment programs are needed.

We add sanitary pads for the girls to the list; this is another area that we are finding difficult in dealing with. The pads are very expensive to buy every month. If we had funds we were thinking of initiating a project that will be engaging the girls themselves in the making of these reusable pads. The outer lining which is normal cloth material is purchased locally. So in a way we pack 8 pieces and include 3 panties, a piece of soap. This lasts a girl for more than 4 months. This is far cheaper than the ones sold in stores.

We haven’t received any church missions as yet and none has helped us; our visibility internationally is very low although we work closely with all the local government and faith authorities on the ground. We would welcome church missions at the project. Please go ahead and include my email address (nssali78@gmail.com) in the post so that people can directly contact me if they so wish."

After what seems like such a long time, in actuality, a couple of months, I finally have all the plans in place for a charitable blog project that I hope will bring help to your beautiful children. Soon, I will share this project with my wonderful blog readers. You and I will pray that they will be moved to help us in this most precious charitable cause. Please remember this project in your prayers as we go forward with this mission -- I send love to you and your children -- so very far away-- on the other side of the world. 

Dear Vicki,
"I am getting very excited that the days are getting closer for your blog post. The entire home is both fasting and praying for the success of this project. I can tell you that everybody is so very excited. I have been in the village -- when it starts to rain we go there to plant food. We have been able to plant some cassva and maize, these help a little with feeding the children. 

I cannot stop thanking you for all the effort and time you have given to this project.  May God bless you and your readers abundantly.

Much love!"

"The smallest act of kindness 
             is worth more than the grandest intention" ~
                                                                                           Oscar Wilde

You are all invited to join me in sending a little bit of love in the form of supplies to Josephine and her children.  If you would like to touch the life of a child, please consider joining me in this mission. (In doing so you will have the opportunity to win some really great prizes!)

The plan-- 
1. Please consider sending a $5.00 Walmart gift card to my designated address.  The smallest denomination for preloaded cards is $10 -- but you can buy a blank card and ask the cashier to load it in the amount of $5.  The gift cards will be mailed to my friend Sue Kosec.  Sue lives in Texas, not far from the port where the supplies will be loaded and then shipped to Uganda.  Sue and her husband will take your gift cards and purchase the needed supplies --using the list that Josephine sent to me (as is noted above.)

They say it "takes a village" and I absolutely could not do this project without you and without my friend Sue.  Thankfully my dear friend and her husband will purchase the needed supplies at a local level and box them up for delivery to the port. I am so very grateful for their help and support -- xoxo. You can visit Sue at her new blog here

2.  The cost to ship the supplies to Uganda is quite expensive. While I am willing to bear this cost myself, if you would like to consider sending a $1 donation for the purpose of helping with shipping costs, I would be ever so grateful. (xoxo)
You can tuck it into the envelope when you mail the gift card, or you can send it all by itself.  (While I am not comfortable in asking my blog readers to donate large sums of money to any cause, I hope you will allow me to ask for your $1 donations and also the $5 gift cards.)

3.  Using the list of needed craft items (as noted above) you may fill a large envelope or small box with some unwanted or unused items from your own craft supplies.  Extra buttons, threads, small bits of fabric, yarn,.... may be sent to the designated address.  In turn, I will package your items together and send them to Sue.  She will include them with the purchased supplies when being sent to the children.  Please refer to the list above when preparing your craft items for donation.  If you wish -- you may add a $1 donation to your craft envelope (to help with the cost of shipping supplies to Uganda) -- this will earn you an additional entry into the drawing for prizes.

4.  Please consider posting about this charity project on your own blog or  your Facebook page.   **This project will run from today until December 1.**  In the large scheme of things, that is not a long time. Please help me spread the word so that we can maximize this effort to send supplies to the children. After December 15, I will be sending the gift cards and craft items to Sue for packaging and delivery to the port. My goal is that Josephine will receive these needed supplies sometime after the first of the year.
Any of the above considerations 
will enter you into the contest to win
the prizes --(listed below).  
If your church or ladies group wishes
to participate, please send a list
of all the names when you send your donation.
I will personally add every single name to the drawing for prizes.  

This opportunity is open to everyone-
regardless of where you live.
If you would like to make a
$1.00 or $5.00 donation
instead of shipping items or gift cards
 you may do so 
by sending the donation
to my paypal account --
the address is

You may enter as many ways listed above
as you wish. 
Each donation will earn you an 
entry into the drawing for
If you share this charitable project on your
blog or Facebook page,
please leave me a comment here
that you have done so.
I would be SO very grateful if you could share this
with your friends.

