Monday, October 13, 2014


 January 17, 2015----- Please note that the deadline to sign up for participation
 in this year's GYB party  has now passed. 
Thank you so much for your amazing interest in the party --
 it's going to be a great one!!
To date -- over 400 blogs have signed up to
join us all at the party.
What a wonderful opportunity
to meet new friends and 
Grow Our Blogs!

See you there--
January 25, 2015

Do you want to "GROW YOUR BLOG" -- make new friends-- increase your blog readership? The opportunity do do all of those things is just around the corner~

My "GROW YOUR BLOG" event is designed to bring more readers and FOLLOWERS to your blogs. The premise is simple-- just visit as many blogs as you wish and sign up to follow those that interest you. In turn, all the other folks will be doing the same thing~ we will all be growing our blogs!

We need some guidelines for everyone to follow
so here they are~
(the really, really important stuff is highlighted in red!!)

1.Everyone who has a blog is invited -- 
this is an international event.  
Wherever you live~you are invited to party with us. 
Please note -- the deadline for entry is January 17.  This is THE official sign up post -- if you wish to participate - please leave a comment here on this post.  (I can't go back and forth between multiple posts for all the entries -- so please consider that this is the official sign up post.)

In your entry comment -- please tell me how many followers you have.  I will be grouping the participants according to their number of followers.  While you can certainly visit as many blogs as you wish -- those of you with only a few followers may wish to begin your visits by going to those blogs who, like you, only have a few followers -- that way you can support each other and more easily add to your follower lists!

***** in addition to your number of followers - please leave me a live link to your blog in your comment.  Copy the URL of your blog and paste it into your comment.  This will make it easier for me to go directly to your blog when I add you into the blog lists.  If I can't find your blog ---- I won't be able to add it in. 

and---- new this year-----
if you have a particular craft or hobby that your blog is primarily associated with ---
eg.. quilting, embroidery, knitting, cross stitch, photography, painting,... -- leave me a comment about that as well.
if you have multiple hobbies--- you may list up to 3

I'll list your craft choice out from your blog name on the party list -- that may help to bring more folks to your blog who have similar interests.
(if you don't have a hobby, that's fine--)

2.  Please share the beautiful party badge 
(created by my friend Karen Valentine)
with your own blogging friends. 
 Post it on your sidebar and encourage your friends to do the same.  The more blogs that participate - the more chances we all have of growing our blogs.  SPREAD THE WORD!  Perhaps even consider doing a post about this on your own blog. The more people who participate -- the more chances you have to "Grow Your BLOG!!"

3. Prizes --- 
the choice is yours
 to give away prizes or not. 
 Last year it was about half and half.   In the many comments that I received relating to last year's event -- folks seemed to really enjoy the prizes that they won and appreciated the efforts by those who gave them away.  But - the choice is yours and there is no requirement to do so.  If  you do chose to give away a prize - it can be anything you want.  The rules need to be the same for everyone~ anybody can enter, anybody can win.  
PLEASE do not make it a requirement to follow your blog in order to enter. In fact -- you do not have to have a blog to be entered to win a prize.  Blogging has NO boundaries so you need to be willing to ship your prize any where in the world.  Everyone can enter - regardless of where they live.  

**Let's all do the same thing and give the prizes away on February 15.  You can announce the winner of your give away on your blog on that date. **

4.  Please publish your blog post 
late on the evening of January 24 --
 that way it will be ready for those on the other side of the world
 who wake up before us.
As the host blog, I will publish my post with the list on participants
 just after midnight 
on January 25. 
  Please take a moment and read the following
suggestions for making this a great and fun 

experience for us all~

1. Please title your blog post "GROW YOUR BLOG".  Introduce yourself, tell us who you are and why your love to blog.  If your blog pertains to a specific interest or area - tell us all about that. In short - we would all like to know what drives you create your blog. 

2. There is nothing more dreaded than the "no reply blogger" status.  Simply go to your blogger profile page and add your email address. This will allow folks to reply directly back to you from your comment on their blog. We all want to be able to reply directly back to our visitors - especially if they ask a question-- it's so frustrating when that cant be done.

3.  Comment moderation spam filter -- ugh.  Most of us hate it!  Please consider turning it off for this event. This is NOT a requirement - but it will definitely make your visitors more likely to stay longer and leave a comment if they don't have to play with the robot.

4.  VERY IMPORTANT-- if you want more followers - be sure to add your FOLLOWER gadget to your sidebar! Please have it positioned prominently where we can all see it.  (you can find the Follower button in the gadget section of your design page.  Just click on it and position it on your sidebar.)

5.  You might want to consider adding your email address to your public profile and also somewhere on your sidebar.  Mine is listed in 2 places on my sidebar -- I want my readers to easily be able  to reach me. I also often list my email address directly in my post so that folks can find it more easily.

6. Consider telling us your name.  Seriously. Folks want to be able to call you by name and to connect with you when they leave a comment.You might want to also consider posting a photo of yourself somewhere on your blog- that helps your readers to connect with you also.  My name is Vicki. (see photo at bottom of this post) .  See -- that was painless!  

7.  I know that many of you are artists (like me) and that your blogs are often about the things that you create. If your craft is genuinely a part of who you are -- then by all means share with us what you make!  BUT -- this event is not about selling our wares-- this event is to meet people and grow our blogs. Just have your website or ETSY shop listed on your blog sidebar-- if your visitors are interested in making a purchase -- they will go to the trouble to find your shop on the sidebar or to email you. 

8.  Sometimes when you go to a party -- you just feel like getting a new dress or outfit.  So-- if you would like to update the appearance of your blog -- a new blog header --or a whole new layout-- you might want to contact my friend Karen Valentine.  Karen has dedicated her entire blogging career to helping us all with our blogging concerns,questions, and also helping us create beautiful blogs.    Karen is my very own "go to person" when it comes to anything that I need help with relating to my blog. She has practically "adopted" me.  I know that she would be thrilled to help you with updating your blogs in preparation for all the company you will be receiving at this event!  

 SO -- please mark your calendars.  Make a poster - put it in your datebook-- place a reminder on your phone -- a sticky note on your computer--write the date on your bathroom mirror~~~ if you are a reader or follower of my blog, I won't let your forget! 

As I add blogs to the lists, I won't be sending emails to each of you this year telling you that you have been added in.  I just can't-- that takes hours and hours of extra work.  So please, if participating in this event is important to you - please save the date, mark the date -- and refer to this post for all the info that  you need. 

*** please note~
After the party begins, I will wait 24 hours and then begin to delete those blogs that do not have a specific "GROW YOUR BLOG" post.  (I'm so sorry-- but I want this to be fair to everyone.)  So please do remember the date.

Volunteers needed!!!
those who volunteer to help with the party will be listed at the very TOP of the party page (before the regular lists begin)
 -- you will also be listed in your blog grouping based on your number of followers -- so you will have 2 opportunities to have visits from folks at the party!! 
***I'm looking for about 20 volunteers to help me visit the blogs who are participating. If you are someone who is comfortable with the "how-to's" of blogging, and consider that you could answer questions from novice bloggers regarding blogging issues --- then please consider being one of my VALUED volunteers for this year's party.  In addition -- on the day of the party you will visit the short list of blogs that I assign to you and report back to me which ones forgot to do a "Grow Your Blog" post.   If you are available to help me -- just send me an email-- 

 This is me --- photo taken on our recent trip to the Gaspe Penninsula, Quebec, Canada.  (I'll be posting this entire trip beginning in January -- taking my readers on an incredible adventure!!)

