Friday, June 18, 2010

The Sacred Yarn Room - My Creative Space

Imagination is the beginning of creation~~~
you imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine,
and at last, you create what you will. George Bernard Shaw

Welcome to my Sacred Yarn Room. It's been a little busy in here lately as I have been in the midst of a knitting "nesting" frenzy!

In the last two months, I have knitted and delivered over 40 bird nests to their happy little homes all over the world. (To learn more about my nests, click here and here.)



This room is my solace ~ my haven of creativeness. A place where my ideas begin and often, (if I am lucky!) become a reality. Here in this special place are all the things that I love to use in my designs~~~



A collector, a gatherer, a lover of vintage this and that. My creations are born from the treasures that I find~~~. My favorite places - vintage flea markets, garage and estate sales, the Dollar Store (!!!), and right here in this room. Sometimes, well, I forget what I have - and then, when I find it again - it's like it is a brand new treasure all over again!



Incorporating the use of the unusual helps to feed my spirit of creativity. I am admitting an obsession here~~ I am fascinated by those little twisted string clothing tags. I especially love the green ones that are attached to the Vera Bradley handbags. These little tags are used in my knitted bird nests, along with shredded paper, plastic shreds, twigs, and whatever else I am in the mood to add.

Another obsession - vintage buttons. Can you ever have enough?

Bits of vintage lace, beaded string, candy blue bird eggs, vintage seam bindings, little stoneware eggs, and those fabulous string tags!


Vintage buttons kept in Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey bottles~~
My son did a brief stint as a bartender shortly after he graduated from college. The whole idea of it almost made me have a heart attack - but then I realized that he could get me these beautiful bottles!

Favorite buttons from my Mother's vintage collection.



Within this room I have surrounded myself with some very special family mementos. A legacy of sorts - that helps to keep me connected to those I have loved and are now gone. Seemingly insignificant and yet, priceless to me~~
My Mother's Longaberger basket collection houses my yarns and ribbons and threads. I love that I am able to use her baskets in my everyday life - this brings me great pleasure.
This vintage wooden crutch once belonged to my grandfather. I was only a small child, but I still remember my grandfather hobbling around on this crutch when he broke his foot. Now this little memento hangs on my wall and is used to display some of my yarns. We found this crutch under a huge pile of trash in an old outbuilding that once belonged to my grandparents. There was only this one~~~

Vintage Samsonite luggage that belonged to my parents, purchased for the occasion of their honeymoon.

My Father's suitcase is used to display my little nests~~~

My Mother's suitcase houses my collection of scrap yarns. I love to run my hands through these tangled scraps searching, searching~~~


My Mother's vintage buttons - a collection that she added to for years and years. Collecting these buttons was a great passion of her's. The vintage walnut sideboard belonged to my husband's grandparents. I love the mirror and the reflection of the buttons there~~~

This bisque bowl once had a matching pitcher. A family heirloom, this bowl belonged to my great grandmother. More of my scrap yarns are collected in this favorite piece of my family history. The cherry sideboard was a precious antique that belonged to my Father's mother.

Worsted yarns that belonged to my Mother. Admittedly, I am a yarn snob and these yarns do not meet my high standards - but I am constantly finding creative ways to use these. Lately, I have incorporated these into use in my little bird nests. I marvel at the great variety of yarns that are available to knitters now days - and that my Mother was so very proud of her yarn collection then.
When I found these yarns in my parents attic (as we were preparing to sell their home) little did I know that a treasure was hidden within. It was several years later that I found hidden amongst these yarns a precious gift from my Mother. To read about this emotional find - click here.
My favorites from Mother's collections~~~


My most beloved possession - this antique chair that my Mother purchased and refinished early in her marriage. My Mother loved this chair - it was one of her most favorite possessions. When her three little daughter's came along and money was tight --- my Mother "sold" this chair to my grandmother in exchange for enough money to buy fabric to make Easter coats for the three of us.
This chair sat in my Grandmother's living room for all of my life, that I can remember. After my Grandparents passed away, this chair was the only thing that my Mother requested from the estate. Before my Mother died - she gave this chair to me. She told me that when I was a child, I had marked on the underneath side of this chair with an orange crayon - (that crayon mark is still there). She said that since I had marked the chair - that it should belong to me. Today, it is my most beloved possession in my Sacred Yarn Room.
These treasures are an integral part of my creations. They provide functions here within my creative space. They inspire me~~~
Two of those little Easter coats now hang on my wall in this special room. This little lavender coat and bonnet was mine.

This little green coat belonged to my sister Belinda. We do not know what ever became of the other little coat. Denises's little Easter coat was blue~~~

Also hanging on my wall are two cabled sweaters that my Mother made from those worsted yarns. Her handwork was amazing and her cables are perfect~~~

Knitting is my passion. My Mother taught me to knit when I was about 12 years old. Back then - it was not "cool" to be a knitter, so I abandoned my needles for things that I considered to be more important. Like boys.
When my Mother was terminally ill, she taught me to knit again. This time I remembered - for so many reasons. My ability to knit has helped me throughout almost every aspect of my life. For me, its calming effect is all powerful. I knit through my upsets and my worries. I knit when I need to think. I knit when I pray~~~

More than just the process of knitting - I am fascinated by the colors and textures of the yarns. The most wonderful thing about having a Sared Yarn Room? The ability to go shopping for yarn at 2 am in the morning!

These beautiful tan and beige colored yarns are ready and waiting for my next little project. I will give you a little hint that is in the form of a question. "Where do little shorebirds lay their eggs?" You will have to wait just a little bit to find out!





I love the leftovers that are born from my many knitted projects. I save every tangled, frazzled, knotted, and twisted scrap of yarn. (Is there a 12 step program for this?)


A partial collection of my vintage knitting needles~~~

Glass knitting needles - an absolute luxury!

My vintage collection of crochet hooks - unfortunately, I can't crochet worth a hoot! Honestly - I can barely hold the needle correctly! I do struggle so!


Does anybody want to borrow a knitting pattern book? I have a few! The whole top row is baby patterns!

My fascination with collecting yarn scraps and tangles, led me to create a way in which to use them - hence the origin of my knitted bird nests. This little creation has evolved over time~~ a process ~~ a merging of passion, design, and my love for textures and fibers.


Sometimes it is just too pretty to stay inside and create - so I move outdoors for my projects. How wonderful to hear the birds sing and feel the summer breeze as you set about creating~~~

The back deck is always so nice and shady! This is a wonderful place to sit and knit among the flowers! Have to watch out for those little hummingbirds though!
To be creative is to unleash the ideas within,
at first it simmers slowly, biding it's time
until it can contain itself no more.
As women, we all have the ability to inspire others. In honor of this event - a tribute to the creativity of women - I would like to offer all of my guests the opportunity to win these one of a kind earrings.
Designed especially for this event by my dear friend Mary Jane - these earrings symbolize the ability of women everywhere to create and dream.