 Please send your donated gift cards
(and $1 donations) to:
Josephine's Children
311 West Main Street
Grayson, Ky

Please send your craft supply donations to:
Josephine's Children
c/o Sue Kosec
2525 Hwy 360 #1532
Euless, Tx
(all items and donations must be received by December 15, 2014.)

Introducing my
knitted wrap collection~

"Colors of Africa"
Tapestry knitted wrap

this beautiful wrap
was created especially for this 
charitable project.

The proceeds from the sale of this wrap
will be applied towards the 
 cost to send the supplies 
to Uganda. 

this is a
"one of a kind" design
which will not be repeated again.
there will be other wraps 
in this beautiful
"Tapestry" series
coming later this year~
you can see this wrap here
in my ETSY shop

My gifts to you~  

 this beautiful
"African Dreams" necklace
was created by my talented friend, Marsha
specially for this charitable project.

 Kindle Fire 
8GB (wi-fi)
(thank you Amazon for your amazing generosity)
and support of this charitable cause!

 this beautiful Vera Bradley "Abby" purse
in the design
"Safari Sunset" 

 this Vera Bradley satchel bag
also in the design
"Safari Sunset" 
Winners will be announced
on December 15, 2014
and will be listed here in this blog post. 
12/15/14 --- UPDATE 
necklace --- Alice Sheridan
Kindle Fire--- Linda Stepssond
Vera Bradley "Abby" purse---Rose Cluett
Vera Bradley "Satchel" bag--- Sandra Bennett

"I used to pray that God
would feed the hungry, 
or do this or that,
 but now I pray that he will guide me
to do whatever
 I am supposed to do,
 what I can do.

I used to pray for answers,
 but now I'm praying for strength. 
I used to believe that prayer changes things,
but now I know that prayer changes us,
and we change things." 
Mother Teresa


Please join me in supporting Josephine 
and her children 
in this small,
 but powerful mission 
to make a difference~


ps --
I am going to take a little blog break for a few weeks.  I will be back to you in early October.  I have several projects that I want to finish and also many things that will keep me busy for a little while.  When I return in October, I will have something beautiful to share with you.  Until then, you can find me at my email --
vboster1@windstream.net.  Have a wonderful rest of the summer -- make every day special in some small way. 


LaceLady said...

God's very rich blessings to you! Thank you ~ from the bottom of my humbled and grateful heart ~ for this beautiful post, and opportunities.

maggiegracecreates said...

i have shared this on my facebook wall - and i will be packaging a yarn purge and sending it to you - i bought this yarn for a project a long time ago and i now know i will never get to the project - so it is brand new packaged yarn. i'll be adding a few bits as well and a donation for shipping and purchasing. have a beautiful day.

and the wrap is amazing --

liniecat said...

What a wonderful project Vicki.
I'm in UK so it would make sense for me to send a donation so that you might obtain a Walmart card on my behalf, or use the cash as most appropriate.
I could send to your email I believe via paypal if you two are a member of it?

Jane Jones said...

Could you please share the organization's website with us your readers? I am intrigued by your project and will participate but I would also like to take your project to the knitting and spinning projects I belong to. I anticipate that they may want to do research into the organization. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Terry said...


I am so in on this project! I will do all of the parts of your plan, but I do not wish to be entered into the chance to win any of those gorgeous items. All of those items are wonderful, but I am choosing to give without receiving.

I would like to send your post to the teacher in my school in charge of our student council. She may be interested in having the students help by doing some sort of fundraiser. I will email you with any questions or information I may receive from her.

I will pray for abundant success for this beautiful project.


Silke Powers said...

Oh, Vicki,

My heart goes out to Josephine and these beautiful children! And to you for organizing this. I will definitely send something and also share this on my blog and on Facebook.

You are such an inspiration!

Lots of love,


Jan Yost said...

God bless you for hearing His calls. You are His hands here on earth. Jan

Tanya said...


audrey said...

You are an Angel and most certainly God will bless you with riches one day. I will definitely participate in this project. I have a feeling that your beautiful presentation is going to bring in far more that you would ever expect.
I sponsored a little boy in Guatemala for many years. It was very rewarding in many ways. This, too, will be rewarding.
Thank you for all the time you took putting this lovely post together and thank you for reaching out to us for help.
Audrey xo


My goodness, I'm moved beyond words by the plight of this woman and her precious community of suffering children. I will definitely share on my blog and Facebook, and send donations. I have a feeling that the outpouring of support will be tremendous.

And your wrap, absolutely wonderful, some of the most beautiful handwork I have ever seen.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Here you go again on a wonderful adventure and I am happily hanging on to your coattails! Indeed I will spread the word and I am already thinking of all the extra supplies that I can send. The Mother Teresa quote at the end of the post...so touching and true.

gigi knits said...

Vickie. You know you can count me in with donation and seding yarn. We have know idea here in America how much we take for granted . God bless you & your family .

sjmcdowell said...

Dearest Vicki...I have immediately "shared" your "Letters from Africa" Post, onto my Facebook timeline. I want to help very much. God Bless you for bringing this message of need out in the open where we can all take part in bringing a better quality of life for these dear children and for the people who take care of them everyday. God has this and through people like you, will move the mountains!! xoxo

Sandi said...

Hi Vicki,
I shared and sent you some money via paypal. God bless you for doing this!!!

Sandi said...

PS I echo the sentiment of someone else...I don't enter this for gifts so you can leave my name out of the drawing also. I pray these kids can have a better life!!!

Esme said...

Count me in. Your generosity never fails to amaze me. Vicki will now be on the mouths of children in Uganda-you are going to crash the paypal site.


Joyful said...

Hi Vicky, I am delighted that Josephine has made contact with you via the mutual love of knitting.
I'm happy too that you are helping to bring visibility to her cause and the plight of the children. I will indeed be checking out the website.

I too help in different countries in Africa, mostly in Kenya. I've always found it much cheaper to send funds for the purchase of materials locally whenever possible though I know the people there are also excited to receive things from afar.

God bless you for the work you are doing to help these wonderful children in Uganda. I pray your efforts bear much fruit for them and for the Kingdom. I also pray you have a wonderful time away from your blog completing projects that you need to finish. Big hugs. xx

Suztats said...

Vicki, I am so happy to be able to play a tiny part in your new adventure. Please use my small contribution in whatever manner you see fit.
I would also like not to be entered into the draw, even though your wrap is so beautiful!
Bless you for all you do!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Dear Vicki,

You are once again facilitating efforts for such a wonderful cause. Your tireless work for those less fortunate or suffering is so inspiring. I will definitely share on my blog.

Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

Penny said...

Dear Vicki, I follow your blog with interest, so admire your many talents, and am happy for your happiness in this your passion. I hope your family is well. God's blessings on you and yours, and Josephine and the children. I will share on FB and donate thru PayPal. Also, remove me from the drawing, I wish to just give. Love to you, Penny OJ.

Createology said...

Drat! I hate the reason and need for this charitable post and of course I shall help. It seems odd that we should receive gifts for doing what needs to be done. I will be sending along...
Bless You Dear and Josephine and all the little children.

kathyinozarks said...

Vicki you are one of God's angels-I will post on facebook, and will donate through paypal and also go through my stash of yarns Eliminate me as well from the drawing

My Garden Diaries said...

You amaze me......I am at a loss for words right now. I am in! Spreading the word shortly! God bless you and God bless Josephine and those children....Nicole xoxo

Quinn said...

I'm so glad Josephine reached out to you, Vicki. I'll be very glad to contribute, thanks for making it so easy to help a tiny bit. I know you're putting a lot of time and effort into coordinating this, and as always, I am awed by your kindness AND your follow-through-edness!

Mereknits said...

Vicki, you are amazing in so many ways and now you have added to the list. This post did not pop up on my blog reading list for some reason, I am wondering if others missed it too. I found it re-posted on several other blogs I read. I will post about this great cause today or tomorrow and you will be receiving a box from me very soon.
You are the best,

RedSetter said...

Goodness Vicki, this is a lovely thing to do and please count me in.

I've sent some money via paypal as a donation and for the shipping fees. Will also look out some items to send too.

God Bless you and your magnificent heart.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I've just posted about this wonderful initiative on my blog, and like others, please don't include my name in the drawing. I will try to figure out how to do the email/paypal thing too.

Fat Dormouse said...

Lovely generous Vicki! You are such a giving person. Thank you for prompting us all to join hands with you... I have posted this on my blog (http://fatdormouse.wordpress.com/2014/08/26/i-know-that-prayer-changes-us-and-we-change-things/) and will try to get a small package of unwanted craft items to send to you as well.

I want to say please don't enter me in the draw - but I'm afraid I'm not *that* altruistic...and the items you are offering are so wonderful I can't resist the possibility... Sigh. I still have a way to go, don't I?!

Eugenia Maru http://lulurulitos.blogspot.com said...

Maravilloso proyecto de ayuda para los niños de Uganda. Ya veo que tu generosidad no tiene límites.
Espero no llegar tarde esta vez y mandarle suministros para artesanías antes de diciembre.
Un abrazo grande querida Vicki.

Lady of the Manor said...

This is truly a wonderful project!! I'll be sending some help your way and sharing this post on my blog soon. I know God will bless this effort and help these children!!

Julia said...

Dear Vicki, thanks for coming over my blog and gently remind me of your selfless mercy mission for Josephine and her precious children.

I had read your post on the day you posted and I was too busy to comment at the time and I totally forgot.

I don't have Pay-Pal set up and never used it however I'll be sending a package of small items through the snail mail so you can count me in.

I'll email you for your mailing address.
God bless your generous heart.

Tammy said...

Hello Victoria, I thought I had sent a comment here before but I don't exactly remember. I sold the portrait of Swabra the name of the girl I painted. Josephine told me her name and I am pleased to be able to make a donation in her honor for Josephine's children. I will do it on paypal. I hope to do it again sometime during my series of faces. No need to include me in the drawing. Blessings to you and all who help the children.

Julia said...

Vicki, I've posted your link on my blog post along with a few photos and briefly explain Josephine's mission of gathering supplies for the children. I've directed them to go read more about it on your blog. I hope that some will open their heart to this cause.


Debby said...

I would love to help. I will email you.

Beedeebabee said...

Sweet Vicki...Of course I will help with this wonderful project. Bless you and Josephine and all those beautiful children. You're so generous and your prizes are lovely, but please exclude me from the drawing as well. Much love to you sweet friend. xoxo

myriamkreativ said...

Hi my sweet friend,
what a wonderful project. I hope a lot of kind persons will share. Hugs & kisses

allthingzsewn said...

Thank you for the chance to reach out to help others through Christ.

Seawashed said...

Vicki you have such a beautiful tender heart. It touches my heart to read this post and see the children. I have always had a heart for Africa. I studied health and nutrition in college with the intent to go there. I was stationed with the Peace Corps for Ghana after I received my BA. But I never got to go. I was newly married and a few months before leaving for Africa we found out that I was pregnant with out first child. Needless to say, I dreamed of Africa becoming my home one day. Thank you for taking the time to provide for Josephine and the children. I am going to give to your PayPal. I truly just want to give so please do not enter my name into the giveaway. I am going to share on my blog too. Though I am on a blog break but I will let you know when I do. I do not have FB but can share on Instagram. Bless you in your act of kindness and prayers for all. Love, Kerrie

Hetty said...

What a wonderful blog post and I will decide how to help the best way I can. Wonderful project and as a lifelong (50 yrs!) I am glad you are giving it attention. hetty@stonehouseworkshop.com

val said...

it is amazing how God chooses to use His people. With you, it is through your gift of words....such a wordsmith, my dear....and a huge beautiful heart. I'll gladly send to both addresses. Such a small thing to do and yet a great impact.

suziqu's thread works said...

Dearest Vicki
My heart goes out to Josephine, the children and families and also to you for wanting to give a part of yourself again in a big way to improve the quality of these little ones lives.
I know I've been absent for some time Vicki due to an injury but I'm back almost better and I want to be part of your new journey too.
I will pay a donation into PayPal
and use as you wish and I will put together a parcel and send to Sue.
You are such a beautiful soul to take this on and we are the ones who benefit. I so love the saying by Mother Teresa.
I think of you and your loving heart so often when I pass my beautiful nest in my studio sweetie. I hope Alicia is doing OK!
Sending much love and hugs,

Julie Marie said...

Oh Vicki... the tears are just streaming down my face... I did not see this post at the time as I had stopped blogging for several months... I am not able to do alot, but am sending you a small donation to your paypal account right now... love you sweet friend, and prayers for the little children... xoxo... Julie Marie

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I thought I'd commented but, lacking even basic smart computer skills...wonderful project and so very YOU, Vicki. Thanks for honchoing and letting us participate.

Julie Marie said...

Congratulations to your winners dear Vicki... and bless you for your kind heart... I have been looking at these little children and hoping they are enjoying their little gifts and crafts... these posts touch my heart so... you are an angel!... Merry Christmas to you and your family dear friend... much love, xoxo... Julie Marie

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Hello Vicki - how wonderful, thank you so very much! It was all joy to participate in your latest charitable opportunity and I hope the children and their keepers are as blessed as we are in that participation. The bag is beautiful...I hope to use in good health and, certainly, happiness. Each time I do, you'll be tucked into prayer. God bless you and the Mr.

Sue Kosec said...

Congratulations on your winnings, Ladies. Yes, you have won, but the true winners are Josephine's Children. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your contributions to such a worthwhile endeavor. You will be blessed!


Quinn said...

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks again to Vicki for inviting us all to participate in this endeavor!

Nonna Rose said...

Dear Vicki, I just found your blog this morning; too late to help with this cause, but it absolutely tells me what a wonderful person you are! God bless you!