I want to personally invite you to be a part of my third annual "Grow Your Blog" party for January 2015---  it is truly  a wonderful opportunity for folks to meet new friends.  Last year, the  party started with almost 600 participants.  Because I leave the party post up all year long --- the opportunity is still there even after the party closes -- for folks to continue to visit you -- and for you to visit all the other participants.  My blog continues to get almost 200 visits per week on that party post--- so it lives on, and on, and on!!  I hope to see you there~
If you have questions, please dont hesitate to email me ---

ps --- I want to leave this post up for several weeks so that the info about the party will be easily available to everyone.  I'll be back with my regular posts sometime in mid-December.  xoxo


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Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Thanks for taking this on again, Vicki!

I blog mostly about being a newbie jewelry designer at

I have 227 followers.

Last year I was a volunteer and will be happy to do so again should you need me :)

Corrie H. @ Mountain Stitches said...

Hi I would love to join!
My name is Corrie and I blog as Mountain Stitches I am a mother of four and enjoy quilting/sewing, gardening and a little crochet.

Thanks for hosting! Looking forward to it.

sew.darn.quilt said...

Thank you for hosting this wonderful event again this year!
Please include me again: I have 177 Bloglovin' followers and 291 GFC followers (I have no idea how many are listed on both).

My interests are:(1)quilting/sewing, (2) cross stitch, (3) mixed media art

Unknown said...

So glad to see this up finally! I have been faithfully checking in for the past 5 days to make SURE I don’t miss it this year ;-) So far I have 9 ct. total Followers for my Blog: 6 Google Connect Followers & 3 NetworkedBlogs Followers AND 158 FB 2Turtle Doves Designs Fans … not sure where I {fit exactly} in the count for this event, but I’m sure you will work it out.

My Blog is about my original designs; I love to create, and post pictures as I work along – last year I had more posts than this year but life just kept me rolling this year and I only have about a third of that many posts … but I aim to {up} that tally starting the 2nd week of December when the Bazaar Season ends; I knocked off a few months to make a layette for our new Grandson, but am now back in the swing of things again and working on new designs :-D

My original designs/creations are centered around knit/crochet. I have a cottage business out of our home and make the local Bazaar circuit from late October to mid-December. Along with my posts about my creations, I add a sprinkle of our life into the mix so that people can get to {know} me as a persona as well as a designer ;-)

I enjoy meeting new people and checking out other Blogs: come on by mine and say “HI!” and I WILL return the favor :-D


Unknown said...

Hi, growing your blog sounds great. I have 107 followers.

I will share this on my blog too.

Have a great rest of the week! :)

Kim said...

Hi Vicki, this sounds like a lot of fun, thank you. I would love to be part of this wonderful event.
My name is Kim and my blog is called Sarah Lizzie's and can be found at
I have 57 followers.
Though at times I blog about numerous things, I mainly blog about quilting/sewing, knitting and gardening.

Christine said...

Thank you for running this again. Please sign me up. My blog is at and currently I'm standing at 245 followers.
I blog about lots of crafts but the main ones are probably cross stitch, sewing and knitting

Niky Sayers said...

Hi Vicki,
I would love to join again, I had so much fun last year!

I blog about making jewellery and places I visit

I have 246 followers

and my link is

Thank you so much for do this x

Bruna Aguiar Melo said...

Hi Vicki!
Thank you so much for doing this again!
I have 62 followers.
My blog is
And I mainly blog about cross stitch.

Fil Campbell said...

Hi Vicki
This sounds like fun.
I'm a singer and musician - and I"m a hobby crafter. My blog is primarily about singing and about my travels as a musician. It's at Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories
I have 34 followers on Blogger and I think one or two on Bloglovin and I'd love to get a few more:)
I read a lot of blogs, but I'm not sure if I'm experienced enough to be a helper - but I'd love to try. So if you're short an extra person, then count me in.
Best wishes
Fil in Northern Ireland

Joyce Clark Frank said...

My name is Joyce and my blog is . My favorite hobby is Cross Stitch and next is creating Greeting Cards, and scrapbooking. My blog also includes my love of my family. I have 269 followers and would love to be a part of the Grow your Blog Party 2015 again. I enjoyed it this year. Thanks for hosting this event.

Bette said...

Thank you so much for doing this again this year. I've wanted to participate ever since I saw it last year but I was too late to join. My name is Bette and my blog is Reflections of a Desert Rat I have 93 followers. I mainly blog about cross stitch, knitting/crochet and jewelry making/beadwork. So happy to get a chance to participate this year.

Accroquilt said...

I will be part of this party once again this year.

My name is Celine

I have 113 followers for my quilting and free motion journey

thank you!

Valerie Gardiner said...

Hi Vicky, my name is Valerie and I've been waiting for this to come up ever since I spotted it on Barbara Lillian's blog earlier this year.
I have 11 followers and about 40 people have me in their google+ circles. My blog is mainly about sketching on my travels, nature and my home area which is in a beautiful part of North Brittany in France. I am also very keen on bookbinding and dressmaking which get mentioned from time to time.
The address is:
I'm really looking forward to growing my blog with this brilliant party idea!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Vicki,

I'm Julie of Julie's Lifestyle and I have on GFC 209 followers. On Bloglovin I have 350 followers. The link to my blog is

I love crocheting, knitting, and cooking.

I would love to be included and join your Grow Your Blog Party 2015.

Thanks again for arranging this.


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Vicki,

I'm Julie at Julie's Lifestyle and I have 209 followers on GFC and on Bloglovin I have 350.

The link to my blog is

I love crocheting, knitting, and cooking.

I would love to join your Grow Your Blog 2015.

Julie's Lifestyle

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Vicki,
I am a brand new follower of yours I saw a post on facebook by Monique about this blog hop. I would like to participate. I am a jewelry designer, my blog is I have 226 followers.
Thank you,

Heather said...

Hi! I'll join!
I generally blog about quilting, but add a bit of travel (scrapbooking), too.
Currently, I have about 100 followers through google and bloglovin'.


Maria said...

Thanks for hosting the Grow Your Blog tour again. I joined last year and loved finding new blogs.

My name is Maria and I blog over at
I have 176 followers and blog mostly about making bags, followed by quilting and other crafts.

Sara Kate MacFarland said...

Hi, Vicki! I'd love to sign up for the Grow Your Blog event. I have 44 followers and 72 FB followers. My Favorite Things is about ... my favorite things! ;o). I have multiple crafts, but knitting, sewing, and painting are the main ones. However, my interests are I post the ones that really catch my imagination or snag my heart. Please add me to your volunteer list, too.

Sara (My Favorite Things)

Veronica Roth said...

