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 January 17, 2015----- Please note that the deadline to sign up for participation
 in this year's GYB party  has now passed. 
Thank you so much for your amazing interest in the party --
 it's going to be a great one!!
To date -- over 400 blogs have signed up to
join us all at the party.
What a wonderful opportunity
to meet new friends and 
Grow Our Blogs!

See you there--
January 25, 2015

Do you want to "GROW YOUR BLOG" -- make new friends-- increase your blog readership? The opportunity do do all of those things is just around the corner~

My "GROW YOUR BLOG" event is designed to bring more readers and FOLLOWERS to your blogs. The premise is simple-- just visit as many blogs as you wish and sign up to follow those that interest you. In turn, all the other folks will be doing the same thing~ we will all be growing our blogs!

We need some guidelines for everyone to follow
so here they are~
(the really, really important stuff is highlighted in red!!)

1.Everyone who has a blog is invited -- 
this is an international event.  
Wherever you live~you are invited to party with us. 
Please note -- the deadline for entry is January 17.  This is THE official sign up post -- if you wish to participate - please leave a comment here on this post.  (I can't go back and forth between multiple posts for all the entries -- so please consider that this is the official sign up post.)

In your entry comment -- please tell me how many followers you have.  I will be grouping the participants according to their number of followers.  While you can certainly visit as many blogs as you wish -- those of you with only a few followers may wish to begin your visits by going to those blogs who, like you, only have a few followers -- that way you can support each other and more easily add to your follower lists!

***** in addition to your number of followers - please leave me a live link to your blog in your comment.  Copy the URL of your blog and paste it into your comment.  This will make it easier for me to go directly to your blog when I add you into the blog lists.  If I can't find your blog ---- I won't be able to add it in. 

and---- new this year-----
if you have a particular craft or hobby that your blog is primarily associated with ---
eg.. quilting, embroidery, knitting, cross stitch, photography, painting,... -- leave me a comment about that as well.
if you have multiple hobbies--- you may list up to 3

I'll list your craft choice out from your blog name on the party list -- that may help to bring more folks to your blog who have similar interests.
(if you don't have a hobby, that's fine--)

2.  Please share the beautiful party badge 
(created by my friend Karen Valentine)
with your own blogging friends. 
 Post it on your sidebar and encourage your friends to do the same.  The more blogs that participate - the more chances we all have of growing our blogs.  SPREAD THE WORD!  Perhaps even consider doing a post about this on your own blog. The more people who participate -- the more chances you have to "Grow Your BLOG!!"

3. Prizes --- 
the choice is yours
 to give away prizes or not. 
 Last year it was about half and half.   In the many comments that I received relating to last year's event -- folks seemed to really enjoy the prizes that they won and appreciated the efforts by those who gave them away.  But - the choice is yours and there is no requirement to do so.  If  you do chose to give away a prize - it can be anything you want.  The rules need to be the same for everyone~ anybody can enter, anybody can win.  
PLEASE do not make it a requirement to follow your blog in order to enter. In fact -- you do not have to have a blog to be entered to win a prize.  Blogging has NO boundaries so you need to be willing to ship your prize any where in the world.  Everyone can enter - regardless of where they live.  

**Let's all do the same thing and give the prizes away on February 15.  You can announce the winner of your give away on your blog on that date. **

4.  Please publish your blog post 
late on the evening of January 24 --
 that way it will be ready for those on the other side of the world
 who wake up before us.
As the host blog, I will publish my post with the list on participants
 just after midnight 
on January 25. 
  Please take a moment and read the following
suggestions for making this a great and fun 

experience for us all~

1. Please title your blog post "GROW YOUR BLOG".  Introduce yourself, tell us who you are and why your love to blog.  If your blog pertains to a specific interest or area - tell us all about that. In short - we would all like to know what drives you create your blog. 

2. There is nothing more dreaded than the "no reply blogger" status.  Simply go to your blogger profile page and add your email address. This will allow folks to reply directly back to you from your comment on their blog. We all want to be able to reply directly back to our visitors - especially if they ask a question-- it's so frustrating when that cant be done.

3.  Comment moderation spam filter -- ugh.  Most of us hate it!  Please consider turning it off for this event. This is NOT a requirement - but it will definitely make your visitors more likely to stay longer and leave a comment if they don't have to play with the robot.

4.  VERY IMPORTANT-- if you want more followers - be sure to add your FOLLOWER gadget to your sidebar! Please have it positioned prominently where we can all see it.  (you can find the Follower button in the gadget section of your design page.  Just click on it and position it on your sidebar.)

5.  You might want to consider adding your email address to your public profile and also somewhere on your sidebar.  Mine is listed in 2 places on my sidebar -- I want my readers to easily be able  to reach me. I also often list my email address directly in my post so that folks can find it more easily.

6. Consider telling us your name.  Seriously. Folks want to be able to call you by name and to connect with you when they leave a comment.You might want to also consider posting a photo of yourself somewhere on your blog- that helps your readers to connect with you also.  My name is Vicki. (see photo at bottom of this post) .  See -- that was painless!  

7.  I know that many of you are artists (like me) and that your blogs are often about the things that you create. If your craft is genuinely a part of who you are -- then by all means share with us what you make!  BUT -- this event is not about selling our wares-- this event is to meet people and grow our blogs. Just have your website or ETSY shop listed on your blog sidebar-- if your visitors are interested in making a purchase -- they will go to the trouble to find your shop on the sidebar or to email you. 

8.  Sometimes when you go to a party -- you just feel like getting a new dress or outfit.  So-- if you would like to update the appearance of your blog -- a new blog header --or a whole new layout-- you might want to contact my friend Karen Valentine.  Karen has dedicated her entire blogging career to helping us all with our blogging concerns,questions, and also helping us create beautiful blogs.    Karen is my very own "go to person" when it comes to anything that I need help with relating to my blog. She has practically "adopted" me.  I know that she would be thrilled to help you with updating your blogs in preparation for all the company you will be receiving at this event!  

 SO -- please mark your calendars.  Make a poster - put it in your datebook-- place a reminder on your phone -- a sticky note on your computer--write the date on your bathroom mirror~~~ if you are a reader or follower of my blog, I won't let your forget! 

As I add blogs to the lists, I won't be sending emails to each of you this year telling you that you have been added in.  I just can't-- that takes hours and hours of extra work.  So please, if participating in this event is important to you - please save the date, mark the date -- and refer to this post for all the info that  you need. 

*** please note~
After the party begins, I will wait 24 hours and then begin to delete those blogs that do not have a specific "GROW YOUR BLOG" post.  (I'm so sorry-- but I want this to be fair to everyone.)  So please do remember the date.

Volunteers needed!!!
those who volunteer to help with the party will be listed at the very TOP of the party page (before the regular lists begin)
 -- you will also be listed in your blog grouping based on your number of followers -- so you will have 2 opportunities to have visits from folks at the party!! 
***I'm looking for about 20 volunteers to help me visit the blogs who are participating. If you are someone who is comfortable with the "how-to's" of blogging, and consider that you could answer questions from novice bloggers regarding blogging issues --- then please consider being one of my VALUED volunteers for this year's party.  In addition -- on the day of the party you will visit the short list of blogs that I assign to you and report back to me which ones forgot to do a "Grow Your Blog" post.   If you are available to help me -- just send me an email-- 

 This is me --- photo taken on our recent trip to the Gaspe Penninsula, Quebec, Canada.  (I'll be posting this entire trip beginning in January -- taking my readers on an incredible adventure!!)