For a chance to win these beautiful and unique earrings - just leave a comment on this post. This contest is open to women everywhere who inspire to create - where ever you may live. Maddy Girl will pick the winner on July 3. She is also choosing the winner of my bird nest give away on that day also. It will be a day for winning!
A heartfelt thanks to Karen for hosting this exciting event for women everywhere!Thank you to my friends, both new and old, for spending a little time here in my Sacred Yarn Room. I hope you are leaving here with a little inspiration, a little momentum to create and dream~~~



Lisa said...

What a super fun space! I love all your buttons and baskets and jars and bowls! I know you love being in your space! Enjoy!!
Hugs, Lisa

Baxter's Mom said...

Beautiful, thank you for sharing!!!! Love your whiskey bottles full of buttons!!!

Anonymous said...


What a beautiful post, I am truly inspired. So many memories for you in your Sacred Yarn Room. Some posts are just posts, tonight I read a poem, I can tell how you truly love what you do and the space where you create. This post was from your heart. I would love to win your lovely earrings, I just know by simply putting them on I will feel your energy.
Thank you for such a lovely offer.

Lisa said...

WOW! I'm speechless! You have some place set up to create....unbelievable! I love the story about the Easter dresses and the antique rocker. I collect and use my Longaberger baskets, too. It looks like you have ALOT

Createology said...

Your treasures are so sentimental and yes, sacred. Thank you for sharing your passion and space with us. I can feel the love you have for your mother and grandmother and what they taught you. Your knitted nests are breathtaking. I am hoping that July 3rd my name is selected and your beautiful bird nest becomes my anniversary present and will be able to live in my cherished home. Happy creating...

Robin said...

Absolutely beautiful! Two of my favorite things; buttons and bird nests! Touching stories. Thank you for sharing. ~Robin~

Lisa said...

I am sitting here in awe of your beautiful space. First of all, the story of the rocking chair made me cry. I so relate to a lot of your story. I lost my Mother 2 years ago to Cancer & she was my artistic mentor. She even made my sister & I wool plaid coats with velvet collars one year that are similar to yours. Your nests are so amazing, really magical. I think I am on your waiting list, August I think you said. I cannot wait to hold one in my hand. One last thing, your button collection has me foaming at the mouth. Can't believe those whiskey bottles filled with whites, oh & the suitcases!!! I gotta stop or I'll take up all your comment space. Lisa

knitalatte said...

Vickie, I just love your Sacred yarn room. So neat and tidy with everything in its place and a place for everything. I can see how having such an organized space can lead to such creativity. I had to chuckle when I read that you are in there looking for yarn at 2am as I've been on the hunt at odd hours too. Funny how I have to search immediately after a creative thought hits, as I'm sure I have just the right yarn there in my stash. I'm gushing over your button collection, amazing. Thank you for letting us peek into your special room. Karen

Lorraine said...

Hi Vicki! Your indoor and outdoor spaces are lovely. Look at all those treasures! If you visit my blog during the event and look close, you'll see my beautiful "Vicki nest" proudly displayed on the shelf a little left of the television - look for it!

Shell said...

Okay Missy,
You made me smile, you made me cry and most of ALL, you reminded me of why I love you SO much!

Thank you for your wonderful sentimental post and encouragement this last week; thank you for sharing your studio, more of your life, and your thoughts and memories of family and small albeit important treasures......which as you have learned, I also hold SO dear!

Thank you for making me think once again, of my dear, blessed "Oma" who knit the majority of her clothing.

I cannot, Vicki, truly express what you as person have come to mean to me, in this "other dimension" of life/friends. I feel SO blessed to have you in my "virtual life and hope that one day,,, we will meet!

Hugs and love to You, and ALL of Yours!

Okay missy you'd best think about Friday, August 13th and my FUNNY Blog event.....I'm SURE there is something you Hoard or something that you created that wasn't SO wonderful,,,,,Drop a Stitch or two? Hoard "Sweetheart" yarns,,,,come on, you'll have to come clean! Ackk! LOL

Love you to Pieces!

Pat said...

Vicki, Your room is, indeed, a sacred place. I have enjoyed seeing where you work, play, enjoy, create and even pray. And, I understand. I, too, have such a place. There are no family heirlooms, as I have nothing from previous family members with the exception of my mother's Singer Featherweight. I never saw her use it, but it's the machine I learned to sew on! Over the years I have 'found' things that are precious to me and they are kept within my own sacred space, which I call "Bird Nest on the Ground." Amongst them sits my iMac...becoming more sacred to me each day as with it I meet bloggers such as yourself who inspire me. Thank you so much for sharing with us! pat

Martha's Favorites said...

What an amazing space! I thought I had a lot of baskets, you take the prize. Everything is beautiful, really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. I am going back to check if you sell those nests. I just love them. Blessings, Martha

Tami said...

What a gorgeous room to create in. Love the collection of buttons and the way you have displayed all your beautiful yarn. I missed your post about your mom's piece of cable knitting that you framed how precious! Love that all your treasures have such precious stories to them. Thank you so much for the wonderful tour.

Have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend!

BTW, Yes, I would be so honored to have you visit me when you are in Charleston.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You have an amazing space. What a way to display everything you use. I love the idea of taking the whiskey bottles and finding a practical use for them.

I think you have more buttons than the local sewing store, and yours are a lot older, too. That deck looks so inviting and beautiful. I bet you can get really creative there. Thanks for sharing this really beautiful and inspiring space.

Connie K. said...

I love you nests and I think I am inlove with your little easter coats..they are so sweet...
Thank you for sharing..

just me... jan said...


BEAUTIFUL space! I'm gobsmacked at the buttons! LOL And the fibers...oh be still my heart!

just me...agog...jan

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh wow Vicki. I am mesmerized! Your Sacred Yarn Room is sacred indeed. Filled with so many wonderful things. It truly is like a happy little shop of everything fabulous. I love the crutch holding your pretty yarns. And the fact that you have so many family treasures. The rocking chair story. The Easter coats. Things made and saved by your mother. The quotation you shared at the opening of your post is lovely indeed and oh so true. Your indoor and outdoor spaces are beautiful indeed. Many blessings to you for a wonderful weekend. Best wishes, Tammy PS Those earrings are gorgeous and your nests are always so pretty :)

Finding Joy said...

What a beautiful space, you have such a gorgeous collection of bits and pieces (just love all those buttons). The outdoor area looks so comfy and inviting. One day when the children move out I will get my own space, you have given me some ideas!!!

Debbie said...

What a great room with all your memories and treasures. I absolutely loved it and am quite envious.

Dorthe said...

Hi dearest Vicki,
What a happy tour through you yarn.kingdom- I love all the wonderfull collections of yarn-needles-buttons-and...
You have a fantastic room, for creativity, and the porch oh my,sitting there working,and enjoying must be wonderfull.
I so love the old coats, sweetie, they are so gorgeus.
This is endeed a sacred room, so full of inspiration.
The earrings you offers for july giweaway are very special, and pretty. I love them --ofcourse.
Have a happy week-end, dear friend.

My Creative House said...

What a wonderful place you have all these jars and bowls with buttons and other things, love your knitted nests they are so beautiful.

Sandies' Patch said...

What a fascinating post! I love all things creative, the expression of the heart I think.
There is a 12 step programme for your tangled yarn....CREATIVENESS!
I love the eggs in your collection, where do you purchase the candy blue ones from?
I guess that the shoreline birds nest on the shoreline? On beigy coloured sand??
I love all your baskets,buttons,eggs, everything in your creative space!
Suppose the mind has to be the ultimate creative space though LOL!
Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

Best wishes,

Sandie xx

Deb said...

Everything is usual! i loved the tour of your yarn room. And i enjoyed reading the rocking chair story, no wonder you say it is so special to you. I'd love to be entered for the earrings. Thanks!


What a delightful, beautiful blog today. I love your space and your stashes, all of them. Thanks for the tour. The little coats are amazing!!!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I just found your lovely, creative space via 'the party' and am so glad I did. How wonderful to have this sacred yarn room filled with so many lovelies just waiting to be created into something that others will enjoy.


Silke Powers said...

Oh, Vicki, can I come play with you!?! Your nest looks as colorful and inviting as the nests you create! I love how everything has meaning for you in your room. I knew that when I left Germany, I'd be giving up having many of our family heirlooms as they are just too big and heavy to ship. So, I have little things that my mother cherished and my grandmother made. You have truly created a sacred room and it just speaks of the kind of person you are! I am so happy to know you!!! Love, Silke

Debby said...

Hi Vicki, I can't tell you how many times you have touched my heart with your sacred yarn room. Everything in there is simply beautiful and reading about it has brought a huge smile to my face. I love all your beautiful treasures and how you have displayed them, but what I love more is your love of all things precious, your family. You have sent me on a whirlwind of emotion, giggling about your son working at the bar, but then it was okay he if could get the me back in time to visit with my grandparents and making me wish my mother and father were here to share just one more day with me. I love your sweet little coats hanging about and your framed sweater and needles from your Mother. A truly beautiful post and thanks so much for sharing.

Kathy said...

I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago. What fun to see where you make those amazing little nests!! This was just beautiful. - Kathy

BLiSsAngELs said...

oh my look at all your bottons... love it and the nests so cute and what a great idea.... thank you for sharing yor wonderful space.
Hugs ~Wendy at Blissangels

Angela Richardson said...

What a delight to see your space. I haven't seen your birds nests before they are so lovely.
I loved hearing about all your special things, especially about your mother.
Thank you for sharing with us, a real inspiration.

Halle said...

I love all the unique containers you use for storage. Things out in the open ready to inspire!

Mosaic Magpie said...

I thought the story about the little nest going off to the shop was great. Now this, you should write a book. The coats, button, knitting needles,scraps and oh yes, the chair all touched my heart. Good girl, for getting our Kentucky Bourbon in there! Loved the post and seeing your space.

Amber Leilani said...

wow! your space and your wonderful family heirlooms are amazing. i am glad i found your blog. thanks for sharing!

Lisa @ Perfectly Peculiar said...

Omgosh, where do I start? This post about had me in tears. So many wonderful memories! I had a rocking chair like that ... wow.

Love your blog & will definitely come back for more :)

mairedodd said...

your space is absolutely breathtaking... you steep yourself in family history and history in general... all of those things having within in them an energy from the people who have touched them.... think of how many times a person's fingers touch a button... your nests are stunning - i mean that... their intricacy and beauty are artful yet relate directly to those in nature...
thank you for allowing me to tag along on your journey!

Anonymous said...

vicki, thanks for your post. Your room is so lovely and creative that I feel like I want to give knitting another chance. I tried before without success...but you are making me want to get my needles out and start at it again :)

Brynwood Needleworks said...

What a wonderful, creative world you have! Your spaces and treasures are true inspirations. Thank you for sharing. I hope you'll visit Brynwood and enter my drawing, too.

Pam @ Frippery said...

What an inspirational room. Having family momento's that speak of your past is a wonderful way to pay tribute to loved one's. Your space is so beautiful and filled with treasures. Like a magpie gathering baubles for her nest.

Queen of Dreams said...


Your blog post is breathtaking...I can feel "you" in every word. What came to me as I read it is how wonderful that you make bird nests as your collections (the strings from the bags) and buttons and lovely other things are just like what a bird would collect for its own nest. Your respect for the little things shines through so clearly. Your stories about your mom and sweet.

I have wanted to learn how to knit for a long have inspired me to consider it again!

Big hug-


Geralyn Gray said...

Love. love love everything!!!!! What a sweet idea your knitted nests are.....there is nothing better than a bowl of buttons for inspiration.....great space and great creations!!!!!

Julissa Mora said...

What a nice place. And love all the buttons :)

Julissa Mora said...

What a nice place. And love all the buttons :)

Anonymous said...

Vicki...i fell in love with the sacred yarn room...
i'll be honest, as a card maker i shy away from yarn & knitting yours certainly caught my eye...enough to say that i want to follow...i love that you have so many treasures and things that are so meaningful to what makes YOU ~YOU~...
i'm running off to see other blogs but i am intrigued by the bird i'll definitely be back...
the thing that drew me in to your blog was the B.U.T.T.O.N.S. at the very beginning of your post...
yours is definitely one that i was so happy to visit :D

Lori said...

I am in total awe of your room! It is absolutely wonderful! I'm not a knitter but I could run my hands through those yarns and be in bliss! I love your use of storage--very unique and fun--I am inspired to do something similar in my room. And...I just LOVE your nests--how creative! Thanks for sharing your incredible space.

Sandy said...

Your nests are beyond amazing! Thank you for sharing not only your creative haven but your heritage as well.

elvira pajarola said...

...Carissima are Tales which recount stories of Princesses and Queens and Kings and Dukes and in "far away" places you find tales about happy , wonderful people living in magic places with all kind of treasures; You seem to me one of these Magic Fairies with their magic touches realizing magic and wonderful precious creations........!!
....Your joyful creativity is truly magic......; Your deep Inside must be truly Magic....!!

Wonderful and Prescious Post...carissima Vicky, Joy for the heart and eyes and soul....!

have a happy and sunny weekend!!!
ciao ciao elvira

kluless said...

I love every. single. thing. about your inspiring space! I can so relate to your passion for buttons, honoring the ones who came before you and especially the "treasure hunt" right in your own space. Thank you for sharing!

Rhonda said...

Your creative room is incredible...full of beauty, but more than that, I was touched by the stories you told and the sweet memories attached to so many of the things that surround you as you create.


Syd said...

Vicki -

What a wonderful room - and so nice that it holds mementos from your parents. I think that your knitted nests are so interesting.


vanny said...

hi your blog is lovely and I love how you weave stories of your mom and grandmother through it. You jars and dishes for your buttons are so cool! and your birds nests are charming. Anyway, enjoy your lovely soulful space


Kristal said...

Hi Vicki,
Oh, I've had such a wonderful time visiting with you and your Sacred Yarn Room! What fun it must be to go shopping at 2 am, and have all that wonderful stuff to look at. And you a blessed to have so much stuff from your parents and grandparents. I'm sure it gives you lots of inspiration and confidence. And I truly love those little nest you have created! I'm off to toss my name in the hat for that giveaway! Thanks so much for sharing. I invite you to stop by my blog, Grace Goods, and have a peek at my little studio.


Unknown said...

Vicki - yeaaaaaaaaaaa at long last I get to see the sacred yarn room where my little nest was created. What beautiful pictures you shared. Isn't it nice to have all of those sentimental things about you when you create? My mom didn't save much but I do have a few things that I treasure. We are button soul sisters too! LOLOLOL Have a great weekend Vicki!

gigi knits said...

You have know idea how much this brings memories of my Mom, she is the one who taught me to knit & crochet so many years ago that I can't remember not knitting for my family. my love of my family also comes from her. This is the most beautiful post ever!

Liz-Anna said...

Vicki, what a wonderfully inspiring post! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

Terry said...

I too am a knitter so I really enjoyed seeing your pictures. Thank you for sharing!I am a new blogger and am only a spectator this year, but I will definitely contribute to this party next year! Knitting/crocheting has helped me through many difficult times in my life. I sat next to my father for three weeks as he lay in a coma and it was the calming action of crocheting that helped me through. While looking at your pictures I made a note to bring more of my treasured books into my "studio." I love your knitted birdnests! Much joy to you, Terry

Karen Valentine said...

OMG Vicki! Where do I start??? I LOVE those bourbon bottles filled with all the white buttons, and your nests are so unique and special!! Your space truly is a haven. And don't get me started on the back deck... TDF!!!!!
Thank you so much for participating in this years party! You helped make it FABULOUS!!!
My Desert Cottage

Candi said...

Awesome! Your space is just fantastic and so full of things to create with! Such wonderful ideas you come up with:) Thank you for sharing. hugz:) Candi

Lululiz said...

To be surrounded by so many mementos of loved ones must be so soothing and calming and bringing a smile to your face each and every day. You have a magnificent collection of yarns and a beautiful place to create in.

Uncanny Festoon said...

Thanks for sharing...I so need one of those nest for my very own!!!


Terri said...

Super stuff love the nests and the little lambs

debi said...

I love your creative space! So many wonderful mementos, so many wonderful memories.

I love the beautiful knitting of your mother's that you framed. What a special reminder of her.

It's so wonderful how you have incorporated so many special things into your creative space, like your grandfather's crutch, mother's chair, parent's luggage, etc. What a special feeling you must enjoy being in your room.

Kelly Lish said...

Vicki- such a lovely space and the bird nests are so special. Do real birds ever use them? I bet they would love how soft they are-so nice to meet you and to now be following your beautiful blog!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I love your bird nests! Very creative. I want to come and play with all of your collections of yarn and buttons and so forth. I also love that you have incorporated so many personal and meaningful items into your studio. You have a remarkable place in which to create. I truly enjoyed my visit. Connie

The French Bear said...

Vicki, thanks for sharing your special wonder you are soooo creative!!! I am still waiting for one day when I will have one of your precious nests!!!!!
Margaret B

Betty said...

Oh!! What a wonderful place to create. I also love buttons. Your yard collection is gorgeous too. My daughter would be in heaven. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space with us!

craftyles said...

I love your all your bits and the jar of buttons. My favorite thing is your little coats hanging on the wall. I have pic's of me wearing coats like these, but wish I had the real thing. Just lovely!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Oh my....where to begin. My heart melted at several spots and came dripping out my eyes. The story of your mother selling her beloved chair...the beautifully made wool jackets still in your possession as well as the chair...what a story of love at its best. Then there are the buttons...a girl after my own heart. Your nests are unbelievably's like you pulled in all the basic color elements of nature and wove them into what a 3 dimensional watercolor painting would like--if there were such a thing. What a treat to stumble across your blog.

Cat Stegall said...

OH MY GOODNESS! You have fed my soul ..I love all of your gathered items and creations..ESPECIALLY your nests!! You are an inspiration.Blessings!

Pellie / Penny said...

I am thrilled to have been allowed to visit your sacred yarn room. With so many wonderful memories of family around you are surely blessed with there love.
Your little nest are just too cute and I loved the little sheep that where peeking out of one of the containers.
Please do stop by and visit my humble little craftoom.

Creative Grammie said...

What a beautiful and inspiring space you have! I love all your buttons, beads,yarns, Longabergers, and did I see some sea glass in a little bowl?
It's wonderful how you store your yarn; the colors showed up quite well in the photos. You definitely have a very "Sacred Yarn Room".
Thanks for sharing.

Claudia said...

My goodness, what a wonderful place! First of all, I love your nests - they are beautiful. I love the way you have incorporated so many treasures from your loved ones. Hanging yarn from the crutch is inspired. Thank you for sharing your magical space with us.

Unknown said...

Talk about eye candy! The bowls and bottles of buttons are like candy for the creative mind. Absolutely stunning.
I also noticed "Gifts From the Sea" perched among your treasures. A book to treasure for sure. All women should read it at least once in their lives!

Donna Reyne' said...

your nests are gorgeous! I have never seen anything so amazing!
Thank you for sharing your lovely space and stories with us! It is always such a treat to see where others work and create! You feel so connected with others when you share there most special place.
Have a blessed and wonderful weekend,

DreamChallenge said...

Vicki, I am leaving your Sacred Yarn Room with a new appreciation for how very much you loved your Mom. She gave you so much to treasure all your life, but also so much to share with others. Thank You for being my friend and starting me on this blogging journey. LU, Jan

Deborah said...

OMGoodness OMGoodness OMGoodness!!!
You are fabulous! **blows kisses** Deb

Paula Crichlow said...

Your "Room" is so wonderful and very inspiring! I especially love
all the colors that delight the eye
with each view. And if you find that 12 step program for yarn bit collectors let me know! HA!
Thank you for sharing your sacred place.

Teah said...

What an incredible space. Wow! The earrings are nice too. Please enter me in your contest. Thank you.

Angela Weimer said...

What a wonderful space and such precious memories throughout. Your outdoor space is wonderful too and your creations are amazing. thank you for sharing them with us. Angela

Anonymous said...

I have never seen your nests before and I am simply in awe over them! Are they difficult to make? How long does it take you to make one? I think they are absolutely beautiful! thank you for sharing your wonderful creative space, Marcia

Her Art Nest said...

Dear Vicki,
Oh my....what a gorgeous post. Those nests are such a treasure. I too knit for exactly the same reasons you do, but those nests...they are incredible! I need a system for my yarn, and was hoping I would see some other knitters storage systems. Right now my yarn in in storage boxes!! Ouch!! Thank you so much for your amazing inspiration. I would love to be included in your giveaway. You are too kind. Big hugs, Nancy

beautifullybrokenme said...

Wow! What an amazing creative space you have. I love that you have surrounded yourself with so many memories - so beautiful. Your nests are to die for, & I'm coveting one for my own studio. Thanks for sharing!

:-) Molly

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I am not a knitter, Vicki, but whenever I have purchased knitting type things as gifts for my Mom, I always admire the different types of yarns and beatiful colors. Maybe I should ask my Mom to teach me "again"! I love all your colorful yarns and little bits that you have stored. The bourbon bottles make great holders and I think your bottle of white vintage buttons is my favorite.

Julie Johnson said...

Love the sentiments behind your room. So sweet...and those nests are just beautiful!

HeARTworks said...

Hello from the Philippines! Oh my! What a largesse of buttons and yarns! It's truly fascinating to go through your pictures, how much more if I was ACTUALLY in your room! Patsy from

Jo said...

I love the bird nest that you make. You are so lucky that your mother taught you how to knit and that you enjoy it so much. Sometimes just having something to do with you hands makes one relax and enjoy life for a while...sorta in you own little world. I have my grandmother's sewing box and button box. There are some great vintage buttons in it. Some I remember being on her dresses. Such sweet memories. I would love to win the earrings, they are so cute. Hope you have a blessed weekend.

Melly said...

wow...I love how your space is so filled with heartfelt treasures that inspire you, a room so filled with love and precious memories, just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing and your birds nests are gorgeous, so clever!
Have a lovely weekend!

Marina Capano said...

Hi!What a nice space!
Beautiful, thank you for sharing!!!!


visit me anytime...

marcia said...

Your creative space feeds my soul. It really touched me and I love how all your memories of your life and family surround you when you create. I love your storage and all the colors.

I am a very beginner knitter and also want to learn to spin. I have bees saving the fiber from my soft silky angora rabbits. Fibers have been *calling me* so I understand your passion somewhat.

It was a treasure to get a glimpse of your creative life

And I want to buy one of your birds nests!!! I have a special passion for birds and nests and all of nature.
happy day!

Sheila said...

I love your room, it is just beautiful. I could get lost there . I love the antique rocker that was your mothers. Every time I go in a antique store I gravitate to the chairs and rockers.
The earrings are lovely as well.
Hugs Sheila

Candi said...

Ok, Vicki, this is like such an awesome post. I love how you use all your special family heirlooms in your room and the yarns, yummmalish.
The only thing I wish is (well there are 2) to see your room as a whole and I want a birds nest. LOL. Now I am going back to look at your space again. Please come visit me at Big Horn Mountain Creations.

Lori ann said...

My goodness I enjoyed that so much Vicki, thank you for sharing!
We are so much alike, I knit for those same reasons and i am so grateful my grandmother taught me too when I was 6(then stopped and picked up my needles again at 21 when my first child was born, and haven't put them down since).
My husband and I also love to travel and always have a trip in the planning stages, and my knitting ALWAYS goes too!

I know where those shore birds nests, in the sand! hee hee. I can't wait to see what you create.
Now i want to go knit also.
xo lori

Romeo said...

Oh the colors of all those yarns!!!! It's like being in a candy store! But what I find most endearing is that special place in your heart for keeping the memories of your family alive and those pieces from them. I am a sentimental one and appreciate the significance of this. I was also touched by the fact that your Mom taught you to knit "again". A part of her to carry with you forever. Wow! Your post and your studio are inspiring - two paws up to you!


"Her" and Romeo

Unknown said...

Your Sacred Yarn Room, your creative space and all the family items you have that are such great treasures. Thanks for showing your space you are truly and inspiration. I love your button collection and your childhood clothing, I need to get mine out and put it on display, I'm new to the bloggy world so it will take some time, however I'm not new to the love of creating and collecting. Have fun blog hopping. This is all so inspiring! XOXO

Lili said...

Vicki, Did I ever tell you how much I love the name of your room in the first place? And then after reading this post (which had me in tears one minute and then gasping at the incredible loveliness of your treasures the next) I am in mega awe of your creativity. You inspire me GREATLY. xoxo ~Lili

Sharlotte said...

Hi Vicki,
I LOVED this post. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes...your wonderful things with such sweet memories. I truly understand keeping things that belonged to loved's comforting to me as well. I love your birds nests too. What a great way to use your special talent! Thanks so much for sharing.

Jenn said...

Thank you for the tour!!! I am envious.
I love all your little yarn scraps. A woman at the knitting group I go to when I don't have to work collects any and all from everyone to use to stuff the knitted toys and pillows she makes.
My vintage knitting needles (the were my maternal great grandmother's) are still stored in the fabric fold-over cases she sewed for them. Though when I went through them I did find a small bone crochet hook which I love and use when making small flowers as patches for my oldest(she demands that I make her knee patches for her hole-y jeans with yarn and in the shape of flowers, can't say no to her on that one).Yes I am one of those who can do both reasonably well. I also inherited my Grandmother's excess (and old) circular needles, since they are her preference. I never expected to see an all metal circular needle.
I can't afford to be a yarn snob, though I have those tendencies (love noro yarn like crazy and don't mind picking twigs out of it because of the spectacular colors and plan on buying some of their sock yarn one of these days and some mini mochi from crystal palace). I am the proud owner of 1/3 a trash bag of vintage acrylics from a friend though(gave away the other 2/3 because they were colors I'd never use).
So many wonderful memories in your Sacred Yarn Room...thank you again for sharing!

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear sweet Vicki....your post is WONDERFUL!!! I love seeing all of your creatives spaces...I'm so very honored to own one of your gorgeous nests ~ they truly are beautiful works of art! You have so many amazing yarns and buttons....and the heirlooms that you have from your precious family are just beautiful!! Sending you love and hugs, Dawn

Cathy said...


I had so much fun visiting your blog today and drinking in all the amazing photos.

Dishes and jars and baskets and bottles full of inspiration. Your home, workspace and creations are amazing and I'm so glad I had this opportunity to meet you.

Thank you for sharing your heart and your work with us. Just gorgeous.


myriamkreativ said...

Hi my dear Vicki,
what a wonderful inspiring yarn room you have to let your creativity flow. Wonderful things that you collect make it to the very special place where you work on your wonderful creations, thank you so much for sharing. I must sit down with my latte for a while in the chairs in front of your home...
The earrings are very special and whoever will win them will be very happy I am sure!
I wish you a wonderful weekend Hugs Myriam

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Vicky, your creative space is G R E A T !!! THose bowls filled with buttons are adorable, making me want to dive right in there, right now! The colors, strings, everything is so so sweet and inspiring. Do enJOY every single minute in your gorgeous place!!
Oh and those earrings are OOAK, unique! Love the idea!

Wishing you a wonderful SUNday, sending a big hug across the blue blue ocean! xx

gm glimmerglass said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful room and oh...I will be day dreaming about bowls of vintage buttons! What a gorgeous collection!

mary said...

How I would love to be LOCKED in the sacred yarn room for a day or two! As I have had the opportunity to visit it many times - I can attest to it's beauty and AMAZING TREASURES! It is fabulous!

Bumpkin Hill said...

How wonderful of you to share your very special space. I can very much relate to you loving having your mum's and grandparents cherished possessions near you. Everytime I get the rolls of coloured cottons for my crafts out of their fabric box I feel like Mum is by my side. It was her collection and box. The same is with knitting that I recently started again, Mum had taught me when I was younger, I just wish now she could be sat next to me again helping when I get stuck. She had lots of knitting needles and some patterns that feels so special to use. I LOVE your yarn room, ohhh all those colours and textures and buttons.... how I wish I could join you for an afternoon of craft play there :) I can't wait to see what you create with those beige wools for the shorebirds!! Catherine x

Rebecca said...

What a wonderful space to create! I spy lots of things I'd love to play with! Thanks for sharing!

Bumpkin Hill said...

How wonderful of you to share your very special space. I can very much relate to you loving having your mum's and grandparents cherished possessions near you. Everytime I get the rolls of coloured cottons for my crafts out of their fabric box I feel like Mum is by my side. It was her collection and box. The same is with knitting that I recently started again, Mum had taught me when I was younger, I just wish now she could be sat next to me again helping when I get stuck. She had lots of knitting needles and some patterns that feels so special to use. I LOVE your yarn room, ohhh all those colours and textures and buttons.... how I wish I could join you for an afternoon of craft play there :) I can't wait to see what you create with those beige wools for the shorebirds!! Catherine x

gigi knits said...

After reading your post it gives a whole new meaning to the nest I gave to my special niece-I'm forwarding this post on to her to read!! Have ordered another one to keep for myself can't wait to get it!! Your blog is the more beautiful post of all , made miss my Mom !

Rochelle said...

I love your little birds nests that you create - and girl you could open up a store with all that yarn you have! -Rochelle

valerie said...

I just loved your space and the heartfelt recollection of pieces in your room. Thanks for sharing. Valerie

SuZeQ said...

Ohhhhhhhh, how I'd love to come and play in your Sacred Yarn Room. Even though I don't knit, I am sure we'd have some fun. These earrings are special as all get-out. Thanks for the opportunity - both of you!

Decor To Adore said...

What an amazing space you have created! It inspires me to add to my own crafting area.

I adore all of your storage solutions.

Beautiful earrings!

Susan said...

Geeezzzz....I'm coming over right now!! What a great "space" and I love all the jars full of goodies not to mention all of that yarn. Thanks for sharing your space and a little of your life. Susan
P.S. Your package is in the mail.

Karen Burns said...

Oh such lovelies. Lots to play with!!

Julie Marie said...

OOoh Vicki... I could spend days in your Sacred Yarn Room... I am such a romantic at heart, and I treasure all things from the past, especially my ancestors... you have created such a beautiful place not only to craft, but to dream and feel so much closer to your loved ones who have passed on... each and every treasure you have shown has such precious memories behind it... and so much love... your little birdnests are wonderful... I am going to order one right away (I do hope they are for sale!)... I am like you, I cannot part with even the tiniest little scrap of yarn, or ribbon or lace... I also love your whiskey bottles filled with buttons... okay, I am going back for a leisurely look... thanks so much for sharing your most "Sacred Yarn Room"... and yes, I clicked on the link and saw the beautiful project your sweet mama was working on when she passed away... what a lovely heirloom you have created with it... she is smiling down at you with love... xoxo Julie Marie

Julie Ranae said...

Wonderful and inspiring...and we have the same taste in music : )

Dreams and Decor said...

Thank you so much for the tour of your Sacred Yard Room! I loved seeing your collection of vintage buttons from your Mom (I collect buttons, too, & the vintage ones are so special) & I clicked on the link & read the beautiful story about the framed knitted piece from your Mother. I loved all the treasures and memories in your room ---all the pieces of inspiration from your life, like the sweet little coats your Mother made & reading how she sold the chair so she could make those coats. I loved those bottles full of buttons (the bottles you got from your son)! And the suitcases your parents bought for their honeymoon! And look at the end result of all those saved pieces of yarn & inspirations & memories----those adorable, unique bird nests! They're awesome! Patti

Glenda said...

wow what a magic place to hang out in and do some great works of art, Thank you for shahowing us.,love from Glenda

Anonymous said...

Oh my...your studio is an absolute delight, and your lovely photos do it justice! I absolutely adore your little nests...I have never seen anything like clever of you.
I've signed up to follow and will be back to read about your knitting and your travels.

If you have time, you might like to stop by and check out my studio pics.
Thanks so much for the tour...


Blessings from Cindy said...

Thank you for an inspiring view of your creative space and wonderful story of your mother's influence in your life. Beautiful. Enter me in your giveaway for the pretty, unique earrings.

Fleur de Bee said...

I HEART your birds nests!!! I want one!! What a marvelous room. I love how you have such cherished pieces and I am loving all the coats!! Darling!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Hi Vicki,

So nice to meet you..I'm another fiber lover and crocheter...your nests are simply beautiful. We have to be kindred....because I have tons of buttons too. :0) Your studio and everything in it makes my heart go pitter patter with joy.♥

I would love for you to visit with me and stroll through my's been a labor of love to put together and now after a year in our home putting everything together as it should be I feel like I can "spread my wings" and fly!

Have a wonderful day,
Stephanie ♥

fireythreads said...

your yarn room is fantastic and I so want to come over and play.
I love your little coats youa re so lucky to have them and your mother was a beautiful sewer by the looks of grnadmother did all our sewing but with four younger sisters nothing is left. I do have some of the clothes I sewed/knitted for my daughter as she would not let me hand them on to her cousins,Her daughter may be able to wear them .thankyou so much for sharing your life with us.

fireythreads said...

your yarn room is fantastic and I so want to come over and play.
I love your little coats youa re so lucky to have them and your mother was a beautiful sewer by the looks of grnadmother did all our sewing but with four younger sisters nothing is left. I do have some of the clothes I sewed/knitted for my daughter as she would not let me hand them on to her cousins,Her daughter may be able to wear them .thankyou so much for sharing your life with us.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Vicki~ ~This is my first visit to a WWC blog for this event and I can't imagine a more beautiful post. It may be because knitting has my heart too. I adore your nests!
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Erica said...

What a wonderful place to create! I love all those knitting needles you have stashed EVERYWHERE!! What a fun place to spend time in.

Thespa McLaughlin said...

I loved visiting your beautiful space. The stories about your family heirlooms were wonderful, I too have family pieces in my studio and I cherish. Thanks so very much for sharing everything with us and I adore your wonderful nests!

Della Preston said...

I love everything about your sacred yarn room especially the tribute to your mother. All of your posts are so inspiring.

Susan said...

Incredible, Vicki. I was too late to be involved in Where Bloggers Create this year, but I just had to leave a comment about your Sacred Yarn Room. I love the buttons, the yarns, and jars of treasures. How wonderful. But the part that touched me the most was the chair that had been your Grandmother's that you'd marked, and the Easter coats.

Thank you so very much for sharing this lovely post.

May you have a blissfully lovely day,

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Hi Vicki,

I had to come back and thank you for your wonderful sweet comments that you left for me. ♥

And I also forgot to mention that we BOTH used the same George Bernard Shaw quote on our posts!! We must be kindred, indeed. :0)

And I had to come back and pet your wonderful nests again. I guess as a crocheter and fiber and textile collector I have to stay close to others that love it to. :0)

Thanks again and have a great day,

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post - I love your Sacred Yarn Room, your nests - but most of all your buttons! Love buttons! Love the story of your chair too! S xxx

miss lynn said...

you are so
talented! those
nests are
just precious.
i love your
space, and
especially all
of the family
you have used
to make it yours.
the crutch!? i
love it!
happy day!

Char said...

You know when you enter someones home and you are hit with bowls of buttons, you hit pay dirt. Without further reading I became a follower. I love your space, it's magical and creative and just down right homey. So many things to peek at and admire. I love the nests, as a weaver of baskets, I feel like I found a friend. I am off to read more. Thankyou so much for opening up your life to us, Char

Flutterby Patch said...

Hi Vicki, thanks so much for popping into Flutterby Patch and for your kind comment. I have only just found your blog and much to my dismay it is 'bedtime' here in England so I shall have to quell my curiosity until the morning when I shall pop in again. Your post looks really fascinating I can't wait to read more. Eli.

Silke Powers said...

Just coming by for a visit to my favorite creative space!! Much love, Silke

Creative Karen Vintage said...

Thank you so much for sharing your life and your creative dreamspace. I loved how you shared your sentimental journey of your belongings. It inspired me to bring out and use the meaningful mementos in everyday life. I am healing from cancer and creativity is my lifeline to God and my untapped creative places. I am really moved by your site and can sense your heart through the writings and photos.

Butterfly Works said...

I came by for a visit not knowing what a wonderful place I was about to enter.....Your sacred place is indeed full of memories that must feed your creativity and ground you at the same time.....

I so enjoyed my visit and I definitely will return.....It was so nice getting to see a glimpse into your life.....

Sea Angels said...

As always your posts leave me .....breathless.... they are so full and so very beautiful I have to make tea and eat biscuits to fully enjoy ...its better than a day out...honest ha ha. Thankyou for my nest I just can,t wait to receive it xxxx.
I also love your tiny coats they are so nostalgic and so inspirational.
Thank you so much for sharing your magical space xxxxx
Love and hugs Lynn xx

Love Bears All Things said...

I loved visiting with you in your creative space...especially the mementos of your family and the stories behind them..I have tried to do that in my room.
Mama Bear

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Vicki,
I loved seeing your studio and your collections of vintage items...they inspire me too.

Thanks for sharing your creative space. Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie

Kathryn said...

I am a sucker for jars and bowls of vintage buttons. I loved to play with my mom's while she was sewing.

Your space is lovely and I especially like the view of the beautiful garden deck!

Thank you so much for sharing! :)

Cindy said...

i love your bird nests. so adorable. i am glad you stopped by and i found your blog!! your room and yarns are beautiful. xo

Tina said...

I'm so inspired after having this visit to your creative world. Wonderful. I too collect buttons. Love how you keep them in your space.

Jody Hammer said...

One of these days, I am going to come see your sacred yarn room! I want to run my fingers through all those buttons and roll around in all the yarn! ;-)

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Yourn place is Heaven...
sheer Heaven!
The colors and heart immediately starts to pump faster!
I would think leaving and going to work everyday would be hard...
although you love what you do.
I was in Ludington last weekend and there is the most fabulous yarn shoppe I have ever been in.
oodles of overhead and variety galore!
A true treasure trove of yarns and accessories.

Thanks for sharing m friend,
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Scrap Krazed said...

I love your space and I love what you create. You are amazing and so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your special space. Terry

Jenny in Maine said...

Just beautiful!! Absolutely beautiful, and I LOVE your knitted nests!!!!

If you have time, I hope you'll visit my studio.


Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Oh Vickie ~ it is a Sacred Yarn Palace..... What a Beautiful Trip into your Special Place ~ Love everything, Your Creative Nests, Your Mom's Treasures of the Longaberger Baskets, Rocking Chair & the Sweet Little Coats ~ What Family Treasures that mean the World to You.... Thank You for Sharing, My cord finally arrived & I was able to upload My Studio Photos, Nothing close to your Beautiful Place, but Special to Me..... stop on by if you get a chance~

Beedeebabee said...

Oh Vicki! I knew this would be wonderful, and it truly was!!! Such a room full of beautiful treasures!...I could lock myself in there forever and be sooo happy!
I love your mom's antique chair with your orange crayon mark underneath, and her buttons, and those darling little coats, and your stories are sooo heartwarming. Thank you for inviting us in, I just loved it all!...Your friends earrings are so beautiful also! xo Paulette

Diane said...

A beautiful post.....I loved how you found the scarf tucked inside your Mother's yarn, and loved how you framed it....wonderful! A wonderfully lovely room, I spent forever looking at every little wonder you love working in it, gorgeous!! You have inspired me to get busy in my room, and get it finished...I have it so full of "stuff" problem is I have too many creative interests...I took a knitting class this Spring, but I think I flunked just can't seem to "get it"....maybe someday!!

Lisa said...

Thank you for your suggestions on keeping the yarn moth-free!!!

Ľubaša said...

wow, I would like to be as creative as you are! I can only make some knitting crocheted items... by instructions.:-))
Thanks for a chance to enter.
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

OMG I want that yarn and those wonderful buttons - amazing, especially with so much family history! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

What a wonder post! I just love everything about your space, It makes me want to pick up some knitting neddles and get to knitting, I learn how to Knit and crochet in High school, I still do both but not alot, My passion is paper! Thank you so much for letting us take a peek inside if I ever need to borrow a button I know who to call!

Hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

How lovely. I love everything, your creative space was very wonderful. The earrings especially captured my attention. :)

Janet's Creative Pillows

Silke Powers said...

Sweet Vicki! Did you get the e-mails I sent you? Just want to make sure I didn't send them into cyberspace and they are lost... Much love, Silke

Traci said...

what a wonderful place to create. thank you for sharing your space with us all. you nests are gorgeous.

Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

WoW!!! Love all those muted colors and textures. Love your treasures and work space too. Thanks for the tour. Cheers, Lurena

Rustique Gal said...

Vicki, Your space is wonderful! I understand why you call it sacred-I had tears in my eyes reading your post. The little Easter coats, the chair! So special. Your creations totally twitterpate me! I would have to keep all those tiny scraps too-and you are right, you can't have too many vintage buttons! Love the earrings. I will be back...

Jerralea said...

I love those earrings! I like your beautiful bowls of buttons. My buttons are in a basket with a lid but I'm thinking I need to dispay them in a great bowl like you did!

jen said...

What an incredible space you have inspired me so! just stunning!
luvs and glitter

p.s. i'm having a giveaway if you would like to stop by, but no pressure really just thought I'd let you know, there is vintage wallpaper and antique buttons involved:)

Snowbrush said...

My wife is also a nurse--L&D for the past 20 years, and ICU before than--and she would love to look through your buttons. She's a two-time past president of the Oregon State Button Society and quite the expert at identifying and appraising buttons.

Linda said...

What a beautiful space you have! I love my nest, and seeing where it was created makes it even more precious (if that's at all possible.)

she dreams big! said...

Hi Vicki! No wonder you create such beautiful things surrounded by all that love! To have the room to have everything on display to touch and see must be so inspirational! The tribute to your mother is lovely!

Thanks for the tour ~~ Connie

Theresa MacNaughton said...

Hi Vicki, I came to visit you from Paulette's blog. I enjoyed the tour of your creative space. How wonderful that you are offering those AMAZING earrings as a gift for some lucky individual. Your nests are simply beautiful - you do truly phenomenal work. Theresa :)

Jennifer Dixon said...

Beautiful, beautiful! Your space is like a candy shoppe with all your pretty yarns. I love the tatters and scraps as well-I love imperfection. I adore your nests-they are so sweet, what a beautiful idea!

Happy creating! :)

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

My oh my, look at all those buttons, I love it! Love your crafting space too, looks like you have a fun place!

manon 21 said...

cet atelier me fait rêver!



Denise C said...

Oh my goodness. I just got lost in your blog. The love for your mother has been a major force in your creative life.

Dawnll said...

What an amazing post! I am just in awe of all your wonderful treasures. I would be lost forever with all those items.
So glad I popped in after Julie Marie showed her beautiful nests.
Hugz to you sweetie!

Tricia said...

Your space is so delightful and such a tribute to those important to you. I love the way you have incorporated your sentimental things into your room for storage and display. I truly enjoyed looking at all of it. Very warm and loving! And your nests are just great - what a creative way to use your talents and tidbits.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Wow, what a gorgeous creative space and so many sentimental keepsakes, love them all. Thank you for sharing with us. It's taking me a while to get around to party people and Julie Marie gave me a little nudge to hurry me up this way on her blog this evening. Good to meet you, Vicki.

Bliss Knits said...

Wow, what an amazing space your Sacred Yarn Room is! I love the creativity you have shown in storing your supplies and sentimental objects - making them beautiful as well as useful.

I hope to move house soon and I'm so excited about making a new workroom for myself - and you have given me lots if inspiration and ideas. Many thanks for sharing your lovely memories and photos.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful place to visit! :)

You have a wonderful space to create in!

BunnyNuts said...

What a magical creative space you have! I especially like your Longaberger baskets as I leave about an hour from where they are made ( and have one or two myself!)
You are truly an inspiration to us all!.

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Hi Vicki!!
I popped over from Julie Maries Idylhours blog and oh my what have I been missing!!!
There are no words to describe how much I love your creative spaces and want to come over and play at your house!!
I'm going to stay awhile and be sure not to miss a single detail!
You are one very talented and blessed lady!!
Thanks for sharing your awe inspiring talent!
Fuzzy Hugs and Smiles,

Diane said...

First of all thank you so much for letting me peek into your sacred room, (and your sacred self!). Beautiful photos of your very special creative space.

Second, although I would love to have the earrings, I would LOVE to have one of your birdsnests. They're the most beautiful creative things I've seen, I love them. Diane

Connie said...

Lovely, lovely spot in which to create, sugar!

RedBettySummer said...

Someday I'm going to learn to knit. I've done it before but when I see all the yarn in your pictures, and the knitting needles, it's no wonder people like to knit. You are an inspiration. The buttons are amazing. I just got done putting all the various boxes and jars of buttons I have collected into prettier bottles. I thought I have a lot but your are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Kathy said...

Thank you for sharing your Sacred Yarn Room. Your collections are wonderfully displayed. I will be back often to visit.

Carole said...

Oh my room that room and stash is amazing. I've always loved knitting but for some reason have forgotten how to read patterns...must have been in another life:))so now I just stick to the easy stuff.
Those yarn nests are just divine and so creative I even made my husband look at them....he knows what a nest freak I am.
LOVE LOVE this post!
thanks for coming by and leaving such a sweet message!
I'm following you too.

JenW!~ said...

I just love your nests and your room is amazing. I would love to have a room for my creativity but I do not. I love love love those earrings.

Anonymous said...

I am thrown back at your love for yarns. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was young. She is gone now and I have tried to freshen up. I only wish I could spend more time to tweek my creations. I saw nothing but passion and sentiment in your room. I absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing. Susan

Beverly said...

I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your post. It is amazing.

I love the say you store and display your supplies. It all looks just wonderful.

And, I am deeply touched that you have your treasures to inspire you. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I think you are incredible.

Anonymous said...


Your room is beautiful. I am so happy that you shared. I just love the bottles of buttons, a gorgeous display. As for your nests, you know that I love them, and I am so excited to be on your waiting list. I have been changing my mind over and over again about where to display it when it comes. Lots of credit to your gardener, he does do an awesome job.

Jill -

Cindy said...

Your special space is wonderful! Looks like lots of toys and goodies to play with. I love your knitted nests...they are fabulous!


Caleen said...

I am still getting around to visiting everyone. Just love your space. Love all your beautiful knitting. Those nests are gorgeous. Love all your supplies and buttons and such a great space filled with treasures. Really enjoyed browsing. :)

Sherry F. said...

How wonderful to be surrounded by not only the things you love but the things your family loves as well. You are a lucky woman!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm late getting around to finishing the tour because I started at the end and am working backwards. Love your creative space with the lovely yarns and I noticed those gorgeous glass knitting needles too! Thanks for sharing.

April Cottage Ramblings said...

What a wonderful room, full of memories. No wonder you enjoy spending time there.

Ineke Original said...

Wow! Those white buttons. I've made a heart with it.

Anna said...

What a beautiful space, very warm and cozy. I'm in love with your nests, such a wonderful idea.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog you have! I also collect antique buttons. I started my collection after inheriting my Grandmother's button box. It is a wonderful English tin full of buttons from the 40's.

Gabriela said...

Oh, I would love to be there myself surrounded by all those beautiful things!
Happy New Year!!!

Maddy*Moo said...

You have such wonderful memories and heirlooms, your creative space is a great treasure trove of loveliness!

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Cicki,
Oh my goodness - your sacred space is charming and delightful. I love that you use your Father's old vintage suitcase to store your adorable little nest. Everything is fabulous - the little coats are extra special.
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Your room is beautiful. I love looking at all the colors and textures of the fibers - the nests are gorgeous. I am inspired!

Unknown said...

I can't believe it's all yours! Does your room still look like this? I know it's been a few years since this post. Since I've been knitting more now, I recently (this week) created a sacred space for doing all things quiet, including taking naps. I started out really simple though. But my sewing room is another story.