Hooray, it's that time of year again. I love the grow your blog January. So many new and lovely people to meet. I'd love to do it again Vicki.
Veronica Roth, lifestyle/arts/creativity blog with about 140 following.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes indeedy doo! Sign me up again this year. Last time was so much fun and gratifying. Made lots of new friends
1. Blog:
2. Name: Beth
3. I currently show 248 followers
4. I was a volunteer and would be happy to be one again!
5. My blog is very eclectic, woolly projects, paper arts, book binding, mixed media, jewelry making Oh, and on Nov. 26 I turn the BIG 60!!! YIKES!!! So some things about the other side of 60!
6. Brand new design and name of blog is now The Whimsical Dowager.
Hugs my dear friend in yarn and lace,
Beth P

Clare said...

Hi thanks for hosting I was to late to join last years. My name is Clare my blog is

I have 106 followers it's a craft blog with a bit of everything but mostly crochet, some sewing and papercrafts

Clare x

Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures said...

Hi there. Kathy here from Kwilty Pleasures blog. I blog about kwilting and sometimes other things that make me happy. Http:// Let me know if you need help checking blog addresses....etc. thanks for doing this's great to meet new Bloggers.

Louise@ElsieMayandBertha said...

I'd love to take part.

I have 53 followers at present.

My posts are mainly about embroidery, design and paper crafting.

I'm looking forward to finding new blogs to read☆

Cristal @ Dapple Design said...

Hello Vicki, What a wonderful party! and such a lot of work for you. Thanks for going to all the trouble to give us newbies a boost.

My name is Cristal and I blog at I mostly write snippets from life, share creative projects and offer the occasional update from my Etsy shop.

Hobbies include amateur photography, sewing and crochet.

Followers? That's tricky. I have 3 via blogger, 6 via feedly, 82 via a Facebook page and some (?) by email. Let's call it somewhere just under 100.

I hope that's everything you needed. Thank you again for hosting this event.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Yes, please, Vicki, I'd like to join you and the other wonderful bloggers. It was so much fun and, should you need volunteers, count me in; I'd love to help you.
It's a boat load of work, thank you So Very Much for the idea and hosting.

My Painted Garden said...

Hi Vicki, Thank you for hosting the blog party. FINALLY - after 2 years and 2 knee replacements I am back to blogging full time and would love to participle this year. I am a painter, gardener and photographer and have 510 followers. I will have a giveaway on my blog - a gift card and little painting.
I would love to help and volunteer to check blogs - will send you an e-mail.
Hugs and Blessings Erin

Deborah Weber said...

Hi Vicki. I'm delighted you're doing this and I'd certainly love to play.

My blog is Temenos of the Blessing Light and I'm at

I have 90 followers.

Boud said...

So glad I caught you this year! I heard about this last year too late to take part, but this year I'd love to.

I have two blogs, but if we have to choose one blog, then let's have my Field and Fen blog, which is a multipurpose blog, about food, my character dolls, the Dollivers, and their adventures, all very tongue in cheek, about my hectic neighborhood, about the beautiful walks I can take locally, with book reviews now and then and movie reviews once in a while, as well as seasonal salutes to people and events. It's a Never a Dull Moment place, as one of my followers commented the other day!

I have 68 followers and you can reach me at:

I'm an exhibiting artist in many media, and if we can enter another blog, okay if you say not, though, I have an art blog which shows my work, much of it currently in embroidery, together with a lot of step by step showing how I do projects, and discussing the art process and approach in general. That blog has 49 followers and can be reached at:

I've already made a note in my calendar to publish my official Grow Your Blog post!

Good Golly Ginger - Katie Dold said...

Thank you for hosting the party!

My blog is all about fabric and quilting.

I have 480 followers.

Di@Cottage-Wishes said...

Oh yes, I want to be a part of this!
This is Di @ Cottage-Wishes

I have 300 followers.

I love to repurpose...AKA junking; painting furniture and multi-media art!
Thanks so much

Unknown said...

Please sign me up again. I had a great time last year and have met many wonderful bloggers and enriched my life because of it.
I blog about jewelry making, polymer clay play and life! my link to mt blog is
Looking forward to another great party and meeting some new bloggers!

LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

OMG I am SO doing a happy dance! The first year I found a link to your blog from another that I visit often. I put a bookmark on my tool bar that first year, but somehow I missed the signup the 2nd year!

So I'm a happy camper this year. WOOHOO!

I have been blogging at Back Porchervations ( more off than on since 2007, until this year. I found reading challenges, and life hasn't been the same since! I love it!

If you're talking GFC followers, I have 270. My other numbers are all over the map.

Deborah Montgomery said...

I'd love to be part of this party Vicki.
I blog at

and have 152 Google+ followers.

I'm more a lifestyle blogger I guess than a crafter. I blog about tea, books, beauty, faith, homemaking, etc.

Thank you for all your work in putting this together.

Catherine said...

Hi Vicki,
I would love to take part again this year in the Grow Your Blog party. I now have 53 followers and my interests are quilting, knitting and crochet.
My blog is at
I'll make a note in my calendar for the first post.
Thank you so much for taking the time to organise the event.

Jennifer's Vintage Paperie said...

Yay! I can't wait for this year's hop. It was so fun last year and I met so many fun and interesting people. I currently have 71 followers and my craft is card making. Thanks very much for hosting this event again.

Dry Gulch said...

Thanks for hosting this get togehter. It was tons of fun last year. I have 79 followers and I make jewelry and beading components. Can't wait!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Thank you AGAIN Vicki. I will love to participate.

I blog at:

I have 165 followers.

Crazy Quilt, Sewing, Crochet

My blog is Eclectic!!

xx, Carol

Judy Cooper Textile Artist said...

I would like to join. I have 121 followers via email and 41 by bloglovin.
I create original art and share what I do with others. I also write about other textile related artists and their work.

My interests are textile art, hand / machine embroidery, felting

Cat said...

I would love to join the party this year! My blog is

I blog about making jewelry, and whatever else I think about. My gadget says I have 59 followers, but I've been lax about posting lately, so I don't know how many actually still visit. Must post moar in 2015!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a blogging baby, my blog is one month old.
I have 3 followers.
It is about quilting and other crafts my daughter and I make.
Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014

Anonymous said...

Hi, my blog is one month old and I have 3 followers.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thanks for hosting.

Sheryl said...

Hi Vicki, Thank you for organising this Blog Party once again. Please count me in, I´m Sheryl at
I have about 150 followers

Chantal said...

Bonjour! I would love to participate.
My name is Chantal, I am a French girl living in Ontario Canada. My blog is all about quilting. You can find it here :
I do love crafts, painting and refurbishing furniture but I don't blog about that. I have 23 followers and been blogging only since February 2014. (This is still all new to me.) Thanks for doing this.

Bev said...

Thanks for doing this again! Please count me in! I really enjoyed it last year!

My name is Bev. I have 863 followers with GFC and not sure about Bloglovin.

Link to my blog:

I'm a quilter and my blog is about my quilting projects, including my mistakes and how to fix them, and about "curating" my fabric collection.

I almost missed this...don't know how that happened! I'll post about it today. Thanks again! Bev

Shari said...

Had a blast last year; looking forward to 2015. I blog mainly about stitching...cross stitch, quilting, and blog hopping!

33 followers via bloglovin'
72 via GFC

Thanks so much...Shari

Anonymous said...

Glad to take part in this again. My blog is at

I have about 12 followers fir now.

My interests are: 1) book making 2) embroidery

Thanks! Anne Warburton

Anonymous said...

My name is Brittany and I blog over at Pickles Quilting. My blog is mainly (quilting/sewing, crafting & photography).

I have 67 followers on my blog.

Thanks for doing this again this year!

Catherine said...

I commented the other day but not sure if my blog link was live so here it is again.

Sara said...

I'm in!! Thanks for organising this again!

My blog is:
(Around the World, in English).

I have 49 followers.
I blog about 1) travelling (loads of photos), and 2) running.

I'm looking forward to it!

Wendy said...

Hi Vicki,
I really enjoyed the blog hop last year so I'd love to join in again.
My blog is
I have 536 Google Connect followers, but have no idea how many followers I really have with there being so many ways to follow these days.
I'd be willing to be a helper if you still need more volunteers.

Beth said...

I had such a good time doing this last year!! I am so happy to sign up again. I met many wonderful people. I started with 10 followers or so and now I have 65.
My blog address : and my interests are needle turn applique,knitting and machine embroidery

Shauna said...

Hi I'm Shauna and I blog at

I have about 180 followers, with the different methods of following.

I am mainly a quilter, but do some digital scrapbooking as well.

Aunt Marti said...

Hi Vicki -- I give a lot of credit to the "Grow Your Blog" hop for the fact that I now have 650+ followers on Bloglovin (plus more than that on Google, but how to know how many are duplicates?).
I blog mostly about quilting, with one or two days a month about knitting.
Here is the link to my blog:

I'd be happy to volunteer to look at blogs again this year!

Jade said...

Hi Vicki!
I missed last time, so I'll be sure to mark my calendar for 2015. My blog is
I have 83 followers and my hobby at the moment is painting!

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

Wow Vicki, you're an angel for hosting this wonderful cyber even again. I found so many interesting new blog friends this way last year and gained so many new followers too.
My Name is Patrica and I blog at I currently have 135 followers for my quilting/cooking/country living blog and the more the merrier I say!
Thanks again and see you in January.

Dixie @ Arranged Words said...

I don't think my earlier comment was received, and I don't want to miss out this year.
Hi! My name is Dixie.

I blog at
I have about 12-15 followers.
My interests are knitting, painting, and writing.

Thanks for hosting!

Dixie @ Arranged Words said...

Hi! My name is Dixie. I don't think my earlier comment was received, and I'd hate to miss out this year. I have about 12-15 followers.
I blog at
A few of my interest are knitting, painting, and writing.

Thanks so much for hosting this event, Vicki!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

I'd love to be a part of this event! I blog primarily about quilting, crafting and cooking, with sewing, decorating, hiking and other things sprinkled in. I have 376 followers via direct email and Bloglovin. Carole
Blog - From My Carolina Home I am on a Wordpress platform, so am mostly no reply, you can reach me at craftnut at rocketmail dot com.

Tanya Rachelle said...

Just what I needed today-- to see this and to get excited about the GYB party! I have enjoyed it previously and am looking forward to it again! My blog has 88 followers and I blog about sewing, crochet, knitting and roses! Thank you for hosting again!

Carla said...

I would love to join the fun. Thank you for hosting the party.

I blog mostly sewing, quilting, and crafting.

I have 245 followers.

My blog is Creatin' in the Sticks

Dawn said...

Hi, thank you for hosting this wonderful idea. My name is Dawn and I blog at

I have 21 followers and 13 on Bloglovin.

I love all handcrafts but quilting, sewing and embroidery in particular.

jeanga6 said...

Thanks for doing! You are one gracious lady! I have 143 followers
My blog covers sewing with vintage linens and laces as well as quilting, embroidery and general reuse of castoff clothing.

Marrianna said...

Please add me to your list. It took a few tries but I finally got the 2015 GYBP badge in my sidebar.

Marrianna Dougherty

I blog about photography and mixed media artwork.

60 followers at present: 57 followers by email and 3 Bloglovin followers.

I will be glad to volunteer to help out wherever you need me.

Tammy said...

Hi Vicki, The more the merrier so I'd love to have some new followers. I have 60 followers but i'd love to have more.

My interests are Art, Slow stitching and Photographing nature around me.

So glad I've run into you this year and get to participate in this event!! Thank you :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for hosting this.

I blog about everything at

I have 28 followers. I blog about DIY, gardening and home decor.

Thanks once again.

Cache-Mire said...

Oh my! I am so happy you are doing this party again, Vicki! It has been wonderful connecting with people from around the world.

Please count me in! I have 104 followers (thanks to you and this party). I am a traveler and crafter using both knitting needles and pine needles to make baskets and items made of yarn.

Looking forward to it!

Zenia Rene said...

Thank you for doing this! I am in desperate need of followers! My blog is mostly about QUILTING!

31 Google Friend Connect
22 Bloglovin'

Cheri the Quilting Nanny said...

Count me in! I "grew" with you on the 2014 hop, and happy to do it again! IT was fun both to follow and be followed! Thanks for hosting. Cheri

I have 63 followers. Sure would like to have more!

I blog about quilting and sewing and will do a prize!

Anitha said...

Hi Vicki, thanks for hosting this party again.. My name is Anitha
My blog is at
I have 90 followers.
Mine is a craft blog but mostly about crochet, papercrafts and drawing.

busybusybeejay said...

Hi Vicki.My name is Barbara and my blog is http//busybusybeejay .blogspot .com/. At the moment I have 77 followers.My interests are knitting,crochet and reading.

AppleApricot Wen said...

Yay, let's party again! Vicki, thank you so much for this wonderful event! So sweet of you to host it again, for I know it must be a whole lot of work for you. I'll happily join again this year and spread the word.
And please count me in as a volunteer too. I think I do know something about the technical side of blogging as well and am always happy to help answering questions about it.

My blog is called Apple and Apricot, the url is
I have 243 followers through GFC at present and some more through bloglovin and so on. I have multiple crafts going on. Mixed media, embroidery/sewing, and crocheting, among others.

Looking forward to the party!

Hugs, Wendy

Lovelli Quilts said...

Hi, I am Elli, from Lovelli Quilts. I blog about quilts and have 240 followers. Thank you so much for coordinating this.

Laney said...

Hi! I would love to sign up! I missed it last year so I am so glad I came across this post today. Thanks for hosting this event again!
My name is Laney and I blog at
I love sewing/quilting/drawing/painting. Why choose just one? :)
I currently have 47 GFC followers and 19 Bloglovin followers.
I can be a volunteer if you need me.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you vicki for hosting this party again.. it was a huge success to me.. and thanks to the sign up in 2014.. my blog has attracted many readers.. thank you so much

I would like to participate and I will write you an email shortly to volunteer my time to help out in anything you want to assign.

My name is Angela and I blog at:

I have 400 followers

and I do mostly embroidery (cross-stitching), knitting and crochet.
and yes. I will have a giveaway too..

thank you.

Eugenia Maru said...

Hello. My name is Eugenia Avila Carrasco. I live in Valdivia, a beautiful city in southern Chile, South America.
I love Vicki's ideas and I always try to participate, although the language complicates me some things.
My blog is called Step by step until you can run, and is multifaceted. Try a little of everything, my life, my stories, photos.
Craft, I do different things, mainly cross stitch, I also like to decorate bottles, frames, etc. A bit of everything, depending on the mood you have.
I've visited many blogs of this Grow your blog and discovered treasures. It was a great pleasure to go and see so many beautiful things.
My blog is
Of course, I invite everyone to visit it.

