The Pink Scarf Project

The Pink Scarf Project

The Pink Scarf project was my personal project that was developed to raise Breast Cancer Awareness. Beginning in October 2012-and continuing for a full year until October 2013. An invitation was sent to bloggers all over the world asking them to donate a pink scarf to the project.  The scarves could be handmade in any way or purchased.  At the conclusion of the project the donated scarves were donated to Breast Cancer Centers across the United States. When this project first began, I was crossing my fingers that perhaps 50 scarves would be donated. NOW-- At the conclusion of this project over 300 people have donated a total of 427 scarves. The response to this project has been beyond anything that I could have ever expected. Throughout this project I have stated many times~~ this was never my project, really, as soon as it took off I knew that only God could lead this project in the direction that it was heading.   

The scarves traveled with me all over the eastern United States where they were photographed throughout the year.  The links to the various posts with the scarf photos and their contributors are listed here~

The Pink Scarf Project begins~
Winter donations
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 Spring donations
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Early Summer donations
(photographed at the seashore)
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Late summer donations
(photographed at the Blue Ridge Mountains
and the Biltmore Estate)
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Early fall donations
(photographed at Shaker Village)
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October 2013
the 3 part finale of the
Pink Scarf Project
(the pink scarves tour the Covered Bridges in Kentucky)


You can find all the scarf photographs
relating to the
Pink Scarf Project
on the specially created
Pintrest board
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my Limited Edition 
Breast Cancer Awareness Nest
(charitable donations made to the Susan G. Komen foundation)
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