I want to personally invite you to be a part of my third annual "Grow Your Blog" party for January 2015---  it is truly  a wonderful opportunity for folks to meet new friends.  Last year, the  party started with almost 600 participants.  Because I leave the party post up all year long --- the opportunity is still there even after the party closes -- for folks to continue to visit you -- and for you to visit all the other participants.  My blog continues to get almost 200 visits per week on that party post--- so it lives on, and on, and on!!  I hope to see you there~
If you have questions, please dont hesitate to email me ---

ps --- I want to leave this post up for several weeks so that the info about the party will be easily available to everyone.  I'll be back with my regular posts sometime in mid-December.  xoxo


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LesQuilts said...

Hi there! I would love to join if possible!
I have been away from my blog due to illness, but would like to get back to blogging
Thank you, Leslie Legros
Kenora Ontario Canada
242 followers, but not sure how many are still hanging around, have not had any comments in 3 days!

Take care, Leslie

Anonymous said...

Hello Vicki, what a lovely idea. Thank you for hosting this. I would love to take part:

I have 29 wordpress followers and 33 email-followers at present (= 62 all together)

My posts are written in English and German and mainly about
1. needlework (knitting, sewing, patchwork & quilting) and
2.sometimes about other selfmade stuff (like soapmaking,upcycling, mixed media) and
3. about my daily life (family, recipes) .

I'm looking forward to checking out other blogs and meet new crafters from all over the world.

Thank you so much!

Pauline G said...

Hi Vicky
I would love to join th party again this year - I have 136 followers and blog about quilting and sewing, texile art and painting.
My blog is at
Looking forward to visiting new blogs
Many thanks for organising

Teresa B said...

hi, I only found out about this party today, though another blog I'm following. Love the idea and would love to participate.

Here is my blog:

I mostly post about felt. sewing and crochet crafts, though I really love anything crafty. I currently have 57 followers.

Thank you for hosting,

CatieAn said...

Name: Catiean
followers: 96
interests: mixed media
assemblage art, diy projects i am looking forward to the party once again.
I would be more than happy to help you.

allthingzsewn said...

Vicki, Thanks for taking this on again. I thoroughly enjoyed last year and want to be apart of it again this year.
My name is Tonia and I blog at Http://
I talk and show mostly about sewing, farming and family. I HAVE 116 followers and always ready to make new friends. I have already put your badge on my sidebar. Thank you

Outback Craftaholic said...

Hi Vicki,

Thanks for setting this up, I think it's a fantastic idea. If I remember correctly I discovered it too late this year to be able to join in but I am looking forward to participating in 2015.

I have 27 followers. I love a variety of crafts but the ones I mostly talk about and share on my blog are quilting, embroidery and soft toys. I also share some of our family snaps occasionally, particularly those of birthday cakes I make for my 3 kids.

Here is the link to my blog -

I would be happy to offer a prize during this event.

Looking forward to it. I hope you have a lovely New Year's Eve and a great start to 2015.

Tracy (Perth, Australia)

Heather Graves said...

How fun! I have about 30 total followers on Bloglovin and blogger. My blog is about quilting and it all happens here,

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

Hello Vicki, thank you for hosting this event! I'd love to participate. My blog focuses on papercrafting/cardmaking, handmade home decor and mixed media/altered items.

My blog address is:

I have 499 GFC followers.

Thank you!

Elizabeth Braun said...

Hi Vicki!

Many thanks for all your hard work running this. This is an odd comment in that I'm actually withdrawing most of my glut of blogs (Art Excursion, Polyglot in Training, Fluffy Little Idiot and Brauns on Tour - if I entered all of them!) as I've decided I need to simplify my life a bit and more commitment to blogging isn't going to help. Just leave the biggie, Sew in Love in, please.

Also, I'm sorry to say that I didn't realise, but I'm probably away the party weekend, so I won't be able to help out after all! If I find I can, I'll get back to you.

Hugs, E. :)

Little Wandering Wren said...

Hi Vicki
GYB 2014 was one of my blogging highlights this year so I'm looking forward to joining in the fun again this year!
My name is Wren,
my blog is
I have 263 followers
My blog is about my life in Australia and beyond, featuring unfortunately no crafts, but a crazy poodle, a smattering of teenage dramas and an ever ready packed suitcase in case it all gets too much as I love to travel!
Thank you so much for hosting again
Wren x

Cathy said...

Hi Vicki,

I would love to join Grow Your Blog this year. I found your blog via Jasper's Jems (thank-you, Bonnie!) and I'm glad to see it's going again in 2015.

My name is Cathy and my blog is at

I have 19 followers and love sharing my polymer clay adventures and creations...and tips and tutorials, too!

Thanks so much for allowing me to join in...I can't wait to see everyone's blog!

SueFitz said...

Thanks this sounds great I actually have 2 blog I want to participate.

Fitz's Stitches
I have 88 followers (but havent been doing anything on this blog in a couple of years)

SueFitz said...

Thanks this sounds great I actually have 2 blog I want to participate.

Books, Books The Magical Fruit
I have about 1700, but with a book site you can never have enough

Marti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hi, I would love to join this year
My name is Amanda but go by stitching angel.
I have 30 followers and my blog is about my cross stitch.

Create With Joy said...

Happy New Year to you Vicki - I am SO happy to join you again for this event!

My name is Ramona and I blog at Create With Joy. I am a paper crafter who enjoys creating Cards, ATCs, Art Journals, Collages, Scrapbooks and Altered & Mixed Media projects.

I also love to read and enjoy sharing Book Reviews, Recipes, and stories about my Maine Coon Cats, as well as hosting blog parties and connecting with other creative bloggers!

I look forward to meeting everyone at this year's party!

I have 1551 Blog Lovin followers.

Create With Joy

Winter_Pixie said...

Hi Vicki! I would LOVE to participate in the event this year, I had SUCH fun last year. :D

My blog url is:
And I blog mostly about Crochet things,
I have 33 google followers and 46 bloglovin followers (I'm unsure if some people follow in both places like I do)

Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

Wendy said...

This is my second year to sign up...I blog here:
my blog is about quilting both traditional and crazy quilting, embroidery and crochet...At the moment I have 181 followers on my blog...Thank you for hosting this lovely party again this year.

kareninkenai said...

Looking forward to 2015 Grow Your Blog; have had such a good time the last two - and in 2014 I was able to meet my blog winner and hand deliver my "giveaway" while on holiday in Canada. Blog: (, also). I have 164 GFC Followers. Have not added any other links for friends to follow. My passions are: bookarts and photography, with knitting and mixed media close behind. IF you need additional volunteers, just come a calling. Love and hugs from Alaska. Karen (Am working on the pre-25th post and the 25th post and linking your GYB button for my sidebar.)

Shirley-Ann said...

Hi Vicky,

This looks like fun, I would love to join in.

My name is Shirley and my blog's name is Under An English Sky which has 102 followers

I am a homeschooling mum of two teen daughters and blog about living and learning throughout the seasonal and liturgical year. Lots of knitting, stitching and gardening too :)

Thanks so much for hosting.

creations.1 said...

Hi - my name is Kerrie - I took part last year. I have 71 followers. My blog is: http:// channel bank I live in NSW Australia. I dabble in all types of crafts, like gardening and a simple life. Looking forward to the 2015 Grow Your Blog Party!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful to be able to participate in this event!
blog URL:
followers: about 7
Topic: I blog about embroidery and cross-stitch, I will occasionally have a sewing project!