Eugenia Maru said...

Sorry, I forgot to say that I have 371 followers and my blog is 7 years old.
And I enjoy reading, writing, traveling and music.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki,
Thanks so much for organizing this hop! My blog is only 2 months old and I have just 10 followers currently.
My name is Lisa and I blog at
I blog primarily about quilting. Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki,
Thanks so much for organizing this hop! My blog is only 2 months old and I have just 10 followers currently.
My name is Lisa and I blog at
I blog primarily about quilting. Thanks again!


Cheri the Quilting Nanny said...

Do you have the URL code for your Follow The Blog button that we can put on our post/sidebar?

Tami Von Zalez said...

Thank you again for hosting!

I have a total of 530 followers between Google+, Bloglovin and Blogger.

I mainly thrift but do some hand sewing from time to time.

Come and visit me to see the pre-hop post ~

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to take part.

Vanessa Morgan said...

What a lovely initiative. Can I participate with two blogs? Here they are:

*Traveling Cats: (278 followers, travel pictures with cats).

*Vanessa Morgan: (1787 followers; a mix of travel, books, movies and urbex).

Thanks :)

Lady of the Manor said...

Thanks so much for hosting this again!! As a new blogger, I missed last year's event but enjoyed reading through the other entries.

I have 38 followers but don't know how many follow through email.

This is a fun hobby and I like to share my garden, tablescapes and creating. Here's my link:

Thanks again!! Zenda

Shirley said...

Hi Vicki, My name is Shirley and I blog at
I have been looking forward to making new friends and getting back into blogging more. I have a 180 followers and my interest is embroidery which I share pictures on my blog, family, watching grandsons do their sports whether riding horses, playing baseball and basketball, attending scout functions. It has been a lot of fun and I can't wait for it to begin. Hugs and prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Last year someone told me about this last minute so I missed it.

I have no clue as to followers...some Bloglovin and some email / I don't do the "follow me and I'll follow you" stuff :)

I'd say about 200 regulars and others that are familiar with me via link parties / blogrolls etc. Page Views around 14000 per month if that helps? :)

My blog is lifestyle : lots of nature and gardening, family etc. but the CRAFT that I focus on is QUILTING

Thank you for doing this! :)

J said...

Thank you, Vicki! I participated 2 years ago and met so many lovely people!
My blog is
I have 393 followers via GFC and Bloglovin.
I post mostly about crafting with and for grandchildren but I am also a quilter.
Looking forward to the party!

Carol said...

Hey Vicki! I would love to try this again. Last year I had Internet connection issues and couldn't get posted by the deadline. We'll keep our fingers crossed for this year. My name is Carol and I mainly blog at Where I share my art and some photos of my garden and whatever strikes my fancy. I do have a garden blog but have grossly neglected it this year so I'll just do the Art blog this time around . Right now I have 55 followers.

Diana Seal said...

Hi Vicki,
wow where has the year gone!
Please include my blog "My Paper Daisy"

I have 78 wonderful followers and the posts are a little bit about everything I love to do but mostly about paper-crafts,stamping and card making.
Thanks for hosting this wonderful event again!!!

Stephanie Faris said...

I have 970 followers, so I'm not sure if that's too many? Most are probably inactive, so that doesn't count for much! But I'd love to meet new people and let me own followers know about this so they can check all the other blogs out.
My blog is
My blog is about a wide variety of things--mostly life. Occasionally I post reviews and promos to help out fellow bloggers with their book releases but I try to keep that to a minimum.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

So looking forward to this event again!! (Last year was my first year and so much fun!) I was a volunteer last year and would be glad to help again this year!
I'm Val
Quilting Blog:
Followers: 254 by way of GFC and Bloglovin

Unknown said...

Oh yes I want to do it again! Last years event took me over 100 followers!

I was a volunteer last year and would love to do it again if needed :)

Karen Gass

Ariadne said...

Hello Vicki,
this is my first time here. I saw so many people taking part last year so I thought I'd love to take part in it too.
First of all thank you for doing this. I know it must take so much of your time!
My name is Ariadne and I am a teacher of English from Greece.
My three main hobbies are sea glassing, handicrafts(all kinds but mainly cross stitch and felt) and travelling. My blog covers all that and my daily life.
I am willing to do a giveaway of one of my felted stones or other craft, whatever I have in hand at the time.
Here's the link to my blog.I have 178 followers.
Unfortunately although I have tried hard google+ turns me a no-reply-blogger all the time. Here's my e-mail

Mary Huey said...

Hi, Vicki -- my blog is at and most of the time I write about quilt making but also have some nature related posts. I have between 150 and 175 followers (not sure how many follow via e-mail). I would enjoy participating in 2015 as I've heard many nice compliments about the 2014 one. I see the badge picture, but don't see the text to copy and paste into my gadgets -- am I missing something? Thanks!!

deborah lyn said...

Hi Vicki! I participated in the 2014 party and I am so glad you are having a 2015 party. Thanks too for adding the "particulars" description. I am Deborah Stanley, my Blog address is: I have 49 blogger followers, many via email and #122 followers via Google +. Please count me in as one of your volunteers. My craft particulars are: watercolor painting, sketching, & textile designs. email:

Mosaic Magpie said...

Please count me in! I have 316 GFC followers. The focus of my blog is mostly my needlework, smocking and crazy quilting. Thank you for taking on this project once again!
Let me know if I can help in any way.
See you soon!

Mosaic Magpie said...

Sorry forgot to add blog address:

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Dearest Vicki
You are such a treasure!
Thank you so much for hosting “Grow Your Blog” party in 2015.

I have 595 followers!
I’m a Francophile who also loves photography, travel and my garden.

I am very happy to help visiting blogs for you Vicki.



Phoebe @ Lou Messugo said...

Hi Vicki, even though I'm not a crafter and my blog is mainly about France and travel, my post from last year's party has turned out to be one of my most popular ever. So I definitely want to join in again this year!

I have about 300 followers from different sources

I'm happy to volunteer if you need me.

Shirlee Fassell said...

Vicki thanks for "Growing Your Blog " again!
I have 231 followers at least 25 of them thanks to you plus I found some great blogs to follow!
I blog Tambour embroidery, some needle embroidery, and recently sewing.
Needle and Hook

Linda H said...

Hi Vicki
I am so glad you are doing this again this year, it was such fun last year!
I have many (too many?) hobbies but blog mostly about quilting, gardening and reading. My blog, Stitch Lines, is found at
I currently have 254 Followers- 190 by Google Friend Connect, 94 on Bloglovin' and 70 by email. But one can never have too many, right?
Thanks for hosting this again Vicki, it is such a great event!

Pinkz Passion said...

OH boy, am I glad to found about "GROW YOUR BLOG" Vicki! Yes, for sure. It will be a good opportunity for any newbie like me.

My blog is mainly about decor, art, travel and events.

I have 28 followers + around 50 on FB page (IF THAT COUNTS).

I started blogging beginning of November 2014.

I hearty appreciate your efforts for putting this up. I will definitely share this on my blog. Thank you.

Kaisievic said...

Hi Vickie,

Please count me in! It has been so much fun the past two years. My blog is
I have just over 400 followers now and my craft is Cross Stitching.

Thanks so much for hosting this,

hugs, Kaye

Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

Hi Vicki I would love to join. I found you thorough The Needle and Thread Network.

My name is Pam and I quilt at Quilting Fun

I have 36 followers.

africanaussie said...

I did this two years ago and it was great fun, so I would love to do it again. I live in the tropical north of Australia and love to garden. I also enjoy crafting and cooking. Mmmm I have the perfect idea for my giveaway, thank you for giving us the opportunity to grow our blogs. I have 179 followers.

africanaussie said...

Oh sorry I didnt add a link to my blog here it is

Michelle said...


I like to post book reviews and do meme's.
My new love is cooking with my cast iron cookware.

I have 59 followers on G+
27 followers on Bloglovin`
and it shows 119 on GFC, but a lot of those are not around any more.

You can find me at:

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hi Vicki! What a huge project for you to tackle once again. I would love to be able to help you out but I have to admit that I'm not particularly computer literate so I rather doubt that I'd be much help!
I blog at and quite honestly I don't know exactly how many followers I have right now (see previous sentence as to why I don't!!) but I would guess the number to be around 100.
The main focus/content on my blog is crazy quilting, with a little bit of knitting and general crafts thrown in.

Terri said...

Grow your blog, sounds like fun. Count me in.
I'm Terri and I have 94 followers at this point. I mostly blog about quilting, but Halloween and plants for it, creeps into the verbage on a regular basis.
I blog at

Right now I have an error message on my blog, which is preventing me from answering comments. I think that's what it is... I've complained to Google, but nothing is fixed - yet.
Thanks for offering this. I saw your beautiful button on Val's blog.

Sandy Panagos said...

Hi Vicki. This is something new for me, but I am excited about trying it. My name is Sandy and my blog is about quilting.

I have 63 followers


Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

Hi Vicki. I would love to take part in 'Grow Your Blog' again please. I have 260 followers at present. My blog is about quilting, cross stitch and embroidery. Here's a link to my blog

Thank you very much for doing this.

Dodie said...

Vicki, this is amazing! I am excited to join up! Here are the stats:

I have two followers (and I am one of them LOL!).

My blog, where I feature my cards and mixed media, is at

Thank you so much for doing this!

Unknown said...

Hi Vicki. Thanks for doing this again. I had so much fun last year and made some fabulous friends and now follow some amazing blogs thanks to last years party.
I have 74 followers ( up from 24 last year!) and my blog is I blog about my handmade jewelry, fun with polymer clay, blog hops and life in general.
I would be happy to volunteer to help you . Please let me know what I can do.

Carol D. said...

Hi Vicki! So glad to join in again this year as it was so much fun last time. My blog is Dillman's Dallies at
I have 87 followers.
I make lampwork beads and jewelry, sew, and upcycle leather garments in to totes and purses.
Thanks for hosting.

Beth in NEPA said...

Thanks for doing this again.

I have 106 followers.

I would love to participate. My blog is about all sorts of my interests but once a week I participate in Tea Cup Tuesday so many of my posts are about tea, tea cups and tea parties. I do post about my current crafts interests and I love to tell about flea markets we have visited and what I found there. Looking forward to another Grow Your Blog party. I just added the link today.

My blog is Conversations from my House

Measi said...

I joined last year and found several lovely new blogs. Looking forward to meeting other folks again this time around!

My name is Melissa, and I'm a cross-stitcher and snail mail lover who writes at

I have approximately 100 followers via various sources.

Ann C. said...

Hello, my name is Ann and I would love to join in again for 2015.

I am an avid Cross Stitcher.

I have 91 followers thanks to last years event.

kathyinozarks said...

Good morning, count me in Vicki, this event is always so much fun.
My blog is

my interests are the fiber arts, hand dyeing, weaving

I would love to help you out again as a volunteer

kathyinozarks said...

oh and I forgot I have 175 followers now Kathy

PaintedThread said...

I saw this last year - I'm excited to join this year.

I have 26 followers.
My interests are crafts (mostly quilting), guinea pigs and cooking.

Rhonda Halushka said...

Please add me to your list:

I have 83 followers and 66 Google+ in circles. I think newer readers are adding me in Google+ since blogger uses that now.

Interests: 1) mixed media art 2) art quilting/textile arts and 3) natural dyeing fabrics and wool (including shibori).

Thank you for doing this blog hop again! I would be happy to be a volunteer if you still need any.

Stephanie said...

Hi Vicki! I have visited your blog every time you have hosted the 'Grow Your Blog' party and this year I am going to take the leap and participate :) I am really looking forward to it.

Lets see, my blog is and at the moment I have 627 GFC followers.

I blog about several things, but the top three would be crafting, recipes, and spiritual encouragement.

Thank you so much for arranging this as I know it's a lot of work and effort. I would love to be a volunteer if you need someone and will email you after I finish this comment.

Take care and enjoy this lovely Christmas season! Hugs and blessings!

Anonymous said...

hi join, your welcome!

Threadpainter said...

Sounds like fun !
My name is Sharron and I have been reading blogs this morning ... one always leads to another !
I am a threadpainter (free-motion machine embroiderer) and I love pen & ink drawings.
My blog; with 53 followers.
Looking forward to this party ! Thank you ! I volunteer !

Debbie Walter said...

I was hoping you would do this again this year! I would love to join. My name is Debbie and my blog is
I have 11 followers right now :0)
I will post about the party when I get home from work.

Down On The Farm said...

Yes I'd love to participate again. My blog is mostly about my family, my Christian faith, and a few recipes. I have 122 followers.

Thank you!!!

AutumnWind said...

I would love to join in on the fun again! My blog has 126 followers and is I had such a great time last year! My blog is about living a magical life and life in general :0)

Vickie Lynn said...

Thank you so much for hosting again this year. I had so much fun last year that I would love to participate again this year.

I am making another attempt to consistently post on my blog in 2015 by investing in a blog planner. :-)

Thank you again, Vickie

Alyssa F said...

I'm a new crafting blogger, and I'd love to join this year, as I've been reading about how wonderful this is on other blogs. My blog is called Brownie's Chair ( and I blog primarily about Cross Stitch.

As of this comment I have 8 GFC followers and 14 Google+ followers (although I think at least 8 of those are from my other book-related blog).

HollyM said...

I would like to participate. My name is Holly. I love creating everyday, rather it's cooking, knitting or doing my fiber Art. I'm primarily an art quilter.

I have 140 followers.

Travelteq Bags said...

Waiting for the day

Quilting Nonnie said...

I am looking forward to participating this year for the first time!

My blog is called "Quilting Nonnie".

I have 30 followers. My second source of readers is from Quilters Blogs, so I know people are visiting from there.

My blog is mainly about quilting.

Quilting Nonnie said...

I am looking forward to participating this year for the first time!

My blog is called "Quilting Nonnie".

I have 30 followers. My second source of readers is from Quilters Blogs, so I know people are visiting from there.

My blog is mainly about quilting.

Sue Kosec said...

Ohhhhhhh Vicki ... every year I've been so sad and jealous that I couldn't play because I didn't have a blog.

Well, sadness and jealousy be gone! I have a blog:

I only have 24 followers right now so am hoping that all of this exposure GROWS my blog and I make new friends.

My interests are in paper. I love to create with paper: cards, mini albums, frames, canvasses, baskets and memory boxes.

Thank you so much for organizing such a great party. You're the best host!!! I'll be there with bells on.

Hugs Galore.

Lupe Meter said...

Hi, I would love to join your Grow Your Blog Party! My name is Lupe Meter and I am a polymer clay artist from Arizona. Thank you so much for hosting this. I have had to redo my blog a couple of times and I want to get back to blogging again, so right now I have 51 followers. I blog about the creations that I make out of polymer clay plus creations from the guild that I belong to (AZPCG). Thank you again for allowing me to join in the fun!

SUGAR MOON said...

My name is Kathy and I post whatever comes to my mind. I enjoy quilting, knitting, crochet, crafts, grandkids, etc. I have 58 followers and would love more. My blog url is:

Holly said...

Hi Vicki , I'm so happy your hosting this event again, it really helped my blog visits. I currently have 41 followers. My blog is about my everyday life as a stay at home wife and mother to 4 children. I blog as Gypsy Spirit Rising @

Holly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J9sHappiness said...

Thanks for hosting this again - I enjoyed participating last year and would like to do so again!! I blog about family time, crochet and sewing. I have 70 followers and 12 gfc followers.
I'll put the date in my diary!! Thanks, J9 x

Dreaming of Vintage said...

I would love to join!

I blog about scrapbooking and crafting.

I have 263 followers

Thank you!

Summer said...

Hi Vicki
I'm Summer and I have 11 followers,
its a craft blog about cross stitch, sewing,latch hooking.
just missed your deadline last year so was waiting for this to come round again! its a great thing you do to try to bring people together who have the same interests.
my blog is

Terry said...

Hi Vicki!

I'm in! Thank you for hosting this wonderful party. Here's my live link:
I have 70 followers.
My craft/hobbies are: knitting, crocheting, and needle felting.

With gratitude,

Thearica said...

I would love to participate again! So glad I was visiting and saw the sign up. I have just changed my blog name and domain url so this is an excellent time to spread the word about that and make many new friends.

I blog about quilting, crazy quilting and crafts in general.

My blog is located at

Thank you for another great Grow Your Blog Party!

Thearica said...

I forgot to include that I have a few over 700 followers at the moment at

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: Love this party! Please add my name. I blog about tea cups and share a tea party every Tuesday. I also blog about decorating and my family. I have 1000 followers. Thanks, Martha

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: I would like to be included in this party. I have been a part of it for a couple of years now and love it. I blog about tea cups and have a tea cup party every Tuesday, for ladies to share anything tea. I also blog about decorating and grandchildren. I have 998 followers and my blog address is I have placed your party information on my blog. Thanks, Martha of Martha's Favorites Confessions of a Serial Collector!

Susan said...

I would love to join in. Life has been very difficult and I need something to push me back to blogging, if that is acceptable. I will participate as required. I have 97 followers. I am a quilter and embroidery is a passion.
Thanks for doing this, again! blessings Susan

The Country Witch said...

Hi Vicki, thanks for doing this again, I had so much fun last time!

I have 93 followers and I blog mostly about witchcraft, herbalism and divination.

Can't wait!

Diane said...

Oh yes, I want to join, I have been a part of it since day one!!

I am mostly a "paper crafter", a huge gardener and also some sewing.
I have 266 followers on my blog..sigh!! here is my link

Looking forward to another fun year of visiting the blogs..thank you for ALL you do!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to join in again this year please
I think I have a few hundred followers but I've lost that info from my site.

I like all kinds of art and crafts.



Thanks so much Vicki!

I have 138 followers and I mostly blog about gardening and decorating.

Princess Stupidhead said...

I had a great time last year! Thanks for hosting this again!

I have a humorous blog called The Phantom Zucchini and I have 35 followers.

Sue Kosec said...

Oops ... I messed up. I have 26 Followers, not 24. Wahoo.


Unknown said...

it's amazing that you manage to do this every year!

my name is cristi and I blog at

life has changed so much this year and can't wait to participate again next year!

please include me again for 2015 - I have 103 followers on my blog itself and, ofcourse, some on other platforms as well.

looking forward to it!

Mama said...

I'd love to be a part of this! My name is Sara and I blog mostly about parenting my toddler.
I'm not sure how many followers I have because I've just recently started.

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

I had great time participating last year for the first time!

My blog focuses on quilting.

Between Blogger and Bloglovin I have 103 followers.

My calendar is marked for my post. Thank you for hosting!

Debbie said...

Hi Vicki,
Thanks again for hosting this event.

I have 75 followers. Here is my info:

My interests are knitting, cross stitch and cooking.



Cherie said...

I would like to join in with the Grow your blog party in 2015.
My name is Cherie.
i blog about hand embroidery.
It is a fairly new blog,
i have been bloging for about a year and a half.
And have around 10-15 followers.
My blog is:
Im probably not experienced enough yet to become a helper/volunteer.
Thanks for hostin.
Look forward to the party
Cherie said...

Last year was a blast and increased my blogger count - shooting to get from the current 175 to over 200 in 2015

Thank you for hosting this again and I will again have another give-a-way on my blog


Bquiltin said...

Wonderful ~ I'm close to the last.... but I want to be included.... wonderfully glad you are hosting. I joined the first hop and grew to abt 60followers--missed the second hop. But hoping to increase current 76 members to maybe over 100. Dreamin BIG!

Vicki, Sent you an e-mail to volunteer. I avid about all things thread, bobbins, fabric - sewing and quilting, crafting. Newest other two adventures are tea cup collecting and enjoying a sip. Finally, I must write..2015 express myself with the pen!
I am a Bquiltin kinda girl!

barbara woods said...

i will be joining you again this year. i have 225 followeres

Maggie said...

Welcome back, Miss Vicki, I wondered where your travels had taken you this time.

I'd love to participate this year.

I presently have 369 followers and would love to meet new bloggers so do add me to your list of volunteers, also.

Una said...

I'd love to take part again this year. I mainly post about knitting, crochet and sewing. I have 94 followers.
Best wishes from Una.

Una’s blog:
Great Balls of Wool

Carrie said...

Hi, I would like to join the party. I am so excited I found out about it from a blog I follow. I blog mostly about tea, pretty china, and traveling. My blog is, and I currently have 26 followers.

Thanks so much for doing this :)

Maria said...

I would love to join in again this year. My blog has 97 followers and the site is here...

Anonymous said...

thank you for hosting this event, I missed out last year so I'd like to be part of the party this year!
My name is Chris from UK City Crafter
I blog mainly about Quilting/sewing and crochet and have 168 followers. said...

Hello Vicki,
You are amazing to organise all this and I was in last year and wish to be in this time too! Best wishes, Gilli @ Tasty Textiles said...

My friend Maria and I have set up a blog together - it is still very young but we would be delighted to be added to the list, thank you

Cozy Expressions said...

Wow, I literally stumbled across this post and so glad I did.

Hi, my name is Cindi and I am so thrilled that you are hosting this. I am fairly new to blogging, I have a mere 33 followers on my blog at

I blog about my fabric creations of folk art and primitive items.

I will be grabbing your button and trying to figure out how to post it on my blog!

I am sooo excited about this!! Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki,

Looking forward to participating in the blog party this year.
My new blog is
and the topics are cross stitch, crochet, and beading.
I have 3 followers (that I know of).


barbara woods said...

i have already left a comment but my numbers are 225 and my blog is

Kathy said...

Hi Vicki, This sounds like a super fun idea! ☺ My blog is I have Crafting Attention Deficit so my blog is about quilting, knitting, baking and the occasional papercraft. I have about 20 followers; mostly friends, and a few fellow bloggers I have met online.

reneetousignant said...

Hi! I'd love to join in this world wide adventure.

My name is Renee and my blog is called "Welcome to Crows Roost Prims." I am a Primitive & Folk Art Artist. I can be found at:

My blog is all about 1. Primitive Crafting.

Followers are currently 137.

Looking forward to this! Thank you!!

Maureen said...

Hi Vicki, Thank you for this opportunity to gain more followers.

I have 109 followers..I blog about half dolls (also known as pincushion dolls), crazy quilting, and small stitching projects

My blog:


Unknown said...

This sounds wonderful!
My name is Cynthia of
I love crocheting, sewing primitives, and quilting.

I have 193 followers.

Living By Faith Homestead said...

What a splendid idea :)

My name is Tracy, and my blog is

I create primitive decor items, mainly from reclaimed and repurposed items.

I currently have 3 followers :(.

Thank you for this opportunity, and I anxiously look forward to it :)

Unknown said...

This sounds really neat and I need all the help I can get :)

I have 125 followers.
My blog address is
I make hand stitched items with a time worn primitive feel. I love anything old and rusty :)

Christine said...

Hi Vicki! This is the first time I've come across this party and I think it's a great idea so please include me! My blog is about my love of primitive country decorating and crafting especially cross stitch.At present there are 558 followers.
Thank you for organising this!

Anonymous said...

Hello Vicki! I am new to your blog, and found out about this through another blog, but it sounds like a lovely opportunity. I would love to participate.

My blog is "Simplicity and Domesticity" and I share mainly about my life as a stay at home daughter, cooking and baking, and reading.

I currently have 93 followers and my web address is below:

Thank you so much- blessings to you!

Sanderella said...

Hi Vicki, my name is Sandy and my blog is

I have 68 followers

I crochet and knit, make cat toys, and post about other things I enjoy...baking, gardening

Thank you for hosting once again!


Christine said...

I would love to join in! My blog is about cross stitching and primitive country crafting and decorating
I have 558 followers.
Thank you!

Kim said...

I would love to join the party! I have a cooking/recipe blog, and also blog a little about my home in Alaska at . My other interests include gardening, quilting, and primitives.
I just started blogging this year, and have 0 followers.
Thank you for hosting Vicki - I'm looking forward to it!

Cat said...

This sounds like lots of fun!

My name is Cathi, and I have a small blog with 59 followers. I make jewelry, but my blog is not always about that. My blog address is:

Erin Raatjes said...

The Misadventures of Myrtle Grace Motifs
Our blog is mostly recipes - but also has cross stitch and punch needle as that is the focus of Myrtle Grace Motifs

Dasha said...

Hello Vicki
Thanks for giving up so much of your time to throw this blog party again. It was great fun last year and I tripled the number of followers. Sounds grand, but I now have 66 flowers plus 16 followers by email. Total 82.
My blog is called Patching Pixies, and is at
I blog mostly about patchwork, and embroidery.
Thanks again

Tina said...

Thanks for hosting this fun party again! I took part last time, freshed up my blog for it and then "life"got into the way, so I wanna be again there next January. Seems perfect for a new start.
My blog is at
and I post about my knitting, my dogs, gardening, my running progress, and some random pictures from my everyday life.

Tina said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention:
hundgestrickt has 70 google followers and 21 bloglovin followers.

Elizabeth Braun said...
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Shannon @ Modern Tradition Quilts said...

Hello, Vicki, I would like to participate. My blog is very small, I have 38 GFC followers and 41 Bloglovin' followers. I write about quilting--particularly my original pattern design & free-motion quilting thread-paths. Thanks! -Shannon with Modern Tradition Quilts

Felicia said...

Hello Vicki,

My blog is mostly about cross stitch and life in general.

I currently have 1 follower.

Thanks for hosting such an awesome event!

gilly said...

Looking forward to the party, thanks for all your organizing and hosting this again!
Here's the link to my blog:
I have 309 followers on GFC and 239 on Bloglovin' - I'm not sure how many overlap!
My blog is about sharing all my makes, and my current favourite crafty hobbies are Sewing, Crochet/Knitting & Quilting :-)
Thanks again, love Gilly xx

Sharm said...

Hi Vicki, I enjoyed taking part last time and would be pleased to be part of Grow your Blog 2015!

My blog is:
It covers things happening around our little home including knitting, sewing, crochet and gardening :)

I currently have 91 followers
Thanks so much for taking the time to host this again!

Carole @ Fresh off the Frame said...

Hi Vicki, I'd love to join the 'Grow Your Blog' party! My main blog topic is quilting. I have 81 Bloglovin followers, and I don't know how many follow by email...I'm not even sure how to check on that, come to think of it! I've been blogging for just over a year, and have met many fantastic bloggers through linky parties. This one will be fun! Thanks for hosting. :-)
Here is my online home:

Fat Dormouse said...

Oh goodness me! I almost missed this.

I would love to join in again. I have two blogs:
The View from the Teapot ( mostly about life in France and my Zentangle inspired art. Only 29 followers here, but it's still quite new.
and Fat Dormouse ( which is mostly about food. Here I have 119 followers - mostly thanks to Grow Your Blog events.

Thank you for hosting this, dear Vicki. Your holiday looks fab!

none said...

Oooo I've been waiting for this all year! I've just started up my new blog so very happy to join in with this!

1. Blog:
2. Name: Rachel
3. 1 little follower (but I am new and have only just started the blog.
4. Too new to be a volunteer for helping other bloggers, but happy to help with any other mundane tasks :)
5. My blog is about improving life for the better - tasty food, getting fit and healthy, gardening, home grown produce, diy & decorating projects, and making my little Etsy shop woodland Blossoms really shine. I make flower crowns, floral bobby pins & clips, and nature inspired jewellery.

I think that's it - will sort out a blog post now while I remember. I had such fun last year looking through all the blogs and can't wait to find some new ones this year! :) Thank you Vicki & volunteers! x

bethsraggedyatticprims said...

Hi, Vicki: My name is Yvonne and I would love to join. I am fairly new to blogging and on line. I love Prims, Folk Art, Whimsical and Country Style Crafts. I blog at and I have a Selling Blog & Shop coming January 10th,2015.I have very few followers only (10) at this time, none at this time on GFC. Thank you so much for hosting and this opportunity.

Tosty's Quilting Tidbits said...

I would like to join in again this year.
I have 46 followers and my main blog is about quilting. I am at
Thanks for doing this again this year.

Beti Horvath said...

Beti here, back for my second year. I blog at Stringing Fool, and love photography, and making nature-inspired jewelry. I have 90 followers as of today.

Jayne said...

Hi Vicky
I took part last year my followers are now 70,
I love cross-stitch, knitting, beading and sewing in many forms, I am learning to crochet.
My blog is
I look forward to taking part again.
Jayne Nelson

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