Nesting Updates

If you would like to place your name on the waiting list for the
 Shabby Chic, Woodland, or Shabby Treasure nest
please read the info below~  
The nesting session for this winter (2014) is now completed.
For those interested in reserving a nest for the next
years session (winter 2015 ) --
you may email me.
(the standard waiting time for the these 
 nests is one year)
The nests will be created between November 2015-- and May 2016
it is a long process to create
these nests every winter.
The only way to get one of these nests
is to go on the waiting list.  
(I know it's crazy, but it's the only way I can do it!)
(I only have 2 busy little hands!!)
(and I work full time, play with my grandchildren,
and snuggle with my husband)

You are welcome to email me for any additional info.
This past winter was a very busy "nesting" session--
I made over 40 nests
and delivered them to happy homes 
all over the world!

Woodland Nest

If you would like to be added to the list for the next session - you are welcome to email me for info. (YES -- I know that's crazy!!!) But - to get one --- you have to be on the list :)
I will begin making the Shabby chic nests, the Shabby Chic Treasure nests
and the Woodland nests
(as pictured here and on the sidebar of my blog) again next November 2015.

Click here to read more about the Woodland nests.

Some general info about the nests--
(Woodland, Shabby Treasure and Shabby Chic)
the nests measure about 4 inches tall
and about 6 1/2 inches across (give or take)

while no two nests are ever exactly alike -- they are all similar.  

Each of the nests contains well over 200 different yarns
as well as other embellishments-
(paper scraps, twigs/garland, vintage ribbons,twine, and some vintage beads)

Shabby Chic Nest

Shabby Chic info--
those of you are interested in the Shabby Chic nest -
may request that some of your personal momentos be added to this nest.
  For example, bits of lace, a piece of a wedding dress or handkerchief,...  
I have added prayer cloths, bits of clothing, or even bits of old jewelry. 
Please tell me that you are interested in the addition of your treasures when you email me to be
placed on the list. 
** there is no charge for this -- it is a gift from me to you.**
You are welcome to email me at any time for additional info
regarding the nests.  
I love to hear from you!
Click here  and here to read more about the Shabby Chic nests.

Shabby Treasure Nest

the Shabby Treasure nest
is a unique and personal way of sharing
your family treasures in a beautiful and creative way.
No two nests will ever be alike --
your nest will tell YOUR family stories.
I will incorporate your own treasured heirlooms
and mementoes into the building of this 
beautiful nest. 
bits of lace, jewelry fragments, linen, cloth from favorite clothes,
bits of a treasured blanket, string, 
family heirlooms of any kind~
Please click here to read about
the Shabby Treasure nest

My knitted baby photoprop nests have a circumference of over 40 inches
and will elongate to comfortably hold an infant.
For custom orders regarding infant photoprop nests - please email me at

My Designer Nests
My Designer nests are so special --
each individual nest design is linked to a specific charity
 and all of the charitable proceeds are donated. 

Once the design is made and the nests are purchased -- they are GONE.
The individual designs will not ever be repeated again.  
Past designs include:
the Shorebird nest October 2010
Partridge nest November 2011,
Twinkle, Twinkle nest August 2011
Harvest nest September 2012
Vintage Spring Nest, May 2014 

(for additional info please see the custom icon for
Designer Nests)
located on my sidebar

One of my most popular designs was the
Breast Cancer Awareness nest.  

 May 2014
 The Vintage Spring nest.
Click here for the story of this amazing nest!
and here


sansews said...

I am an 18 mo Breast Cancer surviver and am interested in info on your B Cancer nests. Your nests are gorgeous.
What is the cost for a nest?

Vicki Boster said...

Thank you for your interest in my nests-- can you please send me an email? My email address is on my sidebar- -- will answer all your questions that way.

Sue Kosec said...



So many memories come to mind when I read about all the past designer nests.

Once again, thank you Vicki for allowing me to be a part of all of them. I look forward to being a part of all future nests, too.