Thank you, and looking forward to it!
Jaime Lyn

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful to be able to participate in this event!
blog URL:
followers: about 7
Topic: I blog about embroidery and cross-stitch, I will occasionally have a sewing project!

Thank you, and looking forward to it!
Jaime Lyn

Living to work - working to live said...

Hello Vicky - wow! What a great idea!!

My name is Hilary and my blog is ( which is a bonkers name but reflects the fact that I am a bit of a workaholic - or rather was - and the day job can be really full on ).

I blog about my art - mostly machine embroidery and mixed media - and the art from other people that inspires.

I currently have 50 followers.

Lyndsey said...

Thanks for hosting again.

My name is Lyndsey and my blog is about neddlecrafts (quilting, embroidery and knitting) I have 295 followers between GFC, bloglovin and email followers.

kath001 said...

What a big job, thanks so much for hosting.

I'm Kathleen at Four Miles North of Nowhere( ) which has 57 followers. I blog about whatever strikes my fancy an any given day.

Main creative outlets are knitting, making cards, and this year I am getting back to my quilting. I love doing giveaways, so now I get to think of a new one!

Lija Broka said...

Another year another attempt to go through the entire blog list! There are soooo many gorgeous new blogs one can add.

My blog is called: Stitching in Crosses and More ...

and the url:

I have 189 followers via blogger and 75 via bloglovin so feel free to just use the first number (they often overlap).

My hobbies in order of importance: cross stitch (the main one that I blog about), growing orchids (one finds an occasional photo or rant cropping up) and reading (I made it to be 'just insert an IV' in last year's I love library books challenge.
Of course these are just main 3 ... and there are many more including badminton and painting (but hey ho as we are being limited to 3)

Unknown said...

Hello Vicki,

I am so happy to found this event and looking forward for an opportunity to grow my blog.
My blog is and I blog about Art, Decor, Garden/outdoor and travel. I have 12 followers..

Thank you!

Sara said...

Thank you so much for doing this again! I'm a cross stitcher and have a blog at I have 126 followers. Looking forward to finding some new blogs to read!


Cynthia said...

Great idea, my blog is
thanks for doing this. I have 12 followers so not many but I know a lot of others do read it.

Buttercup said...

This sounds terrific. I'm Carol at I've been blogging for six years and have 500 followers. I blog about life in New York City, food, books and love taking pictures. I'm looking forward to the fun! Thanks so much.

Karin G said...

Hi Vicki
My name is Karin and I would love to join in. My blog is Ginkgo et Coquelicot at:
I blog about beads and jewelry making
I don't know exactly how many followers I've got but between GFC, Bloglovin and mail it must be around 65.
Thank you for hosting this event and I wish you a happy new year!

Unknown said...

My name is Anna and I currently have 125 followers. Essentially I am a very general embroiderer - you name it I do/have done it from felting, quilting to free machining- most recently known for my Art to wear costumes and thread painting works.
My blog is here:
I am definitely going to participate as I am currently stuck myself !

PugMom said...

Hi Vicki!
I would love to join your blog hop! My name is Nancy and I blog at PugMom Quilts. The link is
I have 142 followers. I blog about quilting and my three pugs make frequent guest appearances.
Thanks for organizing this!

Stitchin At Home said...

I am a new blogger with only 1 follower, really would like more.
I blog about quilting

Thanks for hosting this.

Buttercup said...

This sounds like lots of fun. I'm in Carol in New York City. I write about life in New York, especially food and books. I've been blogging for six years and have 500+ followers. I'd be happy to volunteer, too.

Joy said...

I did this a few years ago and would love to try it again.

I have two blogs (119 followers) my regular blog (0 followers) this blog is dedicated to reading the entire Newbery medal winning and honor list

Joy said...

Oops. I think I may have mistyped my second blog. It's

Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

I'm Martidiy and I mainly blog about diy home remodeling and quilting.

On this new blog:, I have 1 follower.

On my old blog:, I had 110 followers, but only one followed me over to wordpress.

I missed the sign up for this last year so wanted to be sure I was ready this year. That was actually the impetus for me to start a new blog on wordpress.

Blogger rejects many emails for some reason and the blog owner doesn't receive notice that a comment has been made, and it requires word verification from wordpress users even when that has been turned off.

If it's ok with you, I'd like to include my email address (spaced to keep it from spambots) in my comments as I usually have to use a blogger profile to post to blogspot blogs.

Marti said...

(If this is a duplicate, please delete it. The Open ID option doesn't seem to accept the whole ID.)

I'm Martidiy and I mainly blog about diy home remodeling and quilting.

On this new blog:, I have 1 follower.

On my old blog:, I had 110 followers, but only one followed me over to wordpress.

I missed the sign up for this last year so wanted to be sure I was ready this year. That was actually the impetus for me to start a new blog on wordpress.

Blogger rejects many emails for some reason and the blog owner doesn't receive notice that a comment has been made, and it requires word verification from wordpress users even when that has been turned off.

If it's ok with you, I'd like to include my email address (spaced to keep it from spambots) in my comments as I usually have to use a blogger profile to post to blogspot blogs.

Terry said...

Hi Vicky, last I followed this event I had 2 blogs that I accidentlally lost when I deleted a google+ account. I have just now made 2 new blogs so I have only 2 follwers on one and 0 on the other :(. So I am really looking forward to this event again. Thank you so much for having it. 1st blog is for quilting at and the 2nd is on homesteading at

Karen H said...

Hi Vicky! My name is Karen and I blog about quilting. My blog is

I currently have 550 followers.

I participated last year and it was great fun. I met lots of lovely people and found many interesting blogs. I was also lucky enough to win some prizes! Thank you for organizing this wonderful event once again!

chasing the sun said...

I would love to join too...My name is Lisa.I am a mother of two grown boys and two senior fur babies..
I am insanely addicted to photography, that is what I usually blog about..
My list of followers is very short, less than 20..I have a lot to learn about finding readers, lol..
My blog is at
Thank you for hosting..

Lisa Dunn said...

I would love to join the blog party. My name is Lisa Dunn, and my blog is Wyrd Needles and the address is

I have 50 followers.

My hobbies are embroidery and cross stitch.

Thank you for hosting!

Lacie Rose said...

Hi I want to join!
My name is Lacie. My blog is at and I have 19 followers.
I crochet/knit, dabble with jewel crafting and I'm a photographer.

Though I have another blog that isn't craft related that has 68 followers so if we can have two in this thing then I would like that too the other address is

Thank you for this opportunity!

Susan said...

Thanks for hosting this!
My name is Susan and I blog about quilting at
I have around 150 followers through various sources. Looking forward to this event!

Chantal said...

Hi Vicki! I am thrilled you are doing this again. I took part last year and it was so much fun. My name is Chantal Shaw. I currently have 77 followers. My blog is about my quilting and crocheting hobbies. My blog is
Thank you for hosting!

Ida said...

This was so much fun last year that I am going to participate again this year.

I have 2 blogs: (This is mainly a Photography) blog. I have 165 Followers there.

My other blog: is a Rubber Stamping/Craft blog and I have 71 Followers there.

Thanks again for hosting this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki, I'd like to join in again please.

i have 50 followers
my blog is here

my main 3 subjects are crafting, self reliance, and vintage items

many thanks

EvalinaMaria said...

I would love to join Grow Your Blog again this year. I love embroidery, reading and traveling. I have 738 followers.
Evalina, This and that...

