Friday, November 7, 2014

The last Blooms of Summer--(introcucing my new knitted wrap collection)

'tis the last rose of summer,
        left blooming all alone;
                   All her lovely companions
                                  are faded and gone."
                                                               Thomas Moore

the last of the summer blooms--
fading more every day~

 in the sunlight,
on this last warm day--
their colors are still lovely

pinks, reds, purples, 
vibrant colors in nature's beautiful hues~

fragile stems reaching 
for the warmth of the sun,
not knowing that
tonight comes the frost~

my latest knitted wrap collection

trailing vines
covered with beaded flowers
in a variety of textures and fabrics

exquisite blooms,
each one unique and beautiful~
created from vintage fabrics,lace,crochet pieces, ribbons

 tiny beads
sewn in place to accent
 every bloom

they trail across a beautifully knitted wrap~ 
a remembrance of the last
blooms of summer

knitted from a variety of soft and warm
acrylic threads
surround yourself with exquisitely
soft luxury 
and beautiful blooms

scattered here and there~
tiny pearl like beads are clustered
to form delicate,tender

the wrap measurements are
78" length
24 inches wide
the wrap can also be worn as a
 chunky scarf

 tiny knitted leaves,
also intricately beaded,
are blooming on the vines~

this beautiful wrap is the first 
in my new "Blooms" design~
over the next few months there are more to come
in this series

this exquisite wrap 
is listed here
in my ETSY shop

Some updates~
My next post will be the official "Grow Your Blog" post -- more info coming in that post along with the party badge!

Do you have any plans for the winter?Do you want to travel with me? The Gardener and I recently returned from a 3 week trip to Canada where we drove the entire Gaspe peninsula.  There are no words to describe the beauty that we experienced.  Truly, it was the trip of a lifetime~

4000 photos later....
Starting in January, travel with us as I take you all along on this photographic journey to a place that National Geographic has described as the "third most beautiful drive in the world".  We will start in beautiful Quebec City and then journey eastward, along the St. Lawrence river and then later, along the coastline of the beautiful Chaleur Bay(known as one of the most beautiful bays in the world.) Scenic vistas, lighthouses, national parks,.... I will share the entire journey with you all.



Amy at love made my home said...

Wow, it is beautiful!!! xx

Buttons Thoughts said...

Absolutely beautiful it shows the love that was poured into it as it was being created. Beautiful. Good luck on the Grow your Blog I have so many friends from the time I participated. You are such a kind gentle soul, I am so happy I found you. Hug B

Julia said...

Wow Vicki, your wrap is beautiful. So many hours of attention to details. It looks like a perpetual flower garden.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip. My hometown is situated near the Chaleur Bay in Bathurst N.B. on the other side of the Chaleur Bay from where you visited.
I never made that trip and I'm looking to see your many photos. Thank goodness for digital cameras.


Louise@ElsieMayandBertha said...

This wrap is beautiful Vicki. It's so much like a dry stone wall covered in mosses and lichens and rock plant flowers. A fabulous piece of wearable art♡

Julie Marie said...

Oh Vicki... your blooms wrap is so stunning!... so much love and time you have put into this... what a lovely "end of Summer" remembrance... frost there tonight?... it is going to be 23 degrees here one morning next week... I am already dreaming of Spring!... xoxo... Julie Marie

Maria said...

Absolutely gorgeous wrap, Vicki! I saw your ginger and white cat looking beautiful too in one of the photos! Lol

Debby said...

That is just beautiful. You create such beautiful things.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to your next post :-D

Sounds exciting!


Kim said...

Your knitted wrap is simply gorgeous. Wherever the eye is led there is a delightful pretty to see. 'Tis just divine! Oh yes please, I would love to have a bo peep of all the lovely places you visited whilst on holiday; sounds like an amazing adventure. Also, I would love to be part of your "Grow your Blog" this year....sounds like a lot of fun.

Mereknits said...

Your shawl is gorgeous my friend. Cannot wait to take the journey with you, your trip sounds amazing.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I am thinking of the sound knitting needles make when we knit. Click, click click...I am certain at your home the clicking is more like a song...with all the knitting you do. This wrap is a beautiful progression of a theme. I do love the vines with the embellishing florals. A sweater would be pretty with this addition as well. Hope the cold is a thing of the past and you are feeling better.

Carol said...

Your wrap is truly beauteous and I see that some lucky person already owns it :) Can't wait to see the photos from your journey ♥

kathyinozarks said...

God morning Vicki, I just love your knitted wrap with flowers-so lovely-
I don't go anywhere these days so I am looking forward to you going along with you on your photo journey.
Happy Sunday-have an awesome new week

Dorthe said...

Hello sweet friend,-
another much beautiful wrap, from your never idle hands, Vicki.
Such a lovely idea, to add the last flowers of summer to this amazing shawl, I love that you created so many different ones, like a total flower garden !
Hope you are well, dear and your little family, too !!
Hugs and love, Dorthe

Tanya said...

Just when I think it impossible, you go and outdo yourself again, my friend! STUNNING - you AND the shawl! XOXOXO

gigi knits said...

Your wraps are gorgeous!!! The yarns you have are beautiful & all details you put in make your knits one of a kind in everyway.

Sue Kosec said...

Oh Vicki ... Just beautiful work and I absolutely love it. You have magical fingers when it comes to knitting. Just beautiful.

AND - yippee. This year I can be a part of Grow!!!!!!!!!!!


Down On The Farm said...

What a beautiful wrap. You are so talented. I will be looking forward to "traveling" with you :0! Blessings from Missouri!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your wrap is absolutely so special, but so are the words you use to describe it. We can sense the love that went into its creation. I'm definitely looking forward to taking the trip with you.

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Those wraps are gone as fast as you list them!!! They are all gorgeous!
I can hardly believe it is almost time for the 'Grow Your blog" part again. The weather here is certainly ready for it.

Createology said...

Beautiful Blooms Wrap. Your vision in yarns, fabrics and beads is lovely.
Looking forward to your Canadian trip.
Creative Blissful Blooms...

Esme said...

like everything else you create it is gorgeous. so full of colour and thoughts of spring.

Eugenia Maru said...

Está preciosa. Y me encanta la forma de presentar tus trabajos. Las fotos son muy artísticas.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your knitted creations are always so very beautiful! And your trip sounds absolutely amazing. I'm sure you have lots of gorgeous photos to share. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy