Monday, November 2, 2015

Our Cruise day in Tortola... a visit to the Baths at Virgin Gorda

Over the past few years, I've taken you to places all over the Caribbean... but this time, I'm taking you someplace new.  A picturesque, tranquil setting that words cannot describe. A place that seems almost too beautiful to be real...

 the Virgin Gorda Bath's
are a geological wonder comprised of
awe-inspiring granite boulders,...

 we traveled to this amazing place
on a cruise day
when our ship was docked at the
neighboring island of
(getting to Virgin Gorda required a 45 minute
ferry ride across the ocean)

follow me to the beautiful beach
and the area known as
 the Bath's...
getting there will be a bit of an adventure..
we will need to hike a rocky path
and maneuver our way around and over
some large boulders~

 follow me...
as we start down the path~

 the path,
(and I use that term loosely!)
is covered with tangled roots,
and rocks of all sizes..

the space between these two boulders
 was very narrow--
I could only get one of my legs
through the narrow crevice..

getting down this "path"
was definitely a bit challenging..

and then,...
there was this lovely space!!

some places had a narrow 
wooden walk and some steps...
that was the easy part!

and then you come to this...
the most beautiful turquoise waters
surrounded by these amazing boulders~
and all you can say is,

the boulders form
little sheltered sea pools
at the edge of the beach,
the crystal clear waters are as  warm
a bath.
(but then you already guessed that, didn't you!)

 some of these folks were part of our group
 that hiked the path to the beach,
but others arrived
by swimming in from boats 
that were  anchored out away
from the rocks...

in a word...
how can you describe this place?

the Gardener was in
"snorkel" heaven at this amazing place...
I just sort of 
floated around...

 the boats anchored
out from the rocks must have
had an amazing view of this
beautiful place...
 but wait...
there's more!!
on the other side of the boulders
is a secret little beach
known as "Devil's Bay"
in order to get to that beach,
we will need to make our way 
through this cave!
to start...
we will need to crawl through 
this narrow entrance
behind us to get into the cave!
the water inside
the cave is about knee deep
and is very warm...
 (are you following me on Instagram?)
some of these photos
were taken from my Instagram
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if you are an Instagram user..
you can find me
 some places are dry
and we will need to climb up and down
some stairs to navigate around
 the boulders...

and in some places...
we will need to hold our breath
and pretend to be "skinny"!
 and finally,...
the cave opens up
 and once again, 
you say, 

exiting the cave...
(one of my most favorite pictures
from our entire collection of cruise photos..)

grabbing a quick photo
just outside the 
one of the views
 from Devil's Bay Beach
(the Gardener says that the snorkeling
around these rocks was amazing!)
 another beautiful view of 
Devil's Bay Beach 
 doesn't everybody take
"silly selfies" ?
 last photo of the day..
right before we started up
another tangled and rocky path
that would lead us to the top of the hill.
a ferry ride back to Tortola
and then back to our cruise ship~
our day in Virgin Gorda
was nothing short of
thanks so much for coming
along with us..

A note from me...
well, you probably thought I was never coming back to my blog..I've had computer woes. Ugh!  There is nothing more frustrating to me that having to deal with computer issues..I feel totally helpless because heaven knows that I know NOTHING about how to fix a computer.  Fortunately, my husband is pretty good at fixing most things, and he is very patient as well, because he has to listen to me bemoan the fact that my computer is broken.  (Yet another reason why he is such a great guy! )
Hopefully, we are all fixed now and I will be back much SOONER with another post.  We are just back from a glorious Autumn trip to the mountains and an incredible hiking adventure.  Keep your hiking shoes handy.... we are hitting the mountain tops next!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Vicki, a lovely post full of beauty and brought back some memories. The first vacation Dave and I ever took was to rent a 26' yacht and sail the BVI's...great memories, especially as the 3rd party woke up to drink his breakfast and continued in such a vein until he passed out at night. This man's mother was a friend of mine and he came up with the bright idea to rent the yacht and sail. It was a great idea until Dave and I figured out this man was an alcoholic. Woohoo! That was the only time in my life I've ever seriously considered booting someone overboard and never looking back.
I must say, your holiday was far superior and much warmer as I sit here with November's cold, windy, rain coming down. Thanks for the lovely travelogue!