E.liza"BETH" said...

hi Vicky, glad to see you again this year. it is such a fun get together. i can't wait!! my blog address is: on this blog i talk about our travels. camping. hiking & kayaking.

no clue how many followers i had last year? i should have written it down. today i have 311 followers.

last year i was a volunteer who went around chatting and writing to folks if you need some help again. i would be glad to help out. just let me know. my email address is :

thanks, for having this great party yet again. enjoy your day!! big big hugs! ( :

Wendyb said...

HI Vicki, would love to join in. I'm a quilty stitchy blogger who throws some recipes in now and again. My blog is Sugarlane Designs
At the moment I have 356 followers. Can't wait to get to know a whole lot more of you.
sugary hugs Wendy :o)

Astrids dragon said...

Once again, thanks for hosting, Vicki!

I'm at Dragon Stitches and Stuff by Astrid -
It's about cross stitching and hopefully more Pinterest testing!

I have 84 Bloglovin followers & 149 on Blogger.

Looking forward to it!

Kate said...

Thanks for hosting this again.

My name is Kate and my blog is

I have 180 followers.

My blog is mainly about cross stitch.

Sami said...

Thanks for hosting this again Vicki.
My name is Sami, I have an interest in arts and crafts, I paint, although lately I haven't put much about painting in my blog.

I have 72 followers and I blog at:

Unknown said...

I am returning from last year.
I so art journaling, mixed media art, and photography.
my blog is:
I have 59 followers.

anojaa said...

Hi Vicki!

Thank you for hosting this great event.

I would love to be part of it.

I have 38 followers. I blog about cross stitching mostly trying to do it both in english and french (part of the good resolutions for 2015!).

Thanks again.


Wilma said...

Hi Vicki,
Thank you for hosting this again.
Would love to join the party :).
I have 73 followers and I mostly blog about my Fabric/Lace books, Personal Wedding gifts, Vintage Crafts.

Thank you so much,
Blessings to you,

Cindy's Stitching said...

My Name is Cindy.
I do all kinds of cross stitch
I like all crafting.

Sylvia said...

Hi, my name is Sylvia, I have 90 follows and have been blogging for almost 3 years now. I enjoy blogging about my faith,family and having Tea. This is my first time joining and will put your badge on my side bar. You can find me at....

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm Jyl Milner from JylMilnerCreates. I have a shop on and a blog at Currently, I have no followers (I tell myself that's because it's new - it's also because I'm still figuring things out!). I make primitive and folk art decorative items out of felt. Thank you for doing this - what a service you're providing to those of us who are behind on the learning curve!! I'm really looking forward to this.

Lea said...

Hi, Vicki! Thank you so much for hosting this! What a wonderful idea! My blog is I have 90 followers and 9 Networked Blog followers. I would so love to grow those numbers! I blog about rubber stamping, mixed media and I'm going to start adding my art journaling to the mix. Thanks again!

Suburban Girl said...

I blog at

I have 158 followers via the goole friend connect gadget but I offer multiple ways to follow.

My blog is geared toward sharing my images of places I visit and things I do. Travel and historic places rank high.

Anonymous said...

This looks great - I'd love to take part.
My name is Mel and I mainly blog about craft, sewing and my love of vintage items. I have 27 followers.

Joanne Noragon said...

Hello--I would like to join. I blog at Cup on the Bus:

I blog about raising two granddaughters, weaving and occasionally current events.
I have 138 followers.

Cheeky Rose Boutique said...

Happy New Year Vicki! I participated
last year and am happy to do so again. I have 58 followers and my link is

I absolutely love the handmade and one of a kind arts much of which I have or will attempt to conquer, especially all things "Christmas"! I have a special interest in historical dolls and associated needfuls. I enjoy making ornaments and garlands and have for the past 5.5 years educated myself to the process of doll making with paper clay/mache or polymer clay. My art items are "inspired" by all I survey in my environment with the use of God given creativity and ability. There are also other dollmakers who inspire me greatly. I once studied interior decorating before eventually changing my major to nursing. I am a collector of home decor items both vintage and antique.

Thanks for all the fun!

January 7, 2015

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I did this last year and really enjoyed getting to meet so many different bloggers.
I have 129 followers.
I really enjoy photography and writing.

thank you so much for doing this again and thank you to all who are volunteering.

Judy Cooper Textile Artist said...

I participated last year and would like to do so again this year. My blog: Judy Cooper, Textile Images
I have 126 followers, another 44 via bloglovin. I am a textile artist. I write about the things I do,about other artists, and about quilting / sewing / embroidery projects and blogs that offer free tutorials and projects.

Unknown said...

I would love to join!

My name is Kim and I blog about cross stitch.

Currently, I only have 13 followers.

Lynne said...

I participated in 2013 and found it worthwhile. Thank you for hosting again this year -- it must be a tremendous load for you! My name is Lynne and I blog at "Never Too Hot To Stitch" I have 86 followers and my hobbies are quilting and knitting.

Sheila said...

I enjoyed myself so much last year I decided it would be fun to join in again . I blog at and presently have 373 followers . I blog mostly about quilting along with other stitch related topics like wool and embroidery . Thanks for hosting again .

Lynn - JnL4God said...

Hi my name is Lynn, I blog about my quilting.
I have 50 followers.
Here's my URL:

email is:

Thank you for hosting! I'll share a post about this weekend.

KimM said...

OH BOY! My name is Kim and I'd love to join the party. My blog is
I have 65 followers on Bloglovin and 213 GFC followers.

I love to cross stitch, needlepoint, paint Limoges boxes. I'm teaching myself to 'finish' my own pieces of needlework.

Thank you for hosting. I look forward to it!

Pamela said...

Hello, my name is Pamela and I am really looking forward to Grow Your Blog 2015.

I blog at - it's a lifestyle blog, what I am doing from day to day, my plans, hopes, dreams. I enjoy scrapbooking, reading, cooking, and travel.

I don't have any followers at the moment - I just add the Follower gadget to my blog.

Thanks for hosting!

Unknown said...

My name is Sarah and I post about random things with being a mother and a step mother.

Right now I am working on my photography but enjoy writing, crafts, and cooking.

I look forward to connecting with more bloggers!

Unknown said...

I forgot to add that I have 4 followers!

lynda said...

Thanks for hosting this again. I would love to participate.

My blog is:

I blog about cross-stitch, and I have 481 followers


e said...

Hi Vicki,
Would love to join :) Thank you for the invite.
# of followers: According to blogger none, but I know there are a few just by comments received.
My hobbies: stitchery, quilting
My blog:

jhm said...

My name is jackie

blog is

I love needlework , followed by reading and knitting.

I have 39 followers

I talk about my needlework, my family and various volunteer activities and life in general.

Katy said...

I would love to participate!

My blog is

I currently have 146 followers

And I'm focused on cross-stitch. Thanks!

Diane E W said...

I had so much fun and gained so many new followers last year, thank you for doing this again this year. I have 138 followers. My blog is
My interest is quilting, piecing and designing, but mostly longarm quilting. I somehow make a lot of memory quilts and love making them special for family and friends. Thanks again.

Donna Heber said...

Hi Vicki,

I would love to join again! I blog at Donna's Designs -

I have 435 GFC followers plus 151 on Google+ and 30 on Bloglovin'.

My interests are paper crafts, gardening and photography.

Thank you for hosting.

Nonna Rose said...

Hi Vivki, Thanks to Tanna at Brick Street Bungalow I have found you, and your invitation to join this group. I started blogging 9 years ago, but for personal reasons I had to delete my original blogs. So, recently I decided to start over and need to be found again!

I am an experienced knitting, but I also like to cook and play with my camera! I have other interests such as gardening and writing, and reading, which I will talk about from time to time on my blog, but if you have to categorize me, I'd have to say knitting comes first.

My new blog, Nonna Rose Creates and Cooks ( ) has only a few followers; not even a handful!

Thanks, for hosting this group; it is such a great idea.

lynda said...

I would love to participate in this again.

My blog is:

I blog about cross stitching, and have 481 followers.

Thanks for hosting this again!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Thanks for doing this again this year--it's always so much fun! I blog about my quilting adventures at and have 144 Blogger followers (and 145 Bloglovin'--not sure if that is separate?).

Shannon Meyer said...

Thanks so much for doing this each year, it is something I look forward to:) I just started a new blog at the beginning of this year, so my followers are very few - Only 10 right now. My blog focuses on stitching (cross-stitch and embroidery), knitting and crocheting.

Joanne Noragon said...

I am Joanne Noragon, a weaver, and would love to join your party. I thought I joined two days ago, but cannot find my comment in the many, so here I am again.

My blog:

I am a grandmother with custody of two granddaughters. I have 139 followers. I blog about my grandchildren, my past and now my resurgent career as a weaver.
I'm busy on my party day post and updating my blog site. And, very happy I checked to see my comment on your blog. Here it is again.

Kim Stevens said...

Hi Vicki, I've been dragging my feet but have decided to participate again in your wonderful blog party. My blog is and I currently have 275 followers. See ya in a couple of weeks!

craftingpaws said...

Hello, I would really love to join!
I just started my blog and I currently have 7 followers.

My blog:

My interest:
cross stitching, candles and mason jars

Lisa said...

Hi Vicky, I would love to participate this year. Currently I have 165 followers. My predominant hobby is Cross-Stitch, on occasion I do dabble in Knitting. My blog is called: Hockey Mom Stitchin' Hobby and can be found at
I look forward to taking part again!
Thank you,

Lisa said...

Hi thank you for doing this each year I have really enjoyed the last two! I have GfC 512, Bloglovin 463, email 186 over 500 followers at In The Boon Docks
Quilting/sewing/crafts/raising kids and chickens

Let me know if you need anything else but I think that is it. Thanks again!

Pedal Sew Lightly said...

Hi. I would love to participate.
Gayle from:
I have 65 followers on Bloglovin and I started blogging in April of 2014.
My blog focuses mainly on modern quilting but I touch on my bicycling hobby and other sewing and craft projects as well.

Shari - a prim and (not so) proper quilter said...

Hi, Vicki--
I really enjoyed last year's Grow Your Blog party and would like to participate this year.

My hobby is quilting and I have 157 followers.

I would be happy to volunteer if you don't already have enough!


Marsha said...

What a wonderful idea! My name is Marsha and my blog is cross stitch oriented with quilting and soap making talked about also.

As of today, I have 179 followers.

I'm looking forward to the event. Thank you.

Jessica said...

This is a great idea! This is my first time joining in.

I have 34 followers. I do cross stitch and primitive/country crafting.


Jennifer Price said...

I want to participate. I have <10 bloglovin followers. Personally, I follow blogs on feedly, but I can't tell how many feedly followers that I have.
My quilting blog is here:

Thank you for putting this together, it is a great service!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for hosting this blogger party. I hadn't heard about it until just now. I have a relatively new blog that I started in June, 2014. Address is
I blog about my quilting projects. I have about 55 followers at this point. Looking forward to this event!


Michell said...

Hi Vicki,

I would love to join in this year. I mostly blog about patchwork/stitchery and also cross stitch at times. My blog is

I have
286 GFC followers and
126 Bloglovin followers

Momma Bear said...

Hello Vicki!
my name is Flora and crazy quilting is my game! Though I do dabble in bead work and sometimes into sane quilts, I am mainly a qrazy😊
I currently have 73 followers
and you can find me at
thanks for hosting!

Coser Tejer Crear said...

This is a great idea! Id like to join in! I'm Mariana and I blog at
I blog mainly in Spanish and English about what Im currently making. It could be sewing, quilting, swapping sewing goods or knitting and crocheting.
Right now I have 188 followers in bloglovin. And I found you thanks to Lisa at In the boon docks.

Coser Tejer Crear said...

Ooops I dont think my previous comment went through!
If it did, please delete this one.
My name is Mariana and I'd love to join in this great blog hop.
I blog, in English and Spanish, at, mainly about what im currently doing; quilting, sewing, swapping sewing goodies, knitting or crocheting.
Right now I have about 188 followers in bloglovin. And I found this post thanks to Lisa from In th Boon Docks
Thank you!

Sarah Huizenga said...

I missed this last year, but will not miss it again this year. Thank you so much for putting this all together.

My name is Sarah and I blog at Paisley Rain Boots.

I am a photographer and a writer. I currently have about 125 followers give or take a few.

Natasha said...

I look forward to joining for the first time this year. My blog is

I currently have 124 followers

I blog mainly about Cross Stitch and some Crochet.
Thank you

Natasha said...

I look forward to joining for the first time this year. My blog is

I currently have 124 followers

I blog mainly about Cross Stitch and some Crochet.
Thank you

Shroo said...

Hi Vicky!

Thanks to all your hard work last year my little art blog increased its followers to 60 and it was such great fun, meeting awesome new people. I'd love to participate in this year's party if I'm not too late to enter. My blog link is:

(I thought I'd entered late last year but I think I added my comment to a different post! I'm sorry if this blog shows up twice, but I wanted just to make sure I could join i)

Thank you again for all your fabulousness - Shroo :) xxx

Unknown said...

hi Vicki
Thanks for hosting this event and this is the second time i am participating it
My name is Maria Nazareth
my blog is
I have 202 followers
I love doing crochet

Monique Elisabeth said...

I would love to join in the fun. My blog is called Romancing the ordinary

I have 12 followers at the moment.
My blog is mainly about cooking, knitting, crocet, pets and gardening.

Now I'm on my way to make the Grow your blog post ; ) Thank you very much.

Doris Rice, The Quilting Queen said...

This sounds like so much fun. I can't wait to participate. Thanks for putting it all together.
I currently have 152 followers and I blog mostly about quilting, throwing in a few posts now and then about crafting, cooking, and gardening.
my blog is
I would be happy to volunteer if you need me.

RobinSue said...

This party is just the push I need to commit to posting .
I have 48 followers.
I can be found at
I share my quilting journey.

Going to get started right now!

Anonymous said...

I'm a newbie - looking forward to it!

I blog at

With 62 followers! Woohoo! :-)

I write about Textile Art & Art Quilts mostly.
Brenda Wood

Anonymous said...

...I've also just posted a post about this!

If possible can you put me with "HollyM" I see we have similar interests!

Brenda from

Blue Jeans And Teacups said...

Hi. I am BRAND NEW TO BLOGGING . I just started last week and I have 1 follower. Hopefully I can figure out what I need to do to be successful with this party!
I enjoy:
CHRISTIAN HISTORICAL FICTION (reading and posting reviews

My blog is:

Heather Elizabeth

Renee said...

Vicki, I can only imagine how much time you put into this each year. Thank you! Last year added about 40 followers to my blog.

I currently have 74 followers on my blog and 24 followers on Bloglovin.

My blog is Living My Dream and the url is:

I frequently blog about crazy quilting, embroidery and cross-stitch.

Thank you so much for providing the blog party!

Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

Hi my name is Pam and I blog at Quilting Fun

I quilt and I have around 50 followers.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Marly said...

It's nice to meet you Vicki.
I'm Marly and I blog at
I have 35 followers with GFC.
My blog is about patchwork and quilting which I took up three years ago, and I'm really hooked! In the past I've done many forms of handwork, but now I concentrate on patchwork and quilting.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I'm looking forward to taking part in Grow your Blog once again this year. I have around 250 followers between Bloglovin', Facebook, email sign up and Stumbleupon. My site is mainly gardening with crochet & knitting mixed in. I also love to create garden art.
I assisted with the monitoring of this link up last year and will be happy to do it again if you need more help.

Unknown said...

hello! this is awesome!
my name is emily, and i would love to be a part of this.
i only have 7 followers, most of which i don't think are active.
my blog is:
my blog is primarily quilting/sewing, with some cross stitch and a little bit of life in there as well :)

Christine B said...

Hello Vicki! My name is Christine and I would like to participate in your party. I haven't participated before but it sounds like great fun! I have 41 followers and I blog about patchwork/quilting/embroidery and a little bit about crochet. Here is the link to my blog:

Looking forward to seeing you at the party! :) xx

Mad about Craft said...

I would love to take part in the blog hop, it is great fun!

I am Ailsa of http//

I have 124 followers

Thank you for organising this!

SuperMomNoCape said...

This sounds like such fun! I'm already thinking about what I could make for a giveaway to make it even more fun.

I don't know my exact number of followers but between e-mail subscribers, bloglovin and other means, I would say I have approx 350 followers.
On my blog I share sewing and homemaking tips and tutorials and recipes, in addition to some of the other crafts I enjoy doing.

Patty Antle said...

Hi Vicki, I have 333 followers and blog at Patty's Pretty Things
My interests are paper crafting, crochet and sewing. Thank you so much!

Jeanne said...

Hi Vicki! I am Jeanne and my blog is a Butterfly tales. This is my fourth year of blogging. I love photography, journaling, travel, and my family and much of my blog revolves around this. I had the privelege of participating last year in your Grow Your Blog event and thought it was awesome. So excited to do this again. I have 210 followers. Looking forward to this

Jeanne said...

Hi Vicki, this is Jeanne at Butterfly Tales again and I forgot to leave my url for my blog, so here it is.
I have 210 followers and am excited to participate in this event again. Thank you so much for hosting this great party.

Maddy said...

Looking forward to meeting new blogs making new friends etc.

My interests are: patchwork, quilting, sewing, cooking, gardening.

Name is Madeline (Maddy).

Have 45 followers hoping to expand.

DiaryofaNoviceQuilter said...

I am so excited to find this thru Crazy Mom Quilts! I have been trying to grow my followers and this is a fantastic idea! My name is Valerie and I love to Blog about how I love to Quilt, Sew, & Cook... I have 2 beautiful children and 1 on the way! I am a proud mom of my son, especially because my son has Autism.
PLEASE Follow me at

Email me at

Thank You,

Maddy said...

Count me in: I have 45 followers.

Interests: Cooking, Photograph, Sewing craft,Patchwork and Quilting.

Name Madeline (Maddy).

Sarah Goer Quilts said...

Thanks for organizing. I'd love to participate.

My name is Sarah and I blog at primarily about quilting, with a little bit of other sewing (including children's clothing) and cookie decorating. I have 123 followers by email and 33 on bloglovin.

Amanda said...

This sounds fun! I would love to join. My name is Amanda and my blog is - and I, you guessed it, cook! I post recipes, menu plans and love food photography. This is a new blog. I have around 50 followers and am looking to grow!

Thanks for hosting! I'm looking forward to the event!

Peggy said...

This sounds fun. Thanks for hosting this hop.

World of Charity Stitching, a Yahoo group, has a blog where we post photos of our cross stitched quilts, bags, and other gifts we make for senior citizens and children.

We currently have 352 GFC followers, 118 Bloglovin followers.

Our members cross stitch, sew, quilt, crochet, knit, embroider, and make cards.

I'm one of the co-owners of the group (I live in Florida) and the other co-owner lives in Arizona.

Thanks, Peggy

Mindy said...

Hi Vicki. I started seeing that lovely graphic your friend created on several blogs, and my curiosity got the best of me, so here I am. :)

I'm Mindy and I talk about various crafts on my blog (Mindy's Needlework Mania), but mostly crochet, cross stitch, and needlepoint. As of right now, I have 743 followers. You can find me at

Thanks for this great idea!

Craftycreate said...

Hi Vicky,

I would love to join the Grow Your Blog 2015 sounds like fun.
My blog is about knitting crochet and sewing too.

My website is

Thank you!

Birgit said...

Hi Vicki,

Thanks for organizing this fabulous blog party once again -- you rock! :)

Currently, I have 254 followers. I would love to communicate with everyone a bit more this year -- I so enjoy the interaction and inspiration that comes with it.

Here is my little place on the web:

Take good care and lots of greetings from Munich, Germany,

Birgit said...

Gosh, I almost forgot to list my main blog interests:

Digital Design

I also talk about my life in Munich, Bavaria, sharing what is happening in my part of the world.


Judy Goddard said...

HI Vikky.

My name is Judy Goddard.
My blog link is

My blog, Christ in Me, has a mostly spiritual theme but I also include, at this time, a weekly "Word Bytes" feature where I highlight an archaic or obscure word, just for the fun of it.

I only have one follower at this time.

Thanx for doing this, for making it available. God bless!

Quirky Homemaker said...

Hi Vicki,
I began blogging in 2011 and back then had over 2000 followers on my main blog, but stopped blogging for a year. Now, I get about 30 visitors a day on a good day! I have 4 blogs, each only about 30 visitors a day.

I don't think I'm able to add GFC to my sidebar anymore, but I have FB, Twitter, etc. Thanks so much for organizing. I miss good old-fashioned blog hops!

Cathy said...

I would love to take part in this event once again! I'm Cathy from CraftyCat.
My main interests are cross stitch, beading (mostly jewelry) and sewing. I have 209 followers.

Thanks for hosting! I've had so much fun with this the last 2 years.

Hooked on Quilting said...

I write about quilting, but mostly about how many unfinished projects I have, hence, I only have 41 followers.

I have 227 followers.

If you still need someone, I could help.


RedSetter said...

I was sure I'd already signed up to your party Vicki and have just realised I haven't! I'd love to be involved again and thank you for hosting this as it is obviously a huge amount of work.

I live in Scotland and my own blog is about crafts I do such as jewellery making and crochet as well as random observations about my life. I have 69 followers on blogger and 16 followers on bloglovin.

My cat blog is about both my cats and their antics at I have 63 followers on blogger and 12 on bloglovin.

I'm really looking forward to the party most of all meeting and following blogs that are new to me. I'll be doing a giveaway too for both.

Unknown said...

I would love to join.
I blog about quilting and Amsterdam.
I have 48 followers.
Thanks for hosting

Judys Lace Creations said...

Oh Vicki, you have so many who want to join in...
If you are able to add me to the list my blog is
The Name is Judy's Fabrications and I make cloth dolls, Lace creations,crazy patch works, wall hangings, Zentangle drawings..
I have 72 followers.
Many thanks
Judy McCarthy

Barb Neiwert said...

Good morning! Looks like I found your blog just in the nick of time!

I'm Barb and blog over at

Right now I have 228 follower with Bloglovin', and not sure how many with email notices.

I have become smitten with quilting and can't seem to get enough. I have a long arm business and an Etsy shop but what I share is my own exploits into quilting and sewing. I throw in a few scenery shots here and there - how can we not appreciate the world around us?

Interests: Quilting, Photography, Outdoor Life

I will have a giveaway.

Thanks for sponsoring the Hop. Looking forward to meeting new people.

Quinn said...

Hi Vicki - thanks so much for hosting this event again!

My blog is Comptonia


I often blog about:
1) raising cashmere goats
2) fiber arts (dyeing, knitting)
3) experiencing the natural world

See you at the Party!

DiaryofaNoviceQuilter said...

I forgot to include that I don't have any followers on my Southern Charm Inspired and I have 9 Followers on Diary of a Novice Quilter....
Thank You for the Opportunity.

Sandi said...

Thanks Vicki,
I have been neglecting my blog lately and have just started working on revamping it, so the timing is perfect!
I have 125 followers and about 30 on GFC-some overlapping I am sure.
I blog about living the and crafting with joy, even when life is filled with surprises.

Hettienne Grobler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hettienne Grobler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JoJo said...

I'm brand new to your blog and love that you are having a party to grow blogs! I love PARTIES!

My name is jojo and I digitize logos for businesses and embroider on commercial machines. I am a passionate quilter and blog a lot about embroidery, quilting, and teaching.

My blog is:

I have 6 followers.

HeathersSewingRoom said...

Hi Vicki
Thanks for the opportunity to join up.
I have started blogging about my quilting, box making (cartonnage) and crafting life while living as an expat in Asia.

I have 50 followers.
Looking forward to the party

Sharon said...

Hello, Vicki! I would love to join the party!
I blog at Leaning Into Life at

My interest is photography. I have 28 followers and would love to grow my blog.

Thanks so much for hosting us!

Sunshine Girl said...

Hi what a lovely idea and a mammoth task you are taking on! My name is Nicki and I am at with 180 followers - I had a big blogging break last year but am now raring to go again and my main hobbies are papercrafting (mainly Tim Holtz style stuff) and sewing although any goes in my house really! Happy to volunteer if you are still looking for helpers.

Sunshine Girl said...

Cant find my comment so if this is a second entry I apologise! My name is Nicki and I am at with 180 followers. I do papercrafting (mainly Tim Holtz stuff) and Sewing although anything goes in my house really. Would happily volunteer if you still need helpers.

Hettienne Grobler said...

Dear Vicky Thank you for doing this again. My blog is Cloister of the Heart at and I have 68 followers. My hobbies are mixed media art, Soulcollage and assemblage art.
Hettienne Grobler

Frances Lilly Designs said...

Hi Vicky,
I would Love to join your blogging party.
My blog is
and is mostly about my quilting journey.
I have about 45 followers.

Frances Lilly Designs said...

Hi Vicki,

My blog is
and is mainly about my patchwork journey.
I have about 50 followers.


Karen B. said...

Hi my dear friend,
I finally got around checking in with you for this great even again.
I have 205 followers on blogger as of right now.
I love anything old, tattered and tarnished. and just love to create.
You need my help ~ I am here!
Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Greetings Vicki!
What a great idea!
My name is Jennifer.
My blog is, Adventures in Mixed Media
I have 103 followers and blog mostly about collecting/thrifting/some creating, cooking/baking, gardening and our life in the country with chickens and dogs.

kate steeper said...

Must give this ago again i had tons of people visit and got to meet loads of other people all over the world. Im Kate bitter twisted 50 something, much put upon by life , thrifter , crafter grandma and domestic slave from the UK

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I just learned about this project when I visited another blog. Glad I followed the link.

1. My blog is:

2. I go by Bleubeard and Elizabeth, with Bleubeard being the face of our blog.

3. I have 690 GFC followers. I don't count the other followers, like Bloglovin, Linky Links, etc.

4. I blog about mixed media, altered books, and gardening, to name a few, since I realize you only allow three.

5. I will offer a giveaway.

I understand this is the third time you have offered this event. I am thrilled you have taken this on again, and look forward to seeing more of you.

Lorraine said...

Hi Vicki,
I would love to take part in your party this year.
My blog is Paper Vernissage at and I share mostly my handmade cards, photography, and Zentangles there, with a recipe thrown in every now and then.

I currently have 89 followers and look forward to making more blogging friends.

Thanks for doing this.

Maggie said...

Just squeaking in before the deadline! So glad not to have missed it, since I've made many new friends by participating in years past. Thank you Vicki, for your generous hosting of a great event!!

I have 192 followers.

My blog:

Interests: Mixed Media, Jewelry Design, Paper Crafting

I'll have a giveaway or two. Thanks again,

suziqu's thread works said...

Dearest Vicki,
Oh yes I'm in for the party again this year!

So I am Suzy Quaife.
My blog is and
I love to share my artworks into mixed media using fabrics, textiles, lace, paper and fabrics creating lacebooks, journals, collages and the like.
I have 1111 followers
and am very grateful I found blogging 4 years ago.

Thank you so v. much Vicki for hosting such a huge and successful event to help so many bloggers in making their blog known to the world!
You are loved and blessed by so very many!
With much gratitude,

moongirl said...

This is wonderful - thank you!

I have 13 followers so I would love more! :)

Mostly I blog about drawing, painting and mixed media.

Tamara said...

Hi Vicki,
My name is Tamara. Thank you so much for hosting the Grow Your Blog party. I'm looking forward to joining in. My blog, Where Blessings Gather, is mostly about rustic vintage and shabby creations and finding blessings in the every day. My blog address is and I have 22 followers. I think your nests are some of the prettiest creations ever seen! Blessings to you and thank you again.


Barbara Lilian in France said...

Hi Vicki Thank you for hosting this wonderful event again this year! I joined in the 2014 Grow your blog and had lots of new followers, some fell off half way through. But the few who are still following me have become true friends
Please include me again in the 2015 Grow your blog.
I have Probably about 150/160 followers.
My interests are country/gardening, watercolour painting and photography.
I look forward to making more new friends, thanks to all your hard work and along with the helpers you have to help other bloggers

Unknown said...

Hi Vicki, sign me up!

My name is Ashleigh and I have a blog called Sweet Serendipity. My blog is about me and my husband, we are twenty something year olds just starting our lives together. Follow us as we go through this journey and make happy little serendipitous discoveries along the way. My blog is a lifestyle blog and I post about anything and everything: from home renos, to my favorite makeup products.

I don't currently have any followers :'(

My hobbies include reading, cooking and spending time with my family and hubby.

Here's a link to my blog:

Nanette said...

Joining in this year after being a 'watcher' for a couple of years.
I blog at
I have 37 followers and blog mainly about my garden, living simply and as sustainably as possible, which includes growing my own vegetables, soap and bread making and cooking from scratch, backyard chickens, I quilt and sew, make prayer flags and knit and sew for charity.And anything else that catches my eye.

Lorraine said...

Hello Vicki, thank you for hosting this grow your blog event. I have added the button to my blog and look forward to the event. I have been blogging for 10 years and have 28 followers, I would love to have more but perhaps I get it wrong somewhere, I still consider myself a 'novice' blogger. I love patchwork, knitting and embroidery plus several other crafts too. You can find me here

Silly Goose said...

Hi Vicky,

I took part in your event last year and had a great time.

My name is Suzie and I blog at

I currently have 303 followers, and my blog is mainly quilting related.

Thank you so much,


Lindsay said...

This is my first time joining in :)

My blog is mainly about cross and bead weaving with a few other bits now and again. I currently have 261 followers but you know more are always welcome and you'll find me here

~ Toni ~ said...

Thank you for hosting this once again. I had fun last year and met so many wonderful people.
- Blog Name: Easy Street Ramblings
- Blog:
- Followers: between 56 – 59 followers (44 Google followers and 15 Bloglvoin followers with a couple duplicates).
- Blob Descriptors: Quilting, Cross Stitching & Country Life
Thank you again,

Threads of Inspiration said...

Hi Vicki, Thanks for hosting this event. I have 85 on GFC, and about 4 e-mail followers. My blog is a bit of a lifestyle blog. I write about cooking, sewing crafts and fiber art, including some tutorials.

Here is the link to my blog


Mary Ann said...

Hi Vicky! My name is Mary Ann I blog at, and I have about 30 followers. I blog primarily about sewing (primarily kids clothes) and quilting.

Skootchover said...

Hello. Thank you for hosting this. My name is Colleen and my blog is Fancy Foot Farm at
I have 3 followers - that counts me, my husband, and a kind soul that I follow and asked questions of.
My blog is brand new as of this year and is about my quilting and sewing.
Thank you!

DJH said...

I would love to join!
My name is Donna and my blog is S.I.N. (Sometimes I'm Nice).
I have 33 followers and my hobby is cross stitch.

Thank you for doing this!

FeltByRae said...

Hi, my name is Rae (over at

I am a crafting butterfly and mostly makes things for family, friends and myself

I'd really love to join in as my new year's resolution is to blog every weekend and get my followers up from 85 to 100+, so this weekend I will make my blog post for this, and update the look of my blog complete with the lovely button!

Having made some super bloggy friends over the years (and even met a few in real life too) I'm looking forward to 'meeting' more bloggers :)

Such a lovely idea and thank you for hosting it


Hexe im Hollerbusch said...

I like to join! My blog is It is about needlework(knitting, stitching, quilting) and gardening. I have currently 31 followers.

Thank you for hosting it

Shelly said...

Oh Vicky, Thank you so much for hosting this blog growing party! My name is Shelly and you can find me at:
I have 14 followers and I Like to talk about the journey that takes me through teaching 8 girls in my hometown 'how to sew' and about my quilts that I make. I can't wait to meet more bloggers

duchess_declutter said...

I would love to be part of this wonderful event Vicki!

My blog is

I have 61 followers & 25 via Bloglovin, not sure how many are on both.

This is a great encouragement to blog more and I'm looking forward to including more about my interests which include retro & vintage, decluttering (hah!) and our semi rurual lifestyle in Qld, Australia.

Thanks so much for hosting! cheers Wendy

Diana said...

I would love to join in.

My name is Diana and I blog at

I enjoy photography but as an amateur and I have 12 followers.


doodles n daydreams said...

My name is Diana, I am retired and blog at:

I am interested in the outdoors, family and life in general.

I have 37 followers.


Villa-loredana said...

Hello dear, I'm Loredana from Peroj, Croatia, and I want to partecipate in this adventure Grow your blog.
My interests are:
1. cross stitch-embroidery
2. knitting
3. crochet
My blog is
and I have 243 followers.
Regards from Peroj.

Terri said...

My name is Terri and I blog at

I have 153 followers and I do cross stitch, beading, and crochet. This will be the first time I have joined Grow Your Blog and I am looking forward to it!

Cherie said...

Hello there. This is a great way to find blogs that will appeal to me. I am a multi crafter using all manner of mediums and I kind of specialise in upcycling.

Naomi said...

Hi! I'm not sure if the deadline has passed yet or not. Up at the top of the post there is a deadline of January 17th but then I also saw the 16th as well. I'll put my info down just in case.
I'm Naomi and I blog at I have about 13 email followers and about the same on blog lovin. I have 165 facebook followers for my blog page.

I blog mostly about sewing and knitting but also blog other home arts like home decor and cooking.

Naomi said...

I'm Naomi and I blog at I blog about sewing knitting and other home arts like home decor and cooking. I'm confused about the sign up date. There are two on this post. One is the 17th and the other is the 16th. Hope I can still be in it. Otherwise I'll try again next year. (I tried commenting already but I didn't get a confirmation that it posted so I'm trying again.) I have about 13 email/bloglovin followers and 165 facebook ones.

Frances said...

Hi! My name is Frances and I am sorta new to blogging. I have a total of 98 followers and I am a cross stitcher. My blog is named A Symphony of Stitches.
My blog is located at:
This looks like fun and I hope I haven't missed the deadline! I'd love to grow my blog!
Thank you so much!

Sweet Willow Designs said...

Yikes, I'll have to live vicariously this time. The notice said that Jan 17 was the deadline but the post above says Jan 16. Bummer to miss out this time around but next time....

Unknown said...

Hi, My name is Michelle and I blog at MooshieStitch.
My blog is about embroidery! I have only 11 followers on the blog itself - with 150 followers on Google+.

Sweet Willow Designs said...

Please count me in if the deadline is today, Jan 17. My blog is Sweet Willow Designs and I blog primarily about jewelry making in polymer clay but intent to branch out into other wearable art. In addition to blogging, I've recently upped my posting of YouTube polymer clay how to videos.

I have 62 Google+ followers at On YouTube I have 385 subscribers at my channel -

Thanks for consideration if today is the deadline.

Unknown said...

Hi My name is Michelle and I blog at MooshieStitch!

I have 11 followers on my blog. I blog about all my embroidery! :) Thanks!

Julie said...

Thank you for hosting this, Vicki.

I blog about modern quilting and sewing at Pink Doxies.

I have under 10 followers, I believe.

Sue Kosec said...

Well, now that the Follower button has been figured out, I can enter my retreat blog. Please add this blog as well, Vicki. - this has been up and running for a while but since there was no Follow button there is only one follower.

Thanks, my friend!
SuZeQ said...

Thank you sooo much for taking your time to do this. I have a lot of trouble blogging because I do not understand most things, just 'muddle' through and keep pressing buttons. My name is Lindi and my blog is:
I am a stained glass artist, love quilting/sewing, jewelry making.
I have 18 followers, even though my site tells me I have 19...still can not find that person....
D.G. L

Jen said...

Vicki, thank you doesn't seem to be enough for what you've done for so many!
I'm Jennifer, I blog about beginning quilting and baking. I blog at I've only just begun so I have 0 followers.

I will volunteer to help in any way you need. I can't offer blog assistance other than as a reader of many but I can visit a list of assigned blogs and check anything you need. Get feeling better!

Anne's Attic - Design said...

Hi Vickie, Than you for giving me the opportunity to grow my blog. What a generous lady you are.

I have 163 followers, counting Face Book, twitter, and email followers.

My blogging interests are Interior Design. Mostly, French Nordic + Shabby Chic = Romantic Country. I feature some kind of craft project at least once a week or sewing project. Also I'm a collector of Vintage and Antique items for the home.I talk about Junk'n

If there is anything else you need just let me know or if you some help with anything just email me

Again thank you for this great opportunity to grow my blog. This is very important to me and my welfare.

Sincerely, Jo

Cheryl said...

So excited!
My blog is called: Artsy Fartsy here is the link:

On Google Friend connect I have 729 followers :-)

My blog showcases everything I love to create.... from Crocheting, mixed media "stuff" and of course my Pirate backyard! aaaarrrggghhhh!

I am all over the place with things I like to create... it is always a surprise for both me and my readers what I come up with next. *wink*
big hugs!

creations.1 said...

For some reason my post has a lot double spaces - my blog should read:

creations.1 said... - for some reason there are a lot of extra spaces in my original post

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