Friday, November 27, 2015

Last colors of Autumn-- a hike in the woods

Winter is soon to be upon us -- although these last few days  have been unseasonably warm --- the cold is coming and Autumn will be just a memory. A few weeks ago we took off on a little last minute hiking trip to McCloud's Mountain in Duff, TN. On top of the mountain, 2700 ft in the clouds,... our walks in the woods were filled with color and brisk fresh air.  There are no words to describe the beauty that we found on top of that mountain. Come along with us on an incredible walk in the woods... 

 starting out early in the morning,
the air was brisk and clear..

there were no marked trails,
so we followed the paths
that led along the

we followed the ridge
for hours,
the views of the valley below
were incredible...

the drive up the mountain 
is quite an experience!!
A little nerve wracking to say
the least!
this beautiful fence is
located at one of the overlooks
as you drive up the

we spent two nights 
at the lodge on top of the mountain...
this is a sunset view
from the balcony...

  view of the valley below
as the late evening sun began
to set..

the day we arrived to the mountain
was rainy and overcast,
the clouds hung low...
this photo was taken from 
the restaurant near the lodge..

  I was a little disappointed 
that it was rainy the evening we arrived,
but when I say the low hanging clouds,
I could not stop taking photos!!

this photo was taken
from inside the lodge restaurant...
I snapped the picture just at that moment
when the sun peeked out
between the clouds and cast
an incredible glow over everything...

beginning our second day
of early morning

 we took off
 on some of the old logging roads
that criss crossed the top of
the mountain...

we tried to drive down one of the roads,
in search of a rumored trail that led to 
an old stone chimney..
but the road got pretty rough,
so we parked and took off
from there...

we never found the stone chimney,
but we had a wonderful
hike through the woods...
(we will find it next time!!)

the sunlight made the colors
so bright..
it almost did not look 

early morning sunrise
from our balcony at the lodge...
I posted this photo on my Instagram
page and it was featured by the
Official Tennessee Instagram page
on their site...
it had almost 5000 hits!
If you have an Instagram account,
I would love for you to follow me

sunrise glow across the valley...

 a wonderful place to sip
an early morning coffee...

an amazing sky walk is located at the
top of the mountain...
over 32 stone chimney outcroppings
are located here on this property--
a beautiful sky walk traverses the 
stone chimneys and allows for
incredible views of the valley and mountains 
in the distance..

and then we heard this rumor
about a natural stone arch
that was located someplace on the mountain...

no maps, no trails,
just some scattered info that we
learned from a few folks that we talked to....
we didn't hold out much hope..

but.... we found it!!
down some rickety rusty old steps
and into a crevice between the mountains...
a beautiful natural arch...
a perfect way to end our
last day on the 

 I wanted to share this photo
of this quaint little church
at the foot of the mountain...
one tiny little room..
there were 3 outhouse in the
backyard of the church!
Like a step back in time...

Notes from me...
Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you all.  I had to work on the holiday, those babies still have to have someone to take care of them, and this year it was my turn.  Our family and friends have given us tons of left overs and we will be eating turkey for days to come!  I am thankful for my family and friends,and for numerous blessings in my life.  My blogging friends are one of those wonderful blessings...thank you for being here for me and for allowing me to share with you as I do here on my blog.

For those of you who have followed along on the "Josephine's Children project".... Josephine has shared photos of the children using their craft items and making wonderful creations with the treasures that you donated for them.  I will be sharing those photos with  you in my next blog post.  

We are beginning to decorate for Christmas around here... 



Joyful said...

Sigh* isn't Fall just so lovely. My favourite season and you've captured some beauties. Happy belated Thanksgiving. xx

Betty said...

Hello Vicki, the lodge and hike pictures are spectacular, lovely clear air and beautiful light.. the little baptist church at the end is just the best, would make a wonderful Christmas card in its simplicity. Betty

Halinka said...

Niezwykle urokliwe, przepiękne, ciekawe miejsca!!!!!!Zdjęcia cudowne...rozkosz dla oczu!!!Dziękuję za wspaniałą wycieczkę...pozdrawiam serdecznie:)))

Quinn said...

What a lovely place to visit - thanks for taking us along, Vicki! The landscape in my neck of the woods has changed dramatically in my neck of the woods...less dramatic foliage and many more warm neutrals these days.
By the way, I notice you have a hiking pole - how do you find them useful? I am considering buying one (or two, I suppose, since I see many people using two) if it would help me take longer walks again, with less fatigue. But crikey the prices are all over the map, and I don't know what makes a "good" walking pole. ! Do you have any recommendations for brands or features? Thanks very much for any input.
I look forward to the pictures of Josephine's children :)

Sylvia said...

Beautiful photo's of Autumn and those mountains are just gorgeous!
I would love to sit in that rocking chair and take in all that view!
Have a great weekend!

Mereknits said...

Think how thankful all those families were knowing your love and care was helping those babies in their time of need, on a holiday or on any day. You are a blessing. So gla you were able to get away to that magical place, I love hiking especially in all that Autumn glory.
Hugs to you,

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Your photos are all beautiful, and the one from inside the lodge is beyond lovely. I enjoyed my virtual walk in the woods while laying in my bed and no sweat was involved.

Kathy said...

Your pictures are incredible! Thank you for taking me along on all your hikes and adventures. How wonderful that you were able to stay in such a beautiful place.

Valerie Gardiner said...

What a wonderful time you had, nature is a blessing and I thank you for sharing your lovely photos with us out here in blogland! XXX

Debby said...

Such beautiful pictures. What a beautiful place. You look great. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sue Kosec said...

Just three words: AIN'T GOD GREAT????????????


Thistle Cove Farm said...

What a beautiful place; especially enjoyed that first fence...lovely! Happy Thanksgiving, Vicki and Merry Christmas to come.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

and congratulations on the 5K hits on your beautiful photo!

Lorraine said...

Hi Vicki, Thank you for a wonderful visit, the Autumn colour is so beautiful! Glad you were able to 're-charge' your batteries.

Julie said...

What a magical journey you trod on your little break away, amazing landscapes you captured to warm the heart and fill the senses with mother natures joy.

Lady of the Manor said...

This looks like an incredible trip and your photography is stunning!!!

ricketyjo said...

What a beautiful set of photos, you must have had an amazing trip! Thank you for sharing them, it was lovely to see all the fantastic colours!

yaya said...

How do you find all these amazing places to visit? These photos are awesome...the colors are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing and the last photo of your hubby with the sunlight coming down is really a gem! The pic of the table in the restaurant would make it in any magazine just screams "Come and sit and visit!" Sorry you had to work..I know how that goes!

Lady of the Manor said...

This was an amazing trip and your photos are simply stunning! Thanks for 'bringing us along!' Z

Ashley said...

What nice pictures. Looks like you had a fabulous time.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh. So. Beautiful. God has made an incredible world, if only we stop and take the time to admire it. Thank you for reminding me of that.

Tanya said...

You two have the BEST life together - truly!!!!! And, I think you both missed your nature photographers. This took my breath away, my dear friend! XOXOXOXO