Halinka said...

Przepiękne zdjęcia!!!! Wrażenie robią kształty skał!!!Świat jest piękny i ciekawy!!!Pozdrawiam serdecznie

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

How magnificent! Incredible photos on that beautiful hike. I would do anything to feel that sand between my toes, and them go rinse off in that wonderful water. One day...

Julia said...

Wow Vicki, that place looks pretty amazing. you are such a lucky gal to be traveling with your gardener to ll these most beautiful places. Thanks for sharing and letting us come along with you on this virtual tour.

Mike@Bit About Britain said...

Absolutely stunning, Vicki. Wonderful photos - and I'm leaning into the computer monitor as I type, just to feel some of that warmth..! It looks like quite a trip.

Sue Kosec said...

Yep ... just "WOW" - such a beautiful trip this time around. I'm jealous!

I agree with feeling helpless around computers - glad The Gardener helped you out. Woe is we without our men, right?


busybusybeejay said...

What a brilliant place Virgin Gorda is.We spent two weeks in Tortola a number of years ago.Our son was sent on a year's placement when he was working for Barclays Bank in the UK.We had a wonderful time visiting him and he knew all the best places to go ,many off the tourist track.I would love to go again.

Gracie said...

Vicki, thanks for sharing your beautiful travels...which I am enjoying from the comfort of my favorite armchair :) I sympathize with your computer woes. My husband worked for IBM for 20 years and I appreciated his patience and expertise in rescuing me numerous times from my computer challenges. Since his death a little over six years ago I find my self enlisting the help of family and friends when my computer confounds me. My current frustration is receiving bounce back emails saying my comments have not been published when in fact they were. It has something to do with the DMARC security upgrades which I have not yet figured out how to honor...but I still think blogging is meaningful and great fun as well. Cheering you on! xx

kathyinozarks said...

Wow what an amazing adventure, your gorgeous photos really bring me along with you two-thanks for sharing with us Vicki

Dorthe said...

My dear Vicki, this surely was a very special place, oh my what a magic place, with the crystal clear water, and the big rocks , of which some of them looks like big whales on the beach! What a wonderland you have visited, I`m surprised how you can get around in your flip-flops such places, (saying that after I slipped sunday on a very big and very wet slippery rock, when hiking with Henning not far from home, and banged my head into the rock. Still being careful about what to do and still a bit dizzy now and then !!) but you seems to be totally safe all over in them, and I admire know here it is time for warm shoes , and I was wearing a pair of sneakers, so not their fault ,lol.

Thank you for enthuse me over and again, with your stunning photoes.
Hug from me.

CountryCityCindy said...

Yes! I will need to find you on instagram. I haven't cruised in awhile, but if I ever get to Tortola, I'll take a bath! Looks so lovely!
Glad you had fun and thanks for sharing your pics!

I'm a new blogger, follow me:
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Ariadne said...

An amazing place!Paradise look alike!Thanks for sharing!AriadnefromGreece!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think there IS a word that describes this - Paradise! I'm claustrophobic so I'm glad you did the cave thing without me though.

yaya said...

Looks like it was fabulous! You and the Gardener look tan and healthy and having a ball! Thanks for sharing and your photos are beautiful. I'll look forward to the mountains next! I'll get my hiking shoes all ready!

Esme said...

You are fortunate to have been able to visit here. It is just gorgeous. Welcome back-you and I both have the computer bug. AGHHHH!!!

lynet said...

An Amazing place!!! i love beach!

SUGAR MOON said...


Fundy Blue said...

Hi Vicki! Thanks for sharing your photos of indescribable beauty! Wow! And the geologist in me loves big granite boulders! I'm living for our trip to Hawaii in a few months. There is nothing like tropical beauty! Have a great week!

Julie said...

Tranquility heaven, what a perfect spot to enjoy.

patio garden furniture said...

That's full of beauty and excitement! I love the place. So amazing. Wonderful memories!